Thursday, 31 August 2017

2 Jaguar

Today is about the challenge of stealth. Jaguar must use the power of stealth-magic wisely, whilst knowing that secrecy eventually turns to decay.

The duality of the Reed (Skywalker) Timewave is that although we can enjoy the view from above, we must simultaneously be connected through the feelings to the ground below. To this end, we call upon the shamanic cat instincts to observe and respond to the energy behind things. Feel and respond; listen with X-ray smell. Be alert to the unusual, to the discordant and to any strange feelings.

Today affords you the opportunity to become aware of how you can transform negative or blocked energies.

As we proceed through the Skywalker Timewave and the connection to our authority, we need to learn protection. Call upon the magnificence of the big cats or other jungle animals you feel an affinity with to teach you how to protect your sovereignty in the world.

Today, connect to the fierceness of the soul, the fierce courage that recognizes truth, love and divinity are your guiding lights and your legitimate experience.


Chocolate (dog, female) and Nougat (cat, male). 
Two photos of our two fierce, courageous, truthful and loving companions,
working their stealth-magic wisely
by working as a team to hunt flies and to protect our roof terrace.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

1 Reed (Skywalker)

A new timewave starts today. 1 Reed or Skywalker is a strong masculine essence, not exactly flexible. The energy of this Skywalker timewave is like a shaft of light, a strong intention that sends a laser beam of consciousness up to the heavens.

A day and timewave of observation, to create a template and map that connects Heaven and Earth.

You can really enjoy a sense of mental freedom today and during this entire 13-day timewave. Tune in and take the opportunity to detach; look to the Sky and see things clearly. Great for work and creativity that involves laying out plans or big ideas.

Also, the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance from your other-world guides, or perhaps transcendental-yet-embodied spiritual teachers.

Reed rules the templates, the contexts or the ‘givens’, as well as the issue of authority.

The challenge and higher potential of Reed is to connect the beam of Light of Consciousness down into the ancestral heritage. For ancient indigenous people, the challenge was the opposite – to connect their ancestral roots up to the stars whilst developing the metaphysical or detached mind.

Time to Wake Up
We are always being enchanted by something; our experience is one of being enchanted. There are an almost infinite number of contexts, or deep structures of reality, that we are subject to. Each enchantment has an authorship, a creative intelligence, that has brought it into being and which is then sustained and developed with the co-operation and agreement of the many, mostly inadvertently.

Now more than ever we are to wake up to the contextual aspects of our society; to wake up to that which we assume, that which we inadvertently agree to.

It is time to transcend consensual society. Many of us are recognizing that the everyday experience of normal living is incredibly limited, compared to the extraordinary scope of real potentiality and the mind-boggling scale and diversity of what actually exists here on Earth.

Reality is up for negotiation. You are taking part in this process, consciously or unconsciously, to a lesser or greater degree.

In this timewave, step into your authorship and your authority, and question the limiting strictures of our mainstream world, because they are no longer appropriate.

The first step is to get off the world. Go to your shamanic Upper World Sanctuary and, on the way, cut through the illusions of limitation being thrown at you. The ghouls are scary, but their power is temporary – shake it off and go to your higher self.

Version of a composite image made by me for use in one of our early websites.
Photo in the background of HK harbour taken by Laurence.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

13 Good Road (Human, Grass)

Feel the totality of your light emissions and how they attract people into your life. Open up your very being to allow in new possibilities. Within every situation, within every moment, is the potential for total freedom.

Enjoy the radiating potentials that life offers you, based on all the different desires you hold. Today, the energy spirals out onto another level. The 13th day releases and harvests the energy of the whole timewave. Today is the last day of the timewave of Flower or Sun.

Today enables you to see the totality of your desires and thoughts (which have manifested as the totality of your life experience) as radial lines of possible futures. This is most evident through all the people you have encountered over the last 13 days and the potential paths that open up through relating to each of them – thus reinforcing the associated energy.

Every thread of light that emanates from you draws in different events and people. And people, especially people, are each a synchronous web of unique connections.

Each person you encounter offers you a new doorway to reality, but do you see where each path can lead?

If so, you can choose to let go of some of those threads and release the energy of that which does not feel as if it would be fulfilling. This means releasing the desires and whimsical wants that lead you down limiting paths.

Liberate yourself by liberating some of the energy you expend in wanting that which is inappropriate to your best interests.

Today is Eb, Good Road, Human or Grass, the road of life’s adventure. The Good Road of Life is also the Milky Way and the Path of the Soul. Open your mind a full 360 degrees and be the empty conduit for the possibilities of the next timewave.

Light is a radiant energy, just like full consciousness. Galactic Time is also radiant. The Cosmos is all around, in all directions – and the Cosmos is not just space, but time/space. That’s right, the true nature of time is that it radiates out in all directions.

Kit Yeung, Hong Kong Photographer, Artist and Dancer, liberating herself.
Photo styled by Kit, taken by Garrick Cheng
Garrick and Kit both continue to offer me new doorways to reality,
and potential doorways to a new reality.
Thank you from me, and from the spirit of Laurence.

Monday, 28 August 2017

12 Monkey

Light creates all and today you can understand that light creates shadow – even darkness comes from light.

