Thursday 30 June 2022

11 Obsidian

[Thursday 30 June 2022]

Doorways, Reflections and Dimensions

Transparency and integration. A good day to be transparent or to see through everything, to see through the data and the one-thousand interesting things that arise, to encounter the flickering light that reflects the unity of all life.

Photo by Carey

The flickering light of creation is akin to the shimmering light of the sun on the sea.

Obsidian is the dark mirror and the scalpel; Obsidian is used to look into the shadow and to cut out the elements of the psyche that are toxic. Day 11 is the energy of integration and on 11 Obsidian we look to find a doorway through the shadow.

Photo thanks to David Mullins

Today, doors are opening into the holographic universe and an experiential realisation that matter is the intersection of coherent beams of light becomes possible. In other words, look through the form, events, occurrences and people who are mirroring you today to see beyond the illusion.

Photo found on google,
credited to Geoff

A day of penetrating clarity of consciousness, a clarity that emerges gradually out of the smoky mirror.

Image found on google

All forms are just energy vortexes giving the impression of solidity. Energy is a reflection of the movement of consciousness. Consciousness spins at different speeds, which creates the different levels of existence. All levels of existence are reflections of what we might call God, refracted through the dimensions of apparent separation.

As we become more conscious, more levels of existence become transparent.

Image found on google

[Extra link from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Obsidian:]
I will offer this haunting and beautiful rendition of  Simon & Garfunkel’s classic, The Sound of Silence, performed by heavy metal band Disturbed. Something about this seems to capture the moment.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

10 Earthmover

[Wednesday 29 June 2022. NEW MOON 02:53 UTC; 03:53 BST; 10:52 HK time]

Something materialises today – this is a small piece of starlight that has appeared before you. Today brings change into your life in this physical realm, revealed through and recognisable to you by synchronicity coming into form.

Tectonic Heights:
The energy that sculpts landscapes, by LjL

Meaningful coincidences coalesce into something tangible. The synchronic trail, or the multiplicities of opportunities, reach a temporary full stop. Perhaps the Zen Master’s stick has just hit you on the back?

Something might seem to have fallen apart. You may feel shaken or disturbed, so we ask, ‘What needs to broken up, in order for your life force to flow?’

Earthquakes allow the hidden riches to surface, but first there may be a disturbance to shake us out of our comfort zone.

Converging Threads of Change,
by LjL

The synergy and integration of past aspirations and ideas can come together today as they are forced to merge and manifest. If you are tuned into the 260-day pulse, there is a little earth-shaking moment for you as several threads from your subjective reality – be they fantasy or intention – crunch and converge into form.

Generally the energy is vitalising. Take note of what has manifested and how it has manifested.

Suddenly the change will be looking right at you...

Focus brings manifestation,
uncredited image found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 10 Earthmover, first posted on 10 Earthmover of 13 December 2013, but still very relevant today:] 

Do You Hear the Creaking of the Tectonic Movements within the Planetary Organism?  

What we are now experiencing on Earth is a fundamental core transformation. The cogs of history are grinding; slow, deep, profound and enduring changes are taking place within the Planetary Organism. This evolutionary process affects every aspect of life.

We can just take shelter and wait.

Free screensaver image found on google

Or, we can directly connect to the vital force that is underneath this hitherto unseen scale of planetary change. How do we as sovereign souls do this? How can we, as mere individuals, come into alignment with the creaking, shifting tectonic movements of the environment of consciousness in this epoch-unfolding drama?

The answer is … only through holding our attention and our focus on building, securing and incrementally walking forwards through daily practice and navigation of the contextual frequencies.

A chasm exits between the internet and the real-world experience. Will you traverse that gap? Will you convert and translate the inspiration from the virtual world into your direct experience?

Naturally evolving DNA,
image found on google

The informational flow of the internet is a wonderful tool. However, it is distracting a lot of people from getting on with sculpting the energy that is required, which is based on plugging into the enormous influx of cosmic energy that is actually available and at hand.

