Tuesday, 31 August 2021

7 Eagle

[Tuesday 31 August 2021]

Feeling the Wholeness 

A good day for emotional intelligence and an integrated clarity.

Free wallpaper image from here

The integrated clarity of 7 Eagle means the ability to focus on a detail, whilst simultaneously retaining the awareness of context and feeling.

The challenge is to not get lost in the details; to engage whilst retaining one’s sense of greater vision.

Alternatively, the challenge is to engage with some specifics, rather than just flying off into an indulgent fantasy. Listen to the subtle feelings whilst performing daily tasks.

Balanced perspective,
Power Station Beach, Lamma Island

Move into resonance today with the mind of the world. Hone in on your locality and goal, and retain the balanced perspective of both the larger and smaller pictures.

7 Days are halfway through the timewave and provide us with the whole energy of the timewave through resonance. We can feel the totality – not the sophisticated mechanics of the timewave (which is for 12 Days), but the general wholeness.

Image found on Pinterest

Eagle is the immanent consciousness that we can perceive and engage with. The environment thus perceived is then seen in all its glory – and it is to be rejoiced at, for it is full of beauty, abundance and love. Once we see this, we can draw upon the bountiful energy and call it into our life.

There is more than enough to go round. Everything we need is available, once we are conscious of the fact that we are drawing energy from the magnificence of all that is around us.

With a natural gratitude that comes with our awakening perception and experience of the vital immanence we exist within, we can then ask unashamedly for life to provide for us abundantly.

Image found on google, from here

Monday, 30 August 2021

6 Jaguar

[Monday 30 August 2021]

The feeling self is an instinctive self, prowling the unseen environment of the World Soul. Enjoy the forming thoughts and enticing feelings that arise and sink in your consciousness.

A day of feeling alert.

Follow the rhythm of the day instinctively, staying alert to the playful moment.

Composite created by Carey

Jaguar is tied to the Earth in its wild state, especially at night. Jaguar is the feminine earthy vitality, sensual and powerful.

Today, you might feel a strong need to connect to the wild environment, feeding your gratitude for the beauty around you.

Evoking Sacred Space

A good day to allow space for shamanic practice. Follow the call of nature, and consciously and directly evoke connection to natural spirits and sacred space.

There is something beautiful about how energy unfolds on a 6 Day, while Jaguar provides a visceral connection to nature and to shamanism. Jaguar Days bring a luxurious heightening of the senses.

Image from here

[On 6 Jaguar of 29 May 2012, Laurence wrote the following:]
‘Jaguar days are always more shamanic and jungley, which for me this morning was doubly so. I awoke with a strong need not to do my daily qi gong or yoga, but to just lie on my back on our roof terrace instead, listening to the intense cicada and bird chorus.

After one hour, I went into the hills here on Lamma. The day was overcast, breezy and unusually cool (though still very humid). The wind, insects and sheer verdant growth in the hills really evoked the jungle and a shamanic atmosphere … not to mention the small brown snake and the big jet-black snake (Chinese cobra, I think) on the path that my dog and I bumped into. That gave me some shock and awe!’

Sunday, 29 August 2021

5 Reed (Skywalker)

[Sunday 29 August 2021]

Today observe everything all around you and see how you feel in different situations. The message of the day is to be aware, to be conscious in all directions of the energy sphere in which you live, whilst staying in the centre.

Original photo thanks to Annie Knibb,
photoshopped by me

Connect to your higher self at the same time as being centred in home and family. Gather your energy and resources; find your inner authority.

This can be a detached, floating, suspended and waiting kind of day; a day of emphasising internal energy.

The proactive person will be consciously centring themselves today. Be detached and observe the world all around you. Increase your ability to centre yourself within your soul by sensitising yourself to yourself first, before opening up into the human and cosmic environment. See yourself as a reflected fractal of the whole cosmos, but know that you are your own unique filtered version of all that is.

Composite created by Carey

Sit in the middle of a circle, acknowledge the Four Directions of East, South, West and North, then acknowledge the Sky above and the Earth below. Feel yourself centred on Earth in your life whilst connecting to the higher self beyond time and space.

Image found on google

Call upon the higher self to help you find the strength of mind to recognise that you are the author of your life, and that you also play your part – at least from time to time – to act as guide to other people.

Evoke the intelligence of your centre; feel into your subtle centre. Feel the core sense of being awake to all that surrounds you.

