Thursday, 31 December 2020

11 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Thursday 31 December 2020]

A good day to listen and to be open, whilst not letting yourself get pulled too far. Apply yourself in an adaptive manner – activities that involve making adjustments are favoured.

Walking the long way
round to what we call
'Abundance Portal',
Lamma Island

Abundance is being offered; new potentials could open up. Be alert enough to read the signs and hear the messages.

'Abundance Portal'

Lateral paths open up, but be conscious of not getting lost in a myriad of the inconsequential.

Have an empty mind, but do not be an airhead.

Utilise the energy that comes towards you.

Image found on Google

The path opens up before you. Do you stay on course, or do you get distracted? Feel into it. If the path is taking you into the wilderness, see it as a distraction. Change direction a little.

Be conscious and sensitive of the options in your life, as small things grow into big things from this moment. Take a moment to see what small adjustments are needed.

Make an adjustment, but do not throw everything away and start again.

'Make a small adjustment'
 Painting by Daniel Clarke,
thank you!

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

10 Monkey

[Wednesday 30 December 2020. Full Moon 03:28 UTC/GMT; 11:28 Hong Kong time]

10 Monkey is the ‘manifestation day’ of this timewave, which is Wind. The Monkey is an artisan, a creator of the tapestry of reality, sculpting reality from thoughtforms, ideas and perspectives.

Composite created by Carey
using one of my monkey photos

This is a great day for finding creative connections between different ideas and paradigms.

Monkey also knows that information has limited value because Monkey is the one who plays with all ideas, all threads, to create the illusion of form. Monkey teaches us to laugh at ourselves, especially if we take anything to be absolute gospel, be that science or spiritual philosophy.

Photo from here
(worth reading especially if,
like me, you love monkeys!)

So give it up a little today. Enjoy music and art and the wonderful absurdity of the world. Enjoy creative thinking, writing, electronic communication and conversation; be entertaining, rather than coldly factual. Have fun with ideas.

Composite created by Carey

Today is also a good day to explore your inner world through fantasy. The creative innovator is someone who is constantly open to moving laterally, to surrendering to the fallow periods, and to allowing the cosmic intelligence to speak to them and through them.

The world is hungry for – and ready for – fundamental innovations, not just superficial novelty. Be ready.

A brilliant day to create a poetic witty composition.

Work is play, play is work.

Laurence in the Falcon, Clapham Junction,
the 'longest bar in London', where he sometimes
worked playfully with clients,
and where in this photo he was enjoying deep conversation
and the exchange of ideas with his good friend Dom.
Heartfelt thanks to Dominic Cryer for the photo

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

9 Dog

[Tuesday 29 December 2020]

9 Days give us access to a larger timeframe and today, being a Dog Day, you can connect to the meta-narrative of your emotional scripts; you can feel the enduring emotional pattern that runs through your life.

Chocolate on 13 September 2008
Photo thanks to my sister Caroline

This is a great day for emotional lucidity. Be sure to take time off from busy-ness. Also a good day for consciously reaching, communicating and really connecting with people who are in resonance with you.

A good day to get in touch with the deepest needs we have, linked to being conscious of the nourishment that life just gives us automatically.

reaching out and
consciously connecting

A day of clear conscious communication that is emotionally connected as you awaken the soul’s memory of who you are in relation to society, and as you evoke the soul in your emotional body.

Today you can feel how life reaches out to you. You are not alone. There are special people in your life and life itself is sharing your journey with you.

Sharing the journey:
Thank you to Kiwi for this photo!

Open to a higher perspective on your mood and your emotions. Feel into the simplicity of love, rather than the imperfections of your experience with others.

Alternatively, just be with yourself. Enjoy stopping, being still, being on holiday, feeling slack. Go to sit in nature, stare at an old brick wall, whatever it takes to just relax without trying.

The world is so driven by an economic imperative these days that it seems hard to consciously go slack and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the world without necessity. We need peace in this world, which first requires permission to not be actively concerned with survival.

Koh Samui sunrise

Nature is not just about survival – actually far from it. The insects, birds and animals naturally, unthinkingly express the joy of existence through their sounds and actions.

The drone of the ‘necessity mind’, as well as guilt, blocks out the ever-present inherent message that life, at its foundation and throughout its development, is good.

Enjoying the bliss,
Woodstock 1969

Hippies and ‘slackers’ get a bad press, but if we have more conscious slackers in the world, enjoying the bliss and appreciation of what exists, then we could have peace.

The conscious slacker scares the hell out of the control freaks of governance – the revolution will be a walk out.

To change the world, we must first be able to get off the hamster wheel of necessity more often.

Dog rules boundaries, as dogs are territorial, and therefore Dog rules all kinds of law, including social boundaries. Today is a good day to understand your emotional boundaries based on your emotional scripts. This then brings up deep questions regarding the laws you adhere to: What laws or rules are appropriate?

Wake up to the nourishment you really need and feel the ever-present joy of existence, by setting appropriate boundaries, creating structures and setting limitations that are in accord with your true needs.

Image found on Google

Monday, 28 December 2020

8 Water (Moon)

[Monday 28 December 2020]

Commit to soulfulness and connect to your inner life.

