Tuesday, 31 March 2015

2 Dog, Tuesday

The Duality of Needs

Hold the space and meet the challenge

The duality of feelings from the soul manifests most obviously in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also gives the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other.

Sometimes two people can act as one and look out together into the world.

A day of emotional contrast. 

The day sign Dog is related to basic emotions and needs, needs for companionship on the good road of life, as well as our appetites for food, sex and comfort. Dog rules emotional territory and the defense of that territory. This includes personal and community territorial boundaries and the laws that accompany the emotional boundaries of a person, a relationship or a community. 
Dog is the day of guardianship and that can include the spirits that guide and protect us on the subtle planes.

Monday, 30 March 2015

1 Water, Monday

This new Water or Moon Timewave brings us into the deepest and most subtle feelings, the soulful and the ethereal. The teaching of Muluc (Mayan name) is how to be in the flow of life’s energies; how to surrender and feel and thereby be connected to the River of Life. Give of yourself, cleanse and purify the soul, make offerings to life and to other people to increase your sense of soulful immersion in the deeper dimensions of reality.

Muluc, Water or Moon is the sign that represents the connection to soul and greatly increases sensitivity. The consciousness of being a droplet in the ocean of spirit. The Water daykeeper requires us to retain our connection by honouring the fact that our existence is dependent upon all that has gone before, is dependent upon the stream of life that we swim in, to this end we are to remain conscious of clearing and cleansing the blockages in the stream. Mayans associate this sign with 'owing' and 'offering', our existence owes much to divinity, the ancestors and those whose work we build upon.

This is the Timewave to cleanse and purify consciously with the spirit of water, to burn incense or light candles in a sacred manner to feel the gratitude within us for our lives. If you experience turbulent emotions, feel blocked, are suffering or feel impoverished then this Timewave is the perfect period to clear debts and do ceremonies of gratitude. You will find that peace and tranquility can return quickly if you do this and you will feel immersed in the soulful realm.

Spend time near water, allow yourself to feel things deeply and regain a deep sense of connection over the next 13 days.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

13 Rabbit or Star

Truth is everywhere, in everyone and everything. A realization that you are radiating your story, your perception and your take on the world into the universal sea of light.
A day to appreciate the abundance of everything and how all life experience is valid in its own way.
The proliferation of all things in all directions, celebrate this day, enjoy the expanse of it as the day has a luminosity and lightness of spirit to it. It is a good day to indulge yourself and let go of your normal restraints and balance...not forever but for today.

A good day for speculative enquiry into the bizarre, the fringe and the portentous.

Alternatively allow self to explore all of your most exciting potentials and fantasies through the imagination as an exercise of release, renewal and elasticity.

The explosion of excitement creates the implosion of awareness to the central core of your soul.

Scatter your thoughts in all directions with abandon (and detachment) to the outer edges of your psyche and be then be conscious of the blissful emptiness that is revealed at the centre.

The timeless anticipation of pure consciousness as it awaits to encounter all experience.

Rabbit is the ripening of consciousness with its accompanying abundance, richness, vitality and therefore is intoxicating. The spirit shines from within outwards and illuminates all things and as this is 13 day, which is movement in all directions you can understand the vitality of the energy on the 260 day count frequency.

Be sure to find a moment to replenish and rejuvenate with a power nap if you feel drained at some point in the day.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

12 Deer or Hand, Saturday

A great day to feel balanced between reason and intuition. A day where you can hold the essence of your truth in your hand.

The essence can be held, but of course it has to be held lightly, without clenching. Feel the breeze—maybe shoot the breeze—whilst enjoying a sense of having a firm foundation rooted in the ineffable.
A great day where you can feel a real connection to the source energy, the essential truth, not as a concept nor as an equation, but as a flowing adaptive light that has an enduring quality—as it is a continuum that runs through your life. 
Complex organized patterns emerge in your psyche, then slowly morph into a new form that retains the essence of the previous revelation.

At the same time you can recognize that you need to actively choose to place your attention on that which resonates with your core truth. There are limits to what you can do, who you can be and what you can attend to, you cannot hold it all in your psyche.

Come into alignment today with the enduring thread that runs through your life, the thread that has been woven by your divinity. Choose to stay in alignment with your soul through the cascading journey of life.

If you have been following this 13 day cycle the truth that has been building in this timeave and is now present, it has organically emerged, a sense of one's truth and personal strength has surfaced.

Friday, 27 March 2015

11 Skull, Friday

Examine your life without sentiment, exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become. 
Enjoy the sense of the dissolution of outworn aspects of the self; this is creating a portal for the emergence of new aspects of self. 
You may well have a ruthless attitude today in regards to what you personally consider to be obviously deluded, uninformed, deliberately misleading or manipulative fabricated stories.

The Light of a cohesive picture shines through the trivia and distractions; be ruthless and you can rip through the superficial information flow with your clear perception.

Other people’s lies or delusions and your own self-delusion appear transparent to you as your spirit rips a hole in the fabric of the theatrical backdrop.

A good day for realistic considerations. The challenge is not to be cynical, but to stay open to the positive existential elements of life, as well as the cold bare bones.

A day of appropriate surrender.

Eleven days are where the energy of the timewave opens up laterally and to the past. Aspects of yourself, generally that not flattering, seek to be heard as 11 seeks a degree of integration or adjustment.

Eleven days can be quite unstable in order to loosen you up.

Your life is part of a continuum. You have an ancestral heritage that has brought you here; that heritage is a story of grand adventures for sure, but also ordinary drama and ordinary living.

Your truth becomes more encompassing today as you release some brittleness. The spiritual seeks to be grounded in the mundane and the ego dies a little.

Today you can open up to a greater truth as you release a block in your perception and personal boundary, ultimately enabling you to reach out more to life.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Serpent, Thursday

Plug into body and the vitality of the sun as it moves through your body.
The body is the foundation for confidence, for living a life that is based on truth and being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.

Power starts with your bodily instincts. Listen to your body and respond appropriately today. Conscious connection to the instincts leads to confidence and the clarity of personal truth. The power of what is true for you is your power in the world. The nature of truth evolves as does the nature of power. 
What is power? It is the efficacious energy of the life force that creates reality. I will be bold and suggest that the world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power.

