Friday, 30 April 2010

13 Jaguar, 30 April 2010

The ever-present wild life force enriches this day as the atmosphere is quietly crackling with cat-like anticipation and the air seethes with mysterious, brooding, feminine intelligence, stalking us, to remind us, that life is alive and not just an idea in our heads.

The Wind god can be an angry god and on this day, being the last day of his timewave, he disperses his energy--maybe through anger to clear the air, either verbally or through dramatic thunder and lightning storms.

A good day to align with your shamanic instinct.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

12 Skywalker, 29 April 2010

A day of great clarity. You see your life with real detachment, from above; with this, a profound understanding is possible. The mind is aligned with higher complex ordered intelligence.

Surrendering to the intelligence above, you receive intelligence so as to formulate intelligence and bring understanding into the ground.

Be an Earth mirror to the Sky and Stars.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

11 Human, Wednesday 28 April 2010

A good day to listen and be open to receive. Abundance is being offered, new potentials could open up. Be alert enough to read the signs and hear the messages.

Have an empty mind, but do not be an airhead.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monkey 10, Tuesday 27 April 2010

Monkey 10 is the manifestation day of this, the Wind timewave. The Monkey is an artisan, a creator of the tapestry of reality, sculpting reality from thought forms, ideas and perspectives.

This can be a tricky old day as you see ideas and words solidify, revealing the sometimes shocking or unsightly form that actually manifests. However, any problems we see can be changed as you recognize they are but impermanent perceptions in the cosmic ocean.

Monkey knows that information has limited value because Monkey is the one that plays with all ideas, all threads, to create the illusion of form. Monkey teaches us to laugh at ourselves if we take anything to be absolute gospel, be that science or spiritual philosophy.

So give it up a little today. Enjoy music and art and the wonderful absurdity of the world.

Or: a brilliant day to create a poetic witty composition.

Monday, 26 April 2010

9 Dog, Monday 26 April 2010

A day of clear conscious communication that is emotionally connected as you awaken the soul's memory of who you are in relation to society and evoke the soul in your emotional body. Today you can feel how life reaches out to you. You are not alone; there are special people in your life and life itself is sharing your journey with you.

Open to a higher perspective on your mood and your emotions. Feel into the simplicity of love, rather than the imperfections of your experience with others.

8 Moon, Sunday 25 April 2010

Living with the richness of soul sometimes means accepting the existential bleakness as well as the bliss. The sum total is a quiet joy, free of expectations or demands, that opens your heart to another without too much sentiment or need.

Friday, 23 April 2010

7 Rabbit or Star, Saturday 24 April 2010

Sparkling with radiant connection, you flit from here to there, spreading the love or at least some abundant and fecund creative ideas. A sparkly day, a resonant day, meaning a day that mirrors the totality of existence.

We can say today is a fractal of the cosmic light of creation. Enjoy the abundance of today--the natural inherent abundance--without too much expenditure. You do not need to get carried away with money, partying too hard or any kind of excess. Be in the abundance by allowing the light to shine through you.

6 Deer or Grasp Friday 23 April 2010

Today has an organic flow about it, a good day to surf, holding and releasing moving through the data stream. A day of finesse and subtle responsiveness. Stay tuned, alert yet relaxed, then move and sense when to hold your attention steady.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

5 Skull April 22 2010

A day of strength, realism and positive detachment that allows you to make changes where necessary and/or operate in the more visceral realms of material reality.

Cut back, detach from the crowd come back to your core, and be a little cynical if necessary
Be at the centre of your group and be detached enough to be an enabler for your community.

Enjoy some backbone attitude.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

4 Serpent, Wednesday 21 April 2010

Own your Self Interest; we need you to survive and be healthy. Listen to the survival instinct today as the foundation for your own power.

In the Wind time wave, your role as a communicator and disseminater requires you firstly to be firmly planted in the seat of your life force.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

3 Seed or Lizard, Tuesday 20 April 2010

The ever-changing platform of your life. You have an essential destiny to become conscious of, but the details of that destiny are not all worked out--life is dynamic. You have a template for this incarnation, but it is not set in stone.

Today, see the shifting intentionality within existence, which is partially created by forces of consciousness larger than ourselves. Enjoy the vitalizing force of an intelligence so vast we cannot grasp it, but which has the interests of our life within its knowing.