Thanks to André Eichman for this panorama of
Laurence in the hills he loved so much

Saturday, 28 August 2021

4 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Saturday 28 August 2021]

The Long Good Road of Life

What is your destiny? Today is a good day to ask yourself: ‘What is it that endures in me? What is consistent throughout my life?’ 

Stepping out on the Good Road of Life

By seeing the essential theme of your life up to this point, you can remind yourself of your destiny, which will be a continuation and development of the same theme. However, it will never be fully definable in sharp logical terms.

Today can also be a day of collective feeling; a sense of commonality. Today we can feel part of the human collective family and the human experience. Today is a day where we can feel our membership of the species, as well as the patterns and possibilities that we are working with.

Photo thanks to my sister Caroline,
taken in Glaspwll, Wales

We all walk a path that has an essential similarity to the paths of all others.

Today you may also sense the long good road ahead, a soft focus view, a general understanding of the basic parameters of your life yet to unfold. It is as if you are receiving a message from your soul.

Drawing of one of our
Good Roads on Lamma,
thanks to Daniel Clarke
and his Daily Drawings

Alternatively: You might feel frustrated, inhibited or confused about the lack of options in life, or feel a deep sense of life being scripted beyond your control. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough options, ie you have to earn money; your life is framed by your appearance, age, gender or ethnicity; your responses are automated from early programming, and so on. If that is the case, just sit with the feeling and be conscious of it. 

Membership of the species
Image originally found on google

If you can truly feel the sense of the quintessential humanness – the human experience you are having – no matter what, then you can be more present.  If you can truly see the foundational pattern, then you will find a degree of liberation by seeing your role and your purpose in the human context.

The consciousness of Good Road is the existential human experience. It is an unfolding journey, where the challenge is to use the mind, to create purpose and to sculpt a story from your journey.

But, more than that, it is to stay open to the is-ness, the human experience of life.

Homo longi (dragon man),
a new species or a Denisovan?
Credit: Chuang Zhao
Article from here, image photoshopped by Carey

Friday, 27 August 2021

3 Monkey

[Friday 27 August 2021]

A good energy day for higher creativity. Talk to your muses.

archaic and futuristic transformers'
by Laurence James Lucas
(Private collection)

Feel the weave of the reality tapestry, the underlying dynamic movement of life.

The playful spirit of 3 Monkey knows no boundaries and crosses the object–subject divide. The slightly intangible sense of something truly supernatural and wonderful might encroach upon your consciousness today. Was it real? Ah, well, what is real?

Today is a good day to play with the edges of consciousness, either with a cat-nap, some easy meditation or through daydreaming. Allow yourself a little drift.

Our trickster feline Nougat
having a cat-nap

Monkey is creativity, the deceptively brilliant intelligence that lies within all art and the construction of reality.

Monkey is a trickster that can appear to be playful and adolescent, yet is actually focused on weaving the fabric of reality, unseen by those who look for overly simple logical and linear constructs.

Thank you to Daniel Clarke

Being a 3 Day, today is not a day to complete creative tasks, but rather to allow yourself to be inspired, without attempting to finish or understand where you are heading with it. Be playful. Recognise you will waver with ideas on a 3 Day, but allow the feelings some latitude.

Subtle energy moves within your soul and it feels enlivening.

Astral Journey, by Cameron Gray,
image found on google

Note from Carey: Laurence often experienced lucid dreaming, and very often on 3 Monkey. He says of this day: ‘I seem to always have a profound astral connectivity on 3 Monkey…’

On 3 Monkey of 21 July 2009, he wrote:
‘3 Monkey started for me with an amazing lucid dream of floating across the land in a way that felt like running without running. The dream experience felt so familiar and so real. This speaks to me of the energy of dreams and how, on one hand, they remind us of a more subtle reality, while on the other hand, how subtle energy crosses into and affects our “real world”.’

Photoshopped version of Green forest elf © by MikeM

Thursday, 26 August 2021

2 Dog

[Thursday 26 August 2021]

The Duality of Needs

Composite created by Carey

Hold the space and meet the challenge.

The duality of feelings from the soul manifests most obviously in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also offers the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other. Sometimes two people can act as one and look out into the world together.

Poppet and Sambal

2 Dog is a day of emotional contrast. As today can be emotionally challenging, accept and feel into the duality or polarity of the day without trying to work out a resolution in the mind.

Stacy and Sunny, in my youth

The Dog Daykeeper is related to the basic emotions and needs of our psyche – needs for companionship on the good road of life, as well as our appetites for food, sex and comfort. 