Now, more than ever, we are to call upon guidance, protection and healing to utilise the age-old protocols of spiritual practice, whilst tuning into the unique complex array of the frequencies of the present era.

This is from an article I stumbled upon yesterday – yet another article on what I call the Cosmic Influx, aka the 2012 Effect: A Supernova That Exploded In 1987 Caused Something So Huge That It Affects Us All 

Image originally found on google

‘Cosmic rays are light waves of a very high frequency that have been shown to transform human DNA – therefore affecting human evolution.

Even as far back as 1973, famous science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan spoke about how cosmic rays cause DNA mutations and would have affected human evolution.

Cosmic rays are passing through the Earth and our bodies all the time due to ambient processes of the cosmos – hence why there is always a slow and gradual evolution taking place. However, in 1987 – the same year when a spark of change was being felt across the world – something different took place. A Supernova occurred close enough to the Earth that it was visible to the naked eye. Cool, but what does that have to do with anything?

Around and after the year of 1987, many other celestial events have occurred; the most known being a massive increase in solar flares (also producing cosmic rays) and a rapid decrease of the Earth’s magnetic field – both of which are happening to this day. The Earth’s magnetic field is known to act as a shield against high frequencies… so what happens when it weakens? All the goodness of high frequencies seeps right in. Now many would think this is crazy because of the common belief that they are dangerous, however the purpose of cosmic rays and other high frequencies isn’t to fry us alive; but to gradually instigate the evolution of our DNA; the blueprint of our level of consciousness.’

by Elina St-Onge

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on google

Tuesday 28 June 2022

9 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Tuesday 28 June 2022]

Heightened Perspective 

A high-synchronicity day as an alignment with Earth magnetics is heightened. Deep feelings are evoked as intense energy passes through you, opening your awareness beyond your usual emotional, mental, ethical, philosophical and aspirational constraints.

Tree Spirit
(aka Transcendental Freedom),
by LjL

Today, you can be conscious of larger cycles and chapters in your life. What is coming towards completion? Access this energy through stillness, strength and confidence in your truth. Truth is the connection between Heaven and Earth through the central channel of your subtle body.

Remembering your truth from beyond time.

Soul memory is the memory beyond time, which we can connect to at the end and beginning of personal cycles, for this is when small portals open for us to access TIME beyond the time we normally think of as time.
Today is a good day for transcendental freedom.

Earth's magnetic field,
photoshopped by Carey,
original image from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Vulture:] 

You Cannot Fail 

Empowering the self is a decision to be your truth, speak your truth and live the way you feel you need to.

For those leading alternative lifestyles, this often means having more courage in order to be self-sustaining, compared with those who are embedded in corporate culture. No criticism is intended towards people leading the latter kind of life, but I am talking to people now who have chosen to live largely outside the mainframe. You might have a corporate job, yet be well and truly free of its mind-field.

Empowerment through the Heart,
drawing by Carey

These words are written mostly for those who are ‘doing their own thing’. If you are following your heart, doing what you love doing, then you are a success.

This is the truth and every single day that you recognise that you are a success because you are doing what you are doing, because you are following your heart and passion, you are a success. Every day that you forget that you are a success is a day that you have not succeeded.

What did I just say?

Success is largely attitude.

Pacal Troll

Okay, so we know that success is normally measured by money and public acclaim or recognition – and we all need a certain amount of that to be able to function.

But, if you perceive the world as a theatre for the soul to experience, rather than as a mere physical domain, then you know it is your experience that matters. Your experience of life is, of course, linked to your relationship with other people and with external conditions, but your internal attitude, perspective and autonomy of perception are the sovereign rulers of your experience.

Every day is a challenge, regardless of what you do; every day asks us to re-grasp and reconnect to who we are, to what we know and to what we are doing.

Composite created by Carey,
candles from google

Success is not a static entity; it is a continual task of self-belief, connection, self-management and the reclamation of truth.

No matter how much money or acclaim someone receives from the outside world, once they are yesterday’s news they only have what they developed inside.

