Sunday 30 September 2012

13 Obsidian Mirror, Sunday 30 September

Mirrors reflecting upon mirrors into eternity.

The Skull timewave completes with a dispersion of light as everything seems to be a reflection of everything else. That which has fallen away from you during this timewave of death and rebirth appears as a spectre, so let it go to the best of your ability. Do not cling to the mask or veil you used before this timewave.

The emotional impact of seeing that which is no longer serving you can be disturbing.

However, it is a good day to sense that you are a fuzzy fractal of the divine.

Out of the corner of your psychic eye, you catch a glimpse of the never-changing essence, the you that is a reflection of the ineffable. Surrender to the Mystery, whilst recognizing the unity of all life and the imperative of love that encompasses all

Saturday 29 September 2012

12 Eathmover, Saturday 29 September

It all works out beautifully.

Today we understand the inherent re-organizational intelligence within life's disruptions. Recent upheavals and quakes can make sense, as you synchronize your energy with Earth's galactic constant - the pulse of the 260-day cycle - the same pulse you experienced in all innocence as a soul journeying to your developing foetus.

Today you understand how to make a real change in your life, an evolutionary jump forward. The energy of change is vitalized and you can see how seemingly random artefacts of your life can be organized coherently.

Earthmover is the forceful energy that demands a new ordering to reality, it is the intelligence force of evolution. Twelve is the patterning that the intellect can grasp. A good day for understanding the purpose and design of the changing world and your changing life.

If you have been following this count for some time, then I recommend you take some time to explore your Daysign and/or your connection to Maya through the visionary space(aka imagination). Just a few moments of slow deep breathing whilst you focus on the dark space behind your closed eyelids will create the inner space. Then you simply say an invitation to the Maya and/or your Daykeeper, invite them in and you will get an instant (sometimes fleeting) image or flowing images. If you do this frequently over time your connection to the energy will dramatically increase. As little as five minutes will yield results!

Friday 28 September 2012

11 Vulture, Owl or Warrior, Friday 28 September

A good day to connect to your inner authority and higher truth regardless of the pain, problems or chaos that might be in your life at present
The 11th day of each timewave is about opening the doors to incoming energy and consciousness. 11:11 is the Stargate; 11.11gmt or universal time is the time of the winter solstice on 21st December 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar.

11 is when the doors of our reality, our perceived manifest solidity, open to let in more light and consciousness.

To develop a sophisticated view of reality - which is to be conscious of complex patterns - requires an ability to hold a different set of contrary perspectives at any one time. This ability is based on staying open, keeping open your windows and the doors of your perception, which are located in the energy field. To see the emerging and developing patterns inherent within our global society involves staying open whilst understanding that reality is comprised of levels, both psychological and metaphysical.

Different levels have different truths. 2012 is encoded with an influx of new energy into the Earth. We are challenged to stay open to see what is coming in, rather than having fixed perspectives. At the same time, we are challenged to see what is receiving that energy.

We are being asked to be conscious of the multiple truths of a changing human society that is being led towards a state of consciousness beyond planet Earth. What is the new energy incoming and what is the nature of the self, society, species and planet receiving this energy? These are the questions to ask yourself today to some extent, but more profoundly in 2012.

The Warrior is the sacred warrior of truth.

Today, open yourself to higher truth.

Thursday 27 September 2012

10 Eagle, Thursday 27 September

A day of emotional intelligence and a message on how to manifest abundance for your self whilst helping the world and being part of the shift to a more compassionate society.

Help those you meet by offering your vision. The vision of the Eagle manifests today. The Eagle soars above the world but looks down upon it, rather than up to the stars. The Eagle strikes with great clarity at problems that need solving on the ground.

The Eagle teaches the higher element of emotional intelligence by being compassionate without being unnecessarily wet or soppy, for Eagle is a warrior of the heart. People everywhere are feeling the cosmic influx, it is pulling the emotional planes all over the place, pulling people all over the place. Tune into this pulse everyday and it will help you navigate through the turbulent emotional ocean.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

9 Jaguar, Wednesday 26 September

Wild thing. Alert. Hyper sensitive.

Awareness of hurt, yet willing and motivated to play.

With a roar, wake up and see the projected path of your present actions.

