The 20 Timewaves

The Running Order and Theme of Each of the 20 Timewaves at a Glance

Each timewave is comprised of 13 days. Looking at the whole structure of the Tzolkin enables you to see the overall rhythm of the 260-day pulse and how it stretches, opens, connects and deepens your awareness of your life.

Please note: This is the running order of the Timewaves, not the running order of the Daykeepers. For that, please click on 'Your Mayan Daykeeper' page.

Crocodile (Dragon; Imix)
The birth and nurturance of one's being

Jaguar (Ix)
The experience of our primal instinctive and playful survival mode

Deer (Hand, Grasp; Manik)
The imperative to both control and let go; adjusting and using tools

Flower (Sun, Lord; Ahau)
The consciousness of the sovereignty of our essence

Reed (Skywalker; Ben)
The ability to detach and explore different realms and potentials

Skull (Cimi)
Transformation; the death and rebirth of aspects of our life

Storm (Rain; Caucac)
Breaking patterns to liberate the self

Good Road (Human, Grass, the Long Good Road; Eb)
The abundance of life’s adventure with other people

Serpent (Chicchan)
Power and survival, instinct and passion; body consciousness

Obsidian (Obsidian Mirror, Flint; Etznab)
Facing the shadow and becoming conscious of the levels of reality

Monkey (Chuen)
The theatre and art of life, its trickster humour

Lizard (Seed; Kan)
The intelligence, plans and templates inherent within existence

Earthmover (Caban)
The force that integrates and synchronizes the oblique aspects of life

Dog (Oc)
Companionship and needs; emotionally sharing life with others

Foredawn (Dark Night, In the House, Dark House; Akbal)
The mystery that cannot be grasped; the space of fecundity

Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey; Cib)
The challenge to be authentic, to express and defend one's truth

Water (Moon; Muluc)
The soulful, dreamy purifying connection to the Cosmic Ocean

Wind (Ik)
The activating communicative force that separates the wheat from the chaff

Eagle (Men)
The compassionate big-picture vision and the ability to hone in on the relevant

Rabbit (Star; Lamat)
The radiant abundance, fertility and glamour immanent within creation