Friday, 10 July 2020

6 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Friday 10 July 2020]

Light and Shadow
A great day for finding the overlighting organisation and unified intelligence that resolves the paradoxes of any situation you find yourself in.

Light and Shadow
 Original photo thanks to Annie Knibb,
photoshopped by me

Today we can see more clearly the role of darker motivations within a bigger picture. The shadow issues are just part of the situation and do indeed play a part in making up a glorious unity.

Feel comfortable with your own paradoxical nature.

The shadow of the world is found within, and through that understanding, a healing, resolution, release or acceptance is made possible.

Artwork for LjL's book,
The 21st Century Book of the Dead

One thing reflects upon another, or should we say deflects off you at an angle that creates an organic cadence.

Your attention moves from one thing to another, seeing the reflection of the new thing in the previous thing.

Thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman

The day rounds out quite nicely.

Dynamic unity. Within the other, we find ourselves.

photo thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman

Thursday, 9 July 2020

5 Earthmover

[Thursday 9 July 2020]

A day to keep coming back to the observation tower as the synchronic and interesting developments radiate out all around you.

Graphic by LjL

You can see that evolution is not merely up, but all around – like an expanding sphere becoming more complexly organised, more dynamic, colourful and kaleidoscopic.

Feel the synchronic paths opening up all around you. Feel the force of life, as the primal force of growth never stops. Life is never static and today you can find yourself waking up to the unstoppable vitality of life that is inherent within everything, all of the time.

Evolution, flipchart by LjL

A great day to feel plugged into the evolutionary impulse that is at the core of the incredible global drama we are witnessing (if you are keeping up).

Either way, feel the power and the expectation from the centre of the Earth as it goes through this extraordinary awakening.

Evolution 2, flipchart by LjL

Extraordinary awakenings come with strong challenges as aspects of reality are dismantled and fall away. Our challenge is to keep re-finding our centre. Look for the alignment with the life force – it is available.

Evolution-Perception, flipchart by LjL

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

4 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Wednesday 8 July 2020]

Stay grounded.

Solid truth from sobriety. Where appropriate, say nothing, for silence will speak loudly.

Flipchart by Laurence,
representing his own truth

When it is right to communicate today, be in your truth without apology, but say it calmly and with the humility you naturally find within yourself.

Stay grounded

Your truth is your truth. There is a diverse range of basic philosophical positions but, even within each mindset, we find that everyone has their own slightly different version of the truth of reality and the experience of life.

Image found on Google

Today, recognise what is true for you is true for you, without doubting yourself. It might not be THE TRUTH, but is your perspective right now.

Find your centre and assume the confidence within your own gnosis. If it works for you, then it works.

Photo by Sam Austin, image found here

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

3 Eagle

[Tuesday 7 July 2020]

Get ready, get steady... wait...

Laurence on Power Station Beach, May 2011,
thanks to André Eichman

Receive some inspiration today. This could include an understanding or an insight. New specifics come to light in your awareness.

A great day to have a balanced view of the world as you fly high above it, yet look down with a readiness to engage.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Eagles have the ability to focus on the smallest details on the ground; they are comfortable and competent with the earthly realm.

A good day to enjoy the energy of anticipation. Stay ready for insights.

Three bald eagles, photo by Robert Otoole,
image via Google,
but this is the site for more of his amazing work

Day 3 of every timewave can be frustrating, nervous, edgy and unsatisfying as movement begins – it’s like revving up the engines. Allow yourself to trust that the feeling you have is valid. If you feel restless, that is okay – accept it and carry on.

You are getting ready to perceive, getting ready to understand or getting ready to step into more authorship.

Uncredited image found on Google

Monday, 6 July 2020

2 Jaguar

[Monday 6 July 2020]

Today is about the challenge of stealth. Jaguar must use the power of stealth-magic wisely, whilst knowing that secrecy eventually turns to decay.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

The duality (Day 2) of the Reed (Skywalker) Timewave is that although we can enjoy the view from above, we must simultaneously be connected through the feelings to the ground below. To this end, we call upon the shamanic cat instincts to observe and respond to the energy behind things.

Feel and respond; listen with X-ray smell. Be alert to the unusual, to the discordant and to any strange feelings.

Image found on Google

Today affords you the opportunity to become aware of how you can transform negative or blocked energies.

As we proceed through this 13-day timewave and the connection to our authority, we need to learn protection. Call upon the magnificence of the big cats or other jungle animals you feel an affinity with to teach you how to protect your sovereignty in the world.

