Saturday, 10 April 2021

7 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Saturday 10 April 2021]

Grass is unspectacular yet ubiquitous; grass is vastly abundant.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

A day to be open to abundance by creating space for new people, or new energy, or new energy from people you know.

The human species is over 7.85 billion by number (as of March 2021), while the latest figures (as of January 2021) reveal that over 4.66 billion of us are 'active internet users' – that’s 60% of us.

Humanity is ubiquitous on Earth but, far from overpopulating this planet, we are all needed.

Composite created by Carey;
central image thanks to Kookie Birjukov,
based on a concept by LjL

The greatest resource on planet Earth is human creativity. All problems have an inherent solution that human intelligence and creativity can resolve – as long as that creative impulse is not blocked by the impoverishment of those in fear who run an outdated system.

The interconnection of the global population creates a unity and a diversity that can enable an incredible problem-solving intelligence. Every problem is systemic, and the solution is inherent within any problem. This is the game of evolution, adaptation and growth.

Composite created by Carey
using original images by
Kookie Birjukov, thank you!

The system must change – and will change – so that the resource issue is reframed. It is thanks to the abundance of intelligence that is derived from all people contributing their gifts that the world can evolve and transform from a paradigm of fear to a paradigm that supports love.

The magical resonance of all human wisdom as a net total essence derived from every man, woman and child is available today as you walk on the long good road of life.

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Good Road:]

Empty your rational mind and create space for resonance. Quite simply, be as open as you can today and take note of the subtle sensations that you intuitively feel.

Space is full of a vast amount of energy that can be measured by science. The space around us is full of all manner of energies, described by science as electromagnetic fields, etc.

Space is also full of etheric, emotional, mental and feeling energies, as well as abstract thought and Celestial and Ketheric energies, all of which are different densities of consciousness.

Image originally found here,
photoshopped by Carey

The human aura is comprised of all these subtle energies, which operate as interpenetrating fields. We are walking around in the field of collective consciousness. We access our emotions, feelings, thoughts and subtle levels of consciousness internally. However, this internal sense of reality is not the full picture…

Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)

As we awaken to the toroidal flow of consciousness and energy that is perceived and experienced beyond the density of the rational-mind barrier, we start to connect to the fact that the internal energies are the subtle energies that are externally surrounding us and interpenetrating our bodies and the whole physical realm.

A prerequisite for understanding reality is to study the human energy field and the chakras. We walk around in and have our physical experience inside the complexly structured field of energy and consciousness.

Image found on Google

Friday, 9 April 2021

6 Monkey

[Friday 9 April 2021]

The game of life is a game.

LjL enjoying the game of life
Composite created by Carey

Play to win – or rather, play to keep the game of life going by following the clues laid out before you...

By an inch it’s a cinch, by a yard it’s hard,’ Peter Ragnar.

Image found on Google

Today has a creative flow to it. A great day to enjoy your work, if you live a vocational life, as part of the game of life, as well as to enjoy your play as part of the task of life.

Image found on Google

Today, leisure and pleasure can yield inspiration for your tasks, your purpose or your career.

The world game is totally on; we are living in evolutionary times. Stay alert.

 The Game of Life, as viewed through 19th-century eyes
 'The Checkered Game of Life. Springfield, Mass:
Published by Milton Bradley & Co., 1866'
 Image from here

Thursday, 8 April 2021

5 Dog

[Thursday 8 April 2021]

A day to feel the supportive energy in your emotional centre, your inner psychic sanctum and your sanctum of the world, surrounded by those you love.

5 Dogs with good friend Lesley
in the hills of Lamma

The people you need and love are held within your heart. This is a powerful field of protective energy that creates a space of equilibrium in the midst of change.

Change can be destructive. However, if we can stay with the heart, transformation is resonant with the highest good and the power of love.

A very good day to connect with people all around you. Visualise your friends and acquaintances linking out in all directions from you.

Composite created by Carey
using various images,
including central image thanks to Kookie

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

4 Water (Moon)

[Wednesday 7 April 2021]

Set the parameters of your emotional capacity. Be honest about what you can expose yourself to.

Image originally found on Google,
photoshopped by Carey

How much you can handle? What areas can you handle getting involved in?

What do you need to debate and what drama is good for you? Where must you stay clear? What should you avoid?

Image found on Google,
from here

Purify your emotions, cleanse and release, reset your emotional body.

What do you have to offer? 

Image originally
found on Google

Feeling Space

Today, explore the boundaries of your emotional space. It is a space just like physical space – emotional space is a substance that exists in the collective substance of emotions and feelings.

