Monday, 30 November 2009

5 Dark House Monday 30th November

Creating space. Become conscious of the shadow issues you have, a good day to allow emotional issues to be acknowledged so as to find the void of potential that lies in the middle of them. No need to get hung up on healing it all or clearing it all, just find the emptiness that is veiled behind your issues.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

4 Wind Sunday 29th November

The 4 winds from the four directions are message bearers of spirit. The power of the wind god is in its ability to activate the spirit within us. The wind is the breath of the Earth distributing elements from one place to another, but the wind knows it is in service to the Earth.

Our minds are tied to our breath. If we are anxious, with racing mind we breathe fast and shallow whilst if we are deeply calm our minds are relaxed and transparent. The wind god can be an angry god, but its great wisdom is through its service. The human mind like the wind helps communicate, clarify and separate the wheat from the chaff, but the real wisdom of the human mind is in being of service to the spirit.

We access our spirit primarily through our feeling sense; the mind helps to refine the nature of our ability to feel, our most important sense. Allow your mind to divide up, to analyze and disseminate the energy within you to the four corners of your psyche, allow it to separate the fundamentals elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire from the primal material you have generated in this timewave.

This is a reminder that the mind is our tool not our master, the mind is the conveyor not the source. The over identification with data in certain quarters of society and the objective—aka separated—dominated perception has led to the loss of consciousness. To regain the consciousness to our most essential reality we simply open our mind to the empirical and immediate sensations of the event and experience of the moment. The mind is one step behind the experience, so today be directed if by a larger mind, call upon the mind of the subtle winds that circulate everywhere—even inside your home. The subtle winds are the ebbs and flows, wisps and breezes of the ether.

Allow the energies of today to clear any confusion or refine any issue that is feels like a coagulated lump of solid data. Follow the body impulses be directed by the blood lightening, the instinctive response, the first blink, that instant knowing as you are led by the breath of the ether. Or we could say the movement of light from outside your body to inside your cells

Saturday, 28 November 2009

3 Crocodile Saturday 28th November

After Storm and Sun comes the Goddess. Feel the energy generated so far in this timewave by giving, receiving, holding energy to protect what you love whilst still accepting the day in a state of being-ness. No mind is needed, no overt effort just feel the dynamo of creation. Potentiality is bubbling away in the ocean of the unconscious.

Friday, 27 November 2009

2 Sun or Lord or Flower Friday 27th November

Today the Lord aspect of the Mayan day, comes to the fore. The duality of power on every level is highlighted. Our personal relationships also come with an element of power struggle. The light we radiate is creative and today its meets the creative urge of others, the challenge is to accept the differences. The polarity of differing good intention is a creative conflict that generates energy and ultimately asks us to be more open.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

One Storm Thursday 26th November

A day 13 day time wave begins today. Storm is the electrifying power that cleanses blocks and inhibitions from our psyche. Storm consciousness is comfortable with sudden changes in a day covering all manner of diverse experiences. The archaic, the futuristic and the contemporary sit comfortably together in your day. The holistic, the pure and the profane arise organically as you spark off the spontaneous energies that shift you this way and then that way. Storm loosens you up, frees your soul from fixed ideas. All is consciousness arising on the oceanic realm.

A day of exhilaration that sets the scene for the next 13 days.

For those knew to this blog, perhaps from reading my 2012 article on The source Asia The Shift Towards Galactic Consciousness here.
I will explain a little the idea of this blog, it is to gently present a byte, a facet of the days energies as they manifest on a specific frequency of reality.
The frequency is derived from the 260 day sacred Mayan Calendar which can be thought of as a different pulse than the one we operate in with our standard calendar.

The attunement to this frequency happens naturally over time, through a relaxed persistence, rather than an instant understanding. The frequency expands your awareness to the Earth as a being within the cosmos. You were in this space this realm in the womb, now you can consciously integrate that realm with your life in the theatre of the world.....2012 is coming be awake


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

13 Mirror Wednesday 25 November

The Skull timewave completes with a dispersion of light as everything seems to be a reflection of everything else. No centre is still and out of the corner of your psychic eye you catch a glimpse of the never changing essence.

Monday, 23 November 2009

12 Earthmover Tuesday

Today we understand the inherent re-organizational intelligence within life's disruptions. Recent upheavals and quakes, can make sense.... as you synchronize your energy with Earths galactic constant--the pulse of the 260 day cycle, the same pulse you experienced in all innocence as a soul journeying to your developing fetus.