Today you can connect to the actions needed, the actions you will be taking later, that enable you to move on, to change, to shift to the next level of your development

You are alive and it's time to smell the completion that is beckoning. Be ready to pounce and get it done, change gear and go for the finish line!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

8 Reed or Skywalker, Tuesday 25 September

Today is about the compression of an abstract idea into time-space and the linear mind; decide to proceed with the change presenting itself to you. This requires some degree of emotional commitment.

The last timewave was a Skywalker timewave - the exploration of different reality templates and potentials. This Skull timewave is about definitive change. The next timewave is Storm, which brings the energy to break old patterning.

Prepare for a reality jump.

Monday 24 September 2012

7 Good Road, Grass or Human, Monday 24 September

Grass is unspectacular and yet vastly ubiquitous ... it is abundant.

A day to be open to abundance by creating space for new people, or new energy, or new energy from people you know.

The human species is 7 billion by number. Ubiquitous on Earth and far from overpopulating this planet, we are needed. The system must change and will, so that the resource issue is reframed. It is thanks to the abundance of intelligence that is derived from all people contributing their gifts that the world can evolve and transform from a paradigm of fear to a paradigm that supports love.

The magical resonance of all human wisdom as a net total essence derived from every man, woman and child is available today as you walk on the long good road of life. Empty your rational mind and create space for resonance, quite simply be as open as you can today and take note of the subtle sensations that you intuitively feel. Space is full of a vast amount of energy, that can be measured by science. The space around us is full of all manner of energies described by science such as electro-magnetic fields etc. Space is full of etheric, emotional, mental, feeling, abstract thought, Celestial and Ketheric energies which are all different of densities of consciousness. The human aura is comprised of these subtle energies as interpenetrating fields. We are walking around in the collective consciousness field. We access our emotions, feelings and thoughts and subtle levels of consciousness internally. However this internal sense of reality is not the full picture. As we awaken to the toroidal flow of consciousness and energy, that is percieved and experienced beyond the density of the rational mind barrier we start to connect to the fact that the internal energies are the subtle energies that externally surrounding us and interpenetrating our bodies and the whole physical realm. A pre-requisite for understanding reality is to study the human energy field and the chakras. We walk around, have our physical experience inside the complexly structured field of energy and consciousness.

Sunday 23 September 2012

6 Monkey, Sunday 23 September

The game of life is a game.

Play to win, or rather play to keep the game of life going by following the clues laid out before you....

"By an inch it's a cinch, by a yard it's hard" Peter Ragnor

Today has a creative flow to it. A great day to enjoy your work--if you live a vocational life--as part of the game of life and your play as part of the task of life. Today leisure and pleasure can yield inspiration for your tasks, your purpose or your career...

Saturday 22 September 2012

5 Dog, Saturday 22 September

A day to feel the protective energy of your centre, protecting those you love.

The people you need and love are held within your heart. This is a powerful field of protective energy that creates a space of equilibrium in the midst of change.

Change can be destructive; however, if we can stay with the heart, transformation is resonant with the highest good and the power of love.

A very good day to connect with people all around you. Visualize your friends and acquaintances linking from you out in all directions.

Friday 21 September 2012

4 Water or Moon, Friday 21 September

Set the parameters of your emotional capacity; be honest about what you can expose yourself to.

 How much you can handle?

 What areas can you handle getting involved in?

What do you need to debate and what drama is good for you? Where must you stay clear? What should you avoid? Purify your emotions, cleanse and release, reset your emotional body. What do you have to offer?

 Feeling Space

Explore the boundaries of your emotional space, it is a space just like the physical space, it is substance that exists in the collective substance of emotions and feelings. The easiest way to connect is to visualize the aura the subtle fields of emotion and thought that interpenetrate your body and surround it.

Image above from HERE

I will be in England in October, available for consultations in London and the South, one space available in Bristol and also for Shamanic Ceremonies (in Farnham area).

Website for astrological consultations and shamanic rituals:

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I have been enjoying connecting to the people who have read the book and getting feedback it is very satisfying.

Thursday 20 September 2012

3 Rabbit or Star, Thursday 20 September

A day of shifting energy and light, communication and movement.

The shifting nature of attention.

Do not be a Rabbit in a headlight. We can all get stuck down reality tunnels. The dynamic movement of energy today means that our attention is malleable; we can shine our light on a new potential quite easily -- likewise we can receive new light, new information, new glamorous images or stories that pull us in a different direction.

A day of negotiating agreements. The challenge of Star is not to be too light, not to acquiesce to everything.

Use the energy to your advantage to bring more of the radiant spirit into your reality. Be prepared to subtly adjust things without switching to an opposite direction.

