Wednesday, 31 January 2018

12 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Note: Full Moon tonight, exact time 21:27 in HK (13:26 UTC/GMT) + Total Lunar Eclipse (main times in HK, 20:51 to 22:08).]

A great day to feel balanced between reason and intuition. A day where you can hold the essence of your truth in your hand.

The whole truth of your life, your opinions and your aspirations is a vast, complex and seemingly contradictory energy. So how do we synthesize this truth into a coherent systemic whole?

The essence can be held, but of course the array of details have to be held lightly, without clenching.

Feel the breeze – maybe shoot the breeze – whilst enjoying a sense of having a firm foundation rooted in the ineffable.

Image by Adam Scott Miller, from here

A great day where you can feel a real connection to the source energy, the essential truth, not as a concept nor as an equation, but as a flowing adaptive light that has an enduring quality, as it is a continuum that runs through your life.

A beautiful Mobius Dragon IFS fractal,
from here

Complex organized patterns emerge in your psyche, then slowly morph into a new form that retains the essence of the previous revelation.

At the same time, you recognize that you need to actively choose to place your attention on that which resonates with your core truth. There are limits to what you can do, who you can be and what you can attend to – you cannot hold it all in your psyche.

Come into alignment today with the enduring thread that runs through your life, the thread that has been woven by your divinity. Choose to stay in alignment with your soul through the cascading journey of life.

If you have been following this 13-day cycle, the truth that has been building in this timewave is now present; it has organically emerged. Today, a sense of one’s truth and personal strength surfaces. 

Another gorgeous complex organized pattern. Fractal by Jax from here

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

11 Skull

LjL, stepping step over a threshold,
from one type of energy to another...

Today you step over a threshold, from one type of energy to another.

Mysterious Tibetan
carved skull,
image from here
Examine your life without sentiment, exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become.

Enjoy the sense of the dissolution of outworn aspects of the self. This is creating a portal for the emergence of new aspects of self.

You may well have a ruthless attitude today in regards to what you personally consider to be obviously deluded, uninformed, deliberately misleading or manipulative fabricated stories.

The light of a cohesive picture shines through the trivia and distractions. Be ruthless and you can rip through the superficial information flow with your clear perception.


Other people’s lies or delusions, as well as your own self-delusion, appear transparent to you as your spirit rips a hole in the fabric of the theatrical backdrop.

A good day for realistic considerations. The challenge is to not be cynical, but to stay open to the positive existential elements of life, as well as the cold bare bones.

A day of appropriate surrender.

LjL shaking us up,
September 2008,
Power Station Beach,
with his very good friend Dom

11 Days are where the energy of the timewave opens up laterally and to the past. Today, aspects of yourself, generally not that flattering, seek to be heard as 11 seeks a degree of integration or adjustment.

11 Days can be quite unstable in order to loosen you up.

Your life is part of a continuum. You have an ancestral heritage that has brought you here; that heritage is a story of grand adventure for sure, but also ordinary drama and ordinary living.

Your truth becomes more encompassing today as you release some brittleness. The spiritual seeks to be grounded in the mundane and the ego dies a little.

Today you can open up to a greater truth as you release a block in your perception and your personal boundaries, ultimately enabling you to reach out to more of life.

A powerful day for stepping into a new energy.

From Google images, this particular version from here

Monday, 29 January 2018

10 Serpent

'The world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power'

Plug into body and the vitality of the Sun as it moves through your body.

The body is the foundation for confidence, for living a life that is based on truth and for being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.

Power starts with your bodily instincts. Listen to your body and respond appropriately today. Conscious connection to the instincts leads to confidence and to the clarity of personal truth. The power of what is true for you is your power in the world. The nature of truth evolves, as does the nature of power.

What is power? It is the efficacious energy of the life force that creates reality. I will be bold and suggest that the world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power.

From Google images
Get plugged into the god force through your body, for the body is expressing divinity. The world needs ‘ordinary’ people to be empowered on a physical level to counteract the disempowerment by design and desire by those who abuse power.

