Sunday, 31 January 2016

9 Vulture, Sunday

Heightened Perspective Today
A high-synchronicity day as alignment with Earth magnetics is heightened. Deep feelings are evoked as intense energy passes through you opening your awareness beyond your usual emotional, mental, ethical, philosophical and aspirational constraints.

Today you can be conscious of larger cycles and chapters in your life. What is coming towards completion? Access this energy through stillness, strength and confidence in your truth. Truth is the connection between Heaven and Earth through the central channel of your subtle body.

Remembering your truth from beyond time

Soul memory is the memory beyond time, which we can connect to at the end and beginning of personal cycles  for this is when small portals open for us to access time beyond the time we normally think of as time.
Today is a good day for transcendental freedom.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

8 Eagle, Saturday Mercury conjunct Pluto

What is present? 

What is here, available and moving through you?

What is?

A day of integration as you feel the need to be who you are without effort or effect, to clear your vision of impassioned views, so as to allow all of your perspectives their place within your psyche. A certain degree of emptiness allows us to see more of who we are, rather than just one facet.

The commitment today is to the integrated self that stands before you, the degree of integration you can recognize at present.

What is present? What is here available and moving through you? The Immanence.

Eagle is sometimes known as 'Metal' by the Maya of the Highlands. This is because of the Eagle's ability to see an expansive worldly vision and is thus associated with money and wealth. Day 8 is a day of commitment. So, if you have a vision, one that was forming during the last Timewave, take note and recognize its value.

Opportunity is present, abundance is available, we often cannot see it because generally speaking we get in our own way. Call upon yourself, call upon your higher self to perceive what is immediately present.


The Dream Seeds I talked about yesterday are tangible potentials in the etheric psyche of our planet and belong to the Devic realm. I suggest the Dream Seeds are not easily accessible via clairvoyance, as they are deep within the shamanic mainframe.

Today though, we are in touch with the more accessible visions of Eagle. 8 Eagle speaks to us of the immanence within the sky and the terrestrial stratosphere, whereby the potentials from within the Devic kingdom can be selected and refined and choices are committed to.

Today's commitment is made within the perceptional field, where your energy naturally interpenetrates the collective human consciousness and where that also meets the Earth mind.
This energy is modified by the exact conjunction today of Pluto with Mercury both square Uranus as the collective mind grapples with itself trying to find some simple core truths to live by.
However as you can see in the chart we are dealing with extraordinary complexity, Mars in Scorpio is heavily involved as it Chiron, in a loose conjunction with the south node.

Saturn is involved in a secondary manner and a trine to the Node exactly conjuncting Jupiter. The asteroids Vesta and Juno are also involved

Mars (with Juno) is fuelling the desire to get to the core emotional truth that exists within the emotional terrain, not one’s personal truth but the truth that is found within the interactive emotional and energetic space between people. This truth is not static and is not intellectual, it brings up all of the emotional complex. Is truth ever really to be found in the intellect? 

Now we can potentially really empathize with others and at the same time see why they are wrong! However in their faulty reasoning is the way that they make their life work. And we look ourselves and see our own paradox. And we look at the shit mess of the world, it looks hopeless, except of course that we know that it is not. So with this energy we tend to get lost in the myriad of complex and heated and simmering emotions. The Moon squares the Mercury-Pluto, oh for gods’sake…

Chiron is pulling us back to find safe ground, in the transcendental, within trivia and within our own little corner, but that space is disturbed with uncertainty. Uranus (with Vesta) says let us just wait,  for something new to happen, fuck it I will watch a good film, this unending resolved drama is so hideously boring. 

Saturn (trine to Uranus)says it will continue to proceed at a snail’s space, but you have to be seriously looking for a long term trajectory, a philosophic view, a future you can build. 

The way forward is normally found in the North Node. 

The Moons North Node is in Virgo at the 23rd degree  suggesting patient, disciplined, work, service, attention to detail, careful actions and integrity.

We need to save the environment, except the movement has been co-opted by another agenda that is steering it away from the real issues, the economy might collapse soon, what can we do about that, the governments are lying more than ever before, except too many people are unwilling to be so ‘irrational’ to believe that there is a major conspiracy, the internet is amazing except that it is revealing too much truth about the corruption, way far more than I can handle, I need to earn money, I need to stay focused, even though the world looks like it is falling apart. It is all hopeless, except of course it’s not and I feel okay.