Get plugged into the god force through your body, for the body is expressing divinity. The world needs 'ordinary' people to be empowered on a physical level to counteract the dis-empowerment by design and desire by those who abuse power.

Serpent 10 is all about power, today we see our power, see how we feel about our personal power and recognize the role of power in a spiritual context.

This timewave is a warrior timewave and today is a reminder that we are all warriors defending our truth, this is an aspect of being spiritual. We are not here to rollover in the face of oppression, we must defend our sovereignty.

At this time in the world, those whom are awakening to a new expanded reality that is emerging and care about our planet, our species and the natural sphere of life we have our experience within are being called upon to be stronger.

The power of money, as it is perceived today is a temporary illusion, the fear of lack that accompanies it is likewise a temporary illusion that the species has to overcome, we are challenged to incrementally, step by step, honour our truth as spiritual beings having a physical experience and live by it as best we can.

Existence has unlimited abundance and will supply you with what you truly need.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

9 Lizard or Seed, Wednesday

Reconnection and Core Intention Awakening

An old intention is reawakened. A plan from the past, based on your real needs, is either implemented or actively embraced. You see now how a plan that you had forgotten about or had only half formed has reached a place that is ready for planting.
‘9’ days are good days for breakthrough realizations. Today you can consciously reconnect and recover an innocent and unconscious connection to life you had in the past. A good day to consciously recover and own that which you were previously unconsciously part of or embedded within. Bring the inherent intelligence of innocence into your conscious mind.

Things actively and passionately desired for often allude us, until we forget about them. In so doing, we detach from the outcome and the desired energy can then be released, after which it can return as your manifest experience.

Today is one of those days when previously intended manifestations resurface or appear.

Day Nine is the frequency of cycles. Nine days can be the days when you recognize where you are stuck in a groove, looping back and over again. If this is the case, then it is through bringing your awareness to this scripted situation that you can shift to the next octave. The Cycle of the Maya Long Count Calendar, and its 2012 end, bring us the opportunity to break the script and spiral out of the flat loop onto a higher dimension. Think of the flatland of a flat circle, like a record on a record player, or the rings of Saturn, this is default reality and to break the pattern there needs to be a shock or a surge of will.

On this day 3 cycles ago 780 days, I had a dream message, a strong narrators voice from spirit , it was simply the words " There will be a rising " I had the word ' humanity ' implanted as well together with an image of a wave. No time scale or context was given but I felt it was significant.

The Psychic Landscape is a Time/Space Energy Field

The empowerment of humanity comes from taking control of our attention, which is the commodity of our age. Attention is intertwined with time and space. We need the head space and the time to focus on a more positive script based on an expanded reality. The tapestry of time frequencies condition our reality by creating the context for our experience.

To move into an expanded space of consciousness requires an awareness of the calendrical codes. The present calendar supports the time is money script and this has reached its culmination of usefulness, it was a product of recorded history, which ended on the subtle planes with the Winter Solstice of 2012.

The 260 day count shows how life is unfolding from within, this is involution or consciousness evolution. The 260 day count is the inherent frequency within all of the planetary cycles and reconnects us to the impulse of spirit to come into form, to come into manifestation, into the body and into society. When we integrate this with the real time of the external world which is based on real astronomy of Sun, Moon and Galaxy we are connected to life.

The Winter Solstice for example is the real end and beginning of the year, being the darkest day and the point when we turn back to the light. January the first is the beginning of the civil year and the nation state. It is not bad as such but is an indirect frequency, disconnected from nature and has served its purpose as the prime code for creating the time context.

The old world has run out of time that is why the script of the mainstream is; there is not enough time, money or space, there are too many people, not enough resources, too much debt (artificial construct). This of course creates the sense of anxiety about survival and confused understanding about the true nature of the environment, the environment is an environment of consciousness and energy and the human species life force is the key commodity of the Earth's environment.

Once we move into an expanded space, with its accompanying frequencies of time, we find that there is plenty of everything to go around, the cosmos is infinitely abundant and we just need to access more of that abundance.

Human ingenuity can solve the basic problems of lack in this world very easily, if the species is unshackled from the present restriction on time and space.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

8 Foredawn, Tuesday

Create space for compassion and benevolence, with yourself and others.
It has been a few days since the Eclipse/Equinox conjunction are you feeling you are in the midst of a reboot? This can manifest as tiredness, lack of interest, boredom, lack of confidence or a new sense of serenity and openness? Think back has this feeling just entered into your life recently, if so then you are connected to the reboot and timeline selection I have been talking about....

Today commit to the empty space and the dawning awareness you created and received during the last timewave, the Foredawn or Darkhouse Timewave. Trust in life and evoke the benevolence that is within the void (or behind) as an invitation to new energy that secures you in your authenticity.
Be committed to emptying yourself of absolute expectation, allow your truth and the structure of any projects you are working on to become organized and coherent within your unconscious.
Hand your problems over to the wisdom and self organizing ability inherent within your unconscious.
Contemplate the mystery of the void that births all that you need.

The mystery of consciousness gradually coalesces, the soul is forever in formation...today teaches us to have faith in life itself, find inner security, security based on the fabric of existence. The very fabric of existence is orientated to become, grow, flourish and encompass. Feel the sensations that confirm the interconnected web in which you have your being.

Darkhouse, House, Night or Dawn rules the inbetweens, it is the space between two or more obvious states, places or times. As well as being the inbetween, it is the expectation or early vibration of that which is to come, like the first point of dawn or that predawn moment. Darkhouse is an evocative quality, that lends itself to the poetic, mysterious, romantic and impermanent, it is the richness of the shadow worlds, it is the feeling in your home, or in a space. Tangibly felt, but illusive to the uber-rational mind or the linguistic bureaucrat.

Eight days are the days when consciousness is stepped down from the transcendental into the immanent. Day 8 is the day of implementation and therefore commitment of consciousness. It is a day on which Mayans most perform their ceremonies.

Today you own that which you know, you step into the confidence of your gnosis. What you feel is what you feel and its validation is your responsibility.