10 Serpent is all about power. Today we see our power; we see how we feel about our personal power and we recognize the role of power in a spiritual context.

Today is Day 10 of the Vulture or Warrior Timewave, and today is a reminder that we are all warriors defending our truth. This is an aspect of being spiritual. We are not here to roll over in the face of oppression; we must defend our sovereignty.

At this time in the world, those who are awakening to the new, emerging expanded reality – and who care about our planet, our species and the natural sphere of life in which we have our experience – are being called upon to be stronger.

The power of money, as it is perceived today, is a temporary illusion. The fear of lack that accompanies it is likewise a temporary illusion that the species has to overcome. We are being challenged to incrementally, step by step, honour our truth as spiritual beings having a physical experience – and to live by that truth as best we can.

Existence has unlimited abundance and will supply you with what you truly need.

Image found on Google (uncredited, unfortunately),
then played with and layered by me using Photoshop

[Bonus material for today:]
One Mayan Sacred Calendar 'year' ago, our good friend Daniel Clarke made a composite tribute to Laurence James Lucas, taken from various podcasts they did together over the years. Thank you Daniel! Click on the words 'tribute to LjL' to enjoy a snippet of LjL's wisdom and humour...

Sunday, 28 January 2018

9 Lizard (Seed)

Building the Noosphere, by LjL

Reconnection and Core Intention Awakening
An old intention is reawakened. A plan from the past, based on your real needs, is either implemented or actively embraced. You see now how a plan that you had forgotten about, or had only half formed, has reached a place that is ready for planting.


9 Days are good days for breakthrough realizations. Today you can consciously reconnect and recover an innocent and unconscious connection to life you had in the past. A good day to consciously recover and own that which you were previously unconsciously part of, or which you were embedded within.

Bring the inherent intelligence of innocence into your conscious mind.

Things actively and passionately desired often elude us, until we forget about them. When we do so, we detach from the outcome and the desired energy can then be released, after which it can return as your manifest experience.

Today is one of those days when previously intended manifestations resurface or appear.

Day 9 is the frequency of cycles. Day 9 can be the day when you recognize where you are stuck in a groove, looping back and over again. If that is the case, then it is through bringing your awareness to this scripted situation that you can shift to the next octave. 

The rings of Saturn, NASA
The end date of 21 December 2012 of the previous cycle of the Maya Long Count Calendar – which they used to measure huge intervals of time in cycles of approximately 5,126 years of our system (5,200 tun in the Mayan numerical system) – brought us the opportunity to break the script and to spiral out of the flat loop onto a higher dimension. Think of the flatland of a flat circle, like a record on a record player, or the rings of Saturn – this is ‘default reality’ and to break the pattern, there needs to be a shock or a surge of will.

Fields of Light by Bruce Munro, from here

[Extra message from Laurence, posted on 9 Lizard of 26 August 2016:]
On this day 5 cycles ago,* I had a dream message, a strong narrator’s voice from spirit. It was simply the words ‘There will be a rising.’ I had the word ‘humanity’ implanted as well, together with an image of a wave. No time scale or context was given, but I felt it was significant. Let us hope so!

[* Note from Carey:
Laurence first posted this message after receiving his 'transmission from spirit' on Sunday 3 February 2013; now 7 cycles of the Mayan Sacred Calendar ago]

Another beautiful light installation by Bruce Munro, from here

[Bonus article posted by Laurence to contemplate on 9 Lizard:]
The Psychic Landscape is a Time–Space Energy Field
The empowerment of humanity comes from taking control of our attention, which is the commodity of our age. Attention is intertwined with time and space. We need the head space and the time to focus on a more positive script, based on an expanded reality. The tapestry of time frequencies condition our reality by creating the context for our experience.

To move into an expanded space of consciousness requires an awareness of the calendrical codes. The present calendar supports the ‘time is money’ script, but this has reached its culmination of usefulness – it was a useful product of recorded history, which ended on the subtle planes with the Winter Solstice of 2012.

