Friday, 26 February 2010

3 Human, Saturday 27 Feb 2010

On the Long Good Road of Life, we are guided by invisible friends from the spirit world.

Walk with joy today as the energy moves out of yesterday's polarity. If you feel stuck today, just do something -- it is one step at time. A good day to talk with other people, maybe lots of people, without necessarily worrying about direction; just get energy moving.

Know that life itself is intelligent and will guide you.

My short blog entitled "Enjoy Life and Be the Change in the World" is appropriate to today.

2 Monkey, Friday 26 Feb 2010

The challenge of the Dog timewave, as 2 Monkey tells us, is how to hold two opposing views and beliefs; how to entertain the fact that differences between people, their needs and perspectives is okay.

A good day to not take contrary viewpoints or feelings of those around you too seriously. It's okay!

This includes realizing there will always be emotional discrepancies within yourself, your truths and your actions.

Your divine incessant creativity and the machinations of the monkey mind can get in the way of the emotional needs in relationship, or can be a source of fun and spontaneity within relationship.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

1 Dog, Thursday 25 Feb 2010

A new 13-day timewave of companionship, relationship and guidance. Do you need a guide? Are you needed to be a guide?

Be open to following a guide and being a guide.... Ride the ebb and flow of emotions in this 13-day period, specifically in regard to relationships. Love the ones you love.

Territory: See your boundaries defined as the timewave unfolds.

Who shares your path with you on this frequency of consciousness?

I love the way the Mayan Sacred Calendar changes direction. For example, in the 260-day system, the Earthmover timewave of ground-shaking evolution is followed by the emotionally based Dog timewave.

The Dog is companionship in this world and the next. The Dog guides us over the threshold into the next life. Dog timewave is all about those you love, those who share our journey; it also about giving and receiving guidance -- and that includes spirit guides.

After following the 260-day pulse for 10 years assiduously, I left it alone for a few years. Having started following it again recently -- this time round publicly on this blog about 270 days ago -- I am delighted to realize that without an overly strenuous effort I find myself once again synchronized to its rhythms.

The 260-day pulse is a quiet but potent frequency that sneaks up on the consciousness as we gradually open doors in our subconscious to attune to the frequency of Earth within the Galaxy.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

13 Moon or Water, Mercury Day 24 Feb

A day to surrender to the flow as it dissolves all blockages to the new sprouting energy that is already transforming your life. The 13th day says "Let go and celebrate the end of the timewave."

The dissipative consciousness cleanses the mind of thoughts.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

12 Rabbit or Star Tuesday 23rd Feb

A day of clarity. A good day to organize your consciousness.The diversity of your thinking or the diversity of emotions,or the diversity of intentions can find some coherence today. You have the opportunity to understand the new energy of this timewave that has transformed you, to integrate quite effortlessly....just be in the flow.

Your thoughts that may have been scattered... can coalesce naturally and effortlessly.

The many radiant thoughts and emotions you have today can come together as a coherent understanding if you tune into them all as products of light, for they are all emanating from you. You are a ball of light, a star, a singular monad.

Monday, 22 February 2010

11 Hand or Deer Monday 22nd Feb

Navigation through the doors that have opened requires intuition and some reason, surrender and strength. The lightest of touches is needed, the impulse to seize an object or an idea too tightly needs to be restrained. The portal opens up and the river towards a transformed state, an evolved paradigm, a new sense of reality appears... surf the river with balance and poise without looking too far ahead to the promised land.

Keep a rein on the excitement and enjoy the flow. Feel the continuum that flows through us all as things emerge and dissolve in the river of the seamless unity that is the immanence of life.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

10 Skull on the day of the Sun

Your life has changed. The 10th day of the Earthmover timewave manifests as a change, you have let go of something and have regenerated, you are cutting away dead wood and unnecessary sentimentality and are ripe for newness. Even if you can not understand it logically, you can sense it instinctively.
Fundamental shift

Friday, 19 February 2010

9 Serpent Saturday Saturn Day..... Feb 20

Today is 9 Serpent. Waking up at the end of time, recognizing that now--today--is yet another chance to see this moment as a completion, be at the end of time. The Earthmover timewave offers us change, day 9 of the 13 suggests, wake up to the end of one mini cycle of activity or focus and come back to the body, survival issues and or personal power.

