Sunday, 31 May 2015

11 Water OH DEAR! my mistake, wrong day so sorry

Sunday was 11 Monkey not human! Trickster caught me out, ho hum, the jokes on me

Big Picture

Today is a resonant day to feel where humanity is 'at', the state of our society and the global energetic environment.

As I said earlier in the year on Mystic Cyber Crow
Humanity is Choosing a Path

The Earth and the world of humankind are presently in an alchemical pressure cooker and we are reaching a pivotal juncture in this transmutation of our reality.

 Since March, the last exact square between Uranus and Pluto, there has been a certain calmness in the environment, we are now literally at the crossroads, sitting at the crossroads before collectively and energetically making a timeline choice.

 The beginning of 2016 we see the final close square between Uranus and Pluto (a one degree orb of influence) Throughout 2016 we should see the road to the future opening up before us.
And this insightful article on the economic system is in accord with this sense of social re-evaluation

Bigger Picture 

The full extent of the timeline choice is much more significant than our global economic reality of course, it puts us on a evolutionary trajectory and shapes the expression of the emerging planetary culture. Which comes with a universal awakening to the extra-terrestrial presence here on Earth.

One small example...

Bob Lazar who worked on a secret program reverse engineering UFO technology was given introductory briefings describing the historical involvement by extraterrestrial beings with this planet for the past 10,000 years. The beings originate from within the Zeta Reticuli star system and are therefore referred to as Zeta Reticulans, popularly called 'greys' referred to as 'the kids' within the program, or as 'gourds' among the personnel.


Saturday, 30 May 2015

10 Dog, Saturday

10 Dog in the Crocodile timewave manifests as our emotional needs being fully apparent. Today you can see the manifest state of your emotional body and really feel what it is you really need.

The essential and general needs for us all can be simply stated as being happiness and an avoidance of suffering. These are mostly found through relating to others, whilst having an attitude of gratitude about what is good in our experience right now.

Today is a day of communal emotive connection, or a good day to be peaceful and feel the truth of what you need.

Ask yourself what it is you truly and honestly actually need for yourself.

Need rather than want. The answer will include people.

Friday, 29 May 2015

9 water, Friday

A good day for conscious cleansing of the soul. A poignant day.

Today is a day of transcendent awakening and soulful reminiscences; a day to give thanks, blessings and make offerings. If deep and maybe disturbing feelings emerge today, change the muddy waters by transcending the disturbance and moving into stillness through feeling that which is good in your life, right now, as it is.

You can regain the peace in your soul and the balance in your psyche quite quickly today, by tuning into gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Thursday, 28 May 2015

8 Rabbit, Thursday

A day of organized harmony, as the unlimited abundance of Life flows into a simple manifestation. The macrocosm crystallizes in the microcosm. The profound funnels into the commonplace. Recognize divinity and then make light of your day. Commit to beauty.

Acknowledge your prosaic truth, then let go of the preciousness to commit to the surface; make the light of your life be in your life. Today you can experience surprising enjoyment and release from hard workmake it easy for god's sake.

Do what you know you have to do, with a light heart, and today you will find that the energy makes light of your tasks. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

7 Hand or Deer, Wednesday

On one hand you need to let go (even give up) on the other hand you need to hold on (control everything) Today you are able, or challenged to find the mesh that is in the middle.

Come into resonance with the harmonics of the day. Tune into different frequencies by being flexible and also strong enough to adapt to the wave of the day.

The overall energy of today requires finesse to tune into the subtle ebbs and flows; listen to the melody, but don't drift away. Recognize and utilize the intuitive and feeling-based tools you have, for today is the perfect day to heighten your subtle senses and also be responsive to use the tools for appropriate action.

A good day to be conscious, both internally and externally.

To be conscious in this way means to be willing and able, to be responsive, adaptive and to adjust to the energies of the moment. This is the life skill of utilizing surrender and will, acceptance and action, receiving and intention. The importance of an intuitive, feeling-based focus has to be balanced with some creative direction.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

6 Skull, Tuesday

A day of mini chapters, with clean beginnings and endings to different tasks. Allow yourself to cut off from small attachments that are clogging your life. Cut back to the bone where necessary and be ready to refresh your day. Today offers you multiple opportunities to get things done and to rest in between those activities.

The energy of the day gives you the chance to be present and enclosed in your experience, rather than being pulled into the future.

A good day to have strong clear boundaries and to be a conscious agent for benevolent transformation, be firm and clear.


An interesting artifact for the emergence of planetary consciousness

Monday, 25 May 2015

5 Serpent, Monday, Buddhas Birthday HK

Today you can connect to the life force, the serpent energy that is at the centre of ascending and descending consciousness. The serpent energy is the desire for material pleasure and yet also the desire to rise above it and experience the bliss of the soul, as well as a whole host of juxtapositions in between carnal lasciviousness and transcendental union.