 Jupiter is there make everything somewhat overwhelming with too much to attend to, but we have to get on with it and work and apply ourselves diligently in as many areas as possible.

Except the bastard is retrograde.

Well reasoned, carefully thought out, strategic action is futile.

The Sun in Aquarius is in very loose connections to the rest of the chart with a 30 degree connection to Neptune in Pisces. The Sun shows us the whole chart it is adrift, bobbing around in the collective ocean. Likewise very loose with Venus in Capricorn who is cheerfully getting on with the practical things with others as if nothing is really happening, even though the shadow of Pluto is on the periphery. 

The Sun is trine TL66 in Gemini, this affects the big picture and subtle levels, this speaks of the timeline change and the fluctuation and the preparation, as humanity is in a flux adaptive state, things are chaotic, open, malleable and intent is being honed.

We do what we can, adjusting to circumstances on a day by day basis, keeping a sense of humour and staying open.

Back to Mercury-Pluto, surrender the monkey mind to a deeper impulse, feel your way through it clear a bit space maybe or if you feel moved to do so go back over something that might seem unimportant and attend to that. Some profound ideas will surface, log them, shelf them, let them continue to percolate.

Energy for transformation is slowly emerging through us, to be found within our responses to that which we feel is essential. Stuff is falling away and we are gaining a sense of openness to life itself.

Friday, 29 January 2016

7 Jaguar, Friday

Jaguar is at home in the shadows. Today you have a resonant connection to the underworld or shadow perspective of all that glitters. The light bright glamour of the material world, the allure of charisma, the magnetic attraction of people and places all springs from cosmic light. The light of the stars shine with wonder from the inky night sky. The glamour of the consensual world is fading, so we are to look into the darkness, beyond the foreground brights lights that are being presented to us to see the next level of luminosity. The Earth is recalibrating and we are to come into resonance with the powerful influx from the cosmos in this 2012 era. Yet to do this requires the instincts of the stalking jaguar, there is no herd to follow.

Be brave, strike out into the darkness and stalk your power, today you can feel that resonance.

Use your imagination evocatively. The imagination is your interface with other dimensions, it contains your filters, your personal way of translating and perceiving, but it is the interface. The virtual world of the imagination is a two way mirror and if you activate your imagination, you will learn to be receptive to incoming imagery not generated by your mind. Today is a good to be evocative.

You can transcend easy definitions of good and bad and enable yourself to be playful with the astral realms, whilst holding the light. Sometimes we must venture into unknown realms in order to gain the necessary power for our survival in this world.

The activated imagination acts as an invitation to the otherness of the Sacred Calendar we are following here, an invitation for the spirit of Supranature to pierce your walls of perception. Life is anthropomorphic -- it really is alive; this is not just our projection. The calendar is attuned to the lifeforms that inhabit the living field that permeates our planet and galaxy.

Today, attune to the veiled but immanent energy and enjoy your instinctive intelligence. A good day for shamanic awakening.

Starlight reverberates throughout the earthly realms and stabilizes as the Dream Seeds of the Earth, which contain all future potentials, including the futuristic communities and technologies of a post-material civilization, not limited by terrestrial consciousness.

The Jaguar Shaman talks and listens to the Earth's Dream Seeds.

For some time Mercury and Pluto have been in a conjunction. The exact conjunction of Mercury with Pluto is tomorrow and Jaguar 7 strongly connects in with this planetary aspect.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

6 Reed, Thursday

A day where the energy moves organically from one thing to another. You may feel like you are skimming from person to person and/or event to event, detached but conscious with an overlighting intelligence.

Day 6 in all Timewaves is both structured and moving; it exhibits the quality of rhythm, so potentially you can move from one thing to another with a sense of satisfaction, shaping and forming your ideas and your different endeavours.

Skywalker or Reed is the overlight that shines down into the earth, like a lazer beam, the guidance, the teaching, the informational structure. Our challenge is to receive this guidance, without rigidly concluding anything. It is very easy to over-interpret what life is teaching us and to assume a finality.

"I am always like this, I always do that, I always fail, I never get this, She always does that, He is always..." etc.

Maintain a detachment from your conclusions and evaluations. They may be true for now, but not for all time. Listen to the teaching without immortalizing it.

In a natural and easy way, ideas or an insight emerge today that creates a basis for being in the rhythm of life's abundance.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

5 Good Road, Wednesday

Today, enjoy the fullness of life through emptying your mind to become the cup, the vessel and the conduit for communal energy.