A very good day to see how reality is comprised of frequencies of light.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

2 Deer or Hand, Wednesday 19 September

The challenge of transformation comes to the surface today.

A sense of new things coming in, old things passing out, without knowing the details.

What do we hold onto and what do we let go of?

Navigate the energy as it flows between polarities. Feel into it; sense the energy.

You do not necessarily need to decide what is to be let go of, just allow your consciousness the space to calibrate the incoming and outgoing energies.

2012: What’s Going On?

Laurence James Lucas

The year 2012 is here; we are living through it now. So what has happened? What is happening?

The short answer is that everything somehow feels different; there is a degree of unfamiliarity to the reality we are experiencing. The key is feeling, for it is in the realm of feeling that the world has changed.

We normally thinking of feeling and emotion as something purely personal and subjective, but the esoteric truth is that the emotional and feeling capacity is rooted in its own substance, which we can loosely call ‘astral matter’. The oceanic astral realm is where the individual meets the collective, for our astral bodies are permeable.

Tidal Crescendos, Calm Waters and Choppy Seas

The 2012 effect is well and truly with us as the increasing influx of interstellar plasma into our planet’s energy field is being felt by those who are sensitized to the atmospheric conditions. The world is in a heightened state of flux and instability. The dynamic oscillation of the astral emotional realms is resulting in many people flip-flopping in their moods.

The emotional undercurrent is fuelling feelings of insecurity, an inability to stay centred and doubts as to where to be, to live, even to belong. Emotional meltdowns coexist with calm—even euphoria—in shorter timeframes. Positive and negative expectations dance around each other, while extreme fluctuations in emotional and physical energy, together with a sense of disinterest and addiction to trivia and distraction, are all surging and receding in the flux of the collective emotional ocean.

Money and Power

In the socio-political-economic realms, there is an enormous amount of activity and friction behind the scenes between various agendas. The concerted push for totalitarian control is being met by a significant psychic force generated by minority noncompliance, as well as allegedly legal counteractions. The dynamic oscillation, the flux effect, is continuing to build an intense psychic pressure, which will soon break through to the surface in some way.

The individual is becoming both increasingly interconnected to all world events and seeking a compartment of isolation. In the middle ground, between the individual and the totality of the Earth, the consensus reality of society continues—albeit very uneasily and with a fragility that many are trying to deny. No wonder a general sense of confusion, relativity of truth and impermanence are on the increase.

A Whole World Before Us

The world is undergoing dissolution and, simultaneously, an emergence of an altogether new human civilization. We are being pulled towards a planetary consciousness—and I emphasize the word ‘towards’, as while this is on our far horizon, it is still within our psychic landscape and social dialectic.

The reaction against that pull is an increased fragmentation and a desire for distraction and avoidance. If ‘globalization’ speaks to us of a stale homogenous experience, ‘planetization’ speaks of a dynamic connectedness and aliveness.

Change Springs from More Subtle Realms

The source of the energy change we are feeling with the 2012 effect, the cosmic influx, is pushing planet Earth to evolve. It is undermining the social structures, dissolving the fabric of our agreed-upon reality and releasing energy for change and reorganization.

However, it looks overall as if the extreme potentials of each polarity are being held in check, at least to some degree. The oscillation seems to be held within a contained equilibrium.

Continuous Re-engagement

We are in the midst of an evolutionary pull, but one that has no absolute timeframe. My research suggests that this transition will be felt most intensely in the next three years, after which it will continue to unfold over a couple of decades.

The evolutionary pressure of the moment means that it is time to raise our game. There is an enormous amount of energy in the planetary system and what is required of us now is faith and courage to connect to and utilize our inner resources.

·       Nurture a larger vision whilst paying attention to the immediate situation.
·       Stay adaptable and responsive to change.
·       Continuously re-grasp your centre.
·       Stay open to the inevitable new opportunities in this flux state of reality.
·       Validate your own recognition that we are living in an era of large-scale change.
·        Reinforce the truth you know within yourself that change brings crisis but more importantly, it open the doors to opportunity.

Here is a video presentation on this topic:

Here is the website for my new limited-edition full-colour book:

Here is my website for astrological consultations and shamanic rituals:

Tuesday 18 September 2012

1 Skull, Tuesday 18 September

Change: 13 days of transformation begins today in the Skull timewave. In this timewave, choices are made. In some areas we cut back to the bone; we let go of some things in order to commit to a new structure and to a change in our lives.

