Saturday, 28 February 2015

10 Storm, Saturday

A day where you can experience the present manifestation of your emotional body -- the whole tapestry of emotive scripts, wants, needs and emotional patterns.

If you can connect in a tangible way to your emotional totality, you can experience an unexpectedly refreshing new or liberated feeling.

Storm is refreshingly chaotic; it disrupts to liberate. A 10 day is the sense of something tangible. Today is a day that feels different -- your emotional body twists in new directions and it feels strange but good, as you have unusual connections.

So allow a new behaviour to happen. Go with the unexpected and see it as a liberating moment with potentially longer lasting effects.

Today you can connect to your inner sanctum of peace regardless of the flux state of the world

Friday, 27 February 2015

9 Obsidian, Friday

A good day to see the shadow and to illuminate the multidimensional mechanisms of nature that condition our moods and feelings. See the causes of those emotions.

Today is a good day to wake up to the way our present emotional space -- our total energy resonance anchored in our feelings -- generates the story we are living. The story we are living in is a continuum that stretches from the ancient past to the far-off future. Our total energy frequency creates a timeline. Change your feelings on the deepest level and change the past -- literally -- and therefore the future.

Aspects from your past return to your awareness today as you see the mirror effect of the cyclical nature of time.

A cycle of reflection ends today as you have a realization of how your past reflects this moment and how your future will have a resonance with your past.

Waking up to the nature of time and the stories we create with others
We live in the present with our companions and together we create our past in each moment and therefore also our future, which springs from our interpretation of the past.

Day 9 in the Timewave is the day we wake up beyond linear time. 9 is a master number in Mayan cosmology and refers to the Lords of Time.

The 2012 era points us towards the past...
The present window of change speaks to us of the future, but in the same breath directs our attention to the ancient past.

...and the Cosmos
The 2012 end date was the end of one Galactic spin of 25,600 to 25,920 years. The world is subliminally being primed to recognize large cycles of time and to remember that the larger context for our reality is truly cosmic.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

8 Earthmover, Thursday

Once again, take a breath and step into the space of courage, commit to the positive change that is wanting to come through as someone said what you want wants you.

Where is the evolutionary opportunity, step up to it with faith...

Honour your emotional state, acknowledge how you feel, then search for the good. Reinforce that which is good and is seeking to establish itself in your life. Affirm your growth; life is forever changing. Affirm the change taking place in yourself. Identify the positive changes of late that are happening to you or within you -- even if you feel that you are changing for the worse -- because the truth is that there is always an element of positive growth taking place.

If you follow the 260-day pulse, you will start to notice certain mathematical patterns, such as the 8th day of the timewave being the 1st day of the previous timewave. The last timewave, therefore, was an Earthmover timewave. This means that today is a day of committing your energy, or we can say incrementally committing more of your energy to that which emerged in the previous timewave.

The nature of change that emerged -- which would have revealed an inherent evolutionary facet of your life message -- is now showing itself again. You are being called to synchronize and integrate with it. Do not try too hard, just observe the day and remember to commit your energy to what is progressive when Life asks you.

Synergize your potentials within your present emotional reality

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

7 Vulture or Warrior, Wednesday

Be Still and Listen

That is your wisdom talking to you.

7 Owl or Warrior is a great day to free yourself from the shackles of the mind, a strong silent kind of day as you go about your business with simplicity.

Be still and come into resonance with your true self. Be like the owl and the vulture -- patient and resilient.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by demands from the world, hold your energy -- for within the maelstrom of being pulled by other people or deadlines, a magical solution and innovative opportunity can arise, if you just hold still. Allow wisdom to shine through by dispelling the darkness of confusion through your resolve.

7 Warrior is a day of truth. Your truth can harmonize with others without being exactly the same truth.

In my ongoing work with clients, those who do a series of sessions with me, including shamanic work, I will always get my clients to write stuff down, here is why  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6 Eagle, Tuesday

Smooth, flowing, comfortable rhythmic changes of perception that allow you to organize your dreams and visions, today affords you the opportunity to harmonize your overall sense of reality with your emotional needs; a blend of the earthly and the spiritual.

What’s more, the perceptions you have today can fit nicely with the shifting perceptions of those around you.