Play-work-vocation-fun-drama all seem so interlinked on 12 Monkey.

Novelty enlightens you today, so follow your curiosity and see what you can craft from what you find.

Sometimes you have to work hard to have fun. For some of us, fun comes from ‘serious’ issues – fun arises spontaneously – while some things that the world says are fun can feel like hard work.

In the Flower/Sun/Lord timewave, the 12th day is Monkey, giving us the understanding that the creative power of light is inherently filled with novel, fun, tricky and spontaneous energy.

The light that radiates from the Sun is not merely inert photons – it is real energy, energy that is vastly intelligent and a little wild. It is wild in as much as it has a potent volatile creativity, since it interacts with living organisms (be that a planet or an individual human) and it responds to the inbuilt directives of that organism.

These directives are the totality of the cacophony of desires, needs and impulses springing from the multiple levels of the bio-psychic organism.

Today is a good day to come up with highly creative solutions to major challenges.

Our good friend Garrick Cheng, by Kit Yeung.
Is he working? Playing? Having fun? Or finding a highly creative solution to something?

Sunday, 27 August 2017

11 Dog

Let Someone In
What was solidifying yesterday becomes more transparent today. So, for example, if you were feeling stodgy and stuck within yourself yesterday, today a door opens to lead you into another emotional space that is more relational and more resonant with those around you.

Allow someone into your emotional space.

Alternatively and/or simultaneously, your relationship patterns with friends, lover or family turn inside out and offer you another perspective, not only on your relationships but on the whole arena of community, connection and relating.

The sovereignty of self grows today through the adaptive ability of the basic emotions and common needs we all have for the company of others. A good day to modify your needs or feelings.

Eleven day are always like doors opening after the solidity of 10 days.

LjL by Kit Yeung

[Extra message from Laurence, posted on 11 Dog of 25 March 2016:]
Today I was blown away by a photograph (above) and some kind words that appeared on my facebook wall. Artwork and words by Kit Yeung. Kit and her partner Garrick Cheng, who is a Holospheric Astrologer, are very good friends and a very talented couple.

Please forgive me but I want to post what Kit said about this photo...

He always sees from a different perspective which I never thought of.
He brought me to a different world
where I discovered my inner substance and true potential.
He enjoys being in the nature and connects deeply to it.
His mind is free, like birds flying in the limitless sky.
The most important thing is … he teaches me to “BE ME”
Kit Yeung

Saturday, 26 August 2017

10 Water (Moon)

A day when your recent feelings solidify into a cohesive unified whole. Feel the complex array of feelings and recognize that through the agency of feeling, your spirit becomes real.

The 10th day of every timewave is the day when that timewave manifests into form. It is the day when the consciousness of the timewave – its particular Earth–Galactic signature – comes into solidity. The Flower (Sun, Lord) timewave, which is the energy of spiritual light and sovereignty, manifests as the soul.

Feel the soul as a tangible form today.

The manifestation of the timewave also means that the implicit challenge of the timewave is felt. The challenge and the manifest realization of Flower – the divine sovereign self – is in the subtle feeling body.

You do not get the fully reasoned understanding today, as that integrated understanding is always reserved for Day 12; however, you do have the opportunity to acknowledge the manifestation. In the case of the Flower Timewave, the way the subtle pranic light moves into density is the formation of our sophisticated, extraordinary and wide-spectrum feeling nature.

If you feel heavy today, process and lighten the emotional body with physical activity outdoors in nature. Set your intent to clear and cleanse; find the gratitude after owning the dark emotions.

The ability to hold Light is directly proportional to the courage to see darkness. Choosing to see just one creates distortions and illusions. It amazes me that something so simple and common sense can be so difficult to even discuss with “spiritual” people who insist on remaining “positive”. Actually, this avoidance is based on unacknowledged fear that their inner light might be somewhat “dispersed” by seeing darkness and therefore not giving the light much credit at all.

‘I think there’s also fear that they might somehow become “tainted” or the darkness might “manifest” in some form in their lives. But the opposite is true; it is the fear, especially unacknowledged, that has much more chance to manifest than darkness exposed to daylight and investigation. Just like we must be fearless about our own inner shadow, we must also be fearless about seeing this huge shadow of humanity. Or we will have the power to transform precisely nothing, within or without.

- Anis Springate
[ Quote taken from here

This is my 'Lotus of Love' painting, done in 2005.
Today, 26 August, is my birthday, the first time in 13 years I have not been with my beloved Laurence.
I will spend the day with my brother and his family, out on the Water,
and will of course be immersed in feelings of my Soul, my Heart and my Love.

Friday, 25 August 2017

9 Rabbit (Star)

Downloads and Inspirations
A day of awakening to your divine cosmic power. However, this can be accompanied by, ‘Yes, but how on Earth can I express my true self?’

Remember the part of you that comes from the stars and is connected through omnidirections to nature and to other realms of existence. Part of your essence exists as a non-local consciousness, not limited by this time frame.

Aspects of your divinity are converging from the future and from multiple timelines into your field of consciousness.

