Thursday 30 September 2021

11 Serpent

[Thursday 30 September 2021]

Today, the energy focus is on survival, both physical and financial. However, do not react from a place of fear – go deeper.

Tune into the life force of your body today.

Sperm, by LjL

Your cellular impulses are adjusted by whatever direction is taken by your attention and your imagination. This adaptation of your vision is an instinctive process.

Do not underestimate the power of your life force – the deepest level of desire you have.

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The door into this base energy opens for you today. The Serpent life force has an instinctive intelligence that can lead you in the best direction for your survival and flourishment.

Adjustment, adaptability, improvement and some gentle releasing as you allow your higher intelligence to direct your energy towards the actions you need to take.

Beautiful but uncredited image
found on google

[On 20 January 2016, Laurence added this bonus message and link for us to contemplate on 11 Serpent, still very relevant today:]

I was sent this article (below) this morning and it feels very pertinent to the times we are in, as well as to 11 Serpent.

How to declutter your life by not giving a fuck

"… we’ve added a lot more mental clutter, a lot more obligation and therefore a lot more mental anxiety and a lot more guilt and those are the things I’m trying to pare down in my life by not overcommitting [to things that] aren't in the service of making me happy…"

The anti-intellectualism we are experiencing is due to the intense emotional friction and the saying ‘I don’t give a fuck’ seems to be very popular...

The adjustments we are having to make in our lives now involve knowing what to let go of and when. Today, 11 Serpent, is an opportunity to feel into the important things in your life by seeing where your energy is being sapped unnecessarily.

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Of course, that is not the end of the process. Taken to the nth degree, ‘not giving a fuck’ leads to nihilism, for we have to find what we truly care about, which starts with those we love and the world we live in.

Cynicism towards much of the mainstream seems to be a healthy emotion in this epoch, and decluttering our mind of outdated conditioning regarding the present social system is an important part of being the change we wish to see.

What about the pursuit of happiness? This seems to be a flawed idea, for this period at least. A ‘pursuit’ of happiness will push it away – pursuing happiness through money, status, unending pleasure, or even perpetual bliss and inspiration is not really appropriate to the present condition.

As ever, looking to live with a sense of purpose, without too much fanfare, would appear to be our best option.

First thing’s first: declutter.

Declutter your mind
Image originally found on google,
photoshopped by Carey

Wednesday 29 September 2021

10 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 29 September 2021]

Key concepts for today: Vision experienced, immanence, involvement in the dream, experiential state of consciousness, stepping into awareness.

Framing the Intent, by LjL

Today – being Day 10 in the Eagle Timewave, and ruled by Lizard (Seed) – the soft focus of seeing existence with the clear, unsentimental vision of Eagle produces the manifestation of a clear, tangible intention, or a visceral psychic connection to the intelligence of life.

A good day to see the present condition and symbolic picture of your life template. A good day to feel a sense of, or envisage the intent for, your purpose and being. 

Orbital Mechanics,
by Tatiana Plakhova of Complexity Graphics

Everything has a template. Every form, be it organic or non-organic, every life has a template. However, I suggest that templates are not fixed as absolutes; rather, they are enduring, essential abstract thought forms evoked from the monadic plane of existence during the involution of consciousness, which are then shaped by the systemic forces of the material realm.

Why are they not fixed? Because we live in a feedback universe of toroidal form.

Thus your actions and being in every moment are enfolded back into your self, the self that is beyond this life. The template adapts and adjusts, albeit slowly. The template grows and adjusts as we feed back to it from our life experience.

'Evidence of the Multiverse:
"a torus geometry of the universe in which it is rotating
and has directional toroidal flow..."'
Image credit: the Resonance Science Foundation

Tuesday 28 September 2021

9 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Tuesday 28 September 2021]

A profound confrontation with the mystery and the existential crisis of the human soul.

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A good day to find inner security.

Day 9 of each timewave is always one where we wake up beyond the 13-day cycle we are in, to gain a connection to the future and to the past. The larger cycles of our life come into our awareness.

What has completed or is completing?