Chocolate and Sambal: first kiss

Dog rules emotional territory and the defence of that territory. This includes personal and community territorial boundaries, as well as the laws that accompany the emotional boundaries of a person, a relationship or a community.

Companions and friends
Pocket and Chocolate
in their youth, in resonance

Dog is also the day of guardianship – and that can include the spirits that guide and protect us on the subtle planes.

Laurence and me in Penang in 2009

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

1 Water (Moon)

[Wednesday 25 August 2021]

Today, 1 Water (also called Moon; known as Muluc to the Maya), sees the start of a new 13-day timewave, one which gives us access to the deepest and most subtle of feelings, the soulful and the ethereal.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on google

The teaching of the Water Timewave is how to be in the flow of life’s energies; how to surrender to and feel – and thereby be connected to – the River of Life.

Give of yourself; cleanse and purify the soul; make offerings to Life and to other people, to increase your sense of soulful immersion in the deeper dimensions of reality.

Image from Imgur

The consciousness of being a droplet in the ocean of spirit

The Water or Moon Daykeeper represents the connection to soul and greatly increases sensitivity. This Daykeeper (and its timewave) requires us to retain our connection by honouring the fact that our existence is dependent upon all that has gone before, as well as upon the stream of life in which we swim. To this end, we are to remain conscious of clearing and cleansing the blockages in the stream. 

Composite created by Carey
using free iPhone
wallpaper background;
moon found on google

The Maya associate this Daykeeper with ‘owing’ and ‘offering’. Our existence owes much to divinity, to the ancestors and to those whose work we build upon.

This is the timewave to cleanse and consciously purify with the spirit of water, to burn incense or light candles in a sacred manner and to feel the gratitude within us for our lives.

Part of that is allowing yourself to have what you really need, in order to be in a space of gratitude. You cannot fake it. Repressing one’s desires just leads to resentment.

Heartfelt thanks to Ewa Wilkinson
for use of her gorgeous photo

If you experience turbulent emotions, feel blocked, are suffering or feel impoverished, then this timewave is the perfect period to clear debts and do ceremonies of gratitude. You will find that peace and tranquillity can return quickly if you do this, and you will feel immersed in the soulful realm.

Spend time near water, allow yourself to feel things deeply, and regain a deep sense of connection over the next 13 days.

Water purification ritual  
Image found on google, from here

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

13 Rabbit (Star)

[Tuesday 24 August 2021]

The truth of you is that you are pulled in many directions, but choices have to be made. Today is a day where you can become conscious of the many things you are attracted by.

Truth is everywhere, in everyone and everything. Today you can access the realisation that you are radiating your story, your perception and your take on the world into the universal sea of light.

LjL was very attracted by the beach, the sea,
stones and pebbles, and by making patterns of
everything he found

A day to appreciate the abundance of everything and how all life experience is valid in its own way.

The proliferation of all things in all directions. Celebrate this day, enjoy the expanse of it as the day has a luminosity and a lightness of spirit to it. It is a good day to indulge yourself and let go of your normal restraints and balance – not forever, but for today.

A good day for speculative enquiry into the bizarre, the fringe and the portentous.

Graphic by LjL

Alternatively: Allow the self to explore all of your most exciting potentials and fantasies through the imagination, as an exercise of release, renewal and elasticity.

The explosion of excitement creates the implosion of awareness to the central core of your soul.

Scatter your thoughts in all directions with abandon (and detachment) to the outer edges of your psyche, and then be conscious of the blissful emptiness that is revealed at the centre. 

Earth collage by LjL

The timeless anticipation of pure consciousness as it awaits to encounter all experience

Rabbit is the ripening of consciousness with its accompanying abundance, richness and vitality – and is therefore intoxicating. The spirit shines outwards from within and illuminates all things. As this is a 13 Day, which is movement in all directions, you can understand the vitality of the energy on the 260-day count frequency.

Be sure to find a moment to replenish and rejuvenate with a power nap if you feel drained at any point in the day.
Power napping Nougat

Monday, 23 August 2021

12 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Monday 23 August 2021]

A great day to feel balanced between reason and intuition. A day where you can hold the essence of your truth in your hand.

The whole truth of your life, your opinions and your aspirations is a vast, complex and seemingly contradictory energy. So how do we synthesise this truth into a coherent systemic whole?

The essence can be held, but of course the array of details have to be held lightly, without clenching.

Feel the breeze – maybe shoot the breeze – whilst enjoying a sense of having a firm foundation rooted in the ineffable.