Consciousness and 9 Rabbit Days
Your life today is a result of past intentions. If you can accommodate the fact of multiple pasts, you are empowering yourself to be truly creative and can draw upon a far greater potential. Although this sounds incredibly abstract, allow your imagination to go there.

The rational mind reduces things (which is useful for everyday life) and the suggestion I am making sounds absurd to the rational mind – however, today is a good day to take the position of gnosis, that you are in essence an immortal soul and therefore are not merely contained in linear time. You cannot be reduced to a rational explanation.

On a higher level of reality or consciousness (than the human species presently and commonly enjoys) is a multiverse of radiant time. I am convinced of that reality and believe myself to have had a convergence of this sort in 1994, when an aspect of myself walked into my being in this realm. I have met many people who have had similar and far more profound experiences, including the full walk-in from another star system.

Extraterrestrials from other star systems do visit us from light years away, unbelievable distances, because they access superluminal consciousness and technology. In other words, it’s not so much space travel as time travel, which is not just a technology, but a state of consciousness. Linear time is derivative of or symbiotic with linear mind, whereas our greater consciousness is multidimensional.

Today, 9 Rabbit or Star, is a day of sublime creativity, actualized by assuming you have previously intended all that is in your life to be here and that you can pull in other realities.

How do we express it? How do we cope with the enormity of our true self?

Today we can connect to the eternal now and engage with the emerging unfolding reality that we are co-creating.

 'Noospheric Download and Inspiration' by LjL

Thursday, 24 August 2017

8 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

Holding on with just the right tension, being responsive to the alchemical mix of your life. Commit to a dynamic balance, the non-static union of opposites. Transcend the political correctness of gender politics to find true equality. Embody the male and female.

Commit and hold onto reality – but if your reality is too small, then let go and grasp a bigger one.

There is plenty of reality pie to go around, you know... recal-liberate your energy field.

Life is an adventure. It is easy to forget that if you listen to Channel Normal.

Is Life too tight? Well, mash it up and remix your energies.

Surf the channels of your energy field: Sex, food, music, silence, art, shamanics, yoga...

Get soul funking.

Just be flexible and do not believe you are forever that which you find yourself to be at any one point in time.

Commit to navigation – life is forever changing and your challenge is to flow with strength and grace.

'Soul Funking' by LjL

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

7 Skull

A good day for definitive thought. Be resonant with your clarity. This day can be easy if you trust your authority.

All Skull days bring the theme of death and rebirth, as well as cutting out unnecessary sentiment.

Today is a rare day of resonance with the precise borders and definitions of all things; enjoy this day of clarity.

Take the plunge into your subconscious without fear; see the truth of your own feelings without the emotion of doubt.

This beautiful image is the work of MysticalMike

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

6 Serpent

Go with the body instincts. Listen to that first impulse, act upon it and the day will flow.

Remember: Serpent days are all connected to survival and power themes. Be responsive to your power. Your kundalini life force, not money, is the foundation of your true power in this life.

A day of rhythm, gradually changing direction under the guidance of the body wisdom.

A day of vitality.

Kundalini Energy Dance, by LjL

Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Lizard

A good day to feel connected to an intelligence within you that transcends the boundaries of your separate self.

There is a coherent intention for your life encoded into every photon you absorb.

The Cosmos is holographic and the Divine Intelligence is fractally encoded into every particle – and most accessible through every photon.

Today, receive the Light. Gather energy, hold energy and know energy is intelligent.

Your life has a basic plan and that plan is part of a basic pattern for evolutionary unfoldment.

To be actively co-creating our reality, we need intent. Intent is far more than a decision formed in the mind – it is decision that is aligned with our deeper feelings and soul purpose.

It is particularly challenging at the moment to reach this alignment because there is a storm on the astral planes – the emotional realm of Earth – due to the cosmic influx. The imperative for our species to survive and evolve is triggering the extreme polarities of the collective emotional realms.

Today is a good opportunity to find some alignment and to summon up intent. 

A baby Monitor Lizard,
spotted by Laurence and me in Penang, Malaysia, in August

[Total Solar Eclipse: Tonight and in the early hours of tomorrow morning, starting at 15:46:50 UTC (GMT) and ending at 21:04:21 UTC (GMT).

Maximum eclipse: 21 August at 18:25:35 UTC (GMT), or in HK this is tomorrow morning, 22 August, 02:25:35. Exact time of the New Moon here in HK is 2:30am 22 August.

This eclipse will not be visible here in Hong Kong, although for all of us on planet Earth, the effects of the eclipse on the subtle planes will be strong. Hold on, find your alignment, summon up your benevolent intent.]

Sunday, 20 August 2017

4 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

Create a space for light; locate some inner darkness and sit with it.

The foundation for one’s enlightenment is the allowance of the vacuum that you can maintain. Set the parameters of the void within you, a void of expectancy that you yourself deliberately hold.

Make the space for space; make the time for timelessness. Use your will to step outside your activities.

This could also mean a change of action, if there is something you have been putting off doing.

Have you been looking after your home and/or your soul? If not, bring your consciousness home – bring your consciousness into your emotional sanctuary.

Secure your space in whatever way it needs securing.