Today, connect to the fierceness of the soul, the fierce courage which recognises that truth, love and divinity are your guiding lights and your legitimate experience.

Nougat and Chocolate on the roof terrace,
using their combined stealth-magic wisely while hunting flies

Sunday, 5 July 2020

1 Reed

[Sunday 5 July 2020. Full Moon 04:44 UTC, 05:44 British Summer time; 12:44 Hong Kong time]

A new timewave starts today. The energy of the Reed or Skywalker Timewave (Ben) is like a shaft of light, a strong intention that sends a laser beam of consciousness up to the heavens.

LjL, looking to the Sky
while connecting Heaven and Earth
Photo thanks to André Eichman

1 Reed is a strong masculine essence, not exactly flexible.

A day and timewave of observation, to create a template and map that connects Heaven and Earth.

You can really enjoy a sense of mental freedom today and during this entire 13-day timewave.

Image originally found here

Tune in and take the opportunity to detach; look to the Sky and see things clearly. Great for work and creativity that involves laying out plans or big ideas.

Also, the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance from your other-world guides, or perhaps transcendental-yet-embodied spiritual teachers.

Reed rules the templates, the contexts or the ‘givens’, as well as the issue of authority.

The challenge and higher potential of Reed is to connect the beam of the Light of Consciousness down into the ancestral heritage. For ancient indigenous people, the challenge was the opposite – to connect their ancestral roots up to the stars whilst developing the metaphysical or detached mind.

Composite created by Carey

Time to Wake Up
We are always being enchanted by something; our experience is one of being enchanted. There are an almost infinite number of contexts, or deep structures of reality, that we are subject to. Each Enchantment has an authorship, a creative intelligence, that has brought it into being and which is then sustained and developed with the cooperation and agreement of the many, mostly inadvertently.

Now more than ever we are to wake up to the contextual aspects of our society – to wake up to that which we assume, that which we inadvertently agree to.

Photo with thanks to the
amazing photographer David Ogg

It is time to transcend consensual society; quite simply, we need to question our present human reality. The enormous awakening of consciousness within the domain of Earth means that many of us are recognising the everyday experience of normal living is incredibly limited, compared to the extraordinary scope of real potentiality and the mind-boggling scale and diversity of what actually exists here on Earth.

Reality is up for negotiation. You are taking part in this process, consciously or unconsciously, to a lesser or greater degree.

In this timewave, step into your authorship and your authority, and question the limiting strictures of our mainstream world, because they are no longer appropriate.

The first step is to get off the world. Go to your shamanic Upper World Sanctuary and, on the way, cut through the illusions of limitation being thrown at you. The ghouls are scary, but their power is temporary – shake it off and go to your Higher Self.

Artwork by Charles Frizzell,
from here

Saturday, 4 July 2020

13 Good Road

[Saturday 4 July 2020]

Feel the totality of your light emissions and how they attract people into your life. Open up your very being to allow in new possibilities. Within every situation, within every moment, is the potential for total freedom.

Enjoy the radiating potentials that life offers you, based on all the different desires you hold. Today, the energy spirals out onto another level.

Day 13 of every timewave releases and harvests the energy of the whole timewave. 13 is the number of the Moon; there are 13 Moon Cycles in just over one year. It’s just not that neat a number, is it? The linear mind can’t really control 13… thank the Goddess! 13 is also the number of free energy; 13 is a Fibonacci number – and the Fibonacci spiral connects the geometries and makes them spin, grow and morph onwards and upwards.

Multiple paths, Fibonacci spirals
Image found on Google, from here

Today, the last day of the Flower or Sun Timewave, enables you to see the totality of your desires and thoughts – which have manifested as the totality of your life experience – as radial lines of possible futures.

This is most evident through all the people you have encountered over the last 13 days and the potential paths that open up through relating to each of them – thus reinforcing the associated energy.

Light of the Milky Way, over 20 minutes,
across the night sky over southern Australia
by photographer Christian Sasse, from here

Every thread of light that emanates from you draws in different events and people. Every individual is a synchronous web of unique connections.

Each person you encounter offers you a new doorway to reality, but do you see where each path can lead?

If so, you can choose to let go of some of those threads and release the energy of that which does not feel as if it would be fulfilling. This means releasing the desires and whimsical wants that lead you down limiting paths.

Kit Yeung, Hong Kong photographer,
artist and dancer, liberating herself.
Photo styled by Kit, taken by Garrick Cheng

Liberate yourself by liberating some of the energy you expend in wanting that which is inappropriate to your best interests.