The easiest way to connect is to visualise the aura – the subtle fields of emotion and thought that surround and interpenetrate your body.

Aura at the Notre-Dame Basilica,
old Montréal, by Moment Factory

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

3 Rabbit (Star)

[Tuesday 6 April 2021]

A day of shifting energy and light, communication and movement.

The shifting nature of attention.

We can all get stuck down reality tunnels – but do not be a Rabbit in a headlight.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Photo thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman

The dynamic movement of energy today means that our attention is malleable. We can shine our light on a new potential quite easily; likewise, we can receive new light, new information, new glamorous images or stories that pull us in a different direction.

A day of negotiating agreements. The challenge of Rabbit (aka Star) is to not be too light, to not acquiesce to everything.

Image found on Google, additional layers by Carey

Use the energy to your advantage to bring more of the radiant spirit into your reality. Be prepared to subtly adjust things without switching to an opposite direction.

A very good day to see how reality is comprised of frequencies of light.

The movement of cosmic light over and through your psyche increases energy for access to higher consciousness.

Image found on Google,
Photoshopped by Carey

Monday, 5 April 2021

2 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Monday 5 April 2021]

The challenge of transformation comes to the surface today.

A sense of new things coming in and old things passing out, without knowing the details.

Image found on Google

What do we hold onto and what do we let go of?

Navigate the energy as it flows between polarities. Feel into it; sense the energy.

Image found on Google

You do not necessarily need to definitively decide what is to be let go of, just allow your consciousness the space to calibrate the incoming and outgoing energies.

Image found on Google

Sunday, 4 April 2021

1 Skull

[Sunday 4 April 2021]

Be strong.
Be steady.
Be clear.
Be awake.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

Change. 13 days of transformation begin today in the Skull Timewave (Cimi). In this timewave, choices are made. In some areas we cut back to the bone; we let go of some things in order to commit to a new structure and to a change in our lives.

This Skull Timewave is strongly empowered as we are in the midst of the timeline choice.* This is the time to take a conscious, spiritual and sovereign position.

Skull is the energy of change from one definitive state to another. Skull is black and white.

This beautiful image is
the work of MysticalMike

It is time to change.

Today is a day to anchor intention around change, specifically based on recognising what you need to let go of. What energy and what actions are superfluous to your real needs? What do you need to let go of?

If the answer does not emerge today, then hold the space for the truth to emerge during this timewave.

A good time for dealing with practicalities, as you are able to separate from distractions. Clear-cut actions can be undertaken.

Today has Power. You can set intention to change and, if you anchor that with ceremony, then that change will be. The change will happen in the subtle body and then emerge over time – possibly as long as two years from now – into full awareness in this density.

Become conscious in this timewave of that which you need to completely let go of and what needs to be absolutely released in order for you to move on.

Dance of Transformation
 Collage by Carey

* Note from Carey: Laurence researched and wrote extensively about the timeline choice of consciousness — the pivotal change for humanity we are in the midst of. Amongst other things, he wrote on 6 August 2015: ‘…my research has constantly pointed me to the conclusion that we are rapidly approaching a fundamental species choice regarding the trajectory of our reality,’ and, on 1 Skull in 2015, ‘This 2012 era [approximately 1986 to well into the 2020s] requires change, the change of human collective consciousness.’

Laurence's mission was to share his wisdom, experience, knowledge and profound understanding of life, in order to empower others so that each individual could find their own conscious, spiritual and sovereign position.

One of the many ceremonies on our roof terrace
to honour LjL in the days and weeks (and months)
after his passing on 24 March 2017

Saturday, 3 April 2021

13 Serpent

[Saturday 3 April 2021]

On Cosmic Serpent day, the energy of the Reed (Skywalker) Timewave culminates as you come into the body from the sky. 

Earth–Sky Connection, by LjL

You come into everyday reality from the exploration of potentials to face the daily survival needs. Today is a day of kundalini, the life force that powers your survival instincts – the impulse of creation, the evolutionary impulse of life.

Composite created by Carey

Today offers a chance to break free from worry about one’s survival by facing physical reality, and yet vitalising your body with some action and daring.
Feel the fear and do it anyway.

A great day for a breakthrough.

Composite created by Carey
 using various images found on Google

Friday, 2 April 2021

12 Lizard (Seed)

[Friday 2 April 2021]

A good day to get organised.

Templates of reality are revealed.

Flipchart by LjL

One of the best days in the whole 260-day cycle to have conscious integrated realisations and to see the coherence of your life, a project or the world. A good day for recognising you have a plan, a seed to plant. The ideas of heaven create DNA, morphogenic fields and architectural plans.