Abundance can only come in when you make space for it.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

3 Wind

A day of ideas forming and communication building. Exploration of the mind, as you get in touch with your true expression, feeling the movement of the spirit breathe upon your psyche, stimulating the deep unconscious through the interplay of light and shadow.

Or: A day of dynamic communications and thoughts. Moving out of polarity through discernment, ideas ricochet back and forth, judgements swing one way then another to create the energy for choice.

The fickleness of the mind is a reflection of the constant dynamism of Yin and Yang, the trial and error of creation. Watch your inconsistencies with detachment and you will also discern the emergence of true intention.

 A big thank you to our friend David Mullins for the photo

Friday, 18 August 2017

2 Crocodile

Accepting the existential aspect of existence.

Today offers you the opportunity to accept without guilt, judgement or blame that the full polarity of your life right now, as it IS, is a result of the totality frequency of your energy. This profound acceptance opens the door to becoming a true sovereign of your own life experience.

Your life is a direct result of the sum totality of your energy, ie your choices on every level of your psyche.

The Law of Attraction is basically true, but it takes more than momentary desire to manifest because of the intentions and desires that are locked into the unconscious from previous excitements – and when we say previous, we also mean pre- and past life.

The bigger the dream, the more persistence is required to overcome the objections within us... However, those objections to our heated desire do often have value.

When we look at our life in all of its fullness, we can appreciate the full spectrum of choices (many of which are invisible to us right now) that have brought us here, now.

The momentary mind will react with frustration to the suggestion that we created the limitations we experience, but if we can recognize the fullness of our life as it stands, we can move into the space of acceptance and, of course, gratitude.

Enjoyment of existential reality – life as art in its mundane expression – versus a need to change and grow.

Within the most mundane of circumstances lies the most extraordinary of realities. Likewise, the ‘matter of fact’ is found within the bizarre circuses of the universe.

Two versions of our Energy Temple graphic,
created for use in some of our handouts for workshops and shamanic rituals

Thursday, 17 August 2017

1 Flower (Sun, or Lord)

The timewave of Flower, Sun or Lord (Ahau) brings you the consciousness of your sovereign being-ness. The totality of your being attracts everything into your life; the totality of your being, the whole spectrum, provides you with your life experience.

Connect to yourself now, accepting who you are, as you are at this moment, as the foundation for your sovereign power.

Too often we are told that we ‘need’ things – we need this training or that qualification, or we need years of therapy, or we need salvation via the priest, etc.

But your life force, your connection to life, is yours and is immediately available.

The Power of Light, the real power of creation, is the subtle energy and consciousness of LIGHT.

Light contains all frequencies.

Today begins 13 days of becoming more conscious of how you are sovereign of your life experience.

Move into vibrational resonance with that which you desire by feeling you already have it. If you truly desire it – from the depths of your being – the feeling of ‘having-ness’ will make you feel happy. Be that which your heart desires.

Light is subtle. The subtle is the real power – all else follows.

'The Lotus of Grounded Being'
One of my series of small lotus paintings, this from 2008

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

13 Storm

Let go as usual on Day 13, but as this is a Storm day, release with more vitality than normal. This is more of a joyous release that energizes you. 

Release anger and frustration by allowing it and then pushing through it. Release all attachments, all assumptions and separation stories.

Remember that chaos brings freedom – you pay with uncertainty, but can tap into the unlimited energy supply of existence.

Reality is compartmentalized. When one compartment becomes too inhibitory, we are offered the chance to break free from its constraints – this takes effort. However, today you get a glimpse of the intrinsic simplicity of releasing the self from the rigid context boxes.

All perceptions of reality are partial. Enjoy the rejuvenation of recognizing that potentiality is always present. No matter how it looks, Life is bigger.

If you are inspired in a diverse and scattered manner today, take heart – any form of overwhelm will allow you to integrate on a higher level in the next timewave.

A day of freeing the self. Release the self and allow your energy to return.

Photo of Laurence, the most free (and freeing) person I have ever known,
who was always himself,
by the fabulously talented Kit Yeung,
Hong Kong photographer, artist and dancer.

And as today is the last day of the  Deer (Hand) Timewave
in which Laurence was born (3 Water),
I felt it fitting to include this beautiful musical tribute video
by our talented friend Clive Keep.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

12 Obsidian (Obsidian Mirror, Flint)

A good day to understand that the multiple dimensions of reality are both compartmentalized and separate from each other to some degree, yet have a fractal reflective relationship with each other. Each dimension is a reflection of others, but in a fuzzy form.

A good day to see truth with absolute clarity on one dimension of reality, knowing with equal clarity that this insight does not apply totally, nor exactly, to the next dimension. Truth is reflected and distorted on each of the multiple realms, but what is true on one level, is true for now on that level.

The self-sufficiency of existence on each separate level of being.’ Dr Marc Edmund Jones (1888–1980; ‘dean of American astrology’ and creator of the Sabian Symbols, with clairvoyant Else Wheeler in 1925).

Consciousness reflects upon itself all the way up and all the way down the epic construct of creation. Each level of reality is a diffracted reflection of light and consciousness.

The unlimited diversity of all consciousness and form in existence is processed by the human psyche through various levels. Each level of the psyche steps down, decodes filters and translates with its own appropriate level of complexity.