Skull is the energy of change from one definitive state to another.

Skull is black and white.

The 2012 era requires change, the change of human collective consciousness.

Today has Power.

You can set intention to change and if you anchor that with ceremony, then that change will be. The change will happen in the subtle body and then emerge over time, sometimes as long as two years from now, into full awareness in this density. Become conscious in this timewave of that which you need to completely let go of, what needs to be absolutely released in order for you to move on.

I facilitate Shamanic Ceremonies, the ceremonies are profound, simple and effective, there is an instant feeling of clarity, calm and peace on the day of the ritual followed by a gradual release and transformation over a sustained period.

If you are interested...

Monday 17 September 2012

13 Serpent, Monday 17 September

On Cosmic Serpent day, the energy of the Skywalker timewave culminates as you come into the body from the sky. You come into everyday reality from the exploration of potentials to face the daily survival needs. Today is a day of the kundalini, the life force that powers your survival instincts, the impulse of creation, the evolutionary impulse of life.

The day offers a chance to break free from worry about one's survival by facing physical reality and yet vitalizing your body with some action and daring.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The 2012 Era, Now and the Decades to Come.

The 2012 era has brought a flood of cosmic energy into the subtle energy domain of Earth which is where matter and spirit meet. The incoming waves of energy have been intensifying since the 1980’s and are now reaching a crescendo of influx.

The influx of cosmic energy, manifest as high energy plasma, is pulling the complex living system known as Earth towards its own awakening. The Earth is definitely going through some physical change or flux, the magnetic pole is wandering there is increased space weather phenomena and strange animal deaths. The energy field of Earth is being affected by incoming cosmic energy.

To fully understand the Earth changes we have to understand that the Earth is a complex living system that includes humanity and all of its cultural, sociological and psychological developmental levels. The incoming plasma (physical substance) observed by Russian scientist Alexi Dmitriev directly affects human thoughts, emotions and experiences, yet also we should recognize the opposite is true. Human species consciousness will translate the influx of extra energy, differently depending upon each level of conciousness. (Enchantment)

The awakening of Earth as a complex living system is a specific stage of cultural and individual development. The stage is planetary, planetary consciousness, culture and civilization. (Chiron Enchantment) The full manifestation of this planetary culture is some way off and requires a significant amount of individuals to achieve this awakening for them selves in order to be the conduit for the planet itself. The effect of the influx or descension of cosmic energy into Earth creates an acceleration of all scripts or polarities on lower levels of culture towards completion. In the short term this means increasing confusion, chaos and malleability of reality. The likelihood of war, economic collapse, food shortage, earthquakes potentially increases, however I would suggest that there is a significant percentage of people who have awakened to the pre-planetary stage of consciousness—what is commonly thought of as the alternative mindset— to alleviate the worst of the destructive energy. The evolutionary imperative for society is to recognize that it is being steered by dark agendas towards its potential demise and to courageously resist the stupefying peer pressure to conform to enslavement of the spirit. The comfortable path of disengagement is the path of falling asleep and handing over the Earth to a default program of unconsciousness. If the war in Iran can be contained then the war between dark and light can continue to take place in the information sphere via the internet and through communal gatherings of protest.

The full cataclysmic outcome is unlikely to happen, but how much of a shock does humanity need to detach from the programming and resist the illegitimate leadership of the socio economic system?

More positively the spirit of protest and counter culture will give rise to euphoric breakthroughs, new music, art and spontaneous visions and unusual experiences as the Earths energy field continues to increase its psychic fecundity. The atmosphere will continue to feel somewhat strange as the flux and malleability of the reality substance. Plasma is the fundamental state of matter and therefore is the most direct conduit between consciousness and the full manifest experience.

The planet is a living totality, a kaleidoscopic dynamic maelstrom of consciousness seeking a degree of integration and unified consciousness. The 2012 era gateway is an acceleration of evolution creating an opportunity and necessity for greater consciousness—the emergence of a planetary consciousness. The date of Winter Solstice 2012 is an artifact of the Mayan Calendar which measures the cyclical relationship of the Earth with the Galaxy and therefore the influx of energy from the Galactic realm.

A deep understanding of 2012 requires a multidimensional approach, because reality is multidimensional. A multidimensional understanding can only be anchored by firstly considering the psychology of a human being. The psychology of each of as individuals is comprised of stages of development—which is another way of saying multidimensional. Commonly when people think of different dimensions of reality they are not considering the fact that our own psychology is directly linked to the various levels of density. See the Enchantments of Life.