We can see where a thread of time has ended, so be here now in the body. The nexus of eternity converges into the instinct that arises in each moment through your life force. The life force is not merely yours but one head of the thousand headed cosmic serpent that keeps life alive.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

8 Seed or Lizard Friday 19th Feb

Day 8 is a day of commitment, you planted many seeds in the last timewave some of them now need watering and attention. An intention started might need more of your engagement. The 8 is the compression of the non locality consciousness of your spirit into time and space, not into full density of linear time and its accompanying 3 dimensional space, but a compression none the less for the free roaming essence of your being.

Enjoy the sense of bringing your intention closer to manifestation.

7 Darkhouse Thursday

The day where we create the alchemical soil for change, this might mean a resonant encounter with the dark shadow of your inner life or a sense of pure mystery and anticipation.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

6 Wind Wednesday 17th February

Follow the flow of communication move from one thing to another never settling too long in one place or one bit of information, but just long enough to be stimulated by the message.

The power of wind is controlled nicely on day 6 a good day to present a powerful and provactive idea in a cohesive manner.

5 Crocodile or Dragon

yesterday Sunday was 4 Flower a day of foundation based on recognizing your expression for what it is, today 5 crocodile is a day of beingness-nurturing yourself by sitting in the centre of your world and accepting all that surrounds you.

Today be the quiet crocodile, later in the 260 day cycle you can be like this crocodile above, jumping out of the water

Monday, 15 February 2010

4 Sun, Lord or Flower 15th February 2010

Setting the parameters of change. A day where you can feel the boundaries in your energy field, the boundaries and space you now exist within and the extended boundaries of your realizable potentiality.

I experience this in the hills this morning looking out over the sea as I was suddenly aware of the room, the living space around me, the living space I walk around in.

Be aware of who you are without sentiment and then feel into the potential energy that lies just beyond your present state.

Your are changing and evolving, set the scene for your unfoldment as you will step into a larger space, a larger expression, perception and experience of life.

The expansion of your reality will involve an expansion of membership and an identification with yourself as being part of or belonging to more of the human species.

click on image to see it in its entirety....

Sunday, 14 February 2010

3 Storm Valentines Day and Start of the Chinese Year of the Tiger

The restless spirit is seeking novelty and freedom, spontaneity and vigour. Your hunger is good, the vibration of change is shaking the air.

Movement and Flexibility

Feel the storm out there, respect its power, the electrical charge of the psychic environment seeks a pathway into your life. Observe the novelty of the day.

Be with the energizing vibratory tension as you sit on the starting blocks of the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Years Day

Read my appraisal of the Year of the Tiger here

Saturday, 13 February 2010

2 Obsidian Mirror Saturday 13th February

Today is a day where you can potentially operate with great clarity by separating your truth from that which is not relevant to you, to separate clear mind from distorting emotions, to separate essential feeling from confused thoughts.

The Challenge of the day

The duality of transformation and evolution, the shadow and the shadow of the shadow and maybe the Shadow of the shadow of the shadow into eternity.
The challenge today is to open the heart to embrace the paradoxes and polarity, to sit with them and accept them but not to make decisions about ones whole life.
The limitations of the linear mind can be seen today as the linear mind always says yes but to everything, there is always a yes but.

A great day for clear actions and immediate decisions if you just deal with each thing in its own right, as it appears, in the context of the moment.

Friday, 12 February 2010

1 Earthmover Venus Day..........(also known as Friday) 12th February

Follow each Synchronicity to find your new evolutionary pathway in the next 13 days

The Timewave theme seeded today is one of evolution, ground shaking change that can synchronize one with a new level, it does require some adjustment and integration to be in synch with a new level of reality, but change is inevitable.

Be Directed
Connect to the dynamic force of change, listen to it, feel it and be strong... so that you can go with it in all confidence. A little superhero attitude inside of yourself would not hurt!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

13 Warrior, Owl or Vulture Thursday 11th Feb

The 13th day is disintegration and release of the Timewave as it opens up or releases its structure for the next Timewave tomorrow.