The unfolding manifestation of consciousness requires an oscillating focus of consciousness.

The basic structure of our civilization utilizes various calibrations, including a seven-day repeating cycle of planetary frequencies: Sunday-Sun day, Monday-Moon day, Tuesday-Mars day, Wednesday-Mercury day, Thursday-Jupiter day, Friday-Venus day, Saturday-Saturn day.

In the Tzolkin (that is, the Mayan Sacred Calendar, one of 17 interlocking calendars used by the Maya), the dance of frequencies and calibrations is far more complex, comprising the 20 Day Signs (or Daykeepers) and 13 Tones (or Numbers). The dance of diversity spirals and rotates in multiple directions, taking you towards radial time consciousness.

Another way of understanding radial time is quite simply through contemplating fractals. The Mayan Sacred Calendar is a strongly fractal system; the numbers of the Tzolkin can be found within many planetary cycles, as well as within the Galactic cycle.

To calibrate your consciousness with the Terrestrial–Galactic interface requires only a relatively short period of focus, considering our lifetime of standard time conditioning.

Assiduous focus on this system organically initiates you as a ‘Daykeeper’. If you follow this calendar and put some energy into the system, you will encode the system into your energy field quite strongly by 520 days (ie two Mayan Sacred Calendar years, each of which is 260 days). The process is especially powerfully if you draw the glyphs each day and do some free association with the signs as part of your daily journalling.

After the Chiron return at around 52 years of age, people often have a golden period of integration. Fifty-two is the common frequency between our standard calendar and the Tzolkin. Seven multiples of 52 gives us the Solar year (364 days), we have 52 weeks in a year; five multiples of 52 gives us our 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar year.

 Beautiful artwork courtesy of Alfred Laing (thank you!)

To see more of the work of this great graphic artist, please visit
Art By Ajil on

Monday, 14 August 2017

11 Earthmover

A day to release pressures building in the unconscious and to open doors that lead you beyond stuck polarities. The door opens into the field of light, the holographic aspect of your psyche.

As ever on all Earthmover days, follow the synchronic ripples you encounter, for they are your personal interactions with the movements in the time/space field.

Keywords for today are flexibility, adaptability and spontaneity. Today brings the opportunity to slide through a crack into a new opportunity. If you get pushed one way, follow that momentum through the revolving door of the electromagnetic energy field.

Recalibration of your energy through stepping to the side. The door will appear; it will be subtle, but if you are tuned into this 260-day frequency, you will be alerted. Set yourself an alarm.

Perhaps use a simple affirmation of ‘Earthmover, change direction NOW.’ Say it now. It can act as your subconscious alarm-call when the door opens today.

Today is also about releasing tension, as in a small quake now to stop a big quake later.

The value of contrast in order to move on and to break out of polarized blocks.

For me, the most powerful catalyst for refreshing life and opening the heart to the unending opportunity, experience and appreciation available to us is through visiting new places. The rush you get from being in a new environment, with its unique natural landscape and cultural atmosphere, is without doubt one of the most precious things we can do for ourselves.

Maybe this is something for you to consider today. Where do you need to visit in order to refresh and regenerate?

Original painting by Laurence, entitled Tectonic Heights: The energy that sculpts landscapes.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

10 Vulture (Warrior, Owl)

Today a profound sense of your personal truth can emerge in your awareness, a truth that is balanced.

Alternatively, a position that you have decided upon recently can be seen more fully due to the revealed contrast of feelings, perception or needs that you hold in your psyche.

When to hold, when to let go?

Be still, then...

Today you will see what you need to grasp and hold onto.

Coherent truth manifests. This is an expression of your essence; this is your strength.

Today is a day of strength. Today is a day to acknowledge the appearance of true strength.

Hold your ground and realize your power, the power that is natural and divine and in accord with all that is good.

Be still, be the peace…

Panorama by André Eichman of Laurence in the hills he loved so much.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

9 Eagle

Today, 9 Eagle, is a day of penetrating clarity of thought as we confront startling truths. 9 Eagle is a day of power and vision, yet it also offers the compassion that comes from a profound spiritual truth – the truth that the world is enchanting; that from the spirit’s point of view, this is a theatre.

The illusion of the world is permanence, the game is full of deceptions – but we take part in those deceptions. Why? Because the world is an enchantment, and we are waking up slowly to the nature of the virtuality of reality.

9 Eagle is about flying above the polarities that lie below, whilst integrating heart and mind. Compassionate yet discerning thought yields the rewards today, as you feel fully awake in the realm between Heaven and Earth.

Time cycles reveal themselves on Nine days. In the 2012 era, which is where we are, there is an opportunity to understand time on a whole new level. You may well gain some inspiration in this area today.

Today, pay attention to any image that catches your imagination as it can serve as a portal.

The Golden Record of 1977:
NASA placed an ambitious message aboard Voyager 1 and 2 in 1977.
This was a kind of time capsule, intended to communicate a story of our world
to any extraterrestrials out there.


General Introduction for New Viewers
The 260 days of the Mayan Sacred Calendar is a fractal of 26,000 tun (one tun is the Mayan 360-day cycle) that measures the galactic spin.