Monday, 23 March 2015

7 Wind, Monday

You speak so eloquently, so coherently today.
Move into resonance with the unsentimental narrator of the consciousness environment today.
 Listen and tune in to what is being said to you today.
Life is always talking to us and through us, even if we spin it and filter it through our own ego. Today the magic might arise through hearing a colder, even harsher appraisal of our life. If so, listen to it. Although it may appear unkind at first, hidden between the lines of the message you receive is a truth that can activate your own empowered lucidity. If the day starts out foggy, overwhelming and confusing, it is because you are receiving data from all over the cosmos. Stay with it and clarity will emerge. 
A good day for the communication of appropriate truth.

Wind is the activator, it separates things that need to be separated, clarified, differentiated and where we are stuck or inert Wind blows away the obstacles and get our energy moving. The divine breath can appear harsh, but this is often the inevitable effect of gaining basic clarity through the division of what is and what is not required in our life.


Seven days are the halfway of the timewave, they are in equal relationship to 1 and 13, the beginning and end and therefore are resonant with the whole timewave.

Seven is the number of basic resonant truth, the general soft focus holistic truth. Things look different depending upon your position, your perspective, but seven brings us the universal generalized truth, not the sophisticated truth but the common sense foundation. This manifests as the basic ethic in life, we all know what is basically wrong and what is basically right.

More complex discernment is required above this basic level of the common sense ethical fuzzy but true enough foundation for civilized behaviour and civilization.

The model of the seven chakra and the corresponding seven fold layers of the aura is a fuzzy but basically true view of the energy field. I have been working with the energy field for over 20 years and I know it is far more complex than that but the essential seven fold model still holds up as the foundation of understanding.

Seven on average, is the quantity of things we can hold easily in our mind at any one time.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

6 Crocodile, Sunday

Nourishment and flow
Refresh your experience of the ordinary and allow all else to flow organically, accept the easy cadence of this day, gradual unfolding emerging nourishment.

Today offers nurturing through learning; acceptance of the ever-changing life flow; a slow emergence with a thick viscosity of energy, like the flow of treacle.

Life slowly revolves and returns to experiences, emotional states and environmental atmospheres you have visited before, potentially you can feel more appreciative this time around.

The day offers satisfaction as it is both a flowingly structured and nurturing day. Be prepared to nurture without being possessive or expecting too much from the outcome of your gifts. Receive what life is offering without wanting more.
Enjoy the nourishment of today as a day unto itself; it is a reminder of the value and joy within the existential, the commonplace.

Day Sixes in the timewave are fairly practical, nicely structured days in a flowing manner.

The Crocodile Days represent or are resonant with the primal watery origins of the Earth, the turbulent power of creation held within an embrace. Crocodile is an edgy, instinctive, survival consciousness that belongs to the Goddess who looks after her own. Protective nourishment and sustenance. Base reality, brooding, waiting, stillness yet with great latent power waiting to be unleashed.

The six tone allows that energy to flow in a quite matter of fact quality.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

5 flower, Lord or Sun, Saturday

The light of your centre shines out from your heart. Open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter; get into the feeling. Power up and flower up. Today is about authentic confidence.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet representative of timeless truth.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is here, one that is tied to the eclipse. Eclipses have an effect over a few months, this eclipse and equinox have to be understood in relationship to the Uranus square Pluto which in turn has to be understood in relationship to the 2012 effect.
It is only through observation and by logging the tapestry of energies that we are navigating that we truly feel aware of how energy is changing.
With our culture at present, we see it is operating with a short attention span, so people assume 2012 was a non event and the eclipse did not do anything etc.


We live in a multi-layered tapestry of frequencies that can be logged and understood, it is best to write down the feelings as they emerge, then the story of your life, the threads that make up the totality of your life is apparent.

Know your own history in order to see the continuity, the strands of energy that flow through your life and how the energy is changing and growing.

Friday, 20 March 2015

4 Storm, Friday (Eclipse at 09.46 GMT, 5.46 pm HK)

A dynamic re-organization day. A day of adjustment.

A day with something new in it that challenges you to remain true to your truth, your way of life and your purpose, whilst simultaneously adjusting that truth. The challenge then strengthens your foundation.
We cannot have it all. Life is about choice; not all experiences are appropriate to us, but we adapt where necessary.
Old ideas that do not fit your real self are cleansed out of your system today.

Storm is the blood lightening in the body, the activator of the lightbody, that seeks to integrate our consciousness of body, mind, soul and spirit. This activation disrupts our patterning, storm is a power that seeks and demands liberation, drastic change. Storm Days are therefore also the awareness of chaos outside of our space of safety, home and emotional sanctum, the chaos of potential total change.

Change is exciting, change is frightening

Day four in the timewave is a foundation, energy is held.

The Vulture timewave is strength, part of that strength is patience to hold energy, so today we have to contain the electrical energy and allow it to recalibrate rather than getting fully intoxicated by the thrill of the lightening and its promise of total liberation.
The Eclipse close to the Spring Equinox, is a highly significant event especially when we consider it is at the peak of the Uranus square with Pluto (aka 2012 effect on the geo-sociological level). As I have already explained there is a timeline transition occurring and this eclispe signifies a major reboot of the Earth's energy. The appearance of the world, the whole outer shell we know as consensual reality is being relinquished and then will reform. How will it reform? Depends upon our consciousness. The simple conclusion, or summary of what is needed is this 
Stay centred and claim your authentic self, have faith in life itself, aspire to rise above the deception being played out and remember your sovereign soul.
 The evidence in the so called real world of a timeline change occurring includes the firing up of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which was turned on to 75% capacity on December 21st, 2012 and in fact has been highly active at significant astronomical events and numerological significant dates Like 8-8-8 when the Bejing Olympics started. 
What it appears to be is not what it is, small black holes are opening up during the activation.  There are so many articles on this I will not even bother posting links. CERN is actually dark magic.
Also we see that when things are close to real change the ruling autocratic amalgam acts overtly and extremely heavy handed. See here.

The panic in the system is self evident, no need to research anymore, their actions are transparent.

In the economic system, Europe is suddenly aligning with the Chinese led consortium that is an alternative to the IMF-US Dollar led global reserve system. HERE

Without even going into any details of all of the military exercises being played out now, we clearly see without any effort that fundamental changes are NOW happening to the fabric of our reality.
Reality is up for grabs, you do not need to look too deeply at the frightening scenarios being presented by the puppets of the dark force, just recognize the pivotal moment we are at. 
And then.