As we head towards the last exact square of Uranus with Pluto in mid March, you can perceive how your life is changing in this 2012 era, due to the systemic planetary recalibration. The large scale change, as ever, affects us all uniquely and personally but is nonetheless due to the contextual transformation that is occurring.

Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Jaguar, Monday

A day when you:

1. Walk into and feel at home in the emotional jungle; instinctive and wild, free, belonging to no-one, yet never fully alone.

2. Feel a slight disconnection and alienation that never settles as life is always encroaching.

3. Instinctively feel connected and part of all reality, loving the universal matrix that you are prowling in, recognizing it as a gameplayer reality.

4. Experience a dynamic alertness to life all around you as you are conscious of the immediacy. Things lurk in the shadows all around us, yet we are protected by our sovereign power and instinct, ....visualize the magnificence of the black panther.

Jaguar is the emotional energy of anticipation -- emotive alertness -- that arises from your centre in the instant before you relate to anyone or anything. Your emotional centre is a bubbling feeling, full of mystery and movement, instinctive and responsive to other living creatures. From Your centre you can connect to the our directions of East, South, West and North as well as Up and Down.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

4 Reed or Skywalker, Sunday

Today in the Sacred Calendar of the Maya

A chance to see all sides of your relationships, your emotional state or basic needs from a higher space. A day where you detach from your emotional involvements to see them more clearly. Meta-program your emotional body.

The challenge today is to not be too fixed about your ideas and opinions. See your emotional script and then set a small intention based on where it is you would like to be. Be conscious of any issues you have at the moment but rather than fueling the problems and issues be true to the higher ideas you have about who you are, your life, life itself and human nature.

Accept and understand, yet rise above the emotions.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

3 Good Road, Saturday

Stepping forward onto the path and beginning the journey.

On the Long Good Road of Life we are guided by invisible friends from the spirit world.

Walk with joy today as the energy moves out of yesterday's polarity. If you feel stuck today, just do something -- it is one step at time. A good day to talk with other people, maybe lots of people, without necessarily worrying about direction; just get energy moving.

Know that life itself is intelligent and will guide you.

The rational mind, the intellect can not ultimately guide you, but the mind is not to be negated, use your mind whilst knowing you can not reach some ultimate conclusion. Life cannot be fully worked out. However mental effort enables us to ask better questions which then supply new partial truths which then lead onto even clearer questions. So it is we move forward.

Step forward with an openness that values the mind as a tool but not as the determiner of your reality and you will be on the road that is your destiny.

Friday, 20 February 2015

2 Monkey, Friday

The challenge of the Dog timewave, as 2 Monkey tells us, is how to hold two opposing views and beliefs; how to entertain the fact that differences between people, their needs and perspectives is okay.

A good day to not take contrary viewpoints or feelings of those around you too seriously. It's okay!

This includes realizing there will always be emotional discrepancies within yourself, your truths and your actions.

Your divine incessant creativity and the machinations of the monkey mind can get in the way of the emotional needs in relationship, or can be a source of fun and spontaneity within relationship.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

1 Dog and New Year's Day of the Goat

Today is the first day of Goat on the frequency of the Lunar Year as measured by the ancient Chinese system.

Looking at the western astrology for today and combining it with the Chinese Year of the Goat and then further integrating the Dog Timewave as a significator for the Lunar year ahead, I have come up with this quick evaluation.

 The Year of the Goat, asks us to draw upon the ability of the goat to climb and take the path least travelled. The climb requires a certain mastery of keeping ones balance and not being afraid of reaching new heights in ones self to overcome pessimism and worry. The mountain is a personal one, as is the non linear path. As I explained here (The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience) we are at a major crossroads that requires you to push ahead with that benevolent project or progressive idea that you have been holdng. There is energy available for progressive projects and they are needed.

The year ahead favours spending time with people but the challenge is to communicate more emotionally honestly whilst still being sensitive to others, not easy. This year will supply you with new emotional strength, if you make the effort to ovecome the default thinking of the flock (Sheep) and maintain a steady path, rather than just charge (Ram). Draw upon the strength of the Ram and channel it through the serenity of the Goat. Overcome feelings of insecurity and the year will work for you. Have faith.

The Dog Timewave begins today, themes of the emotional body, needs, emotional cravings, habits, pattterning love, companionship, boundaries and protections, feeling part of community, feeling connected to other beings, the question of belonging...