The popular and easy assumptions that either dismiss or affirm the importance and validity of 2012 as a significant phenomena assumes a flatland of commonalty or straightforward material/spiritual perspective—which is a simplistic evaluation of people, the human species and the nature of planet Earth.

In the mainstream media where adrenalin hits of sensationalist stories are the mainstay of reportage there are two options, either 2012 is a non event or a global cataclysm. This leaves no room for human consciousness and the creative will of our species. Existence is responsive to consciousness and action, consciousness is causal and consciousness has many densities.

The most important aspect of 2012 is the call to the human species to awaken to their true nature as complex spiritual beings who operate upon multiple levels and are taking part in the co-creation of an unfolding reality. There is no definitive quick or easy conclusion to 2012, other than the fact that we are living in an epoch that is inherently and transparently encoded with an evolutionary imperative: an imperative that is urging us to become more conscious of the planetary reality that we are walking about in. We are part of the answer to the outcome of the 2012 transition, rather than just passive observers. We are being asked to choose how we should be led and to actively envision a positive planetary society rather than a default global hegemony.

To become more conscious of the world today requires a willingness to look at uncomfortable and messy truths. We are all being asked to look at the shadow, the hidden energies that create our surface experiences. This has to be done both individually and collectively, it is no longer enough to say ‘sort yourself out’ and the world will change nor is it sufficient to only to focus on the manipulation and corruption of big business and covert government. Not one or the other, but both. This is uncomfortable, and there is no way around it, but as we engage with the process we will find it energizing.

On a collective level, the systemic solutions would seem to be include the following--

Laws that stops public servants in government belonging to secret societies, laws that inhibit monopolies so that we have a free economic power. A free market would yield clean virtually free energy technologies that would eventually solve THE ecological problem, which on a physical level is pollution.
A free market and a free media would encourage holistic living and disavow the chemical enslavement of humanity that is being presently being sought through agriculture and medicine. A free global internet would create dialogue that would make war less viable. Ultimately for the planetary civilization to manifest a non partisan planetary assembly that communicates with the living totality will be required to act as a context holder—a group of people sanctioned to hold the energy and act as legitimate living conduits for the Earth.

None of this can be initiated from within the dominant hierarchy of the social system, it is corrupted beyond repair. It is from us and our willingness to evoke and call upon spirit in all of its forms.

What Can We do?

Intimate discussions amongst people on the net and off the net that recognize the manipulation of society, together with the nurturing of new visions for a whole Earth civilization and individual awakenings to the highly theatrical nature of the world as it is, will enable and energize the change that Earth itself is seeking .

The planetary level of consciousness is the bridge between our terrestrial society and history as we know it with the cosmic realities.



Sunday 16 September 2012

12 Lizard or Seed, Sunday 16 September

Templates of reality are revealed

One of the best days in the whole 260-day cycle to have conscious integrated realizations and see the coherence of your life, a project or the world. A good day for recognizing you have a plan, a seed to plant. The ideas of heaven create DNA, morphogenic fields and architectural plans.

Potentially, today offers you a clear-minded understanding of your whole energy, all of your needs and how they fit together.

If you feel confused, face yourself and own your desires. Be grateful for what you have, but own the desire for more. From this approach, a sense of the unity of your life's intentionality and purpose can emerge.

Saturday 15 September 2012

11 Darkhouse, Foredawn or House, Saturday 15 September

Within the doubts, confusion and uncertainty lies the question you should ask.

Ideas of yesterday turn into feelings today. Doors open into the shadow of ideas, or doors open within the darkness and you see the space for light to come in, even if the darkness temporarily overpowers.

A day of the dissolution of one's mental control as you surrender to creating emptiness. The cycles of creativity require that you make a fallow space and digest any shadow elements. Be in the dark house and sit it out. You can enjoy the fecundity if you get into it.

A great day to make space for new inspiration by throwing out assumptions and expectations.

You might not really need that which you have been thinking you want for some time.


The Long Count Calendar measures the Earth’s relationship with the Galaxy, the 2012 era speaks of the Galactic cycle. This creates an influx or descension of consciousness and energy from beyond the Earth which is pulling the planetary system upwards, accelerating the evolution of consciousness towards the planetary scale. The Planetary Civilization may take a hundred years to emerge. Planetary consciousness is the stage of socio/psychological and consciousness development that bridges human history and all that we are today with the cosmic. A planetary civilization is both connected up and down the scale, from Gaia to the Stars, from the primal to the ineffable.