Do this.

Stay conscious, stay centred, have faith in life, intend the benevolent, act upon the more noble integrity based impulses you have and be the light we need you to be. Relinquish your life in order to regenerate your life with a new calibration.

I highly recommend that you do some sort of meditation or whatever conscious practices work you, release and reaffirm your life, release negativity and allow your life to reformulate at the template level.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

3 Obsidian, Thursday one day before the potent Eclipse/Equinox

The mind reflects upon its reflection. Be conscious of the temporary nature of thoughts; feel the energy behind the ricochet of thoughts. The mind does one small piece at a time, seeing just a few degrees of the curve of a sphere—however, 360 degrees of knowledge is required for enlightenment.
See all angles without coming to a conclusion. Enjoy the energy of the intuitive mind.
If you are in tune today you can be in a state of multi-faceted lucidity, as the many faces of a single subject flicker before your awareness.

The essential components of understanding for today;

Three Days are the days of movement, we might say they are fickle days, restless days, but the energy of three is momentum, the first essential movement for creation that is closest to source.

The Obsidian Daykeeper is the Obsidian knife, or flint, it s derived from the volcanic glass that can be used for surgery, it sharp enough for that level of precision. Obsidian carries the precision of technology or the precision of the points of separation between dimensions and the clarity of the lazer that can cut out unhealthy energies from the soul.

Tohil the deity associated with Obsidian is called smoking mirror.

Each dimension is an inversion of the last dimension, like a reflection.

Obsidian days will reveal shadow aspects of yourself to you, the discomfort is an ally, for you clear outworn energy from your psyche.

This fits in with the adjustment coming, reviewing and refreshing or rebooting our ideas on enduring greatness..hmm? The issue of integrity and appearances, role models and the aspiration to do something truly outstanding in this life, come to the fore with the eclipse, which has an effect for a few months. I will say more tomorrow....

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

2 Earthmover, Wednesday

The challenge of two dynamic impulses moving in opposite directions—we want this and we want that; give me cake, let me eat it. To develop inner strength we must be able to hold our centre, despite the polarity of desires we have, to make sure we do not get pulled apart by our duality. This might be tougher than usual today for some of you with the peak of the Uranus square Pluto energy in operation.

Or: Two dynamic impulses pulling you in two directions, neither of which you thought you wanted. Synchronize your field and hold the space; just hold.

Or: You manage to successfully accomplish things in two opposing directions that will ultimately synchronize as one.

You might enjoy the power building up within you today, revving up the engine of evolutionary transformation.

Earthmover is movement, the impulse towards integration, so it stimulates the mind to pull everything you have been working on into a unified whole. However, as today is a Two day, we feel the inherent duality of how we might do that. The practical short-term solution competes with the longer-term, more satisfying endeavour.

Earthmover is also traditionally called 'Incense', the Thoughts of Heaven.

If your mind becomes stuck in the polarity, then light incense with intent to release the thoughts into the higher realms. Give them up and allow the solution to be worked out for you.

For many years now I have been talking about the Planetary stage of consciousness and culture, happy to see a film coming out that begins to express this in some way.

Trailer here

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

1 Warrior or Vulture, Tuesday

Come to stillness, find your centre and set your intention

13 days of truth, strength, holding the centre and defending the enduring wisdom of the ages, learning how to come back to your centre time and time again. Learning to move from your centre, consciously experience the inevitable loss of centred-ness as you open to life and then to come back to centre.

The Warrior Timewave asks you and gives you the opportunity to be true to yourself.

Accept the challenge.

Strength of mind is needed and resolve is rewarded. Allow in the beam of light, like a laser; invite in a coherent light source from the top of your head, down through your central column and into the ground.

The overriding message today, and the teaching of the whole timewave is to:

  • resist the easy impulse to give into the whims of yourself and others; 
  • come back to your centre; 
  • be the clear light;
  • and notice how other people are naturally attracted to you once you are in that position.

Stay conscious of your heritage, your ancestors, your spiritual tradition, your base humaness and be humble enough not to believe that you know the absolute truth. The challenge for all yogis, meditaters, gurus and pandits is to recognize that the super-spiritual-ego is very sneaky. The bliss of a truth based on purity often blinds us to the cosmic humour, our universal human base, our ancestral heritage and all that we are product of.

Real wisdom has a sense of humour and is anchored in the feeling of being a human being, like all human beings.

In the spirit of this day I honour and respect the Mayan people for bringing this system into the world. I also give thanks to the Mayan spirits and others who have inspired me, taught me, laughed at me and with me and who continue to guide me on my journey of working with this 260-day count.

Speaking of truth...


Monday, 16 March 2015

13 Eagle, Monday (Uranus Square Pluto Tomorrow at 2.53 GMT)

An expanded vision that is one step beyond words or grasp, an expansion of consciousness into a higher perspective.

The Uranus square Pluto hits it peak, with the exact square at 2.53 GMT Tuesday, and today you have the chance to find some freedom within yourself, some freedom from the tension.

The mind is diffuse, but in a good way, as a wide-spectrum awareness opens the vision. Just relax into it and operate from your inner eye. Accept and allow new images into your being. Something you have hidden from yourself is revealed; it was hidden in plain sight, staring you in the face all the time.

The vision will be devoid of inhibiting filters today. A great day for a 360-degree sophisticated perception. A good day for emotional intelligence, offering a profound understanding of feelings and relationships. Insights may well come thick and fast -- overwhelmingly so, forcing the mind to let go as you surrender to the heart and the heart's intelligence.

A chance to release the self from limitation and move into the freedom that is available in your life, exactly as it is. With no apparent change of situation, you find the freedom to be and to live your life freely.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

12 Jaguar, Sunday

The timewave of the Dark Night, the Foredawn or Abyss, reminds us that ultimately, as Ram Dass says, there is nowhere to stand, no place of permanence. This information can lead to a sense of nihilism, if we are not careful. A fuller understanding allows for both an emptiness -- the clarity of detachment -- and a recognition that we are constantly being asked to choose our life. All is movement, all is in flux, and therefore we traverse a terrain that requires our alertness and responsiveness.