Call upon spirit guides to help you during this timewave.

Who are your companions and where do you belong? A good time to be with others and schedule in events with others, as you synchronize with the pack

A new 13-day timewave of companionship, relationship and guidance. Do you need a guide? Are you needed to be a guide?

Be open to following a guide and being a guide.... Ride the ebb and flow of emotions in this 13-day period, specifically in regard to relationships. Love the ones you love.

Territory: See your boundaries defined as the timewave unfolds.

Who shares your path with you on this frequency of consciousness?

I love the way the Mayan Sacred Calendar changes direction. For example, in the 260-day system, the Earthmover timewave of ground-shaking evolution is followed by the emotionally based Dog timewave.

The Dog is companionship in this world and the next. The Dog guides us over the threshold into the next life. Dog timewave is all about those you love, those who share our journey; it also about giving and receiving guidance -- and that includes spirit guides.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

13 Water, Wednesday CNY's Eve

A day to offer Incense...

 The perfect day for burning incense and releasing. The Dark Moon the day before the Chinese New Year of Goat-Sheep-Ram arrives as well as 13 Water, that is so well synchronized!

New Moon exact time today at 23.48 Universal Time/GMT
And 7.48am here in Hong Kong Thursday
So we will have a Dog Timewave starting with the CNY.

A day of gratitude and a day to surrender to the cleansing waters as they dissolve all blockages to the new sprouting energy that is already transforming your life. The 13th day says "Let go and celebrate the end of the timewave."

The dissipative consciousness cleanses the mind of thoughts.

Make an offering of gratitude for your life.

The 2012 Era and the message of 13 Water

Evolution and transformation (the theme of this timewave) requires the dissolution of blocks in our perception in regards to the immediate potential and imminent reality so that we can emotionally accommodate the next new reality.

The next scale of consciousness is a far bigger environment of the psyche. This is the spiritual reason for acknowledging contentious issues such as conspiracy, the UFO phenomena and other anomalous experience, research and testimony.

The soul is like water, but the mind compartmentalizes reality.

The boxing and filing of information into relevant and irrelevant trays has been necessary for ego development. Now however, in this 2012 era, it is time to dissolve some of the filters. Increasingly it is not enough to just take a 'spiritual perspective', to meditate or to just have a psychological or sociological viewpoint -- we are being pressed to have a full integral perspective.

The next scale of reality is planetary, so we are impulsed to start releasing our compartmental walls of mind, to open to the totality of experience that is co-existent here on Earth--The Immannence. The species is required to engage with the areas of reality that have been kept hidden for the new landscape of the psyche exists on the other side of the shadowlands that stand before us. The jewels are hidden in the murky realms.

"Time and again human consciousness fixates, and slams the door on its greatest gift, the open-endedness of infinite possibility. As a result we do not experience reality but merely our concept of it."

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

12 Rabbit, Tuesday

A day of coherent light and a day of clarity. A good day to organize your consciousness. The diversity of your thinking or the diversity of emotions, or the diversity of intentions, can find some coherence today. You have the opportunity to understand the new energy of this timewave that has transformed you in some manner, to integrate quite effortlessly.

Your thoughts, which may have been scattered, can coalesce naturally and effortlessly today.

The many radiant thoughts and emotions you have today can come together as a coherent understanding if you tune into them all as products of light, for they are all emanating from you. You are a ball of light, a star, a singular monad.

This Earthmover timewave which is the same one that led us through the 2012 Winter Solstice, today reveals to you the omni-directional potentials for change that are present due to the 2012 influx as the second 260 day cycle has passed. A good day to feel how the 2012 effect is manifesting

Monday, 16 February 2015

11 Deer,or Hand Monday

The Tzolkin energy of today is a day of flow. After yesterdays solidity, maybe for some even harshness we get a contrasting texture today, one of plasticity and liquidity. Have you noticed the textures of days, time itself has a range of quality and texture, the Mayan calendar enables this understanding.

Navigate the waves of energy with intuition and some reason, surrender and strength. The lightest of touches is needed -- the impulse to seize an object or an idea too tightly needs to be restrained. A portal opens up and the river towards a transformed state, an evolved paradigm, a new sense of reality appears... surf the flow with balance and poise, without looking too far ahead to the promised land.