Bliss, by LjL

Give thanks for the contrasts in your experiences and your feelings, for this creates the beauty of who you are.

Living with the richness of soul sometimes means accepting the existential bleakness of life, as well as the bliss.

Another version of our holosphere image,
created by Kookie Birjukov
and based on a concept by LjL,
for use in our Enchantments of Life
workshops and course booklets

The sum total of life is a quiet joy, a growing sense of awe and appreciation for life itself, free from too many expectations or demands.

This in turn opens your heart to another, without too much sentiment or need.

Today, commit to your depth and your own profound feelings. Recognise the validity of your life experience.

Allow your feelings to flow to clear any blocks in your energy. This will enable you to implement your truth.

Altar to the West
Photo thanks to Annie Knibb

Sunday, 27 December 2020

7 Rabbit (Star)

[Sunday 27 December 2020]

Sparkling with radiant connection, you flit from here to there, spreading the love – or at least some abundant and fecund creative ideas. A sparkly day, a resonant day, meaning a day that mirrors the totality of existence.

Joy, by Laurence James Lucas

Today is a fractal of the cosmic light of creation. Enjoy the abundance of today – the natural inherent abundance – without too much expenditure. You do not need to get carried away with money, partying too hard, or any kind of excess.

Be in the abundance by allowing the light to shine through you.

Composite created by Carey

However, there is a shadow. Rabbit is associated with the drunkenness of Venus, as well the beauty, fertility and love. The shadow is the attraction to everything, the allure of the excitement of this, that and the other, which can be superficial, or worse.

Energy can feel scattered today, which can be disconcerting if you try to control it. The great problem is that if we get disconnected, the feeling which can arise is that everything is sour or unsatisfying, as the mind and the heart are constantly distracted. This can lead to a vapid depression, where nothing seems to fill the hole inside, as we lose the ability to anchor the self and to concentrate on any one thing.

Sparkly fractal
Beautiful image by Mo Barton,
found on Pinterest,
but originally from here

If that is the case, simply focus your attention on retaining your centre today.

However, I do not want to overemphasise the shadow, for today truly is magical. Just be the radiant light.

Retain your centre
Original image found on Google,
photoshopped by Carey

Saturday, 26 December 2020

6 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Saturday 26 December 2020]

Today has an organic flow about it. A good day to surf, holding and releasing as you move through the data stream.

Turning the Wheel, by LjL

A day of finesse and subtle responsiveness. Stay attuned; be alert yet relaxed. Move and be alert to the moment when it is time to hold your attention steady.

Photo by Chris Burkard
from here

A good day for concentration as you are able to control yourself, setting limits whilst sensing the organic flow of energy, enabling you to switch your attention to the next appropriate activity.

Surges of euphoria can arise today. Allow them through, but without grasping onto them.

This speaks to me of the organic flow
of energy of 6 Deer
Uncredited image found on Google

A great day for relating to people as your communication is responsive, fresh, eloquent and interesting.

Friday, 25 December 2020

5 Skull

[Friday 25 December 2020]

Today is a day of strength, realism and positive detachment that allows you to make changes where necessary and/or operate in the more visceral realms of material reality.

Cut back, detach from the crowd, come back to your core, and be a little cynical if necessary.

Or: Be at the centre of your group and be detached enough to be a facilitator for your community.

Enjoy some backbone attitude.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Use crystals to create a resonance with the information carried within your bones.

A good day for clarity when dealing with information.

Original photo thanks to Annie Knibb

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 5 Skull:]
I would like to add some more to 5 Skull, which to some degree is applicable to all Skull Days.

5 Skull is a good day to observe yourself interacting with the superficial, the bare-bones material frequency of ego, money, shiny metal toys, the instant comforts and the allure of even the most banal of what the world has to offer.

Skull Days allow us to have a compartmentalised experience. For someone who is spiritually awake, the observer can be present as you take part in the glossy impermanence of the surface.

And remember that occasional full-blown indulgence can release the heaviness and self-importance of the super-ego – the inner priest, as it were – thereby enabling a subsequent deeper connection to the profundity of the ground of consciousness.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

4 Serpent

[Thursday 24 December 2020]

Own Your Self-Interest

We need you to survive and to be healthy. Listen to the survival instinct today as the foundation for your own power.

Grounded in the body,
image originally found on Google,
photoshopped by me

Respect your power to influence the world through the natural transmission of your consciousness; respect it and harness the vitality of your body. Be grounded in the body.

Today, being Day 4 of the Wind Timewave and ruled by Serpent, your role as a communicator and disseminator requires you first to be firmly planted in the seat of your own life force.

'Souls' of your feet
Image found on Google

Put your roots down into the Earth, through the ‘souls’ of your feet.

To be effective, remember: Exercise, sleep, get proper rest and nutrition, and yet also desire and honour your power impulses, whilst respecting the personal limitations that are required to contain the excesses of that power impulse.

Roots on a Lamma wall

The ego should not be crushed, rather it should be harnessed.

Today make sure you give yourself the physical foundation for confidence.

Roots on a Lamma shed

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

3 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 23 December 2020]

A good day to examine our agreements with life and our intentions.