The magnetic pull towards a conscious complex living planetary system disturbs the stability of society as it is. The effect is that all polarities seek resolution, paradoxically immediately revealing the core polarities and bringing ancient scripts toward resolution. The evolutionary pressure intensifies the world’s drama and creates more chaos.

The alignment in the 2012 era (specifically 1980-2016) of the Winter Solstice Sun with Xibalbe Be, the dark rift near the Galactic centre is spoken about in Mayan Mythology in the Popul Vuh. The hero twins have to face the dark lords of Xibalbe who use cunning and dirty tricks to ensnare them, the twins outwit the dark lords in the end.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

10 Wind, Friday 14 September

The Skywalker timewave manifests as a message or messages that convey the unfolding or potential future we are moving into.

Today, the words are strong, the message has power. An idea is formed and you can see it in its entirety if you step back. You might have to read it more than once to see the wholeness.

Wind solidifies on Day 10; that which was fickle takes a solid shape. A free link to my recent Webinar 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape & the Emerging Planetary Consciousness (same title as my book) is here

9 Crocodile, Thursday 13 September

In the Skywalker timewave, we are free to soar; to roam the skies and the future. Through the energy of 9 Crocodile, this manifests as the yearnings and deepest needs within us and within others. What is the root of your personal aspiration? What is the hidden core drive that leads you to set goals.

A day to connect to the primal beginnings, the core needs that led to your experience of now. The potentials of your future and our future are rooted in the evolutionary imperatives that started this reality thread. If you can be consciousness of your core needs, the most basic urge for safety, survival and growth of your life, then you can access creative freewill on a deep level.

Today acknowledge and accept the primal instinctive level of survival, come back to the imperative of survival. Recognize the ultimate self interest as the expression of the life force. If we lose sight of our need to survive on a bodily level we can easily be trying to create purely from our mind. The disconnected ideological position creates a conflict in the body and with nature.

If we do not want to be ruled purely by instinctive unconscious desire we must first recognize it's validity, then and only then can we take ideological positions.

A day of deeply felt connectedness.

8 Flower, Lord or Sun, Wednesday 12 September

Sun is the day of our most public face, the brightest and most positive side of our psyche. Here we need to commit to the radiance within us, so that the radiance we project is not just an empty image.

Feel the light, the good and the abundant within you; just be honest and find what you have inside. You may be feeling down and in some darkness, if so just acknowledge any small light and power you can find, then just turn the volume up a little.

Today, set your intention to be your light and then relax and let go.

7 Storm, Tuesday 11 September

Today you can feel the need to break free from your patterning and/or can move into resonance with the soul's need to liberate the self from the psychic matrix that you are presently experiencing.

Seven is the mystical number that reflects the great mysteries, making them accessible in a stepped-down form in our realm. Seven creates a resonance of understanding or feeling with ineffable consciousness.

Storm is the day of refreshment and novelty that vitalizes our life.

Today, be a resonant being by enjoying the spontaneous, as well as the interruptions to your normal routine and habits.

Monday 10 September 2012

6 Obsidian Mirror, Monday 10 September 2012

One thing reflects upon another, or should we say deflects off you at an angle that creates an organic cadence.

Your attention moves from one thing to another, seeing the reflection of the new thing in the previous thing.

The day rounds out quite nicely.

Dynamic unity, within the other we find ourselves.

Sunday 9 September 2012

5 Earthmover, Sunday 9-9

A day to keep coming back to the observation tower as the synchronic and interesting developments radiate out all around you.

You can see that evolution is not merely up, but all around -- like an expanding sphere becoming more complexly organized; more dynamic, colourful and kaleidoscopic.

Feel the synchronic paths opening around you, feel the force of life, as the primal force of growth never stops. Life is never static and today you can find yourself waking up to the unstoppable vitality of life that is inherent within everything, all of the time.

Saturday 8 September 2012

4 Owl, Vulture or Warrior Saturday 8 September

Stay grounded; nothing airy today.

Solid truth from sobriety and -- where appropriate -- say nothing, for silence will speak loudly.

When it is right to communicate today, be in your truth without apology, but say it calmly and with the humility you naturally find within yourself.