Understanding yourself as an underworld creature, you prowl with pleasure for you fear no evil. No, not because you are the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the whole dam valley, but because you are a player in the game. All systems are switched on, amping up the alertness of your psychic field as it extends out into the jungle.

A good day for emotionally intelligent instincts as you traverse through shadowy realms feeling empowered and vital, present in the game of life.

Also today you can become conscious of the different space you inhabit, your house, the different rooms the urban locality and also head and emotional space. Each space has a specific function, feel and enables a specific experience.

Move consciously through the different doorways that would normally be traversed with thinking and into become conscious of each separate space today.

Are You Experiencing Feeling Blocked?

That would be Saturn, the son-of-a-bitch!

With Saturn now retrograde, we are asked to be more conscious of our actions, this is especially relevant if you have planets in aspect to Saturn (which is at 4 degrees of Sagittarius).  Saturn retrograde can feel like a brick wall but it affords us the opportunity to master the areas and spaces of our own life that are being affected by it. If there is a block in your life right now, that has been emphasized in the last couple of days, then this is Saturn retrograde affecting you.

The first step is to assume full responsibility, without guilt (not easy, responsibility not blame, its not about fault) this empowers you to be able to work with the problem. Next accept the situation is challenging, this will slow you down and bring you into resonance with the Saturnian energy.

To begin with you might need to vent your anger or irritation at Saturn, call Saturn a bastard maybe, swear at the injustice of the situation or feel the self pity that is simmering away just to release some of the psychological barriers to understanding. Write some of this down and then burn the paper, it enables the wall of thought and emotion that veils the truth to become transparent. The emotional resistance might well still be there, but it will be less solid and you can then put some energy into the more empowered attitude and psychic space of taking charge of the problem.

After that get into the space of accepting Saturn as a tough love teacher.

Define the situation on paper and recognize the scale of the problem and accept it as a situation that requires some sustained effort to change. It is best to do this on a plain piece of paper without lines and write down the problem in the middle of the paper and draw branches off from the problem and write down the different perspectives on how it has come to manifest in your life. You can also write down answers to the following questions. How do you feel frustrated, inhibited, blocked, resentful and how have you brought this into your life, when was the  problem seeded, how is it just inherent within your life choices and natural expression? Write it all down, then you can know what you think you know.

Without regret or guilt accept it as a lesson and define the solution as best you can, if you can. Now you are ready to start making small daily changes...baby steps, a small action everyday.

It will take a sustained effort to really transform, but you will immediately feel better about your life. The changes that can be made by working with a Saturn retrograde are deeply profound and permanent.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

11 Reed, Saturday

Saturn grinds to a halt and is about to go retro on us as Uranus and Pluto reach their pinnacle of tension, so it is many people are feeling tired and inert, none the less...

Tune into the Mayan energy today and open doors. Expansion of mind, consider more for your life...

Today doors to the sky open up. Great beings are looking down from beyond at your life and you might be looking up at them. Or, you have your space suit on and are hopping through multidimensional realms.
Today is a day of exploration of ideas. Let part of the mind go into free-fall or should we say free-rise and free association.
Do not seek conclusions, just follow the inspiration up and down the scale from Earth to Heaven, so as to open the Stargate, the portal between the abstract and practical or the mind-body connective tunnel.
Allow for a split screen perspective and some detachment from the mundane.

However as with all Reed days we are asked to give thanks for our house, family and food, though the mind wants to roam free we often to accommodate the practicals. Be strong enough to follow the inspiration whilst flexible enough to recognize your role within the community. The dissonant distractions that interrupt your thinking will be the open door and will actually allow you to receive higher truths. 

This is also a good day for prayers of gratitude that ensure our future lives on Earth.

Friday, 13 March 2015

10 Good Road, Friday

A tangible sense of solidity based on emptiness, as in, your being-ness as the cup or container for consciousness; the abundance of not wanting for “ye shall not want”; the abundance of not clinging nor demanding, for ye are the chalice and the road ahead is expectancy.
A good day to recognize that all human experience, through all stages of consciousness and all human endeavour, is of itself inherently good for those having the experience.
All is good and all is empty, in the Buddhist sense.
Although we know that there are consequences to everything and that purely selfish pleasures—especially of the extreme kind—are destructive to other people, we can recognize that everything that everyone does is motivated by enjoyment. 
Enjoyment evolves as we evolve. 
Today is a day when we can access the transcendental amorality of all desires, not so that we give permission to the dark, vile and destructive self-serving actions that take place, but merely to expand our perception and acceptance to become more open to what life actually is.
A day where we let go of battling so as to become more open and trusting of life and of the inherent divinity in all life.
This expansive opening of the psyche brings more benevolence, abundance and community connection into our world. 
Acceptance overcomes struggle and light dissolves darkness
The deep heartfelt acceptance of what is enables the good, the true and the beautiful to supersede the bad, the false and the ugly.
For what is life when viewed from 10 Road, Grass or Human? It is the ever-expanding journey of life from the lesser to the greater, the ever-expanding discovery of more, the ever-expanding increase in the enjoyment by life of life.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

9 Monkey, Thursday

In this extraordinarily intense month, people are mindjumping from one thing to another at speed, hardly anyone can hold their emotional bodies still for any length of time...it is a good time to do some exercise and meditation, but even with that, recognize that the stillness will dissipate.
Hang on in there....

Monkey trickster wakes up to the dirty games of the world and human nature, but with his edgy humour we are challenged not to take the tricks too seriously.

Life is an enchantment, existence materializes through stories. The illusion is the idea of permanence as we experience gods dream as it passes through us.

Today is the end of a creative cycle, an awakening moment as you see an extraordinary face of existence in something you are working on. If you are in tune, you will be awed.
A good day to read Carlos Castaneda.
Access your creatively wickedly funny yet conscious self.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

8 Dog, Wednesday

Today is a day for commitment to your relationships and your own emotional needs and boundaries. This energy will follow on from the previous timewave, which was the Dog Timewave, as you accept the commitment of what you received during that 13-day timewave.
Define your territory in the universe and defend it if necessary. Be true to your own needs.
Commit to the guidance you receive and the guidance you offer. 
The vastness of the cosmos requires us to create an enclosure, a home, a structure -- the expanse of eternity and infinity would swallow us if we did not define a territory. 
Territory is an emotional space filled with those you love and the walls are walls of thought, belief and understanding.