Be centred today and feel the polarity impulses of your life force.

Make an extra effort today to centre yourself in the body, connect to the life force within you.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

4 Lizard, Sunday

Today the raw intelligence or plan of life reveals itself. This is the most basic structural imprint from which all of existence is created; it is the template realm.

Today, you might ask if the ground of your consciousness is fertile, free from weeds and clear of stones so there is room for the seeds of your life intentions to germinate and sprout.

A good day to understand that life itself -- in the general sense -- is intelligent and has intentionality, direction and purpose.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

3 Foredawn, Saturday

Energy building as you stay in the house, in the soul, in the mystery, and feel your energy stirring, with some inspiration.

Subtle movement in the psyche.

The energy is in the house. A good day for social triangles and to see what mysterious emergence results in the middle of three people.

Create space in your self.

Today you might feel a little restless, not quite settling on anything. If you can allow the movement and vibration to be, accept a degree of incomplete thoughts and actions, you can enjoy the expansion and feeling of sensing a subtle mystery that is opening in the middle of the tri-rotational energy.

Key words for today: portal opening, fertile, empty, waiting, anticipation, stirring, incomplete and freeing the mind.

Friday, 22 May 2015

2 Wind, Friday

Challenges can occur with communication, delays, arguments, difficult decisions and more, may arise today. Hold steady it is 2 Wind.

Our blocks created by the duality within us, reveal themselves today. Firstly accept the situation, in order to move beyond the duality lock.

The Wind is an activator, the breath, the word, the spirit that initiates. Day 2 is duality. Wind is changeable and adaptable; it can be destructive, but it is always refreshing.

Potentially, this is a day of black and white divisions, opposites and the clarity of knowing what you like and what you don't, what you need and what you can let go of.

The evolutionary impulse of spirit towards greater union is an oscillating process of merging and separating, co-operation and competition, dependence and autonomy.

Today, hold the space to separate that which has become a conglomeration and feels inert, so as to be ready to move forward.

Become the Captain of your own enterprise and make a black and white decisive move.

Prepare, to...make it so...

For me this particular 2 Wind day seems to be about feedback and receiving information based on previous outputs and transmissions.  I am enjoying releasing thoughts, and ideas, to clear my field.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

1 Crocodile, Thursday

The new timewave that begins today, the Crocodile Timewave, bringing thirteen days of nourishment, as you move into a state of trust with life itself.

What is truly nourishing? How can you nourish others, and what truly nourishes you on a basic level? What brings more love, protection and acceptance into your life? How can you cultivate your primal trust in life?

Pay homage to the Goddess. The nurturing mother has a dark side; the feminine can devour -- she has our respect. Today, accept the nonlinear as primal energy enters into your life; this energy is to be received for it nurtures you. You have survived this long, you have been supported by Life up to this point and Life itself is always willing to support you more.

Dig deep within your feelings to open your heart to a deeper level of protection and sustenance.

The Crocodile (Imix) comes rumbling into reality, yet offers profound food for your soul. Enjoy the natural world today and recognize the way that life takes care of us. The heart rules the head more than usual in the next 13 days.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

13 Flower or Sun, Wednesday

You can access the state of subtle transcendental bliss today. No worries.

A day of dissipative light. Release all heaviness, gravitas or profundity and feel the graceful emanation of the energy of today. A day of soft focus as the flower fully opens; a celebratory feeling is inherent within the last day of the Rabbit timewave as we open in readiness to the Crocodile timewave tomorrow.

Potentially, today you can see the divinity of life everywhere and in everyone, the ubiquitous light of creation.

The male transcendental spirit hands over to the Goddess tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

12 Storm, Tuesday 19 May This day is Dedicated to Tibor and the elves of the South Downs

I am back on Lamma, well very nearly (jetlag) after a six week tour of England working and socializing in Surrey, Kent, Suffolk, London, Bristol and Isle of Wight. It was a very stimulating trip thanks to the people I met and the diversity of environments I moved through. The election took place during my stay, and my brief exposure to the media reinforced my perspective of how very tired and energetically irrelevant the mainstream social system has become for our species. Without hardly any internet access, I had a six week data cleanse and even dropped following the Tzolkin days. The New Moon yesterday is followed by Mercury coming to a standstill now and retrograding until 12 June, this dominating this moon cycle, so slow down and be conscious no use rushing around or trying to force things.

12 Storm
Refresh the mind. Free the mind.

The self-organizing intelligence of your complex life appears before you; see the coherence within your randomness.

Day 12 enables us to have an understanding of the Timewave. The Rabbit Timewave is an explosion of everything and—if you go with the chaotic element of today, surrender and yet apply your mind to seeing the pattern—a beautiful, complex exhilarating understanding will emerge.