Keep a rein on the excitement and enjoy the flow. Feel the continuum that flows through us all as things emerge and dissolve in the river of the seamless unity that is the immanence of life.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 Skull, Sunday

A good day for no nonsense practicality and letting go of that which is ready to be released.

Your life has changed. The 10th day of the Earthmover timewave manifests as a change. You have let go of something and have regenerated; you are cutting away dead wood and unnecessary sentimentality and are ripe for newness. Even if you cannot understand it logically, you can sense it instinctively.

Today is a fundamental shift. Release that which needs to be released.

Today you can see and feel that you have something that is new within you, it has emerged, it does not feel spectacular, it has just emerged gradually.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

9 Serpent, Saturday

Today is a day to Survive and Flourish on the next level of reality. A day to awaken to your future upgrade and recalibration, as the environment of our reality continues to change.

Today you feel a power surge, a sense of your passion. Today you are conscious of the life force -- sexuality, power and survival -- all of which are powered by the life force. The Kundalini life force in your body is your personal instinctive power that is derived from the species will; it is the impulse to survive and to evolve.

Serpents are highly adaptable; so is the life force, which is instinctively driven to solve the dichotomy of survival and security (which is opposed to change).

9 days bring the awareness of large cycles of time and with it the connection to that which is seeking completion and that which is complete.

You are impulsed today to do what is necessary for your survival and will feel a sense of passion for life. Complete something and see what is seeking completion. What would empower you, if you work towards it? Where are you ready to change? What skin can you shed? What are you working towards? Just feel those drives, do not get stuck in the head.

You do not need to think about it all, nor work it all out through analysis. You will be called to action. An impulse from the body will activate your actions with some urgency.

You might become aware that a thread of time has ended as the results of your activities, so be here now in the body. The nexus of eternity converges into the instinct that arises in each moment through your life force. The life force is not merely yours, but is one head of the thousand-headed cosmic serpent that keeps life alive and flourishing. Your simple but inspired action now affects the future.

Follow the call to immediate action.

Friday, 13 February 2015

8 Lizard or Seed, Friday

So I presume you noticed the effect of Mercury going forward on the day of the last quater of the moon cycle?

Everyone I have talked to had a sense of release.

Today The image of a compressed vortical tunnel...

Day 8 is a day of commitment. You planted seeds in the last timewave -- some of them now need watering and attention. An intention started might need more of your engagement.

An 8 Day is always a day of compression of the non-locality consciousness of your spirit into time and space. This is a not the full manifestation of your divinity; it is not full embodiment, nor compression into full density. But compression, nonetheless, for the free roaming essence of your being.

Enjoy the sense of bringing your master intention closer to manifestation. Feel the squeeze and breathe into it. Relax and trust as potentialities narrow in exchange for actualizing potential.

Movement, specifically spin, is fundamental to existence; celebrate the dynamic movement of life that maintains enduring structures of experience due to the consciousness, the intelligence and the intent that pervades creation.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

7 Darkhouse, Thursday

A still point between the changes to come and the past,  as you stand between the worlds

The pre-requisite for transformation--fundamental change--is the ability to look into the shadow and see the positive aspects that are hidden in darkness and negativity.

Today there might seem to be a disconnection, a discordance or a point where things do not quite come together -- something strange, disjointed or dislocated.

Its not an error; be mindful of the gap and move into the gap. Do not be afraid of any disturbing feelings. Feel the comforting feeling that exists in the space where reality has divided. Tune into the surreal quality of the day and find the enjoyment inherent within it.

Today is the day where we welcome in the alchemical soil for change. This might mean a resonant encounter with the shadow of your inner life and the gems hidden within the darkness.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

6 Wind, Wednesday 11 February

Receiving, conveying, moving, linking, forming.

Follow the flow of communication; move from one thing to another, never settling too long in one place or with one bit of information, but just long enough to be stimulated by the message.

The power of wind is controlled nicely on Day 6. A good day to present a powerful and provocative idea in a cohesive and concise manner.

A great day to feel you are moving forward after yesterday's gathering of energy.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

5 Crocodile, Tuesday

Look all around you, be at peace and accept it all; recognize the nourishment that life is offering. You are a divine being, but nobody exists in isolation. Everybody has a diverse range of needs and all those needs can potentially be met. Just enjoy the way that life sustains itself and offers sustenance in all new situations. The Goddess is forever feeding reality.