Composite created by Carey

Potentially, today offers you a clear-minded understanding of your whole energy, all of your needs and how they fit together.

If you feel confused, face yourself and own your desires, needs and natural mode of being. Be grateful for what you have, but own the need for evolution and growth. From this approach, a sense of the unity of your life’s intentionality and purpose can emerge.

Flipchart by LjL

Come into alignment with the higher self and its intent for your life.

The sexual energy and passions also are stirred today, so we look to harness our passion for our purpose.

Image found on Google

Thursday, 1 April 2021

11 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Thursday 1 April 2021] 

Moments of romanticism, wonder, captivating memories and cascading feelings can arise today, evoking a state of emotional flux. Within any doubts, confusion or uncertainty lies the question you should be asking.

Laurence James Lucas

Ideas of yesterday turn into feelings today. Doors open into the shadow of ideas, or doors open within the darkness and you see the space for light to enter, even if the darkness temporarily overpowers.

A day of dissolution of one’s mental control as you surrender to creating emptiness. The cycles of creativity require that you make a fallow space and digest any shadow elements. Be in the Dark House and sit it out. You can enjoy the fecundity, if you get into it.

Image originally
found on Google

A great day to make space for new inspiration by throwing out assumptions and expectations.

You might not really need what you’ve been thinking you want for some time.

Uncredited image
found on Pinterest

If you have noticed during this timewave that you have been formulating new ideas and are desiring to bring those ideas into a cohesive intention, then today you need to create some space for that plan to gestate. (Tomorrow is 12 Lizard, which equals organised Seed, cohesive intention, clearly thought out plan.)

Today, go with the lateral movement, rather than trying to go directly towards completion of your thinking process.

Go with the
lateral movement...

[A poem by Laurence to contemplate on 11 Foredawn:]

My feelings for today that sort of fit:

Free wallpaper image of a Blue Morpho, from here

'I am a twisted firestarter, stomping, screaming, farting laughter,
sneering with a warm veneer
dancing with the anti-rhythm
messing up a tonal order

conducting art, I suppose

just following the dictates of the antipathy
to find that life has sympathy
for life is sweet and wild and smart

‘cos really I am a butterfly

I guess that says it all huh?

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

10 Wind

[Wednesday 31 March 2021]

The Reed (Skywalker) Timewave manifests today as a message or messages that convey the unfolding or potential future we are moving into.

Sail, by Lea Wells
 Image from here

Today, on 10 Wind, the words are strong; the message has power. An idea is formed and you can see it in its entirety, if you step back. You might have to read it more than once to see the wholeness.

Wind solidifies on Day 10. That which was fickle takes a solid shape.

Uncredited image
found on Google

Today you may see or say words that epitomise your inner sovereign voice, your authority.

Ideas you have been working on or contemplating come into some communicable form today.

Collage made for Laurence by our very dear friend Annie Knibb,
after our 6-week Storyteller workshop at the beginning of 2017.
'The words are strong; the message has power...
You might have to read it more than once to see the wholeness.'
Annie created this as a way to thank Laurence for the workshop,
using words that epitomise his inner sovereign voice
and his humble but profound authority.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

9 Crocodile

[Tuesday 30 March 2021]

In the Reed (aka Skywalker) Timewave, we are free to soar, to roam the skies and the future. Through the energy of 9 Crocodile, this manifests as the yearnings and deepest needs within us and within others.

Image originally found on Google,
photoshopped by Carey

What is the root of your personal aspirations? What is the hidden core drive that leads you to set goals?

A day to connect to the primal beginnings, the core needs that have led to your experience of now. The potentials of your future and our future are rooted in the evolutionary imperatives that started this reality thread. If you can be conscious of your core needs – the most basic urge for safety, survival, territory, nourishment and growth of your life – then you can access creative free will on a deep level.

Image found on Google

Today, acknowledge and accept the primal instinctive level of being. Come back to the imperative of survival of one’s essential being. Recognise the ultimate self-interest as being the expression of the Life Force.

If we lose sight of our need to survive on a spiritual and bodily level, we can easily end up trying to create purely from our mind. This disconnected ideological position then gives rise to a conflict in the body and with nature.

Photo by Tomás Castelazo,
from Wikimedia

If we do not want to be ruled purely by instinctive unconscious desire, we must first recognise its validity. Then and only then can we take ideological positions.

Today is a day of deeply felt connectedness; a day that allows an awakening around emotions and the energy of the heart.