Laurence delves deeper
into the Mystery

Foredawn, also known as Dark House, is the void before dawn, the moment of anticipation that is devoid of anything the mind can grasp, but which is fecund with what the soul can sense.

Be with the mystery. Become conscious of the fecund space of today. Create some time for daydreaming. Enjoy and feel at home in the emptiness that is fertile.

Image originally found on google

Are you feeling lost? Then go deeper into the mystery, for the soul is not lost but is at home in the mystery.

The Mysterious Maya
'Laser technology known as LiDAR digitally removes the forest canopy
to reveal ancient ruins below, showing that Maya cities such as Tikal
were much larger than ground-based research had suggested.
Image and caption from here

Note from Carey: Here is the link to Part 2 of Daniel's interview with Laurence, during which he talks about his life’s work.

Monday 27 September 2021

8 Wind

[Monday 27 September 2021]

Implementing Your Vision 

Come into alignment with the message that life is giving you and organise your information. Bring balance to what you have to say, so that you can commit to the essential message you want to convey to others.

Implementing Your Vision,
by Laurence James Lucas

This is a day of commitment to communication. Clear those emails, phone that person, or commit to the message you really need to convey – this means prioritise.

What is it you really need to say and who do you really need to say it to?

What is the most important communication you need to make today?

Diary of Discoveries, by Vladimir Kush,
one of our favourite artists. Image from here

What goes around comes around: Receiving a message...

During the last timewave, which was the Wind Timewave, you sent out a breath, a powerful and clear thought – orally, telepathically or via a text or an email – which has now activated or catalysed someone and they are responding today.

Image found on google

Note from Carey: On 8 Wind of 13 March 2013, our good friend Daniel Clarke interviewed Laurence on our rooftop terrace, at home on Lamma Island. Here, in the first of two videos, Laurence implements his vision and commits to the essential message he wanted to convey to others, by discussing his life's work and his model of the evolution of human consciousness, the Enchantments of Life.

Here is the link to Part 1 of the video interview on YouTube.

Sunday 26 September 2021

7 Crocodile

[Sunday 26 September 2021]

Effortless Resonance

Take it easy today. A day to come into alignment with your being-ness.

Yemanja, by A. Andrew Gonzalez
Image from here

Nurture and accept; allow life to feed you.

Release compulsions.

Full photo by Rob Mulally
on Unsplash

Be truly receptive and you can receive a life vision.


Today, relax and you can feel in harmony with the world.

A crocodile relaxing
Image taken by Balazs Bazus,
at the Zoologico Nacional, Nicaragua.
Image from here

Saturday 25 September 2021

6 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Saturday 25 September 2021]


To the Maya, the Sun is also known as Lord Marksman because it shoots out its prana to each and every one of us. The day is also known as Flower, a delicate manifest celebration of light.

Prana, by LjL

Day 6 in every timewave is a day of rhythm; delicately organised, organically structured with a flow.

Today you can organically step into your power. True power, though, is ‘meek’ – not weak, but humble; not tolerant of injustice, but not aggressive; not frightened to speak the truth, for when you are attuned to the Sun your authority comes from the Source.

Maya Sun God, from here

The sensitive person surrenders to the Source. This takes strength; strength of receptivity and a heart-based decision to radiate the truth of a conscious, creative reality without apology to those who would negate life and reduce it to its baser elements.

A reminder:
The 260-day calendar is a different frequency of time that exists simultaneously alongside the standard 7-day week, 12-month year of the Gregorian calendar, as well as the 13-month Lunar cycle.

Composite created by Carey

By following the Mayan Sacred Calendar, you start to tune into this other frequency, which is a subtle pervading flavour of reality that synchronises life on Earth with the greater galaxy.

The 260-day Tzolkin is both archaic-shamanic and techno-futuristic. You are accessing a whole different realm of time/space/energy. Be patient and just observe; enjoy the 13-day rhythm of each timewave, and the 20-day rhythm of the Daykeepers. Gradually, the consciousness of this 260-day calendar does awaken within you.