Day 4 of every timewave creates a four-cornered foundation. The 5th day of each timewave brings an opening in the centre of that square. Specifically, yesterday we recognized the creative spirits who live parallel to our world; today, the fifth day of the Rabbit timewave, we come back inside ourselves to the heart and to the anticipation we feel as we walk upon the long good road of life.

The recognition that life is an adventure is the key in our hearts to abundance. The message is to enjoy the mystery of the journey, rather than fixating the mind on the arrival. On the long good road of life you will meet many people and, if you meet them from your heart, they will be the deliverers of abundance on every level.

5 Human in the Rabbit Timewave says to me: "Life offers us many choices. Stay with the adventure of it, no matter what path you take."

The day requires us to find the calling within the heart, feel the sense of anticipation that resides within you.

For me personally
I am having reminders of my vista of the world, and further insights and a profound sense of it, however it is complex so it needs a sustained effort over years to get it out.

I cannot see the reward, when so many things seem to require more immediate attention. 

Knowing what I have to do, but feeling both an inertia and yet recognizing that things can't be need to do that much right now, but to feel the connection to the heart's desire.

The Pause Button

There is a general sense out there and with my clients of a reluctance to act upon things, waiting, contemplating not quite sure how to proceed. It is January so this is not particular unusual except with the Mercury conjunct Pluto and Jupiter retrograde on North Node in Virgo it is more profound and I believe plugs into the Timeline Choice for our species. When will it break? It feels to me at the moment like a slow process within the individual and collective psyches that will take months.

The Environment

And one more thing, I am seeing people get angry on FB that there is not a big consensus on the environmental issue. 

"Why are people so apathetic?"

Because they know that the debate is politicized and manipulative, the agenda being pushed has nothing or rather hardly anything to do with any beneficial actions on climate change. What is key, is that which is NOT talked about in the mainstream. In particular space weather and long term environmental changes and the man made aspect of pollution. Another issue that is talked about honestly which is essential is energy, how we derive our energy. 

The general apathy is due to the enormous deception being played on the public and the use of threat rather than honest reason and science. 

We can extend recognition this to the total environment which includes the social marketplace, the human collective dialogue and narrative. 

 There is so much innovation and genius in the world coming to the surface right now, but the deep geo-political forces are frightened of it, for they will lose their control. This is why the world is not progressing at present.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

4 Monkey, Tuesday

What is the foundation for a life that is radiant and shines with the magical light of a free spirit?

A recognition that life is creative and playful, but full of challenging moments and the odd comic trickster. The comedic elemental will yield to you if you have the courage to live your life without the trap-pings of social conditioning.

The 4th day of each timewave tells us about the underlying principle, the foundation of truth, for the whole timewave. The Rabbit timewave, which is the multiplication of all things, is underpinned by the creativity, humour and trickster spirit of Monkey. Creativity springs from the elemental kingdom, a parallel kingdom to humanity. These elemental beings are right little monkeys, for they create just for the sake of creation. The elementals are automatons really, they just say yes.

So be spontaneous today. Respond to the inherent creativity of today with a sense of humour and the day will bring pleasant surprises.

Dare, be courageous and life will respond, work is play, play is work, secure yourself by recognizing you are co-creating your life with your energy and consciousness.

You are not victim to the world, for the creative spirits that inherent within all the environment, just reflect back to you your consciousness. Step into the space of knowing you are creating your life.

A day of connection to the muses and the elementals.

Add to this the recognition of the Mercury change to forward direction conjunct Pluto and you should have an information byte or deep understanding within your mind and/or received that is expresses transformation for you right now. In other words a fresh idea or understanding that is important for you to register, some lateral thought or awareness should have entered into your psyche.

For me the last two days have been very interesting and I am writing....

Monday, 25 January 2016

3 Dog, Monday

The emotional body is energized today. And doesn't it feel good.

Today is a day for dynamic exchange and social activity. A day of energizing emotive communication. This is a great day to be with people and enjoy their company, for it is through others that we feel the real abundance of life.


A day of feeling nurtured by the abundance of life all around you and the opportunities in front of you.

A day of new emotional energy as you refresh your feeling for life or feel inspired yet very unsettled.

Receive and accept the energy, recognize that today is invigorating a part of your life.