The Warrior, Vulture and Owl are the Solar resonances of holding ones centre keeping hold of the mind and ones truth.
To day you might be experiencing a disconcerting diversity of truth moving out all around you. The challenge could also be to hold lightly a multitude of perspectives without losing your energetic centre.

12 Eagle

The 12th day of the Timewave brings one some understanding on a linear mind level of the whole Timewaves and its theme, its reason and teachings.

Eagle means that the mental understanding is through the Eagles vision. Eagle sees the whole world but then focuses on one particular point on the ground in great detail.

So in regards to your plan or the new essence that emerged on day one, (Lizard or seed One) of this Timewave... today elevate your mind, but stay in the world, don't go skywalking in the cosmos then see what catches your eye, focus upon it in detail for it will reveal the intelligence that is inherent in this Timewave

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

11 Jaguar Tuesday 9th February

On the frequency of the Mayan Calendar 11 days' always somewhat dissolve the structure we tuned into or found on 10 days'.

As you follow the Timewave you get to see how the rhythm moves you first one direction then another, into one archetype then onto another bringing you into contact with the dancing Kaleidoscopic nature of the Galactic frequency as viewed and experienced from Earth.

Today, being the day of the Jaguar with day number 11 brings a consciousness and quality to the day that to some extent allows you to feel more clearly the transparency of your ideas and your role in society. This can be quite disconcerting on one hand but behind that if you look further beyond the dissolutions.... the benevolence of life in its mystery is revealed.

Jaguar’s expression is instinctive and occult, happy to roam in the darkness of the mysteries. The Jaguar is the shaman and protector in the shamanic realms, call upon Jaguar today to dissolve negative unseen energy.

Monday, 8 February 2010

10 Reed or Skywalker Monday 8th Feb

A day where you see the structure of your higher mind processes.
The 10th day of the Lizard timewave creates a manifest template, an ethereal thoughtform that has arisen from your intention on day one of this timewave.
The seed energy solidifies into a thoughtform from which an aspect of your reality will emerge from later down the line.

See your new program or programs you have created within your psyche from your recent intentions either consciously or inadvertently.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

9 Human or Grass Sunday 7th Feb

A day of "aha", a sense of knowing that you already knew it.

Human or Grass reminds us that life is abundant way beyond our minds capacity to understand, yet the greatest abundance of life comes to those who are humble.

The Long Good Road of life teaches us humility but it does not require us to close our minds and hearts.

Being humble does not mean you cannot dramatize your life or that you should live small, enjoy the journey and remember its a trip.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Monkey 8 Saturday

Monkey also known as artisan to the Maya (as pictured)

A day to commit to your creative projects, to see the creative potentials in your work and to not take your commitments seriously, still commit, but take it lightly.....

Thursday, 4 February 2010

6 Water or Moon Thursday 4th Feb

The water of purification, flow and feeling is encoded with subtle structure today, as you sense the wholeness of your soul felt impressions. Allow yourself to follow the rhythm of the day by honouring the soft impulses that emerge from the depths of your being. The movement of the day paints a picture of wholeness if you stay with it.

the painting which is too big to see on this blog is from here by unique artist and my very good friend David Hugo Sheridan Parker

go check out the brilliant marine gallery and see this picture in its entirety

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

5 Rabbit or Star on the first Wednesday of Feb

Today is a day to look all around you, take a 360 degree view, see the full circle of your energy. You have planted seeds and set things in motion in every direction. Be in the centre and feel the creative essence that has sent ripples out in all directions. Your sound is going out like a subtle pervasive field of energy and interacting and gently colouring the whole conscious field of life.

How is your light shining?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

4 Deer or Hand Tuesday February 2nd

The Deer is powerful yet graceful and somewhat elusive. The refined consciousness of Deer requires both male and female aspects of our psyche.
Today is a day to seize the moment on developing ideas or plans and go the next step without necessarily knowing the outcome, take the next step then leave it that for now.

Hence we utilize the foundation of a 4 Day with the grasp, that does not grip too tightly. Embody the grace, stillness and silence of the deer

Monday, 1 February 2010

3 Skull Moon-day in a month called February

Be energized with the vitality of this day through those little completions....
cut off and restart, clarify through the ability to........STOP
then start again