The 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar count shows how life is unfolding from within – this is ‘involution’, or the evolution of consciousness. The 260-day count is the inherent frequency within all of the planetary cycles and reconnects us to the impulse of spirit to come into form, to come into manifestation, into the body and into society.

When we integrate this with the real time of the external world – which is based on real astronomy of the Sun, the Moon and the Galaxy – we are connected to life.

The Winter Solstice, for example, is the real end and beginning of the year, being the darkest day and the point when we turn back to the light.

1 January is the beginning of the civil year and connects us to the nation state. It is not bad as such, but is an indirect frequency, disconnected from nature.

The civil year has served its purpose as the primary code for creating the time context.

The old world has run out of time, which is why the script of the mainstream is: ‘There is not enough time, money or space’, and ‘There are too many people, not enough resources, too much debt’ (which is itself an artificial construct). This, of course, creates a sense of anxiety about survival and gives rise to a confused understanding about the true nature of the environment.

The environment is an environment of consciousness and energy, and the life force of the human species is the key commodity of the Earth’s environment.

Once we move into an expanded space of consciousness, with its accompanying expanded frequencies of time, we find that there is plenty of everything to go around. The cosmos is infinitely abundant and we just need to access more of that abundance.

Human ingenuity can solve the basic problems of lack in this world very easily, if the species is unshackled from the present restriction on time and space.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

8 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

LjL evoking benevolence, during a dark night
outside the Cultural Centre, Kowloon

Today, commit to the empty space and the dawning awareness you created and received during the last timewave, which was Foredawn or Dark House.

Trust in life and evoke the benevolence that is within (or behind) the void as an invitation to new energy that secures you in your authenticity.

Be committed to emptying yourself of absolute expectation. Allow your truth and the structure of any projects you are working on to become organized and coherent within your unconscious.

Hand your problems over to the wisdom and self-organizing ability inherent within your unconscious.

Contemplate the mystery of the void that births all that you need.

The base graphic for this was initially created by LjL,
then altered, layered and Photoshopped by me

The mystery of consciousness gradually coalesces, the soul is forever in formation...

Today teaches us to have faith in life itself, to find inner security – security based on the fabric of existence. The very fabric of existence is orientated to become, grow, flourish and encompass. Feel the sensations, no matter how subtle, that confirm the interconnected web in which you have your being.

Foredawn, Dark House or Dark Night rules the in-betweens. It is the space between two or more obvious states, places or times. As well as being the in-between, it is the expectation or early vibration of that which is to come, like the first point of dawn or that predawn moment. Dark House is an evocative quality that lends itself to the poetic, mysterious, romantic and impermanent. It is the richness of the shadow worlds; it is the feeling in your home or in a space. Tangibly felt, but elusive to the uber-rational mind or the linguistic bureaucrat.

Day 8 of each timewave is the day when consciousness is stepped down from the transcendental into the immanent. Day 8 is the day of implementation, and therefore commitment, of consciousness. It is a day on which Mayans mostly perform their ceremonies.

Today you own that which you know; you step into the confidence of your gnosis. What you feel is what you feel and its validation is your responsibility.

Today, create space for compassion and benevolence, both for yourself and for others.

An image tweaked by me using Photoshop,
using a free 'dark background' wallpaper, from here

Friday, 26 January 2018

7 Wind

LjL speaking so eloquently and coherently, at the fabulous Glastonbury Symposium,
on 25 July 2008. His talk was entitled:
The Enchanting World:
Crossing the great divide between objective and subjective reality
He introduced his groundbreaking Enchantments of Life model
of the evolution of human consciousness, and summed up by explaining:
'My work links together the energy field with astrology,
developmental psychology and the manner in which reality is created
through individual and collective intention on all scales of creation.

You speak so eloquently, so coherently today.

Move into resonance with the unsentimental narrator of the consciousness environment today.