The 260-day calendar has resonance with individual human gestation (266 days on average), while the 26,000 years (approximately) of the galactic cycle measures the development of the whole human species in ways we are not yet sure of, but which probably mark the duration of a ‘mutation’ of the species – a birth of new consciousness.

At the very least, we are in the midst of a change bigger than the industrial revolution. Do not go to sleep. Perceive with your intuitive visionary capability the enormity of the drama we are playing in right now.

By following the 260-day calendar, we move into resonance with Galactic consciousness and with species’ issues. Our relationship with time and space changes.

Friday, 11 August 2017

8 Jaguar

Commit to your shamanic instincts today as an integral part of navigating the world we live in. It is easy to get swept along with the technological perspective on life and to devalue the foundation of material existence (the body) as product of the natural world.

Stay alert and call upon Earth Magic, for you are a warrior protector of this vital, beautiful and precious planet and we need you in your power.

Navigating reality requires the ability to face and accept the Shadow — both within yourself and within your friends, your family, your lover and the mother of all scary shadows of the world we live in — without getting lost in the admittedly undeniable darkness and seeing it as all there is.

The Light is stronger and the shaman within you knows this instinctively.

The Galactic awakening of the 2012 era requires this level of commitment from an increasing number of us.

What we need is humour and acceptance, as well as openness of mind and a radical playful spirit in a world of relative truth, dark powerful agendas and social confusion. The Dark Game is a smaller context than the Light of Creation, which infuses our everyday lives.

Commit to playing in the game of duality whilst connecting to the unity through your body intelligence. Get out into nature if you can.

Original artwork by LjL, entitled 'The World of Crow'

[Extra text from Laurence, posted on 8 Jaguar, of 9 March 2016, during the Piscean Eclipse, much of which is still relevant today]

The Eclipse has begun and the fog-shroud of energy is tangible and visible. A dissolute feeling is present. I am off to the hills for the eclipse...

I walked to my favourite spot and, as usual, just before the eclipse the energy was quite disorientating, perhaps especially with this one as I found it hard to evoke structurally. However, I got the point of connection almost exactly (3 minutes or so before) at the pinnacle of the eclipse and new moon. The clouds opened and a shaft of sunlight burst through the fog. I then felt a sense of calm, and after 5 minutes I lay down and fell asleep, for a few minutes only.

I had a dream, again very simple, which explained that it does not matter what people worship or call their god – they are all just symbols or representations of the ultimate divinity.

Nothing earth-shattering in itself, but I think it shows how the eclipse is manifesting. The general sense was that the eclipse was about the totality of life. My mind was trying to grasp onto things and seek inspirations, as it does, but there was nothing to hold onto in a smaller sense – it was about the essence and the conduit we use to connect to an enormity that is too large to grasp, yet ever present.

I stand by my work that suggests we as a species are being challenged to re-vision the meta-myth of society and I would add that is through our own intimate inquiry.

Application and action might be best achieved by persevering and mastering a specific area, your niche area of interest or vocation, whilst recognizing that a more expansive heritage is available for you to draw upon. Detach from the precepts, foundational conditioning, assumptions, commandments and ‘givens’ that you may have learnt, and look to connect to a much larger potential. Draw upon divinity to show you a new way forward in your work.

One step at a time... 

There is a collective theme of loss of faith* and so we need to re-establish a faith that does not rely upon our old gods or old authorities and old heroes (obviously this encompasses all of the mainstream authority figures).

In your creative endeavours, this opens the door to innovation and drawing upon inspiration from a paradigm outside of your niche interest in order to re-vision your approach.

I am talking in a general sense of course, but the specific effect for you will depend upon the transits to your own astrological chart.

* Note from Carey: This was particularly relevant in March 2016, with Jupiter opposite Chiron, but still valid today.
Note from Carey: Laurence wrote many articles about the timeline choice we are facing, much of which he posted on his Mystic Cyber Crow blogsite, up to and including a matter of weeks before his passing. Mystic Cyber Crow was the blogsite perhaps particularly closest to Laurence's heart, where he could write about and share much of his inspiration, theories, musings and insights. Many articles are 'unedited', in the sense that Laurence wrote in a stream of consciousness as soon as he was inspired or impelled to put his incredible thinking and feeling down in words.
     This was his mission, to share his wisdom, experience, knowledge, and profound understanding of life. 


Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 Reed (Skywalker)

On Day 7 of every timewave, the energy of the timewave which resonates with Heaven and Earth is revealed. Seven days have a magical resonant feeling; there is an awareness of ‘as above, so below’, or a sense of the timeless moment being present in the day through the filter of the glyph.

The inherent ethic of creation is present on Day 7 in all timewaves. Seven is the resonance with wholeness, not in absolute detail or high sophistication, but it does reveal the general soft-focus view of the whole.

The Deer Timewave reveals its energy as being resonant with the observer mind today.

You can get a good detached view of your whole life today, whilst still operating and enjoying the mundane or ‘normal’ level of reality.

A good day to move into resonance with a higher perspective of reality, whilst functioning in a normal everyday kind of way. Your actions can feel in accord with the divine will.