Even with change and disruption, life is sustainable. A good day to feel at peace and have a moment of exuberance as you let go of fear.

The day is quiet, can you be?

Monday, 9 February 2015

4 Flower or Lord, Monday

The day that teaches us the quality we need for the 2012 era , sovereign psychic space protected by our confidence in our divine selves. Self establishment. You are what you are, no apology needed.

Today, 4 Flower is a day that tells us that change requires a foundation of confidence, based on recognizing that you are a divine being of light. Every person is divine and every person, if conscious of that, should rightly be confident and glowing. I know its a fine line between confidence and arrogance or ego inflation, but today err on the side of confidence.

Tune into the fact that this the same day as it was on 21 December 2012, 4 Flower so we can connect to another octave of the 2012 influx.

Your sovereign power is found when you celebrate life. Pay homage to all that is beautific and in so doing you are beauty.

Claim you sovereign spiritual power for yourself, we need you to do this, now, more than ever.

If you have not read it yet, please see my article

The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience

Sunday, 8 February 2015

3 Storm, Sunday

The Quickening

The restless spirit is seeking novelty and freedom, spontaneity and vigour. Your hunger is good; the vibration of change is shaking the air.

Movement and Flexibility
Feel the storm out there, respect its power. The electrical charge of the psychic environment seeks a pathway into your life. Observe the novelty of the day.

Be with the energizing vibration.

Tomorrow is the completion of the third cycle since 21-12-2012, ie 780 days after the Winter Solstice of 2012. 

Photograph by Andre Eichman exclusively for The Alchemist's Quest

I always get major downloads in these few days and also around my Tzolkin birthday, this 260 day cycle is an enormous asset to creativity and understanding as it allows you to plug into the emerging energy, gestating energy of potentiality and all that is seeking expression.

I am presently understanding alchemy. The key to learning any subject is to connect into nature and the cycles of reality, by observing life and yes indeed feed the mind with information, but then hand it over to your soul, give it to the unconscious. 

As we are witnessing in the 2012 era, the small context box of material science and mainstream conservatism has reached the ends of its usefulness. The oxymoron of modern pragmatism is that it is totally impractical for the continuing progression of human life.

The intuitive, creative, heartfelt approach needs to dominate the rational mind. The rational mind is just a tool, to be used but not revered.

If you have only just discovered the 260 day cycle, it does not matter. It will take a few cycles to fully tune in, but you will feel it after about two cycles and then you have rare access to the soul realm.

Follow the days...
So, simple, so overlooked... 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

2 Obsidian, Saturday

A good symbol for contemplation today is two mirrors facing each other.

Reflect upon the period since Winter Solstice 2012 as we once again approach 4 Flower or Lord.

Inevitability as compared to flexibility. Today some things are inevitable, but within that framework there is room for flexibility. Do not get too rigid. Stay open to responding to the finest details with full consciousness.

Today is a day where you can potentially operate with great clarity by separating your truth from that which is not relevant to you; by separating clear mind from distorting emotions and separating essential feeling from confused thoughts.

The Challenge of the Day:
The duality of transformation and evolution, the shadow and the shadow of the shadow and the reflection of the reflection of the reflection into eternity.

The challenge today is to open the heart to embrace the paradoxes and polarity; to sit with them and accept them, but not to make decisions about one's whole life.

The limitations of the linear mind can be seen today. The linear mind always says "Yes but..." to everything. There is always a "Yes but..." with the linear mind.

A great day for clear action and immediate decisions, if you just deal with each thing in its own right, as it appears, in the context of the moment.

Create compartments for your life

Friday, 6 February 2015

1 Earthmover, Friday

On Monday  we will have completed three spins of the Tzolkin since the Winter Solstice 21 December 2012. The Earthmover timewave is the 13 day cycle of the 2012 era. In the next 13 days you will tune into the evolutionary changes seeking emergence during the 2012 era (1980-2016).

Thirteen days of Earthmover, the synchronic recalibration.

Follow the Synchronicity trail to find your new evolutionary pathway in the next 13 days.

The timewave theme seeded today is one of evolution; groundshaking change that can synchronize us with a new level. It does require some adjustment and integration to be in synch with the new level of reality, but change is inevitable.