A beautiful fractal pattern
by Mobius Dragon IFS, from here

A great day where you can feel a real connection to the source energy, the essential truth, not as a concept nor as an equation, but as a flowing adaptive light that has an enduring quality, as it is a continuum that runs through your life.

Complex organised patterns emerge in your psyche, then slowly morph into a new form that retains the essence of the previous revelation.

At the same time, you recognise that you need to actively choose to place your attention on that which resonates with your core truth. There are limits to what you can do, who you can be and what you can attend to – you cannot hold it all in your psyche.

Another gorgeous complex organised pattern,
Fractal by Jax from here

Come into alignment today with the enduring thread that runs through your life, the thread that has been woven by your divinity. Choose to stay in alignment with your soul through the cascading journey of life.

If you have been following this 13-day cycle, the truth that has been building in this timewave is now present; it has organically emerged. Today, a sense of one’s truth and personal strength surfaces.

Cervus: God of Earth, by Golphee on Deviantart

Sunday, 22 August 2021

11 Skull

[Sunday 22 August 2021. FULL MOON 12:02 UTC, 13:01 BST (20:02 HK time)]

Today is a powerful day for stepping into a new energy, for stepping over a threshold from one type of energy to another and for appropriate surrender.

LjL, stepping over a threshold,
from one type of energy to another...

Examine your life without sentiment, exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become. Enjoy the sense of the dissolution of outworn aspects of the self. This is creating a portal for the emergence of new aspects of self.

You may well find that there is an element of ruthlessness today in your attitude to what you personally regard as obviously deluded, uninformed or deliberately misleading, or to be a manipulative fabricated story. Other people’s lies or delusions – as well as your own self-delusion – appear transparent to you as your spirit rips a hole in the fabric of the theatrical backdrop.

Mysterious Tibetan carved skull,
image from here

Today, the light of a cohesive picture can shine through the trivia and distractions. Use that ruthless attitude to rip through the superficial information flow with your clear perception.

Today is a good day for realistic considerations. However, the challenge is to not be cynical, but to stay open to the positive existential elements of life, as well as the cold bare bones of the Skull Daykeeper.

Free wallpaper image found on google

11 Days are where the energy of the timewave opens up laterally and to the past. Today, aspects of yourself – possibly not that flattering – seek to be heard, as 11 seeks a degree of integration or adjustment. 11 Days can be quite unstable in order to loosen you up and shake you up.

Part of my ancestral heritage;
Great Grampa and
Great Granny Vail

Your life is part of a continuum. You have an ancestral heritage that has brought you here; that heritage is a story of grand adventure for sure, but also of ordinary drama and ordinary living.

Your truth becomes more encompassing today as you release some brittleness. The spiritual seeks to be grounded in the mundane and the ego dies a little.

Reality Is an Agreement,
flipchart by LjL

Today you can open up to a greater truth as you release a block in your perception and your personal boundaries, ultimately enabling you to reach out to more of life. Enjoy the liberation that comes from accepting that whatever scenario manifests or is true of you does not matter on a deep level and that you are free. You are free to be whatever is.

LjL shaking us up, September 2008,
Power Station Beach, Lamma Island
with his very good friend Dom


Saturday, 21 August 2021

10 Serpent

[Saturday 21 August 2021]

Plug into body and the vitality of the Sun as it moves through your body.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

The body is the foundation for confidence, for living a life that is based on truth and for being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.

Power starts with your bodily instincts. Listen to your body and respond appropriately today. Conscious connection to the instincts leads to confidence and to the clarity of personal truth. The power of what is true for you is your power in the world. The nature of truth evolves, as does the nature of power.

'The world needs conscious individuals
like you to step into your power',
Laurence James Lucas

What is power? It is the efficacious energy of the life force that creates reality. I will be bold and suggest that the world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power.

Get plugged into the god force through your body, for the body is expressing divinity. The world needs ‘ordinary’ people to be empowered on a physical level to counteract the disempowerment by design and desire by those who abuse power.

Plug into your power
Image found on google

10 Serpent is all about power. Today we see our power; we see how we feel about our personal power and we recognise the role of power in a spiritual context.

Today is Day 10 of the Vulture or Warrior Timewave, and today is a reminder that we are all warriors defending our truth. This is an aspect of being spiritual. We are not here to roll over in the face of oppression; we must defend our sovereignty.

At this time in the world, those who are awakening to the new, emerging expanded reality – and who care about our planet, our species and the natural sphere of life in which we have our experience – are being called upon to be stronger.