'Behind the Scenes
(aka The Ancestors, or The Keepers of Templates)',
by LjL

Lizards work on the template level of reality, exploring the dream realms to unearth the intelligent essence that underpins reality. Lizards are connected to the fullness of the latent abundance and the interconnectedness of all things; they gather up everything in their awareness in order to understand the Seed of Life.

Lizards are associated with preparation and the underlying patterns.

It is through the agreements we make – often unconsciously – that our Enchanting experience is evoked. We create our reality within the context of the collective construction, the collective agreements.*

The Ever-Changing Platform of Your Life 

You have an essential destiny to become conscious of, but the details of that destiny are not all worked out – life is dynamic. You have a template for this incarnation, but it is not set in stone.

Today, see the shifting intentionality within existence that is created by forces of consciousness larger than ourselves. Enjoy the vitalising force of an intelligence so vast that we cannot grasp it, but which has the interests of our life within its knowing.

Your personal intention and your choices for your life exist within a dynamic framework.

This, and the image above,
by the incredibly talented Tatiana Plakhova
at Complexity Graphics

Today be open to the idea of new intentions and new agreements. It is not necessary to set absolute intentions, just witness the flux of energy within you that relates to what you desire and what you would like to experience.

[* Note from Carey: Laurence called these collective agreements the Enchantments of Life; see the Enchantment pages on our portal website for more on his map of the evolution of human consciousness].

'Striking example of Andreas Cellarius' diagram of the Zodiac
and the orbits of the planets and the sun,
ringing the Eastern Hemisphere, based upon Tycho Brahe.'
Published in Amersterdam, 1708
Image found on Google, from here

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

2 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Tuesday 22 December 2020]

Be at home today in between the polarities and between spaces.

In the Heart of the Forest, by LjL

The existential nature of life is sometimes (a time like today, for example) a comforting place in which to surrender, so that we are deeply at home in the midst of eternity.

After yesterday’s activation of 1 Wind comes the space, the silence and the void. Feel the pull of opposites and live betwixt them.

A good day for intense contemplative feeling and for finding the crack, in any form, that lets in the light.

Oil painting by the fabulous surrealist artist,
Vladimir Kush
one of Laurence's and my favourite artists.
Image found on Google

Today is Foredawn, Dark House, In the House, Dark Night. It is the space before sunrise; it is a day that evokes an opening in the heart, a sense of the romantic. But, as it is seductive, it can draw you into darkness…

Today we are seduced by the mystery. Without letting the mind draw too many conclusions, feel into things but set boundaries – and do not let yourself get drawn too far into anything dark.

Composite created by Carey

Draw upon your imagination to investigate the potentials of what you are working on or desiring for your life. Feel the space that you are creating for that which is manifesting.

This can also be taken quite literally to include physical space, including how to create an ambience, perhaps with two contrasting colours and a third subtle colour. The physical interiors – our living spaces – reflect and evoke our psychic space. The clever use of colour can keep a space alive so that energy can enter in between the contrasts.

Sunrise over waves on a rocky coast, 1884
by Johannes Herman Brandt (Danish, 1850–1926)
Image found on Google

Monday, 21 December 2020

1 Wind

[Monday 21 December 2020. Winter Solstice at exactly 10:02 UTC/GMT; 18:02 Hong Kong time  YULE (Sun at 0° Capricorn)] Every blessing for the Winter Solstice and the return of the light!

Get ready for a new 13-day timewave that begins today as the Wind (Ik) archetype activates.

Breath of the Divine,
by Laurence James Lucas

The Wind God brings fast decisions and clarity of mind, and activates your quick responses to all things.

The next 13 days can bring you clarity about what you have to say to the world, or clear communications with loved ones.

The Breath of the Divine will send you a message today – a sudden noise, an angry word, a disembodied spirit whispering in your ear, a gust of wind or a vibration from an animal. Any of these can activate you. Wind activates without sentiment; Wind asks us to be detached.

Wind God Stribog,
image from here

Wind can polarise an issue to push you further. Sometimes we have to see the world in black and white before we can proceed.

A timewave of powerful messaging, twittering, phoning, emailing and the spoken word. Be a messenger and a receiver with a ‘Yes, let’s do it!’ attitude.

The power of wind (post-typhoon):
Sambal wagging to say,
'Yes, let's do it! Let's go for a walk!'

Alternatively, your communication exchange might be solely with the Source or with your own subconscious. And remember: You are a transmitter and a receiver.

Today, do those yogic breathing exercises.

Beautiful but uncredited image
found on Google, from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Wind, first posted on 1 Wind of 21 February 2013:]
My morning practice seemed very clear, despite having had wine and a meal out last night. A powerful Chinese spirit (it was suggested I was in the presence of a Master) visited me during my meditation.

Of course I will investigate this presence, rather than unconditionally accepting him – and it was a ‘him’. But the feeling was extremely peaceful, warm and powerful. The spirit certainly evoked the Wind Spirit resonance.

With this type of energy, we have to learn to recognise it, but not embellish it with emotional projection. Remember: Wind asks us to be detached.

Image found on Google