Temple of Kukulcán, Chichen Itza
Photo found on google

Friday 24 September 2021

5 Storm

[Friday 24 September 2021]

Be the peace in the eye of the storm. Look to retain some detachment and internal quiet, whilst you enjoy an unusual routine and unexpected occurrences.

Composite created by Carey

Today offers you the chance to be enlivened by the change of rhythm, without being pulled into full external engagement.

A good day to wake up to the fact that an obligation – something that has been dragging you down, possibly even without your knowing it – can be released.

Image found on google

Also a good day to enter the world of the Nagual, the parallel realms of the shaman/sorcerer, as a vortex opens within you, freeing you and purifying you from your identity and compulsions.

'Earth's magnetic fields and radiation belts
being influenced by a solar storm.
Photo by Marc Ward/Shutterstock', from google

See with your inner eye and feel the enticement of the direct experience of another land. If you dip your toe, the energy will flow and then you must surrender...

Thank you to André Eichman

Thursday 23 September 2021

4 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Thursday 23 September 2021. Autumn Equinox at exactly 03:21 HK time]

A day of transparent reflection. See yourself in all things; see others within you.

Image originally created for us
by Kookie Birjukov,
based on a concept by Laurence, for use in
our Enchantments of Life: The Holosphere
series of workshops

A good day for multidimensional thinking and seeing things from many different perspectives.

Help another with their vision for life, to help you see, clarify or receive your own life vision more clearly.

The foundation of life, from the Soul’s perspective, is the multidimensional structure created by the Soul’s involution before birth. The Soul slowly falls asleep, creating dreams within dreams within dreams, until birth, when the body wakes up and we have mostly forgotten the journey of incarnation. The Soul reflects upon itself and then the reflection reflects upon itself, creating the levels of the psyche.

Golden Ratio in Nature, image found on google

Today, you might feel the remembrance of the dreamer and get a hint of the levels of the psyche normally hidden from the conscious mind. Look outside the mind to see your Soul reflected back to you.

In general, today is a great day for complex organisation, clear basic structuring of information, large visions and big projects.

'The Mayan Sacred Calendar is
the Cosmic Television', LjL
Composite created by Carey

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 4 Obsidian:]
The challenges of this epoch require personal responsibility, but they also require a more open, adaptive, connective responsibility that realises the whole psychic landscape is in flux.

'Graphic of the magnetosphere
of Jupiter with a flux tube connecting
Jupiter and Io shown in yellow'
Image from here

This means your sense of unease is not just within your personal domain – the whole planet is in flux and uncertainty. See the reflections within the reflections. Live with the edge of uncertainty.

Open your mind to the flowing, fluctuating, psychic landscape – the planet is on the move, but it starts with flux.

Water Lilies 1917–1919,
by Claude Monet (1840–1926)
Image found on google

Wednesday 22 September 2021

3 Earthmover

[Wednesday 22 September 2021. The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Autumn Equinox at exactly 19:21 UTC, 20:21 British Summer time (tomorrow morning at 03:21 HK time). Sun at 0° Libra. (Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Blessings for Mabon]

Today you might find it is hard to be still.

Restless? Strong desire just to get on with things?

Generating energy for a more complete vision and connection to life.

Funk, by Laurence James Lucas

The shifting energy, the swirling chaotic maelstrom of Earth and human society, has an evolutionary impulse towards greater and greater complex unity.

Energy is not lost when disruptions occur in our life, rather energy is released for new structures.

© AFP/Getty Images from here

Today you can feel the movement of energy, even if the direction of change is not obvious. Go with the shifting environment you find yourself in.

Energy is being generated... the engine is being switched on. Rev up…

Free stock photo, photoshopped by Carey

A reminder: The 260-day Sacred Calendar of the Maya links our daily lives with the greater cosmos of which the Earth is a part. Consciousness, as ever, is the key.

Complex unity: uncredited collage found on google

Tuesday 21 September 2021

2 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Tuesday 21 September 2021. FULL MOON 00:54 BST (07:55 HK time)]

A good day to strengthen the mind and prepare a clear channel for your highest truth to shine through later.