By understanding territory and different scales of space, and the borders, boundaries and gateways, we can connect to other realms. The cosmos is unified in essence but in experience, it is full of separations, one has to recognize the separation and define the boundary between any given space, domain or realm before connecting to it properly.
This in turns allows us to locate the empty space, our inner sanctum, a place full of potential.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

7 Water, Tuesday

A powerful day for evocative feeling, a visceral divine memory; something you tangibly feel without actually being physically in the experience.

Radial Time

Today your whole state of mind will be in deep resonance with your emotional body and the various frequencies and issues that are being held within it. Today will provide you with the full gamut of your feelings, from discomfort to joy.

Allow your feelings to flow and you will move through any difficulties to a place more enriching and soul connected.
A sense of the existential, life just is... as Saturn grinds to a halt before turning retrograde in a few days time.

Monday, 9 March 2015

6 Rabbit, Monday

A day that is flowing and moving with abundance and light.

Be the dance. Aesthetics and rhythm.

The energy of today is dissipative; it will unlock blocks in your energy field and get your energy moving.

An orderly outpouring of expression that leads to a gentle implosion that penetrates the fabric of your reality.

This timewave, the Dark Night, is the timewave that creates a new space, a new womb. Today we can connect to the expansion or expenditure of light. The star must spend its energy before it implodes into a black hole/white hole.

The black hole/white hole is the portal or wormhole to another level of creation.

Quite simply, for you today it means allowing yourself to express the stream of ideas and imaginings and to put out your creative expression as part of the process of emptying.

The gradual formation of our present calendar and clock can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history: Egypt, Sumer and Ancient China. The mechanical clock appeared in the 1300s and Pope Gregory adjusted the calendar to its present form in 1582.
This process has been one of increasing order and mechanization for convenience and it underlies today's modern social structure as it creates the first requisite for civilization -- moral order, regulation, the class system, in short the civil calendar and its attendant frequency, which is necessary for civil matters. The problem is that we have become unconscious of the natural real time frequencies of the body and nature, such as the real day of 23 hours and 56 minutes, which accounts for the incremental changes of Sunrise, the Moon Cycle and the yearly quarters.
In the contemporary era, we are experiencing a 'culture of speed', in the sense that there is 'not enough time'. This is a natural progression from the idealized civil time frame. The time frequency under which we currently operate (24/7, tick tock tick tock, time is running out) and our disconnection from natural time frames supports a moral order based on the concept of 'time is money', which ironically means that our society has become relatively unethical, artificial and fragile. According to that frequency of consciousness, we have run out of time: we are in debt, lacking resources and overpopulated. Within this time frame, the thinking is that we need more artificial control and order, we need to conserve and hold everything together. However, this approach is in fact the problem, not the solution.

Open to the expansiveness and abundance of a larger time frame and natural time.

The organic impulse of evolution means that the imperative is to once again connect to nature, whilst operating within multiple time-space frames. Whether we like it or not, we are subject to an array of time frames, frequencies and cycles...
One of the largest time frames we are subject to and can access is the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which logs the Galactic scale as experienced by body and soul. I remind you that in that timeframe we have just entered a new evolutionary era and are attempting to plug into a Cosmic scale of abundance.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 Deer or Hand, Sunday

Be in your centre yet stay connected to the peripheral reality. Feel the energy that breaks in the external world you are traversing. Hold the centre gently and feel the circling energies from the external environment.

Today is a good day to see the world through your shamanic eyes.  The future requires a greater synthesis of consciousness from us, between our modern selves and our archaic body selves. Today is a good day to feel connected to the aliveness of all that surrounds us, in all directions.

Tune into the centre, the subtle and ungraspable energy; feel it without trying to define it or own it.

Tools, like the computer, smart phone are useful, but remember they are tools.

Maybe use the search engine on the net as an extension of your intuition today; feel into the energy emanating from yourself and google it. Today you can attune to the fundamental substance of reality—pure empty consciousness. However, it is slippery -- you can understand it through receiving it, you can be a conduit for it, but you cannot 'have' it or frame it. Allow and navigate with a loose grip and disciplined sensitivity.

The internet is a training tool for our natural psychic sensitivity. If it were to become restricted as a medium of free speech, then we would naturally find that our connection to the Noosphere becomes available.

Hold the truth that your body is the ultimate tool in this world, programmed to self-heal and regenerate if you align with the innate life force and energy field.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

4 Skull, Saturday

To create a fertile space, as we are doing in this timewave, requires you to create some walls around the space. Set some parameters today; shape your boundaries, find the edges, define the separations. Schedule some things in order to create empty moments.

A foundation day for sudden change at some point in the future.

Today is a good day for internal clarity, a clear unsentimental acceptance and perspective on your old self. As ever on Skull days, cut to the bone where it is appropriate. Set boundaries.

A great day for laying pristine foundations in your psyche.

A good day to be real, as they say, which means to temporarily cut out conjecture and sentiment, not for all time, but certainly for today. Enjoy a sense of freedom from your wants and separate the chaff from the wheat.

Friday, 6 March 2015

3 Serpent, Friday

The intensity continues as the repercussions of the full moon are present, tomorrow should feel a bit easier

The life force is stirring. Today is about energy moving and the dynamics of power; the shifting nature of power and who has power.

Day three is always restless and when it comes to power we have to watch the ego, especially when living with access to spirit, frustration can lead to desperation and then the darkside if we compare our successes to others. Stay true to yourself do not compare your life to external images of success.

Stay with the lifeforce...

You may feel vitalized and sexy without having a direction or place to act out your desire. It is just a day to feel the life force stirring. Venom and anger can change into soma and higher consciousness, poison can be used for healing. See how energy changes, feel that subtle point where pure primal desire can be used for any endeavour as it turns.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

2 Lizard, Thursday, are you feeling the lunar energy?

Today we see the inherent duality of our intentions and evolutionary impulses. We want two different realities simultaneously.