Listen and tune in to what is being said to you today.

Life is always talking to us and through us, even if we spin it and filter it through our own ego. Today the magic might arise through hearing a colder, even harsher appraisal of our life. If so, listen to it.

Although it may appear unkind at first, hidden between the lines of the message you receive is a truth that can activate your own empowered lucidity. If the day starts out foggy, overwhelming and confusing, it is because you are receiving data from all over the cosmos. Stay with it and clarity will emerge.

A good day for the communication of appropriate truth.

Clear mind. Beautiful image from here

Wind is the activator. It separates things that need to be separated, clarified or differentiated. Where we are stuck or inert, Wind blows away the obstacles and gets our energy moving.

The Divine Breath can appear harsh, but this is often the inevitable effect of gaining basic clarity through the division of what is and what is not required in our life.

Clear mind, from Google images

Day 7 is the halfway marker of each timewave. Day 7 is in equal relationship to Day 1 and Day 13, the beginning and the end, and is therefore resonant with the whole timewave.

Those born on a 7 Day are most likely to be able to relate to many types of people.

Seven is the number of basic resonant truth, the general soft-focus holistic truth. Things look different depending upon your position and your perspective, but Seven brings us the universal generalized truth – not the sophisticated truth, but the commonsense foundation. This manifests as the basic ethic in life – we all know what is basically wrong and what is basically right.

More complex discernment is required above this basic level of the commonsense, ethical fuzzy-but-true-enough foundation for civilized behaviour and civilization.

The model of the seven chakras and the corresponding sevenfold layers of the aura is a fuzzy-but-basically-true view of the energy field. I have been working with the energy field for well over 25 years and I know it is far more complex than that, but the essential sevenfold model still holds up as the foundation of understanding.

Seven is, on average, the quantity of things we can hold easily in our mind at any one time.

Harmonious Seven.

From Google images

Thursday, 25 January 2018

6 Crocodile

Laurence James Lucas,
who was always nourished through learning,
and who always appreciated what life offered.
Photo thanks to André Eichman

Nourishment and Flow
Refresh your experience of the ordinary and allow all else to flow organically. Accept the easy cadence of this day, with its gradually unfolding and emerging nourishment.

Graphic by LjL
Today offers nurturing through learning; acceptance of the ever-changing life flow; a slow emergence with a thick viscosity of energy, like the flow of treacle.

Life slowly revolves and returns to experiences, emotional states and environmental atmospheres you have visited before. This time around, you can potentially feel more appreciative.

The day offers satisfaction, as it is both a flowingly structured and a nurturing day. Be prepared to nurture without being possessive or expecting too much from the outcome of your gifts. Receive what life is offering without wanting more.

Enjoy the nourishment of today as a day unto itself; it is a reminder of the value and joy within the existential and the commonplace.

Day 6 in each timewave is fairly practical. The energy is nicely structured in a flowing manner.

Crocodile Days represent, or are resonant with, the primal watery origins of the Earth, the turbulent power of creation held within an embrace. Crocodile is an edgy, instinctive, survival consciousness that belongs to the Goddess, who looks after her own. Protective nourishment and sustenance. Base reality, brooding, waiting, stillness – yet with great latent power waiting to be unleashed.

The 6 tone allows that energy to flow with a quite matter-of-fact quality.

A baby crocodile camouflaged among weeds in a pond,
Tangerang, Indonesia, by Yensen Tan.
Image from Pinterest, originally from

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

5 Flower (Sun, Lord)

The light of your centre shines out from your heart. Open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter; get into the feeling. Power up and flower up. Today is about authentic confidence.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet representative of timeless truth.

How can we find our essential timeless truth?

We live in a multilayered tapestry of frequencies that can be logged and understood. If you want to see your whole self, write down the feelings as they emerge on a daily basis. The story of your life and the threads that make up the totality of your life become apparent.

Know your own history in order to see the continuity, the strands of energy that flow through your life and how the energy is changing and growing.