11 Warrior, Owl or Vulture Monday 23rd November

The 11th day of each timewave is about opening the doors to the next level. 11:11 is the stargate, 11.11gmt or universal time is the time of the winter solstice on 21st December 2012.

11 is when the doors of our reality, our perceived manifest solidity open, to let in more light.

The Warrior is the sacred warrior of truth, not the violent warrior, it is the strength of stillness.

Today open yourself to higher truth.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

10 Eagle Sunday 22nd October

A day of emotional intelligence and a message on how to manifest abundance for your self whilst helping the world and being part of the shift to a more compassionate helping those you meet, by offering your vision. The vision of the Eagle manifests today, the Eagle soars above the world but looks down upon it and strikes with great clarity at problems that need solving on ground. The Eagle teaches the higher element of emotional intelligence, by being compassionate without being unnecessarily wet or soppy, for Eagle is a warrior of the heart.

Friday, 20 November 2009

9 Jaguar Saturday 21st November

roar, wild thing wake up, you are alive and its time to smell the completion, pounce and get it done,,,change gear and go for the finish line

8 Skywalker or Reed Friday

Commitment to your plans and higher mind aspirations

Thursday, 19 November 2009

7 Human or Grass

grass is unspectacular and yet vastly is abundant.

A day to be open to abundance, by creating space for new people or new energy or new energy from people you know

The human species is nearly 7 billion by number, ubiquitous on Earth and far from over-populating this planet we are needed and it is the abundance of intelligence that is derived from all people contributing their gifts that the world can evolve and transform from a paradigm of fear to a paradigm that supports love.

The magical resonance of all human wisdom as a net total essence derived from every man, woman and child is available today, as you walk on the long good road of life

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

6 Monkey Wednesday 18th November

the game of life is a game, but the stakes are your life and all you love so it is real, a real game. Play to win by following the clues laid out before you....

"by an inch its a cinch, by a yard its hard" Peter Ragnor

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

5 Dog Tuesday 17th November

A day to feel the protective energy of your centre, protecting those you love.The people you need and love are held within your heart, this is a powerful field of protective energy that creates a space of equilibrium in the midst of change. Change can be destructive, however if we can stay with the heart, transformation is resonant with the highest good and the power of love.

Monday, 16 November 2009

4 Moon Monday 16th November

Set the parameters of your emotional capacity, be honest about what you can expose yourself to, how much you can handle?
What areas can you handle getting involved in, what do you need to debates and what drama is good for you, where must you stay clear, what should you avoid?
Purify your emotions, cleanse release, reset your emotional body.

3 Star or Rabbit Sunday 15th November

the movement of cosmic light over your psyche increases energy for higher consciousness access

Saturday, 14 November 2009

2 Hand or Deer Saturday 14th November

The challenge of transformation comes to the surface today.
What do we hold onto and what do we let go of?
Navigate the energy as flows between polarities, feeling into it, sense the energy.
You not necessarily need to decide what is to be let go of, just allow your consciousness the space to calibrate the incoming and outgoing energies.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Skull One Friday 13th November

Change; 13 days of transformation begins today in the Skull timewave.

Skull is the energy of change from one state to another

The world is emitting a steady deep resonant tone, this is the sound of a countdown to 2012.
Skull is black and white.

Change; is required in the 2012 era, the change of human collective consciousness.

Today has Power.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

13 Serpent Thursday 12th November

Cosmic Serpent day, the energy of the Skywalker timewave disperses and integrates as you come into the body and daily survival needs, the kudalini, the life force that powers your survival instincts is the impulse of creation, the impulse of the whole life

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The 2012 Effect

Well it’s been over a month since I have posted on Mystic Cyber Crow and I have decided to copy it here onto the calendar site today on Lizard 12 I have been on a helter skelter ride of my psyche looking deeply into the nature of transformation on Earth in this 2012 era. The shadow elements of our society are rapidly coming to the surface. The game is on.