The result of this energy is that we might have moments of complete inertia. The best thing is to hold both intentions and feel the differences. The tension will create some energy for tomorrow and you will benefit from being conscious of your duplicity today. Tomorrow brings forward momentum in the shape of vitality.

Or: we might see the two opportunities sprouting from the same junction. These are the bifurcating potentials of reality, akin to the growth of a plant as it sprouts new stems.

Life is abundant. To live in abundance, we need intentionality and grace, so as not to be overwhelmed. Make choices -- but hold those choices lightly.

I remind you that the energy of this time wave is that of allowing some empty space of mystery to develop, to create a fecund space within the psyche. Face the shadow with an attitude devoid of solution orientated logic. Open up your energy to the mystery and embrace the feeling of expectation.

Consciousness reflects upon itself this is the movement of consciousness, the movement of consciousness is what we know as Time and Space.
A powerful and very important full moon on Thursday in England, Friday here in HK. 
This coming full moon is less than two weeks away from the exact Uranus square with Pluto, the last exact square of the 2012 era. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This full moon is really challenging and quite crucial, it feels to me as if it has evolutionary consequences. The energy straddles 2 Lizard and 3 Serpent, flavoured by 2 Lizard especially as it will be 2 Lizard GMT at the moment of the full moon at 18.07 GMT on the 5th March. This speaks to me of the bifurcation of the timelines that I talked about recently (Here)

Now is the time for a can-do attitude, take on the responsibility of your life situation and dig deep to find the positive attitude based on abundance and compassion, whilst not getting hyped up with heat and uber-aggressive will, tricky? Yes very, there is a need to approach any difficulties with refinement and grace whilst under pressure. Evoke patience, diligence and concentration. Harbour the intent that the world can change towards the benevolent and be prepared to play your small part. Be mindful around this full moon.
The whole of March we are dealing with strong energies, ( to add to the picture a total eclipse on the 20th and Saturn going retrograde on the 14th)...now , remember when this happens, when we are dealing with strong energies there is enormous opportunity for positive change

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

1 Foredawn, Wednesday

A new time wave begins today, one which asks you to enter the crack between the worlds.

Make space in your life for the new to enter. Stay with the edge of uncertainty and embrace the intangible energy that exists between time and space, action and inactivity, light and dark.

How do we enter the new reality?

Through time and space, open up time and space in your life.

Specifically through reconnecting to real time, whilst still functioning with the civil calendar (artificial time of the normal 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 12/24 hours, 7 day week, 30 day month, 12 month year starting on January 1st). The civil calendar (Saturn Enchantment) being a product of recorded history, a structure that is now eroding and becoming less viable as the determiner of our reality context.

and of course navigating contemporary mainstream time that I will summarize as a memetic

tick-tock-tick-tock, 24-7, on the hour every hour, the city that never sleeps, time is money, keep up, know whats trending, the incessant impulse of material progress and consumption...

So we also need an awareness of

1. The 260 day calendar is the time of gestating potentials and the involution of the soul into linear time-space.

2. Body time aka the real time of  nature which is based on, firstly : the unit of time, the day; sunrise, mid day-Sun at highest point, sunset, midnight-Sun at lowest point;

Secondly: Moon Cycle and thirdly: the Yearly Cycle based on real astronomical factors, ie Solstices and Equinoxes.

There is a lot to say about all of this, but contemplate your daily mode and rhythms, your natural seasonal rhythms and lunar responses...

All scales of time and all measurements of time evoke a corresponding scale and complexity of space

Do you have enough time?
Most of us would say that we do not?
So, this begs the question are we running out of time?
Yes, but only on one level of reality.
We are all feeling a degree of being short of time, an anxiety about how much there is to do to keep our lives together.
There is an urgency in human society, it is not just because we have the internet (more to be involved with) this urgency is within the fabric of the energy field we are walking around in, the very fabric of time/space within the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. There is a planetary change occurring, I doubt whether many people would seriously disagree with the idea that we living in the midst of a large scale transformation of human existence. At the root of this urgency is an imperative to change and/or adapt to the emerging new conditions of life. We are all feeling it personally and reactively but should we not be addressing the cause of this urgency, which is an evolutionary imperative.
What is the evolutionary imperative?
What is the energy field change?
And what is the energy field? 
These are issues that I address in my central thesis...

The Enchantments of Life
A new paradigm that brings together astrology, metaphysics and mysticism with developmental psychology and integral theory to create a new integrated theory of the evolutionary condition of human consciousness.
 An approach that enables you to ask better questions and to inspire you to harness and engage with your vision for life on Earth and within Earth’s domain.
Existence is a co-creation and everyone including you is involved in the co-creation of our manifest experience. The vision you hold and you already do have a vision, is contributing to our unfolding reality. Your vision is your contribution and is valuable, now more than ever as the world we live with undergoes transformation.
The Expansion of your Awareness
We have our existence, our being within different scales of energy fields, each energy field is enchanting us, evoking an experience.
Each scale of energy has a specific calibration based on the way we measure and name time and space, these calibrations are codings hidden in plain sight, part of our commonplace but taken for granted reality. Each enchantment corresponds to a particular embrace of community that comes with a definition of community and a specific ethical consideration, a certain number of people that we identify with and relate to. Evolution of consciousness is an increasing embrace of existence, and expanding connection to more time, space, people and life forms.
The Enchantments of Life reframes all of the issues of our world, be it population, energy, resources, the environment, economy, technology, the way we ingest media and information, our relationship with our time and the spaces we move around in and our role in this life. The Enchantments of Life and the Enchantments Principle enables you to break out of the many impoverished cliches that are inhibiting the human potential.
Laurence James Lucas originator of The Enchantments of Life a new approach for a world in transition 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

13 Wind, Tuesday


Did you know that most people leave a website after 10 seconds, ah that is the price for living in interesting times, we have all gone manic and anxious. Loads of time on the internet with no time to look at anything interesting!

Andy Warhols '15 minutes of fame' is an eternity on a website!

Here is a challenge for new visitors get to the end of the page and you will have risen above the mass hysteria...can you do it? (Oh he's gone already, something I said?)

Today is 13 Wind in the Mayan Calendar and so the attention span of web users is a very relevant.