A successful life, for many people, is one of love, sharing and relationship. No argument from me there – this is perhaps the greatest of treasures – but I am specifically focusing on the task of doing your own thing, doing a vocational project, being self-employed, perhaps as an artist of consciousness, a player in the matrix, an agent of humanitarian endeavour, a facilitator of joy, a radiant sun in the community, an artist with a heart or a musician with a message.

Image found on google

If you are putting your heart and soul into your vocation, expressing your authentic self to the best of your abilities, then you are a success and you cannot fail.

Even if you spend years seemingly ‘getting by’ without major recognition or financial reward.

I have found that rewards always come to me when I am putting myself on the line and have soul in the game. Having 'soul in the game' means exposing yourself by risking failure, whilst being authentically creative with your life – in this situation you will always get a win.

Here is the catch.

It might not be through the intended goal; it might not manifest as a linear response from your actions. You might appear to fail at a task, but if the energy was invested, the energy will come back to you threefold.

Energy returns threefold
Composite created by Carey

Your purpose is to live with purpose, to follow your passion, to speak your truth to the best of your ability and to continually claim your success through the practice of connection, self-management and self-empowerment.

In this challenging epoch, those of us leading an alternative life need to remind ourselves that if we do lose heart from time to time, we have not failed.

Do what you love doing and you are a success.

'You’ve heard the phrase "think outside the box", well Laurence doesn’t just think outside it, he lives there – day in, day out,
crafting a self as noble, poetic and visionary as the Enchantment realms themselves.
He is a master of transformation, one of the most creative and most free
(and freeing) people I have ever met ...'
Jayne Storey, Tai Chi Principles Adapted for High Performance Sport
Photo of Laurence thanks to André Eichman



Monday 27 June 2022

8 Eagle

[Monday 27 July 2022]

What is present?

What is here, available and moving through you?

What is?

The Immanence (aka The Vision), by LjL
A day of integration as you feel the need to be who you are, without effort or affect, to clear your vision of impassioned views, so as to allow all of your perspectives their place within your psyche. A certain degree of emptiness allows us to see more of who we are, rather than just one facet.

The commitment today is to the integrated self that stands before you, to the degree of integration you can recognise at present.

Image found on google

What is present? What is here, available and moving through you? What is? The answer is the Immanence; the Spirit is present in all that is.

Eagle is sometimes known to the Maya of the Highlands as ‘Metal’. This is because of Eagle’s ability to see an expansive worldly vision – thus it is associated with money and wealth.

Metal Eagle, by Eddie Stannes,
from Flikr

Day 8 is a day of commitment. So, if you have a vision, one that was forming during the last timewave (Eagle Timewave), take note and recognise its value.

Opportunity is present; abundance is available. We often cannot see it because, generally speaking, we get in our own way. Call upon yourself, call upon your higher self to perceive what is immediately present.

Dream Seeds,
Deep within the Shamanic Mainframe, by LjL

The Dream Seeds I talked about yesterday are tangible potentials in the etheric psyche of our planet and belong to the Devic realm. I suggest the Dream Seeds are not easily accessible via clairvoyance, as they are deep within the Shamanic Mainframe.

Today though, we are in touch with the more accessible visions of Eagle. 8 Eagle speaks to us of the immanence within the sky and the terrestrial stratosphere, whereby the potentials from within the Devic Kingdom can be selected and refined, and when choices can be committed to.

Today’s commitment is made within the perceptional field, where your energy naturally interpenetrates the collective human consciousness and where that also meets the Earth Mind.

Image found on Pinterest,
credit to Xiaodi Jin

Sunday 26 June 2022

7 Jaguar

[Sunday 26 June 2022]

Jaguar is at home in the shadows. Today you have a resonant connection to the underworld, or a shadow perspective on all that glitters.

Cave Wall by LjL
'Cave art images are gleaned from psychotropic
states on another frequency of reality.'

The bright-light glamour of the material world, the allure of charisma, and the magnetic attraction of people and places all spring from cosmic light. The light of the stars shines with wonder from the inky night sky.