The new 2012 apocalyptic film comes out soon and so I feel it is very important that people learn some basics about the Mayan Calendar. It measures an approximate 26,000 year cycle and suggests transformations of culture and Planet. The nature and the scale of the cycle suggests endings and beginnings over a relatively short period but not in one day. The 2012 era started maybe 100 years ago and the effect accelerated in the 1990s as evidenced by many things including the sudden compulsive interest in the Mayans and their culture. The period of change is definitely upon us and it is connected to human consciousness, culture and all that we see occurring in our society.

The 2012 effect is the shift towards galactic consciousness and the very early stages of a beyond Earth civilization, meaning a membership with a much larger community.

The multi tiered nature of our reality means that people will be experiencing different perspectives but the push towards galactic membership which has started already with the increasing ET presence on Earth—which I suggest is largely benevelont. (See the Disclosure Project testimonies on You Tube to understand the Secret Government manipulation of the ET presence)—also means the acceleration of an experiential planetary consciousness, the planet waking up to itself, the burgeoning noosphere, the subtle energy of the totality of our planet—also means the acceleration of a global government and global society with both dark agendas of control and the light energy of transformation to new psychic, energetic conductive atmosphere—also means the acceleration of interactive global communication, the importance of the internet for cultural engineering—also means the end of the old paradigm of materialism and the strong resistance to that change—also means the acceleration of religious agendas.

The next decade or two decades will see this top down effect, if any one is truly interested in the 2012 effect they need to change their frame of reference from the overtly physical paradigm towards the energy field frame of reference.

I am working intensely on an in depth explanation of the 2012 era and will keep you posted

12 Lizard Wednesday 11th November

The clarity of understanding in this timewave of the Skywalker manifests as an abstract template which may be experienced as a sense of intuitive knowing. A good day for recognizing you have a plan, a seed to plant. The ideas of heaven create DNA, morphogenic fields and architects plans.

11 Dark Night or Dark House Tuesday 11th November

Ideas of yesterday turn into feelings today, doors open into the shadow of them or doors open within the darkness and you see the space for light to come in, even if the darkness overpowers. Dissolution of one's mental control as you surrender to creating emptiness. The cycles of creativity require you make a fallow space and digest any shadow elements. Be in the dark house and sit it out.

10 Wind Monday 9th November

Ideas you have been working on or contemplating come into some communicable form today

9 Crocodile Sunday

A good day for healing around completions and acceptance

Saturday, 7 November 2009

8 Sun, Lord or Flower Saturday 7th November

Sun is the day of our most public face, the brightest and most positive side of our psyche, here we need to commit to the radiance within us so that the radiance we project is not just an empty image. So feel the light, the good, the abundant within you, just be honest and find what you have inside. You maybe feeling down and in darkness so just acknowledge any small light and power you can find, then just turn the volume up a little....set your intention to be your light and then relax and let go.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Storm 7 Friday 6th November

Seven is the mystical number that reflects the great mysteries making them accessible in a stepped down form in our realm, it creates a resonance of understanding or feeling with ineffable consciousness.
Storm is the day of refreshment and novelty that vitalizes our life.

Today be a resonant being by enjoying the spontaneous and the interruptions to your normal routine and habits.

Your body is electrical not just chemical switch the emphasis of your bio-circuitry from chemical-electrical to electro-chemical through intentionality. The electrical component is more in resonance and interacts more directly with your energy fields and the greater electrical universe--the plasma ocean we call space. The energy fields are the templates and determiners of the chemical form. Novelty changes habitual patterns, it is analogous to an electric storm on your exhilarated

Thursday, 5 November 2009

6 Mirror or Obsidian Thursday 5th November

One thing reflects upon another, or should we say deflects you off at an angle that creates an organic cadence....from one thing to another you move seeing the reflection of the new thing in the old thing. The day rounds out quite nicely

5 Earth Mover or Earthquake Wednesday

A day to keep coming back to the observation tower as the synchronic and interesting developments radiate out all around you, you see the evolution of everything is not up but all around like an expanding circle

Monday, 2 November 2009

4 Vulture, Owl or Warrior Tuesday

stay grounded, nothing airy today...solid truth from sobriety, silence will speak loudly

3 Eagle Monday 2nd November

A great day to have a balanced view of the world as you fly above it, but still look down on it. Eagles stay engaged with the world and do not focus on the stars

2 Jaguar Sunday 1st November

The challenge of stealth, secrecy eventually turns to decay but Jaguar must use the power of stealth magic
Today is also Day of the Dead, the connection to ancestors through ritual offerings