Composite created by Carey,
using owls found on Pinterest

Today brings the challenge of holding two truths, which on the surface seem to oppose, disturb or disrupt each other – hold your ground, for the overall vision encompasses both truths.

Eventually, the contrast of opposing energies always yields a higher truth, a more encompassing experience of reality. Whether it be personal or social, withhold judgement, yet become conscious of the polarities, the light and the shadow. Prepare the ground...

Prepare the ground
  Image found on google

At a higher frequency, you find a way to fit two truths or positions into a cohesive whole – that is the challenge.

Today is a day when it is often best to stay silent – do not rush to offer your opinion. 

Image found here,
photoshopped by Carey

Enjoy the diversity of other people’s minds. A good day to listen and to note differences.

If you are engaged with people who are happy with the paradox and complexity of life, then profound truth can be found in conversation today.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay, found here

Monday 20 September 2021

1 Eagle

[Monday 20 September 2021. FULL MOON 23:54 UTC (tomorrow BST and HK time)]

A 13-day ripple in time starts today with the Eagle Timewave (known as Men to the Maya), where the consciousness of the World Mind and its vision can make itself seen through you.

This fabulous image was created for us by Kit Yeung,
Hong Kong photographer and artist, as the main image for
Laurence's new 8-part Shamanic Training course,
called 'Planetary Walker',which we had been due to launch
in March 2017. Thank you Kit! (

The Eagle is of the sky, surveying and scanning the world and able to see the abundance of the world as it hunts for the specific abundance available to it. The Eagle can see the micro-reality below, as it hones in on what is available and appropriate.

Scan your environment today and then place your focus on that which is specifically useful for you right now.

Open your heart and imagination without undue sentiment to receive the vision from the Eagle.

What is it that the Spirit of the World sees? Can we see it?

Painting thanks to
Daniel Clarke

Yes, it is the existential Joy of Life, enjoying its own simple existence. The World Mind is Immanent.

Meditation will often take you beyond the world into the transcendental zone, but the Immanence is here and now, inherently within your physical pleasures and your struggles, as an expansive consciousness that helps you appreciate your life as an art form.

Eagle Immanence
Created by Carey

Now is a good time to get a feeling-sense of your personal vision for your life, or for your life as it stands right now, or for your life to come in an immediate sense. Trust the intuitive and the imaginary faculties; allow yourself to validate your gnosis.

Eagle sees a world of abundance.

Image originally from here

Sunday 19 September 2021

13 Jaguar

[Sunday 19 September 2021]

The ever-present wildlife force enriches this day as the atmosphere is quietly crackling with cat-like anticipation, while the air seethes with mysterious, brooding, feminine intelligence, stalking us and reminding us that life is alive and not just an idea in our heads.

Bladerunner, by Laurence James Lucas
 'Inspired by cityscapes, including Hong Kong.' LjL

The Wind God can be an angry god and on this day, being the last day of his timewave, he disperses his energy – maybe through anger to clear the air, either verbally or through dramatic thunder and lightning storms.

Alternatively, the Wind God activates your connection and your awareness of the unlimited nature of reality. The truth is that existence is not only stranger and more extraordinary than we imagine, it is far more incredibly unlimited than we could ever imagine.

Image found on google

However, we have to work with and within useful limits.

So what is the net result of what we can work with? On one hand, there are no limits within the bounds of existence – and yet we experience very real limitations in our own lives...

The sum total of this energetic equation for today allows us to release some of our limitations.

A good day to align with your shamanic instinct, to blow off outworn thought forms and to release some of the unnecessary limitation that has been placed upon your life.

Image found on google, from here

A powerful day for the raw power of nature. The timewave of information and communication dissolves the headspace you may have been in as the wild free natural world calls to you.

Day 13 allows us to access the eternal now and, on Jaguar Day, that comes from direct connection with the natural spirit of the world. So today is a great day just to BE in nature, especially to be still, sitting down and feeling the energy.

Allow the energy of today to flow through you and disperse that which is ready to be dispersed.

Image found on google