Monday, 19 April 2010

2 Dark Night, Monday 19 April 2010

Be at home in between the polarities.

The existential nature of life is sometimes (a time like today for example) a comforting place in which to surrender, so that we are deeply at home in the midst of eternity.

After yesterday's activation comes the space, the silence and the void. Feel the pull of opposites and live betwixt them.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

One Wind, Sunday 18 April 2010

Get ready for a new 13-day timewave that begins today as the Wind archetype activates.

The Breath of the Divine will send you a message today--a sudden noise, an angry word, a disembodied spirit whispering in your ear, a gust of wind or a vibration from an animal can all activate you.

The Wind can polarize an issue to push you further. Sometimes we have to see the world in black and white before we can proceed.

A timewave of powerful messaging, twittering, phoning, emailing and the spoken word, be a messenger and receiver with a “yes, let's do it” attitude.

Do those yogic breathing exercises, be the communication and respond.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Moon Timewave (to 17 April)

As I am away in the UK for about a month, seeing individual clients for astrological consultations and taking a break from the Internet (computer fasting), I have preloaded each 13-day timewave in its entirety. Scroll down to find today.

13 Crocodile or Dragon, Saturday 17 April 2010
Surrender to life today and it should treat you well. The Cosmic Mother force: “Strong it is.”

12 Sun, Lord or Flower, Friday 16 April 2010
The understanding of soulfulness is available today. A good day to express the subtle, to write poetically yet with meaning. The subtle has power today; light rays can instruct you and teach you substantial truths. Use the mind to empower yourself with sacred connection. Understand the intelligence in a new metaphor or a new symbol with full clarity today.

11 Storm, Thursday 15 April 2010
The solidity of yesterday is released. Turgid emotions are shaken off; you feel energized by new experiences or variants. Your energy crackles as you move through the electrical nature of novelty, adjusting the templates of your soul.

10 Obsidian or Mirror, Wednesday 14 April 2010
The world appears as a solid hologram, reflecting your inner feelings. A good day to understand the power of our projection.

9 Earthmover, Tuesday 13 April 2010
Awaken to the changes that rumble in the soul. Soul memory is memory from beyond time/space that comes from your past, but not from your history. Do you remember how this moment was seeded?

Today is about awareness of large cycles of time, change and evolution through powerfully evocative yet abstract feelings.

8 Warrior or Owl, Monday 12 April 2010
Commitment to your role in the matrix as defined by the last timewave (Warrior Timewave, starting 23 March). Look after the self by deciding to live your truth, so as to be strong enough to be a healing presence.

7 Eagle, Sunday 11 April 2010
Move into resonance today with the mind of the world. See the potential of the Internet and the worldwide telepathic web as a vehicle for compassion.

6 Jaguar, Saturday 10 April 2010
The feeling self is an instinctive self, prowling the unseen environment of the World Soul. Enjoy the half-formed thoughts that arise and sink in your consciousness.

5 Skywalker or Reed, Friday 9 April 2010
A day of internal energy. Be detached and observe the world all around you. Increase your ability to centre yourself within your soul by sensitizing yourself to yourself first, before opening up into the human and cosmic environment. Within yourself, see the reflected fractal of the whole cosmos, but know that it is your own unique filtered version of all that is.

4 Human, Thursday 8 April 2010
A day of collective feeling. Today we will feel part of the human collective ocean. We all walk a path that has an essential similarity to the paths of all others.

3 Monkey, Wednesday 7 April 2010
Last time we experienced a 3 Monkey (that is, 260 days ago), the day started for me with an amazing lucid dream of floating across the land in a way that felt like running without running. The dream experience felt so familiar and so real. This speaks to me of the energy of dreams and how they affect our ‘real world’.

The playful spirit of 3 Monkey knows no boundaries and crosses the object–subject divide.

2 Dog, Tuesday 6 April 2010
The duality of feelings from the soul manifests in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also gives the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other.

Sometimes two people can act as one and look out together into the world.

1 Moon or Water, Monday 5 April 2010
The new Moon Timewave brings us into the deepest and most subtle feelings, the soulful and the ethereal. The teaching of Muluc (Mayan name) is how to be in the flow of life’s energies; how to surrender and feel and thereby be connected to the River of Life. Give of yourself.