The Dog Timewave of companionship and guidance releases its form today and is converted into information; emotion is transmuted into data. The whole feeling of this Timewave is harvested and fed back into the matrix.

A day where you flit from one thing to another, from one person to another -- texting, facebooking, emailing.

Message the world.

Alternatively, you write up your recent experiences, you convert experience into information -- a story, a report or a even a statistical analysis.

Or, you release yourself from the internet, from writing and communicating, feeling emotionally free and in doing so you are allowing your subconscious to receive new data from involvement with random activities.

So today, the challenge is to slow your self down a bit and be more efficient.

Take time off from the internet...you will still feel the need to do many different activities things but  allow yourself to release all activity every so often, wait until you are impelled to do something useful.

okay thank you...you can go now...why not go here

Monday, 2 March 2015

12 Crocodile, Monday

Both images on this page by Tataiana Plakhova of complexitygraphics.com, my favourite artist of the moment.

A good day for emotional intelligence and awareness of how life is always supporting and feeding us.

 The essential substance of existence is a supply of unlimited energy and unlimited sustenance. Today look for the nourishment that life is supplying and understand that existence is by its very nature, supply.

The Dog Timewave can be understood by the mind today. 12 Crocodile says we cannot let the mind control our emotions rigidly if we are to receive and give nourishment. Today we align our mind with the higher truth of the all pervading omniscient consciousness, the background supply that is inherent within everything and exteriorized as everything.

Crocodile is the face of the Goddess, nurturing and loving, yet jealous, dark and foreboding if scorned. Pay homage today to the Goddess and be gifted with a deep understanding of your needs and the needs of those around you.

As planetary consciousness emerges more strongly in the decades to come, one of the tasks/ opportunities is the ability to emotionally feel the personal auric space, the body of light. This is the extended egg of life force or chi that is integrating mind, body, emotions and that includes the imagination. We will learn and have to learn to be conscious of our perception filters and the interface with the collective environment so that we can understand the energy, information and emotion that is flooding through us.

The psychic fecundity of the highly charged plasma environment enables a whole new level of feeling, a higher resonant emotional connection. The challenge includes greater awareness of energy transmission--the totality of our output of emotions and thoughts--in order to regulate our magnetism. The totality of our output attracts same same, self reinforcing reality tunnels. The challenge also includes consciously filtering out that which does not support or nurture our expression.

The gifts include the ability to feel greater unity, love and communion with all manner of people.

I developed a lightbody practice in the 1990s, which is based on expanding the ball of chi to a full twenty foot diameter egg, this allows for a continuum of felt sensation from body to full personal auric space and the interface with collective energy and informational fields. The interface points in the energy field can plug into any type of cosmic energy, so willed. Many years later I am still developing this ability, it is a slow process at present, but as the energy change accelerates this will become much more available to a lot more people.

This may sound a science fiction-esque, but really it is very intuitive and natural.

The environment is always offering us the nourishment we need.We will be able to absorb more light and synthesize more nutrients directly from the plasma as the planetary field awakens. Similarly, free energy technologies that draw upon the environmental energy are already available (we are not in Kansas any more Dorothy) it is the totality of human consciousness that is presently inhibiting the full development. If enough people become aware of the abundance of every kind of energy that is inherent within the planetary field then no amount of suppression would stop the manifestation of a whole new civilization.


A powerful and very important full moon on Thursday in England, Friday here in HK. 

This coming full moon is less than two weeks away from the exact Uranus square with Pluto, the last exact square of the 2012 era. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This full moon is really challenging and quite crucial, it feels to me as if it has evolutionary consequences. The energy straddles 2 Lizard and 3 Serpent, flavoured by 2 Lizard especially as it will be 2 Lizard GMT at the moment of the full moon at 18.07 GMT on the 5th March. This speaks to me of the bifurcation of the timelines that I talked about recently (Here)

Now is the time for a can-do attitude, take on the responsibility of your life situation and dig deep to find the positive attitude based on abundance and compassion, whilst not getting hyped up with heat and uber-aggressive will, tricky? Yes very, there is a need to approach any difficulties with refinement and grace whilst under pressure. Evoke patience, diligence and concentration. Harbour the intent that the world can change towards the benevolent and be prepared to play your small part. Be mindful around this full moon.

The whole of March we are dealing with strong energies, ( to add to the picture a total eclipse on the 20th and Saturn going retrograde on the 14th)...now , remember when this happens, when we are dealing with strong energies there is enormous opportunity for positive change

Sunday, 1 March 2015

11 Flower or Sun, Sunday

A day where a door opens into the light.

All types of consciousness are substances

The form cracks open to reveal the Light. Following the Light through the crack, a whole new universe appears before us, previously invisible but always present.

The world is made of Light. We can use the broad brush truth of the spectrum of light to describe reality.

The chakras correspond to the seven colours of light as a metaphor of frequency. Crown is White and Violet, Brow is Indigo, Throat is Blue, Heart is Green, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Spleen is Orange, Root is Red.

In my experience I have found we are operating through two or three chakras at a time, generally speaking. For each stage of development, we have two dominant chakras open. That’s not to say we cannot have more than three open, but two dominate at any one time.

The manifest world is comprised of a different recipe of light for each form. Each form -- be that a rock, a car, a tree or a human -- is the 'solidified' form of a unique kaleidoscopic mix.

11 Sun, also known as 11 Flower or Lord, is a day where reality opens to allow us to read the frequency mix.

Our emotions are an expression of the flow of received light filtering through us, then becoming our transmission of light.

Our emotions are especially felt in the abdomen and heart and yet they are as light all around us. We live in our emotions and see through the filter of our emotions. The light of the aura is on a finer frequency than the light we can see with our normal vision.

We have our being and move around in the concentrated light near to our body, but that radiates out into the whole cosmos as a whisper. In effect, we are also walking around in the collective light transmissions of human society. We particularly pick up on those transmissions that resonate with ours. If we are in a group of people surrounded by incongruous light transmissions, our body of light is either not in resonance, which then creates the feeling of loneliness, or we receive that light and feel disturbed.

Unless, of course, we can transcend the base frequencies and find a more subtle resonance with people on a higher level, which invariably means operating through the Heart more than the Spleen or Solar Plexus.