Friday 7 September 2012

3 Eagle, Friday 7 september

Receive inspiration today, this could include an understanding of or an insight into the 2012 effect.

New Specifics come to light in your awareness.

A great day to have a balanced view of the world as you fly high above it, yet looking down with a readiness to engage. Eagles have the ability to focus on the smallest details on the ground; they are comfortable and competent with the earthly realm.

A good day to enjoy the energy of anticipation. Stay ready for insights.

Thursday 6 September 2012

2 Jaguar, Thursday 6 September

The challenge of stealth. Although secrecy eventually turns to decay, Jaguar must use the power of stealth-magic wisely.

The duality of the Skywalker timewave is that although we can enjoy the view from above, we must simultaneously feel connected through the feelings to the ground below. To this end, we call upon the shamanic cat instincts, to observe and respond to the energy behind things. Feel and respond, listen with x-ray smell. Be alert to the unusual, to the discordant and to any strange feelings.

Today affords you the opportunity to become aware of how you can transform negative or blocked energies.

2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape & the Emerging Planetary Consciousness
with Laurence James Lucas

Here is the link to the archives if you missed me on the webinar

Wednesday 5 September 2012

1 Reed or Skywalker, Wednesday 5 September

A new timewave starts today. One Skywalker/Reed is a strong masculine essence, not exactly flexible; the energy of this Skywalker timewave is like a shaft of light, a strong intention that sends a laser beam of consciousness up to the heavens.

A day and timewave of observation, to create a template and map that which connects Heaven and Earth.

You can really enjoy a sense of mental freedom today and during this entire 13-day timewave. Tune in and take the opportunity to detach; look to the sky and see things clearly. Great for work and creativity that involves laying out plans or big ideas.

Also, the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance from your other world guides, or perhaps transcendental yet embodied spiritual teachers.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

13 Good Road, Grass or Human, Tuesday 4 September

Feel the totality of your light emissions and how they attract people into your life. Enjoy the radiating potentials that life offers you, based on all of the different desires you hold. Today the energy spirals out onto another level. The 13th day releases and harvests the energy of the whole timewave. This is the last day of the timewave of the Sun or Flower. Today enables you to see the totality of your desires and thoughts (which have manifested as the totality of your life experience) as radial lines of possible futures. This is most evident through all the people you have encountered over the last 13 days and the potential paths that open up through relating to each of them and reinforcing the associated energy. Every thread of light that emanates from you draws in different events and people -- and people, especially people, are each a synchronous web of unique connections. Each person you encounter offers you a new doorway to reality, but do you see where each path can lead? If so, you can choose to let go of some of those threads and release the energy of that which does not feel as if it would be fulfilling. This means releasing the desire and whimsical wants that lead you down limiting paths. Liberate yourself by liberating some of the energy you expend in wanting that which is inappropriate to your best interests. Today is Eb, Human or the Good Road, the road of life’s adventure. The good road of life is also the Milky Way, the path of the Soul. Above is the Galactic Butterfly, the symbol of the Galactic spiral. Open your mind a full 360 degrees and be the empty conduit for the possibilities of the next timewave. Light is a radiant energy, just like full consciousness. Galactic Time is also radiant. The Cosmos is all around, in all directions, and that is not just space but time/space. That’s right, the true nature of time is that it radiates out in all directions.

And One Last Nudge

Dear Friends,
I am excited to invite you to join me this Tuesday, 4 September, in an online discussion with people from all over the world in a Great Mystery Salon. This webinar, entitled 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape & the Emerging Planetary Consciousness, is based on my new book.
Time (Tuesday 4 September):
10am Honolulu
1pm San Francisco
4pm New York
9pm London
Time (Wednesday 5 September):
4am Hong Kong
6am Sydney
Great Mystery Online Salons are interactive fireside chats with a global community connecting you with the most interesting and pioneering thought leaders of our time. When you register for the live session you also receive access to the recordings to watch again.
Using Cisco System's state-of-the-art live video streaming technology, these global conversations come directly to your computer. You're invited to participate in the discussion, ask questions, and share your thoughts. All you need is a good Internet connection. Information about Viewing Online is posted to the registration pages. Participation is by donation.
And here is the website for my new limited-edition full-colour book, available now.
I am very proud of this book, which is based on over 20 years’ research. Be sure to check it out.
Blessings and thanks,
Laurence James Lucas
Life Change Facilitator

Monday 3 September 2012

12 Monkey, Monday 3 September

Light creates all and today you can understand that light creates shadow - even darkness comes from light.