The post full moon and Mercury forward energy (conjunct Pluto), fits perfectly with the Tzolkin frequency today. Take note of your thinking, others messages that feel pertinent and any fresh impulses today, as they point you in the direction of progression.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

2 Water, Sunday

We live the result of the duality of our desires and the duality within all action, intent and thought. The abundance of things in this beautiful world to entertain us, study, act upon or long for, comes with the inevitable cost of the energetic clash they create within us. We could call it Karma, the shadow of all agency, or more accurately, our unconsciousness of the totality of any action.
There is no escaping it, unless you choose the transcendental path. Excitement breeds anxiety, bliss breeds deflation and inertia, even joy can breed depression, if we chase it. 

  Today is a good day to clear your energy field, burn incence, ask for forgiveness from life, forgive life and give thanks for your life as it is. Accept the duality of agency and release yourself from struggle today.

A day of two atmospheres, two feelings and the contrast of two environments and how they complement, conflict or converge with each other.
The second day of each timewave reveals the inherent duality and challenge within the whole timewave. With Rabbit timewave, we ask "Where is the substance behind the abundance?" The answer is within the soul, within relationship.
2 Water asks us to feel into the multitude of objects, people, ideas and energies and to recognize their energetic signatures. Is each emergence in resonance with our soul state? Is it abundant or is it pulling us in the wrong direction? Are we dissolving our soul in the welter of abundance or expanding our field of consciousness? 

Themes in the air right now with the Uranus square Pluto peaking and Full Moon and Mercury change of direction...

The energy of the psychic environment is all twisted up, we have all been pulled, stretched and squashed and the 'solution' is to be in it, to feel it and see what is being cooked, what essence of strength and valuable novelty is residing in the seat of your soul.

This moon cycle is in synch with the 260 count, 2 Water is reflecting both the full moon (Sun opposite Moon) and the Mercury standstill with Pluto.

Something is being pulled apart, to strip down feelings to the raw truth and essential confidence you own, a core voice that knows the transformational path to take.

You can unravel the twisted emotional complex that is apparent right now, not through straight forward logic, but through deep emotional intelligence. You have many emotional 'successes'  to look back on, what is an emotional success? These are moments when your soul was fully activated, peak experiences. A peak experiences enable you to feel alive and feel truly connected to life. You are engaged in life because of the flow of a  multitude of peak experiences, these can sexual, romantic, physical exercises, sporting, getting high, taking drugs, dancing, mystical experiences, inspirations and accomplishments and the first time you experienced various luxuries or status acquisitions. There comes time where attaining highs of any particular kind, of the same kind just becomes grasping and not a high at all. You cannot keep pursuing the same things that worked for you in the past, new motivations must be sought.

Ego development is important and is led by experiencing satiation of desire, this comes with a consequence, an emotional attachment to those moments of aliveness, so as the ego matures and is now felt as a burden, the whole complex of experience can weigh heavy.

So we are asked to appreciate our development through enjoying the emotional attainment of our lifetime, appreciate the joy of that first taste or satisfying all consuming experience of sex, falling in love, illicit pleasure, social celebration, those times when you shone, when you were the centre of attention or where you experienced extreme vitality, blissed out joy or the excitement of a thrilling event, a gig, a festival, party, feeling part of a spiritual movement or being totally inspired.

So what is next? 
If you are older, then excitement and bliss have been explored, a new state is being sought, a new bio-chemical-electrical trigger is needed, often something more profound.

However there is always a need to feel fresh, such as in traveling or moving home, learning something new and always the need to get into the body, to exercise in some way.

This full moon is offering some healing, to make you feel whole, a wholeness of expanded awareness that takes in the highs and lows and the psychological complexity of a human being, a bitter sweet, melancholic joy and a raw encounter with who you are.  

Something in you, knows how to change and/or refresh your life and knows the way forward and this core-intelligence can be heard over the next couple of days or so and gradually enacted this spring.

LINK The energy of this full moon  has manifested most obviously in USA,

Saturday, 23 January 2016

1 Rabbit, Saturday

The last timewave ended with a vision -- or an opening of the energy field -- to a larger sense of reality. The 13th day of any timewave always opens up into the next timewave.

The Rabbit or Star timewave is about the multiplication in all directions of all things. 
Thirteen days of abundance.

This new timewave brings light, abundance and vitality; it is fun, can be superficial and even slightly silly, and of course overwhelming -- but it radiates a joyful luminescence that originates within your cosmic heart.
Thirteen days that are fertile, creative, playful and beautiful.