However, the glamour of the consensual world is fading, so we are being asked to look into the darkness, beyond the foreground bright lights that are being presented to us, in order to see the next level of luminosity. The Earth is recalibrating and we are to come into resonance with the powerful influx from the cosmos in this 2012 era.*

Image found on Pinterest,
from here

Yet to do this requires the instincts of the stalking jaguar; there is no herd to follow.

Be brave, strike out into the darkness and stalk your power. Today you can feel that resonance.

Use your imagination evocatively. The imagination is your interface with other dimensions – it contains your filters and your personal way of translating and perceiving, but it is the interface. The virtual world of the imagination is a two-way mirror and, if you activate your imagination, you will learn to be receptive to incoming imagery not generated by your mind.

Laurence and the lights
Heartfelt thanks to Annie Knibb

Today is a good day to be evocative.

You can transcend easy definitions of good and bad and enable yourself to be playful with the astral realms whilst holding the light. Sometimes we must venture into unknown realms in order to gain the necessary power for our survival in this world.

The activated imagination acts as an invitation to the ‘otherness’ of the Sacred Calendar we are following here, an invitation for the spirit of Supranature to pierce your walls of perception. Life is anthropomorphic – it really is alive; this is not just our projection. The Mayan Sacred Calendar** is attuned to the life forms that inhabit the living field which permeates our planet and galaxy.

Black Panther Spirit by Diane Neubauer,
from here

Today, attune to the veiled but immanent energy and enjoy your instinctive intelligence. A good day for shamanic awakening and a connection to the magic of life; today is a good day to immerse yourself in the shamanic experience.

Starlight reverberates throughout the earthly realms and stabilises as the Dream Seeds of the Earth, which contain all future potentials, including the futuristic communities and technologies of a post-material civilisation, not limited by terrestrial consciousness.

The Jaguar Shaman talks to and listens to the Earth’s Dream Seeds.

Panther Spirit and Shaman
Image credit: Omer Haciomeroglu, found here

* The 2012 effect began in the mid-1980s and will continue to affect us well into the 2020s.
** If you want to follow the Mayan Sacred Calendar with more connection, I would suggest you keep a journal and draw the glyphs for each day to bring you into energetic resonance with the 260-day pulse.

[Note from Carey: You can now find Laurence’s own artwork of the modern stylised version of the 20 Daykeeper glyphs on our ‘Your Mayan Daykeeper’ page on this blog (scroll down that page). I have also added a list of the 13 Day Numbers, or Tones, with their key concepts.]

Image found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Jaguar:]

The Full Immersion
The plant kingdom naturally contains psychoactive ingredients. The experienced shaman not only ‘goes on a trip’, but enters into a relationship with the intelligence of the plant.

Front cover of a book Laurence
wholeheartedly recommended,
as do I!

The full psychotropic experience proves that there is a dimension of nature hidden from the mind, a dimension which is teeming with aliveness and character. The extraordinary contrast between being drunk or on recreational drugs and the full psychotropic experience is so profound as to be indescribable.

The connection and confirmation this brings is that we do indeed live in a universe that is vitally alive and animated. This is not merely an idea – this is the Shamanic Knowledge.

Image found on google

Psychotropics should definitely be respected, but at the same time they reveal that life inherently has a sense of humour about anything we call reality.

Day 7 has a magical resonant quality, as it is in tune with the essence of things. Today, being 7 Jaguar, you can tune into the shamanic experience whilst living an urban existence.

So, while there is no need to fully immerse yourself in the shamanic psychotropic experience, it is worth remembering – and tuning into – the shamanic message gifted to us by the plant kingdom.

Image found on google

Saturday 25 June 2022

6 Reed (Skywalker)

[Saturday 25 June 2022]

A day where the energy moves organically from one thing to another. You may feel like you are skimming from person to person, and/or event to event, detached but conscious with an overlighting intelligence.

Earth Stepping Stones, graphic by LjL

Day 6 in every timewave is both structured and moving. It exhibits the quality of rhythm, so potentially you can move from one thing to another with a sense of satisfaction, shaping and forming your ideas and your different endeavours.

Reed or Skywalker is the overlight that shines down into the Earth, like a laser beam – the guidance, the teaching, the informational structure.