Today is Eb, Good Road, Human or Grass, the road of life’s adventure. The Good Road of Life is also the Milky Way, the Galactic Spiral and the Path of the Soul.

The Galactic Butterfly, symbol of the Galactic Spiral
Digital artwork used with very kind permission
of artist Michael Shore at

Open your mind a full 360 degrees and be the empty conduit for the possibilities of the next timewave.

Light is a radiant energy, just like full consciousness. Galactic Time is also radiant. The Cosmos is all around, in all directions – and the Cosmos is not just space, but time–space. That’s right, the true nature of time is that it radiates out in all directions. This the science of the mystery. 

Image from Mayan Majix,
used with very kind permission

Friday, 3 July 2020

12 Monkey

[Friday 3 July 2020]

Light creates all and today you can understand that light creates shadow – even darkness comes from light.

Photo thanks to André Eichman

Play-work-vocation-fun-drama all seem so interlinked on 12 Monkey.

Novelty enlightens you today, so follow your curiosity and see what you can craft from what you find.

Sometimes you have to work hard to have fun. For some of us, fun comes from ‘serious’ issues – fun arises spontaneously – while some things that the world says are fun can feel like hard work.

Our good friend Garrick Cheng, by Kit Yeung.
Is he working? Playing? Having fun?
Or finding a highly creative solution to something?

In the Flower/Sun/Lord Timewave, Day 12 is Monkey, giving us the understanding that the creative power of light is inherently filled with novel, fun, tricky and spontaneous energy.

The light that radiates from the Sun is not merely inert photons – it is real energy, energy that is vastly intelligent and a little wild. It is wild in as much as it has a potent volatile creativity, since it interacts with living organisms (be those planets or individual humans) and it responds to the inbuilt directives of that organism.

Photo of trichomes by Frank Fox,
image from here

These directives are the totality of the cacophony of desires, needs and impulses springing from the multiple levels of the bio-psychic organism.

Today is a good day to come up with highly creative solutions to major challenges.

Image found on Google

Thursday, 2 July 2020

11 Dog

[Thursday 2 July 2020]

Let Someone In
What was solidifying yesterday becomes more transparent today. So, for example, if you were feeling stodgy and stuck within yourself yesterday, today a door opens to lead you into another emotional space that is more relational and more resonant with those around you. 

Allow someone into your emotional space.

Alternatively and/or simultaneously, your relationship patterns with friends, lover or family turn inside out and offer you another perspective, not only on your relationships but on the whole sphere of community, connection and relating.

Chocolate snoozing in a sunbeam,
wonderful drawing thanks to
our dear friend Daniel Clarke

The sovereignty of self grows today through the adaptive ability of the basic emotions and common needs we all have for the company of others. A good day to modify your needs or feelings.

Day 11 of each timewave always feels like doors are opening after the solidity of Day 10.

Variation de la Victoire, 1965,
by René Magritte (1898-1967)
Image found on Google

[Extra message from Laurence, first posted on 11 Dog of 25 March 2016:]
Today I was blown away by a photograph (below) and some kind words that appeared on my facebook wall.

Artist Kit Yeung and her partner Garrick Cheng, who is a Holospheric Astrologer, are good friends and a very talented couple.

Please forgive me but I want to post what Kit said...

‘He always sees from a different perspective which I never thought of. He brought me to a different world where I discovered my inner substance and true potential. He enjoys being in nature and connects deeply to it. His mind is free, like birds flying in the limitless sky. The most important thing is … he teaches me to “BE ME”.’

Artwork and words by Hong Kong artist
and photographer Kit Yeung

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

10 Water (Moon)

[Wednesday 1 July 2020]

Today, 10 Water (aka Moon) is a day when your recent feelings solidify into a cohesive unified whole. Feel the complex array of feelings and recognise that through the agency of feeling, your spirit becomes real.

Lotus of Love
Painting by Carey

Day 10 of every timewave is the day when that timewave manifests into form. It is the day when the consciousness of the timewave – its particular Earth–Galactic signature – comes into solidity. The Flower (Sun, Lord) Timewave, which is the energy of spiritual light and sovereignty, manifests today as the soul.

Feel the soul as a tangible form today.

The manifestation of the timewave also means that the implicit challenge of the timewave is felt. The challenge and the manifest realisation of Flower – the divine sovereign self – is in the subtle feeling body.