Play-work-vocation-fun-drama all seem so interlinked on Monkey 12.

Novelty enlightens you today, so follow your curiosity and see what you can craft from what you find.

Sometimes you have to work hard to have fun. For some of us, fun comes from serious issues; fun arises spontaneously... some things that the world says are fun can feel like hard work.

In the Flower/Lord/Sun timewave, the 12th day is Monkey, giving us the understanding that the creative power of light is inherently filled with novel, fun, tricky and spontaneous energy. The light that radiates from the Sun is not merely inert photons, it is real energy, energy that is vastly intelligent and a little wild.

A good day to come up with highly creative solutions to major challenges.
Dear Friends,
I am excited to invite you to join me this Tuesday, 4 September, in an online discussion with people from all over the world in a Great Mystery Salon. This webinar, entitled 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape & the Emerging Planetary Consciousness, is based on my new book.
Time (Tuesday 4 September):
10am Honolulu
1pm San Francisco
4pm New York
9pm London
Time (Wednesday 5 September):
4am Hong Kong
6am Sydney
Great Mystery Online Salons are interactive fireside chats with a global community connecting you with the most interesting and pioneering thought leaders of our time. When you register for the live session you also receive access to the recordings to watch again.
Using Cisco System's state-of-the-art live video streaming technology, these global conversations come directly to your computer. You're invited to participate in the discussion, ask questions, and share your thoughts. All you need is a good Internet connection. Information about Viewing Online is posted to the registration pages. Participation is by donation.
And here is the website for my new limited-edition full-colour book, available now.
I am very proud of this book, which is based on over 20 years’ research. Be sure to check it out.
Blessings and thanks,

Sunday 2 September 2012

11 Dog, Sunday September 2

Let someone in.

What was solidifying yesterday becomes more transparent today. So, for example, if you were feeling stodgy and stuck within yourself yesterday, today a door opens to lead you into another emotional space that is more relational and more resonant with those around you.

Allow someone into your emotional space.

Alternatively and/or simultaneously, your relationship patterns with friends, lover or family turn inside out and offer you another perspective, not only on your relationships but on the whole arena of community, connection and relating.

The sovereignty of self grows today through the adaptive ability of the basic emotions and common needs (we all have) for the company of others. A good day to modify your needs or feelings.

Dear Friends,
I am excited to invite you to join me this Tuesday, 4 September, in an online discussion with people from all over the world in a Great Mystery Salon. This webinar, entitled 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape & the Emerging Planetary Consciousness, is based on my new book.
Time (Tuesday 4 September):
10am Honolulu
1pm San Francisco
4pm New York
9pm London
Time (Wednesday 5 September):
4am Hong Kong
6am Sydney
Great Mystery Online Salons are interactive fireside chats with a global community connecting you with the most interesting and pioneering thought leaders of our time. When you register for the live session you also receive access to the recordings to watch again.
Using Cisco System's state-of-the-art live video streaming technology, these global conversations come directly to your computer. You're invited to participate in the discussion, ask questions, and share your thoughts. All you need is a good Internet connection. Information about Viewing Online is posted to the registration pages. Participation is by donation.
And here is the website for my new limited-edition full-colour book, available now.
I am very proud of this book, which is based on over 20 years’ research. Be sure to check it out.
Blessings and thanks,

Saturday 1 September 2012

10 Water or Moon Saturday 1 September

A day when your recent feelings solidify into a cohesive unified whole. Feel the complex array of feelings and recognize that through the agency of feeling your spirit becomes real.

The 10th day is the day when the timewave manifests into form. The Flower timewave, which is the energy of spiritual light and sovereignty, manifests as the soul.

Feel the soul as a tangible form today.

Every Day 10 in every timewave is the day when the consciousness of the timewave -- the particular Earth-Galactic signature -- in this case Flower, Lord or Sun, comes into solidity. The manifestation of the timewave also means that the implicit challenge is felt. The challenge and the manifest realization of Flower -- the divine sovereign self -- is in the subtle feeling body.

You do not get the fully reasoned understanding today, as that integrated understanding is always reserved for Day 12; however, you do have the opportunity to acknowledge the manifestation. In this case, the way the subtle pranic light moves into density is the formation of our sophisticated, extraordinary and wide-spectrum feeling nature. Join me online this Tuesday in this globally linked webinar...