Within the process of detailing the personality self and its history, the essential unquantifiable Self becomes evident. The True Self is behind everything in your life and is inherent within everything in your life.

Today is the day of the Sun, in all of its radiance, power and all of the ways that it manifests through humans. The Sun can be expressed as spirit, soul or personality.

Through a personality, the Sun is the charisma, presence and totality of the ego – this can be overbearing, yet it can be entertaining, attractive, magnetic and joyful.

Through the soul, the Sun highlights our sensitivity and our connection to the inherent light within all things.

LjL walking the coast road
to Deal, UK
In the integrated person – or the relatively integrated person – the Sun can manifest as the empowered spiritualized human being, a natural, gentle yet effective spiritual leader.

5 Days are when we gather energy. We come to our centre and we feel the sense of our life as being all around us. 

Day 5 in each timewave is a day of internal self-empowerment, when we build the reservoir of energy.


5 Flower or Sun, in particular, can make us aware of our power, or our apparent lack of power.

Today, open your heart, be compassionate to yourself and allow the light of your Higher Self to shine through you.

One of my flower drawings, set on a background of the Sun

[Bonus article posted by Laurence on 5 Flower of 22 August 2016]

Can You Make Time to Understand Time?

The Mayan Sacred Calendar helps us understand the texture of time as something we can feel. 

We operate in different types of time. The civic calendar is just one frequency. Today, the dominant time is linked to ‘time is money’, the 24/7 perceptual information of the mainstream and, increasingly, we are switching to internet time substance. 

Below is an extract from a short website article:

The Man Who Tastes Time
‘The concept of time sometimes triggers synesthesia – some synesthetes see days of the week around them spatially, like wheels, or in uphill linear forms or other shapes other than clocks or calendars, for example. But that is another matter altogether and more common. “I can’t taste the concept of time,” Hamrick explained to me recently. “Some synesthetes can taste concepts, and while on occasion I can (honesty is currently chocolate and looks like a giant church bell with a bark-like texture), time is simply transparent egg whites that bend in on themselves over and over again into infinity.”’

Image from here
Speed Culture
In June 2014, I was interviewed by Clíona O’Conaill and was one of the contributors for her article on ‘Speed Culture’ in a UK New Age magazine called Kindred Spirit.

I have made a prolonged study of time and how it is allied to the different levels within our psyche. Based on decades of personal experience and intense research, I have mapped how our relationship with time and space is tied to consciousness, culture and intent.

Our experience of time (and space) is becoming more complex; many of us can feel ‘the shortage of time’. The memes of ‘time is money’, ‘24/7’, ‘on the hour, every hour’, ‘the clock is ticking’, ‘winners keep up’, ‘breaking news’, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and ‘the bright lights of the city’ are all product of but one level of our psychological, cultural and evolutionary development. That level of development is tied into the physiology of adrenalin and is now in crisis, as we as a species are attempting to shift to the next stage of culture.

Internet time is the concept that events occur at a faster rate on the internet than elsewhere or that, everywhere, the internet is affecting the pace of change. Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, is quoted as saying, ‘The world now runs on Internet time.’

Image from Pinterest, from Pinterest,
credit: Annie Kyla Bennett Art
The commonly suggested meaning of ‘time’ is that economic progress accelerates. However, I would say that internet time is a substance where we operate in different spaces simultaneously, ie we have different windows open and it is not just about forward progress. In fact, internet time involves a lot of backward projections. We can access things from the past and bring them into the present in various forms. So, internet time is not just about economic progress, far from it — it is about an expansion and a challenge for our consciousness.

Specifically, I would suggest that internet time expands the number of spaces in which we operate, and therefore expands the number of different time substances. We are in real time and cyberspace time simultaneously.

The internet supports the creation of time and free energy. It is quite hard to turn online activities into profit, as the internet supports abundance and free flowing energy... Think about it. There is a lot to explore in this, because time is a fundamental context for everything and time is a projection of consciousness.