Above: Composite image using LjL's hand-drawn glyph for the Day Number Seven,
plus his artwork for the Daykeeper Reed glyph. 

Below: LjL's original artwork of all the Mayan Sacred Calendar Daykeeper glyphs.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

6 Good Road (Human, Grass)

Open yourself to the flow. Affluence is being in the flow, regardless of your bank balance; just be open enough to allow the flow.

The road ahead opens up through people. Stay open to people and you are living abundantly – simple, but sometimes challenging.

A day of understated harmony and rhythm on the Mayan Galactic frequency. Beneath the chaos of the world frequency is the Tzolkin frequency and, on that level, today is a day of harmony.

Flowing in a direction, yet going with the swirls.

Surrender to the stream.

Above: Carey contemplates the stream, when we were in Koh Samui in November 2007. Below: Laurence surrenders to the stream, when we were in Penang in August 2009.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

5 Monkey

The Deer timewave is about navigating the ever-changing emergent world. This consciousness is the recognition of the unpredictable nature of life’s exact unfoldment.

Monkey is the spirit who is at home with the truth of the trickster, whose domain is in the details and lateral potentials. Monkey is at home here because Monkey is the creative trickster.

Come back to that part within you that knows life really is a game. Radiating out from the centre of your being is your own free will, which is a monkey unto itself.

Today, recognize the truth that outcomes may not be exactly what we expect (notably in regards to specific timing of manifestations). This will keep us alert and awake. The universe is always generating randomness within the context of its overall direction.

Today is also a good day to be conscious of the many faces that life shows us. All masks veil and express the unified consciousness. Empower yourself by accepting that the trickster Monkey is an essential part of creation.

5 Monkeys, in Ubud, Bali, clinging to a sheer cliff. Photo taken by Carey.

[Note: Full Moon in Hong Kong was this morning, 8 August, at 2.11am. The Full Moon will obviously amplify any feelings and emotions. Stay conscious.]

Monday, 7 August 2017

4 Dog

The foundation for the elastic strength of the Deer Timewave starts with emotional security. Feel the emotional boundaries you operate within.

We all have our family, including ancestral, friends and work colleagues.

Today, recognize the feeling of belonging that you enjoy through the people you find yourself with.

This day is a day to truly feel into your emotional needs – all of them – as a way of recognizing that your foundation is your emotional body. Feeling and accepting the emotional body is not the same as reacting to and living according to the dictates of the emotional kaleidoscope.

Feel it all as the juice within you; hold onto the impulses.

A good day to recognize and consciously set and embrace your own emotional limits.

 Computer generated graphic by Laurence,
one of the 'primer images' we have in our folder to use in the
Alchemist's Quest project we were working on.

[Note: Full Moon today at 7:10pm GMT. Here in Hong Kong the exact time of the Full Moon is tomorrow morning, 8 August, at 02:11am – the one minute difference is only due to how the moon times are calculated here by the Hong Kong Observatory. The Full Moon will obviously amplify any feelings and emotions. Stay conscious.]

Sunday, 6 August 2017

3 Water (Moon)

Transmissions and emanations from the soul.

A general sense of charged emotional energy, anticipation, agitation, anxiety or excitement without a definite, discernible reason is present today. Hold it lightly; this is the engine of your soul revving up and warming up.

Alternatively, today feel the flow of energy as one thing gradually flows into another. See the day as a wave form, or as wave forms, cresting and falling, then rising again. To stay in the flow, utilize the power of Water and offer yourself to Life. Be ready to give to the moment and to share.

Allow deeper feeling to surface and you will find that you can quite naturally communicate from the soul, cleansing hidden emotions whilst giving permission to others to do the same.

Allow different areas of concern or interest to merge and overlap. Stay in the flow and you will find that staccato or oscillating thoughts, fuelled by tension and adrenaline, will dissolve into natural movement. A day of confluence.

Offer gratitude to Life and release tension with simple evocations of acceptance. Feel a connectivity that is fluid yet strong.

Adaptation is spiritual power.

[Today is Laurence's Mayan birthday. Here is a message he posted on 3 Water of 18 June 2015:]

My Tzolkin birthday
'I was up at 4.15am this morning so that I could leave the house at daylight to do my ceremony outside in my favourite sacred place. As often as I do it, I still forget the power of connectivity and vitality that comes from opening to nature and allowing the natural energies to come through me.

'This morning I was singing/toning an Arabic-esque chant that filled the valley. This is the wonder – the world and the computer, the information realm and social vibration overwhelm the natural connectivity so easily – every ceremony is a renewal and a remembering.

'Get outside for sunrise, I urge you, especially on your own Tzolkin birthday. I find by doing this every 260 days, I get gifted with tremendous inspiration and insights...

'I am busy working on my new Alchemy project. Praise be!

'Happy birthday to me.'

 Portrait of Laurence, taken in the hills of Lamma Island
in one of his favourite sacred places in nature,
by André Eichman

Saturday, 5 August 2017

2 Rabbit (Star)

The diversity of all that attracts us can overwhelm us with promise, opportunity, beauty, brilliance, splendour and bliss – it is all too much if we try to grasp.

All that glitters is not gold, and yet the sparkle of life is a reflection of divinity and is here for us to enjoy and celebrate.