Hong Kong Cityscape 1,
by Laurence James Lucas

Our challenge is to receive this guidance, without rigidly concluding anything. It is very easy to over-interpret what life is teaching us and to assume a finality.

‘I am always like this, I always do that, I always fail, I never get this, She always does that, He is always...’ etc.

Sky Mirror, by Anish Kapoor
Image from here

Maintain a detachment from your conclusions and evaluations. They may be true for now, but not for all time. Listen to the teaching without immortalising it.

In a natural and easy way, ideas or insights emerge today that create a basis for being in the rhythm of life’s abundance.

Image found on google

Friday 24 June 2022

5 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Friday 24 June 2022]

Today, enjoy the fullness of life through emptying your mind to become the cup, the vessel and the conduit for communal energy.

Day 4 of every timewave creates a four-cornered foundation, while Day 5 brings an opening in the centre of that square. Specifically, yesterday (4 Monkey) we recognised the creative spirits who live parallel to our world; today, Day 5 of the Rabbit Timewave, we come back inside ourselves to the heart and to the anticipation we feel as we walk upon the Long Good Road of Life.

Five Paths, Robert Long,
New Art Centre Roche Court, England 2002
Image from here

The recognition that life is an adventure is the key in our hearts to abundance. The message is to enjoy the mystery of the journey, rather than fixating the mind upon the arrival.

On the Long Good Road of Life, you will meet many people and, if you meet them from your heart, they will be the deliverers of abundance on every level.

Everflowing Chalice,
by SteveArgyle on DeviantArt

5 Good Road in the Rabbit Timewave says to me: ‘Life offers us many choices. Stay with the adventure of it, no matter what path you take.’

This day requires us to find the calling within our hearts and to feel the sense of anticipation that resides within us.

Chalice Well by Angie Latham of Celtic Mystery
With heartfelt thanks for permission
to use this beautiful image

Thursday 23 June 2022

4 Monkey

[Thursday 23 June 2022]

What is the foundation for a life that is radiant and which shines with the magical light of a free spirit?

4 Monkeys, Ubud, Bali
Photo by Carey

A recognition that life is creative and playful, but is also full of challenging moments and the odd comic trickster. The comedic elemental will yield to you, if you have the courage to live your life without the trap-pings of social conditioning.

Day 4 of each timewave tells us about the underlying principle, the foundation of truth, for the whole timewave. Today, the Rabbit Timewave, which is the multiplication of all things, is underpinned by the creativity, humour and trickster spirit of Monkey.

Baby spider monkey
  Image from here; photo credit: La Verdad
Creativity springs from the elemental kingdom, a parallel kingdom to humanity. These elemental beings are right little monkeys, for they create just for the sake of creation. The elementals are really automatons – they just say ‘Yes!’

So be spontaneous today. Respond to the inherent creativity of today with a sense of humour and the day will bring pleasant surprises.

Dare, be courageous and life will respond. Work is play, play is work; secure yourself by recognising you are co-creating your life with your energy and consciousness.

Spirit of the Night, by
John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893)

You are not victim of the world, for the creative spirits that are inherent within the totality of the environment are simply reflecting your consciousness back to you. Step into the space of knowing that you are creating your life.

A good day for connecting to the muses, the devas and the elementals.

Tree fairy–dryad, image found on Pinterest

Wednesday 22 June 2022

3 Dog

[Wednesday 22 June 2022]

The emotional body is energised today. And doesn’t it feel good?

Emotional body
Composite created by Carey,
using images found on google

Today is a day for dynamic exchange and social activity. A day of energising, emotive communication. This is a great day to be with people and to enjoy their company, for it is through others that we feel the real abundance of life.

Chocolate, Sambal and Poppet

And/or: A day of feeling nurtured by the abundance of life all around you and the opportunities in front of you.

Chocolate, Poppet and Sambal

And/or: A day of new emotional energy as you refresh your feeling for life or feel inspired, yet somewhat unsettled.

Receive and accept the energy; recognise that today is invigorating a part of your life.