Metal wall sculpture depicting time and nature.
Image from here

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

4 Storm

Original photo thanks to our friend and photographer André Eichman,
Photoshopped by me

A day of dynamic re-organization. A day of adjustment.

A day with something new in it that challenges you to remain true to your truth, your way of life and your purpose, whilst simultaneously adjusting that truth. The challenge then strengthens your foundation.

We cannot have it all. Life is about choice – not all experiences are appropriate to us, but we adapt where necessary.

Old ideas that do not fit your real self are cleansed out of your system today. See your life for what it is. Face it without judgment.

Cogs, from Google images

Storm is the blood lightening in the body, the activator of the Lightbody that seeks to integrate our consciousness of body, mind, soul and spirit.

This activation disrupts our patterning. Storm is a power that seeks and demands liberation, as well as drastic change.

Storm Days are therefore also the awareness of chaos outside our space of safety, home and emotional sanctum; the chaos of potential total change.

Change is exciting; change is frightening.

Day Four in the timewave is a foundation day, a day when energy is held. The Vulture (or Warrior) Timewave is strength. Part of that strength is the patience to hold energy, so today we have to contain the electrical energy and allow it to recalibrate, rather than getting fully intoxicated by the thrill of the lightning and its promise of total liberation.

Image of the electrical energy of the body from Pinterest

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 4 Storm:]
Stay conscious, stay centred, have faith in life, intend the benevolent, act upon the more noble, integrity-based impulses you have and be the light we need you to be. Relinquish your life in order to regenerate your life with a new calibration.

I highly recommend that today you do some sort of meditation, or whatever consciousness practices work for you. Release and reaffirm your life, release negativity and allow your life to reformulate at the template level.

Monday, 22 January 2018

3 Obsidian

Faceted diamond, from Google images

The mind reflects upon its reflection. Be conscious of the temporary nature of thoughts; feel the energy behind the ricochet of thoughts. The mind holds one small piece at a time, seeing just a few degrees of the curve of a sphere – however, 360 degrees of knowledge is required for enlightenment.

See all angles without coming to a conclusion. Enjoy the energy of the intuitive mind.

If you are in tune today, you can be in a state of multifaceted lucidity, as the many faces of a single subject flicker before your awareness.

LjL enjoying the energy of his intuitive mind
and the street art of George Town, Penang

Here are the essential components of understanding for today:

Day 3 in each timewave is the day of movement. We might say they are fickle days, restless days, but the energy of 3 is momentum, the first
essential movement for creation that is closest to Source.

The Obsidian Daykeeper is the Obsidian knife, or flint, derived from the volcanic glass that can be used for surgery – it is sharp enough for that level of precision. Obsidian carries the precision of technology, or the precision of the points of separation between dimensions.

Each dimension is an inversion of the last dimension, like a reflection.

Aztec Obsidian knife,
image from here
Obsidian also carries the clarity of the laser that can cut out unhealthy energies from the soul.

Obsidian days will reveal shadow aspects of yourself to you. The discomfort is an ally, for you can clear outworn energy from your psyche.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

2 Earthmover

LjL holding his centre.
Photo thanks to Justina Vail Evans

The challenge of two dynamic impulses moving in opposite directions – we want this and we want that; give me cake, let me eat it. To develop inner strength we must be able to hold our centre, despite the polarity of our desires, to make sure we do not get pulled apart by our duality.

Dog tug of war. Image from here
Or: Two dynamic impulses pulling you in two directions, neither of which you thought you wanted. Synchronize your field and hold the space; just hold.

Or: You manage to successfully accomplish things in two opposing directions that will ultimately synchronize as one.

You might enjoy the power building up within you today, revving up the engine of evolutionary transformation.

Earthmover is movement, the impulse towards integration, so it stimulates the mind to pull everything you have been working on into a unified whole. However, as today is a 2 Day, we feel the inherent duality of how we might do that. The practical short-term solution competes with the longer-term, more satisfying endeavour.