Today you can feel the promise, the pull and the attraction of opposing forms and appearances. You may hear a desperate call within you to attend to one thing and negate another. On Two days, we can feel the duality inherent in our life. The multiplicity of appealing entertainment and urgent needs is actually a reminder of how extraordinarily abundant and omnidirectional life truly is.

Focus primarily on the vortex within the centre of it all – this is the white hole that gives birth to the abundance of all that is in your life.

Today, enjoy some diversity without getting sucked into one reality tunnel.


Friday, 4 August 2017

1 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

After Jaguar Timewave comes the timewave of Deer (also known as Hand, or Grasp; Manik), starting today.

In the next 13 days, the Mayan Sacred Calendar guides you in the art of control. This timewave offers us the opportunity to learn how to respond appropriately to life; to know when to hold on and when to let go.

Deer or Hand is elusive and graceful, yet deceptively strong. So begins 13 days to awaken your spiritual power and nobility. The lesson of Deer is how to follow the ebb and flow of energies, which requires an ability to have the correct degree and balance of tension and relaxation, knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Because Deer (or Hand) responds so instinctively to rhythmic changes of energy, this is considered the natural sign of the Mayan Daykeeper.

Deer utilizes the diversity of organic tools at hand. Deer is fleeting and yet makes itself known; Deer knows stillness and silence, yet has great speed and vitality.

Navigate the full range of your capabilities and talents and recognize your masculine and feminine traits during this timewave. Deer are natural Daykeepers for they can respond easily and effortlessly to the rhythmic change of energies.

Hold, then release; hold the moment delicately with some alertness.

Laurence lightly grasping his wand in his hand.
Photo by the talented André Eichman.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

13 Skull

Today you find your detachment. That which interests you and that which you own will not possess you.

Today allows for the strength of mind to cut through fears by detaching from lower-level dramas and willing yourself to transcend to a freer realm of activity.

Thirteen is the master number of spiralling movement and growth; it is in resonance with the Lunar Cycle and is a Fibonacci number. Thirteen is the movement into mystery, as we leave the orderly and rational temporarily behind. Skull is the power to cut free and start again.

Today, you have the opportunity to cut through illusion, to free the self from unnecessary attachments. The teaching of today is to recognize the aspect of the self that is free from obligation and is uncompromising. Although we all have to make adjustments and allowances to be part of the world, there is a line that is drawn which the world cannot cross. Your line is based on your ethics, personal axioms and, ultimately, your unique mode of being without undue sentiment…

Even if you renege a little (
by allowing it back into your life later) on that which you reject now, there is great strength in making an energetic stand of rejecting that which you consider to be standing in the way of transformation and growth. This may include social peer group pressures. Do not acquiesce to that which seems to have power over you, if it is not feeding you; yield on the surface if you really have to, but not in the core of your being.

Remember that life is forever changing and you can continually start again and free yourself from anything that is unduly compromising your essence.

The Jaguar Timewave ends today. Jaguar is a warrior of the night and is in service to the Earth goddess; Jaguar is a spirit that reveres the wild and natural, who is able to face the darkness and flourish. Jaguar illuminates the shadow with other-dimensional light. Jaguar frees us from the sterilizing aspects of civilization.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

12 Serpent

Understanding the importance of spending time in nature and the vitality it gives you.

Be in the natural body, connected to nature and allowing your mind and emotions to follow the energy it gives you.


A day of understanding the instinctive level of reality. A day where you can connect to your own survival instinct and survival impulse. Today is a good day to recognize how the biorhythms shape our psychology and how they are interlinked with the invisible environment.

The snake is the manifest expression of kundalini life force, the power to live and evolve. Serpent issues are issues of sex and power. The battle for power in the world takes place on many fronts and includes the agendas of many covert groups on Earth, but ultimately the whole drama of our evolution is part of the cosmic theatre. We exist in a living universe and life is everywhere. Our kundalini plugs us into the cosmic drama and the evolutionary imperative of creation.

The 2012 effect is a recalibration of the Earth’s energy field. The total consciousness of the Human Species is a significant, arguably the primary component of the environment within which we move around. Our environment is the total planetary organism, as defined by the Earth’s energy and consciousness field, that interpenetrates and encompasses the electromagnetic field.

Our task is to stay conscious and to recognize the planetary level of change. By so doing, we come into alignment with the evolutionary necessity – even a small minority of people doing so will ensure survival and growth. Awakened consciousness resonates with the evolutionary impulse and therefore acts as the conduit for the transformational impulse.

Human culture emits a frequency and the frequency needs to be upgraded. As individuals, we cannot take on the responsibility of changing the culture directly – it is overwhelming and the overt power is in the hands of lower consciousness, in particular those souls enslaved by power lust.

However, as individuals we can act as nodes and conduits – unseen by the external radars – for the energy force to flow through.

Quite simply, recognize the larger view of time and space and connect intellectually, intuitively and emotionally to the evolutionary energy of change that is unmistakable. You will then be coming into alignment with the life force currents.

Good for you, good for me, good for us all.

Power Station, Lamma Island.
Original photo by Carey, but reworked and greatly enhanced thanks to Kookie Birjukov