Stay conscious within the radiant explosion. Enjoy it, but do not completely acquiesce, agree or invest all of your energy in everything that comes along.
This is the evaluation of the energy on its frequency. However at the moment the astral energy is permeating the world and to connect to this radiance and beauty that Rabbit evokes we have to look beyond the false light.
The false light is very strong in the world now, it is the pretension of light that is created by the dark agents that seek to control the Earth, these are inter-dimensional beings who work through their terrestrial agents. The false light is most apparent within the naive elements of celebrity, the hidden elements of religion, finance, politics and saccharine changelings that seek to cajole the spiritually minded into inertia.
So, look to connect to the radiance from natural environments, to connect to the positive elements of Rabbit.

Do not spend all of your energy reserve. 

The Full Moon is coming as Mercury gradually grinds to halt on Pluto, hear the sound of transformation, in words

Friday, 22 January 2016

13 Hand or Deer, Friday

A day where you feel some elation. Feel the bliss of releasing an enduring block and, in so doing, re-grasping something from your past that you reluctantly thought you had to surrender forever.


Release your grasp and be ready to hold something far bigger, perhaps a larger concept of life or understanding. But do not grasp it tightly; be silent with it and receive it.

The last day of the Eagle timewave gives us the opportunity to glimpse a much larger vision of our life -- if we can let go of at least some of our old imaginings, mental constructs and subconscious projections about our future. Let go of some old security to welcome more plenitude into your life, the plenitude that comes from grace and openness.

Release let go and then judge where it is you re-grasp and regain control.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

12 Skull, Thursday

Life begins as undifferentiated wholeness. Then, through contrast, life becomes richer, more conscious of itself. Endings and beginnings, separations, barriers, boundaries, restrictions, structures, renewals, discovery - all of these principal experiences bring lucidity.

Today is a great day for structure, as this day can give you the cold-bone reasoning and clear understandings that the mind is comfortable with.

The potential of this day is that you can actually feel a sense of regeneration. Skull is death and rebirth and, when combined with the mental clarity of 12, it allows for a consciously chosen change.

A good day to appreciate limitations within your life and how these limitations bring you more consciousness. By recognizing the value of a limitation, by feeling the profound validity of a restriction, you open the door to a transformation in an area of your life you have been experiencing as frustrating or blocked.

Work with limitation consciously in order to be free.


 The story that will not go away, planet X(link)

and here is a rich guy talking sense

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

11 Serpent, Wednesday

Today the energy focus is on survival, both physical and financial. However, do not react from a place of fear -- go deeper.

Tune into the life force in your body today.

Your cellular impulses are adjusted by whatever direction is taken by your attention and imagination. This adaptation to your vision is an instinctive process.

Do not underestimate the power of your life force, the deepest level of desire you have.

The door into this base energy opens for you today. The Serpent life force has an instinctive intelligence that can lead you in the best direction for your survival and flourishment.

Adjustment, adaptability, improvement and some gentle releasing as you allow your higher intelligence to direct your energy towards the actions you need to take.

I was sent this article (below) this morning and it feels very pertinent to the times we are in and to 11 Serpent.
The anti-intellectualism we are experiencing is due to the intense emotional friction and the saying 'I do not give a fuck'  seems to be very popular...

"we've added a lot more mental clutter, a lot more obligation and therefore a lot more mental anxiety and a lot more guilt and those are the things I'm trying to pare down in my life by not over committing "

The adjustments we are having to make involve knowing what to let go and 11 Serpent, is an opportunity to feel into the important things in your life, by seeing where your energy is being sapped unnecessarily...

How to declutter your life by not giving a fuck

Of course that is not the end of the process, taken to the Nth degree 'not giving a fuck' leads to nihilism for we have to find what we truly care about, which starts with those we love and the world we live in. Cynicism towards much of the mainstream seems to be a healthy emotion in this epoch, and decluttering our mind of outdated conditioning regarding the present social system is an important part of being the change we wish to see.

What about the pursuit of happiness? This seems to be a flawed idea for this period at least, a pursuit of happiness will push it away, pursuing happiness through money, status, unending pleasure, perpetual bliss and inspiration, is not really appropriate to the present condition. As ever, looking to live with a sense of purpose, without to much fanfare would appear to be our best option. First things first declutter, Jupiter retrograde in Virgo on the Node, speaks of this.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

10 Lizard, Tuesday

Key: Vision experienced, immanence, involvement in the dream, experiential state of consciousness, stepping into awareness.