To some degree, you have the opportunity to move your life on in an integrated manner during the next 13 days. A little earthquake of disruption is part of that higher integration, so bear that in mind. Shake up, throw away and dispel anything blocking forward momentum.


Connect to the dynamic force of change. Listen to it, feel it and be strong, so that you can go with it in all confidence. A little superhero attitude inside of yourself would not hurt!

I have written a short evaluation of the opportunity/challenge and imperative for us at this time.

The short article posted on Mystic Cyber Crow, highlights how we are at a crossroads for our species and is called



Thursday, 5 February 2015

13 Vulture or Warrior, Thursday

The 13th day is a day of disintegration and release of the timewave as it opens up or releases its energy for the next timewave.

The Warrior, Vulture and Owl are the living symbols of holding one's centre, keeping hold of your essential truth.

Today you might be experiencing a disconcerting diversity of truth moving out all around you. The challenge is to hold lightly a multitude of perspectives without losing your energetic centre. This means letting go and then finding a new temporary position of comfort, then releasing and re-grasping your centre once more.

A flood of relativistic perspectives can make one think that all truths are equal. Equally, the populist perspective that life is an accident and existence is neutral can leave a person spiritually inert and acting purely out of self-interest.

Life requires a strong choice. Whatever the situation, choose benevolence and abundance. Look to enjoy some gain, but not at the expense of others. Choose life. Choose that life will flourish; choose that there is plenty for everyone.

Recognize that life is grounded in consciousness, love and abundance.

Whatever the situation today, choose Life.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

12 Eagle, Wednesday

Today is a good day for perspective. Your perception will be connected to real human issues, to normal everyday living, yet with the benefit of an elevated view. You may have a vision of your life or a project that is soft focus but big picture, and/ or you will have clarity on what you need to focus on right now.

The 12th day of all timewaves brings us some understanding, on a linear-mind level, of the whole timewave and its theme, its reason and teachings.
Eagle means that this mental understanding is through the Eagle's vision. Eagle sees the whole world, but then focuses on one particular point on the ground in great detail. Eagle is powerful yet compassionate and is able to hone in on that which is relevant.

Today, stay in the worldly realm of the skies and the hills -- don't go skywalking far out in the cosmos, stay within the Earthly realms -- then see what catches your eye on the ground. Focus upon that detail for it will reveal the intelligence that is inherent within this timewave and will nourish you will an understanding of relevance that you can share.

An extremely powerful day of pertinent vision connected to to your emotions.

One day at a time.

The game we are in, is very much linked to frequencies.

These snippets put on here below are part of my life's work which focuses on The Enchantments of Life, a new paradigm of inquiry, that innovates Integral Theory and Astrology. Here is my introductory website to this work

We tune into and get locked into different frequencies. The 7-day week, the 12 idealized months of the Gregorian Calendar, the 12/24 hours day, the 60 minutes/60 second clock are all product of the Saturn Enchantment. Correspondingly the 12 fixed and idealized Zodiac signs of normal astrology are also product of Saturn Enchantment. The spatial calibrations of this frequency gave rise, eventually, to the holonic structure of village, town and nation state, as well as the quarantined Earth. Locking down Earth and creating a heavy filter for cosmic energy. We forgot and lost our connection, but paradoxically this was needed at that stage of development. 
Saturn Enchantment is the frequency of consciousness that rules basic moral codes and although a simplistic stage of awareness, was an imperative for the emergence of historic and modern civilization as well as the separate ego. We can think of it as a frequency structure that was needed for our evolution at the time.  

Effectively time and space were separated in our awareness with Saturn Enchantment, I call this 'The Wall'. The separation of time and space in our awareness also equates with the division between objective and subjective reality, a pre-requesite for materialistic consciousness (Uranus Enchantment). 

 By 3,000 BCE (approximately) the Earth’s grid was stabilized and compartmentalized, this was at least partly by deliberate design and can be attributed to the ancient builders of the sacred sites whom after the cataclysm and power abuse of the antediluvian civilization realized that access to cosmic energies had to be filtered and stabilized.
This time and space lock is now coming off and so it is we are gaining access to cosmic energies again and of course with this comes a great deal of responsibility.