Uncredited image from here

You do not get the fully reasoned understanding today, as that integrated understanding is always reserved for Day 12; however, you do have the opportunity to acknowledge the manifestation. In the case of the Flower Timewave, the way the subtle pranic light moves into density is the formation of our sophisticated, extraordinary and wide-spectrum feeling nature.

If you feel heavy today, process and lighten the emotional body with physical activity outdoors in nature. Set your intent to clear and cleanse; find the gratitude after owning the dark emotions.

'I Am Love',
painting by Robby Donaghey
Image from here

‘The ability to hold Light is directly proportional to the courage to see darkness. Choosing to see just one creates distortions and illusions. It amazes me that something so simple and common sense can be so difficult to even discuss with “spiritual” people who insist on remaining “positive”. Actually, this avoidance is based on unacknowledged fear that their inner light might be somewhat “dispersed” by seeing darkness and therefore not giving the light much credit at all.

‘I think there’s also fear that they might somehow become “tainted” or the darkness might “manifest” in some form in their lives. But the opposite is true; it is the fear, especially unacknowledged, that has much more chance to manifest than darkness exposed to daylight and investigation. Just like we must be fearless about our own inner shadow, we must also be fearless about seeing this huge shadow of humanity. Or we will have the power to transform precisely nothing, within or without.’

- Anis Springate
Quote from here

'A Test of Skill',
3D digital art by Kevin Radthorne
Image from here

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

9 Rabbit (Star)

[Tuesday 30 June 2020]

Downloads and Inspirations
A day of awakening to your divine cosmic power. However, this can be accompanied by, ‘Yes, but how on earth can I express my true self?’

Remember the part of you that comes from the stars and is connected through omni-directions to nature and to other realms of existence. Part of your essence exists as a non-local consciousness, not limited by this timeframe.

Noosphere: Downloads and Inspirations,
by Laurence James Lucas

Aspects of your divinity are converging from the future and from multiple timelines into your field of consciousness.

Today, 9 Rabbit or Star, is a day of sublime creativity, actualised by assuming you have previously intended all that is in your life to be here and that you can pull in other realities.

Image from here

How do we express it? How do we cope with the enormity of our true self?

Today we can connect to the eternal now and engage with the emerging unfolding reality that we are co-creating.

Fairy Stars, by Josephine Wall
Image found on Pinterest

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Rabbit]
Consciousness and 9 Rabbit
Your life today is a result of past intentions. If you can accommodate the fact of multiple pasts, you are empowering yourself to be truly creative and can then draw upon a far greater potential. Although this sounds incredibly abstract, allow your imagination to go there.

The rational mind reduces things, which is useful for everyday life, and the suggestion I am making sounds absurd to the rational mind. However, today is a good day to take the position of gnosis – that you are in essence an immortal soul and therefore are not merely contained in linear time. You cannot be reduced to a rational explanation.

Akhenaten worshipping the Sun
Image found on Google

On a higher level of reality or consciousness (than the human species presently and commonly enjoys) is a multiverse of radiant time. I am convinced of that reality and believe myself to have had a convergence of this sort in 1994, when an aspect of myself walked into my being in this realm. I have met many people who have had similar and far more profound experiences, including the full walk-in from another star system.

Nordic Alien Woman
Image from here

Extraterrestrials from other star systems do visit us from light years away, unbelievable distances, because they access superluminal consciousness and technology. In other words, it’s not so much space travel as time travel, which is not just a technology, but a state of consciousness. Linear time is derivative of or symbiotic with linear mind, whereas our greater consciousness is multidimensional

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Monday, 29 June 2020

8 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Monday 29 June 2020]

Holding on with just the right tension, being responsive to the alchemical mix of your life. Commit to a dynamic balance, the non-static union of opposites. Transcend the political correctness of gender politics to find true equality. Embody the male and female.

Soul Funking, by Laurence James Lucas

Commit and hold onto reality – but if your reality is too small, then let go and grasp a bigger one.

There is plenty of reality pie to go around, you know... recal-liberate your energy field.

Laurence with good friends Daniel and David
recal-liberating their energy fields,
Power Station Beach, Lamma Island, May 2011.
Photo thanks to our dear friend André Eichman

Life is an adventure. It is easy to forget that if you listen to Channel Normal.

Is Life too tight? Well, mash it up and remix your energies.

Merchant Alchemist,
graphic by LjL

Surf the channels of your energy field: Sex, food, music, ilence, art, shamanics, yoga...

Get soul funking.

Just be flexible and do not believe you are forever that which you find yourself to be at any one point in time.

Commit to navigation – life is forever changing and your challenge is to flow with strength and grace.

Image found on Google,
from here