The 13th century Indian poet-saint Gyandev
created a children's game called Moksha Patam.
The British later named it Snakes and Ladders.
Image found on google

The power of money, as it is perceived today, is a temporary illusion. The fear of lack that accompanies it is likewise a temporary illusion that the species has to overcome. We are being challenged to incrementally, step by step, honour our truth as spiritual beings having a physical experience – and to live by that truth as best we can.

Existence has unlimited abundance and will supply you with what you truly need.

The Temptation of Eve
by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope
(c. 1887)

[Bonus material for today:]
On 10 Serpent of 14 May 2017, our good friend Daniel Clarke made a composite tribute to Laurence James Lucas, taken from various podcasts they did together over the years. Thank you Daniel! Click this link to enjoy a snippet of LjL's wisdom and humour...


Friday, 20 August 2021

9 Lizard (Seed)

[Friday 20 August 2021]

Reconnection and Core Intention Awakening

An old intention is reawakened. A plan from the past, based on your real needs, is either implemented or actively embraced. You see now how a plan that you had forgotten about, or had only half formed, has reached a place that is ready for planting.

Building the Noosphere, by LjL


9 Days are good days for breakthrough realisations. Today you can consciously reconnect and recover an innocent and unconscious connection to life you had in the past. A good day to consciously recover and own that which you were previously unconsciously part of, or which you were embedded within.

Aha moment;
image originally found on google,
photoshopped by Carey

Bring the inherent intelligence of innocence into your conscious mind.

Things actively and passionately desired often elude us, until we forget about them. When we do so, we detach from the outcome and the desired energy can then be released, after which it can return as your manifest experience.

Today is one of those days when previously intended manifestations resurface or appear.

Fields of Light by Bruce Munro, from here

Day 9 is the frequency of cycles. Day 9 can be the day when you recognise where you are stuck in a groove, looping back and over again. If that is the case, then it is through bringing your awareness to this scripted situation that you can shift to the next octave.

Another beautiful light installation
by Bruce Munro, from here

The end date of 21 December 2012 of the previous cycle of the Maya Long Count Calendar – which the ancient Maya used to measure huge intervals of time in cycles of approximately 5,126 years of our system (5,200 tun in the Mayan numerical system) – brought us the opportunity to break the script and to spiral out of the flat loop onto a higher dimension. Think of the flatland of a flat circle, like a record on a record player, or the rings of Saturn – this is ‘default reality’ and to break the pattern, there needs to be a shock or a surge of will.

The rings of Saturn, NASA

[Extra message to contemplate on 9 Lizard:]

The Psychic Landscape Is a Time–Space Energy Field 

The empowerment of humanity comes from taking control of our attention, which is the commodity of our age. Attention is intertwined with time and space. We need the head-space and the time to focus on a more positive script, based on an expanded reality. The tapestry of time frequencies conditions our reality by creating the context for our experience.

See the Expanding Perception,
flipchart by LjL

To move into an expanded space of consciousness requires an awareness of the calendrical codes. The present calendar supports the ‘time is money’ script, but this has reached its culmination of usefulness – and it was a useful product of recorded history, which ended on the subtle planes with the Winter Solstice of 2012.

The 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar count shows how life is unfolding from within – this is ‘involution’, or the evolution of consciousness. The 260-day count is the inherent frequency within all of the planetary cycles and reconnects us to the impulse of spirit to come into form, to come into manifestation, into the body and into society.

When we integrate this with the real time of the external world – which is based on real astronomy of the Sun, the Moon and the Galaxy – we are connected to life.

The Winter Solstice, for example, is the real end and beginning of the year, being the darkest day and the point when we turn back to the light.

1 January is the beginning of the civil year and connects us to the nation state. It is not bad as such, but is an indirect frequency, disconnected from nature.

The civil year has now served its purpose as the primary code for creating the time context.

The old world has run out of time, which is why the script of the mainstream is: ‘There is not enough time, money or space’, and ‘There are too many people, not enough resources, too much debt’ (which is itself an artificial construct). This, of course, creates a sense of anxiety about survival and gives rise to a confused understanding about the true nature of the environment.

Image originally found on google,
photoshopped by Carey

The true nature of the environment is that it is an environment of consciousness and energy, and the life force of the human species is the key commodity of the Earth’s environment.

Once we move into an expanded space of consciousness, with its accompanying expanded frequencies of time, we find that there is plenty of everything to go around. The cosmos is infinitely abundant and we just need to access more of that abundance.

Human ingenuity can solve the basic problems of lack in this world very easily, if the species is unshackled from the present restrictions on time and space.

Image originally found
on google