As time and space, object and subject increasingly become connected again we are accessing the virtual realm, where time is fluid and therefore space is fluid, I refer you back to the timeline article I posted a week ago on 5 Rabbit. The virtual realm (Pholus Enchantment, Coral vMeme in Spiral Dynamics), is the omni-directional gateway where the fabric of reality itself is negotiable. Reality is contractual, the totality of all human belief, expectation and attention equates with the common reality experienced. Thus reality is becoming 'up for grabs', hence the competition for your attention, for the players want to mold your beliefs. To secure our reality in accordance with our spiritual sovereignty requires in the first instance, a connection to our body and nature, this protects us and the Earth.

One of the tools I offer in this regards is shamanic journeys that connect you to and allow you to work with your power animals, which are one of the most direct psychic connections to nature and protectors of your body. The power animals, teach spirit animals express specific intelligence, beauty and unique facets of Earth's evolutionary heritage and hence they dynamically root you into your planetary ancestry.
The body frequency, instinct, is localized and  tied to the Sun’s ‘movement around the Earth’ (our empirical perspective) this we know as the circadian rhythm. Then we have the Moon cycle and other planetary cycles which I will be elaborating upon further as I make more of the Enchantments of Life work available. The Tzolkin, the 260 day frequency, allows you access to the spatial scale of the Planetary-Cosmic interface, where consciousness has a great deal of mobility and choice.
The calendrical frequencies of time correspond with the frequencies of space. The ability to consciously acknowledge the units of time and space that we operate under is an essential for frequency fluidity, ie, the ability to change frequency, recalibrate consciousness and liberate ourselves from frequency controls. Time and space structures are the fundamental composites of the different levels of consciousness we operate in and that includes the developmental levels of human evolution.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

11 Jaguar, Tuesday, Full Moon later

Stalking the doorway where energy enters...

You are stalking the energy during an era of enormous flux and transition, stay alert, be awake to the subtle fluctuations in the environment.

Modify ideas with instinct...

On the frequency of the Mayan Calendar, 11 days always somewhat dissolve the structure we tuned into or found on 10 days.

As you follow the timewave, you get to see how the rhythm moves you first one direction, then another; into one archetype, then on to another, bringing you into contact with the dancing Kaleidoscopic nature of the Galactic frequency as viewed and experienced from Earth.

Today, being the day of the Jaguar with day number 11, brings a consciousness and quality to the day that, at least to some extent, allows you to feel more clearly the transparency of your ideas and the energy behind them. This can be quite disconcerting on one hand, but beyond that, if you look further through the dissolution, the benevolence of life in all its glorious mystery is revealed.

Jaguar’s expression is instinctive and occult. Jaguar is happy to roam in the darkness of the mysteries. The Jaguar is the shaman/woman and protector of the shadowy earthly realms; call upon Jaguar today to dissolve negative unseen energy.

The Full Moon in LEO accentuating the Cat Power is at 23.10 GMT today that is 7.10am here in HK, tomorrow. Tonight will be potently cat-like on the inner realms.

Monday, 2 February 2015

10 Reed or Skywalker, Monday

Ideas from Heaven meet ideas from Earth.

A day where you see the structure of your higher mind processes. The 10th day of the Lizard timewave allows you to see the present state of your overmind, your higher thought forms.

An overview idea that has arisen from your intention meets and meshes with the descending ideas from your abstract ethereal template.

The seed energy of this timewave solidifies into a thought form, from which an aspect of your reality will manifest later on down the line.

Today, see the new program or programs you have created within your psyche from your recent intentions, either consciously or inadvertently.

See how your life situation as it stands is a product of your previous ideas, the ideas that stuck.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

9 Long Good Road, Sunday

A day of ‘Aha!’; a sense of knowing that you already knew it.

Today brings a need for freedom, the open road and the far horizonbut this can also bring a sense of frustration at the way we are inhibited by our circumstances.

A day when you can recognize that your life is the result of deep choices you have made and that these choices have magnetically drawn you to people and circumstances which have sculpted your life.

Human or Grass reminds us that life is abundant—far beyond our mind’s capacity to understand—yet the greatest abundance of life comes to those who are humble.

The Long Good Road of Life teaches us humility, but it does not require us to close our minds nor our hearts.

Being humble does not mean you cannot dramatize your life, nor that you should live small. Enjoy your journey today and remember—life is like a fairground ride.