Today, being Day 10 in the Eagle timewave, the soft focus of seeing existence with the clear unsentimental vision of Eagle produces the manifestation of a tangible intention or a visceral psychic connection to the intelligence of life.

A good day to see the present condition and symbolic picture of your life template. A good day to feel the sense or envisage the intent for your purpose and being.

Everything has a template. Every form, be it organic or non-organic, every life has a template. However, I suggest that templates are not fixed as absolutes; rather, they are enduring essential abstract thought-forms evoked from the monadic plane of existence during the involution of consciousness, then shaped by the systemic forces of the material realm.

Why are they not fixed? We live in a feedback universe of toroidal form. Thus your actions and being in every moment are enfolded back into your self, the self that is beyond this life. The template adapts and adjusts, albeit slowly. The template grows and adjusts as we feed back to it from our life experience.

Monday, 18 January 2016

9 Foredawn, Monday

A profound confrontation with the mystery and the existential crisis of the human soul.

A good day to find inner security.

The 9th day of the timewave cycle is always one where we wake up beyond the 13-day cycle we are in and have a connection to the future and the past. The larger cycles of our life come into our awareness. What has completed or is completing?

The Dark House is the void before dawn, the moment of anticipation that is devoid of anything that the mind can grasp, but which is fecund with what the soul can sense.

Be with the mystery. Become conscious of the fecund space of today. Create some time for daydreaming. Enjoy and feel at home in the emptiness that feels fertile.

Are you feeling lost? Then go deeper into the mystery, for the soul is not lost but at home in the mystery.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

8 Wind, Sunday

Come into alignment with the message that life is giving you and organize your information. Bring balance to what you have to say, so that you can commit to the essential message you want to convey to others.

This is a day of commitment to communication. Clear those emails, phone that person or commit to the message you really need to convey - this means prioritize. What is it you really need to say and who do you really need to say it to? What is the most important communication you need to make today?

What goes around comes around: Receiving a message...

During the last timewave, which was a Wind timewave, you sent out a breath, a powerful and clear thought -- orally, telepathically or via a text or an email -- which has now activated or catalyzed someone and they are responding today.

Implementing Your Vision.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn from 2012 and still now

How are we? We are okay, but not okay, we are fine but we are disturbed, our sleep is disrupted, we retreat into a safe corner only to find that there is no peace and then we seek something reassuring.

The world is offering us plenty of entertainment, there is much to inspire us in the moment, or very long term, but the general conditions are in a state of flux and transition and this is being prolonged too long for comfort. Temporary solace and interesting vignettes are bountiful right now whilst the deep slow rumble of a reality being reconfigured incessantly continues.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have been locked in conflict, ultimately creative conflict, for the last 3 years and we are now reaching the culmination, or close to the culmination of this psychological and sociological intensity.

Uranus in Aries provokes novelty and distraction, the mind is also inspired to detach from the ways things are to explore and excite a new concept of life, but Pluto in Capricorn has more power.
Pluto in Capricorn compels a desperate need to control and maintain the status quo and impassions the desire for total control, absolute control, in response to its ultimate effect which is to dismantle, destroy and transform the social structure, the traditions, the status quo and the established reality.

We are locked into looking back to find the reassurance from the past or from commonsense or some mystical wisdom that is timeless. Yes the ageless wisdom of eastern mysticism is always relevant, but still the energetic condition of life right now demands our attention. We cannot fully transcend without a radical ignore-ance of the churning wheel that is squeezing our whole reality.

The economy has become an absurdity and politicians have become an Orwellian parody, the authority of science and religious institutions are a joke, but not particularly funny. The collective need to maintain the illusion of our social structure and its pretence of democracy, or to maintain the illusion of a free market of money, ideas and innovation and of the ideology that anyone in real power is actually trying to solve any of the world’s problems, is… understandable.

The change required seems much too big for us, so we push it away.

Within this emotional furnace, new qualities within human beings are emerging or attempting to emerge. We have largely adapted to the realization that the world is a crap house that rewards those that conform and take the corporate phallus unto themselves. Life is still offering goodness, the corporatized monstrosity of the mainstream corrupted structure still inadvertently supplies. The rational position is now fully rationalistic, a self perpetuating logic that is consistent within the mind and yet totally divorced from the empirical evidence of reality. 

 It sucks, but technology is the reward and yet better is the appreciation of nature and of those we love and share with.

For as the malfunction increases it pushes us to love that which is worth loving.

Trust in Life itself.