Earthmover is also traditionally called ‘Incense’, the Thoughts of Heaven. Today, if your mind becomes stuck in the polarity, then light incense with intent to release the thoughts into the higher realms. Give them up and allow the solution to be worked out for you.

Spiral incense in a Hong Kong temple.
From Google images

Saturday, 20 January 2018

1 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

Image created by Kookie Birjukov,
based on a concept by LjL,
for use in our Enchantments of Life workshops and course booklets

 Come to stillness, find your centre and set your intention.

Today begins thirteen days of truth, strength, holding your centre and defending the enduring wisdom of the ages [but on a higher turn of the spiral]; learning how to come back to your centre, time and time again. Learning to move from your centre, consciously experiencing the inevitable loss of centred-ness as you open to life, and then coming back to centre once more.

The Vulture or Warrior Timewave (Cib) asks you – and gives you the opportunity – to be true to yourself.

Accept the challenge.

Strength of mind is needed and resolve is rewarded. Allow in the beam of light, like a laser; invite in a coherent light source from the top of your head, down through your central column and into the ground.

The overriding message today, and the teaching of the whole timewave, is to:

  • Resist the easy impulse to give in to your own whims and those of others;
  • Come back to your centre;
  • Be the clear light; and,
  • Notice how other people are naturally attracted to you, once you are in that position.
LjL on a sampan from
Aberdeen to Yung Shue Wan,
Lamma Island.
Photo thanks to
Justina Vail Evans

Stay conscious of your heritage, your ancestors, your spiritual tradition and your base humanness. Be humble enough not to believe that you know the absolute truth.

The challenge for all yogis, meditators, gurus and pandits is to recognize that the super-spiritual-ego is very sneaky. The bliss of a truth based on purity often blinds us to the cosmic humour, our universal human base, our ancestral heritage and all that we are product of.

Real wisdom has a sense of humour and is anchored in the feeling of being a human being, like all human beings.

Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Vulture:
In the spirit of this day, I honour and respect the Mayan people for bringing this calendrical system into the world. I also give thanks to the Mayan spirits and others who have inspired me, taught me, laughed at me and with me, and who continue to guide me on my journey of working with this 260-day count.

[Bonus article from Laurence, posted on 1 Vulture (Warrior) of 18 August 2016:]
What Does It Mean to Be a Warrior?
The full challenge of Warrior (aka Vulture or Owl) is to be strong yet open. Life is often tough; it requires real strength of mind that comes from holding intention, yet also having the ability to constantly adjust.

Strength is both adaptable and resilient. Strength requires a healthy physical foundation and a connection to stillness, nature and spirit. Can we be the authors of our lives and be defenders of truth?

The Vulture Timewave manifests as power (10 Serpent); and requires the commitment of inner security, whilst allowing subtle energies to permeate your psyche (8 Foredawn). The wisdom of Vulture (12 Deer or Hand) is the power and strength of being, to hold a dynamic systemic coherence.

In traditional culture [Saturn Enchantment*], one is rewarded for being a pleaser. Warrior energy is expressed only as righteous indignation and in defence of the cultural clichés of fixed morality. This is okay.

In the mainstream culture [Uranus Enchantment*], one is richly rewarded for being ruthless and connected to larger ruthless groups. The survival-of-the-fittest myth, which includes strategic alliances, is perpetuated. For most people, though, a reward of comfort comes through compliance with the cult of the individual, honouring the winners and accepting one’s place. This is okay.

In the new age community [Neptune Enchantment*], one is rewarded for having some personal expression and for being in agreement with the collective sentiment, with espousing a ‘politically correct’ approach. This is okay.

However, if you want to be a true Warrior and to live your purpose, there comes a time when the cultural norms no longer fit, especially as you get older.

The Path of the Warrior eventually requires personal leadership and authorship of one’s own life [Pluto Enchantment*]. This is tough, unless one is incredibly strong within, as there is generally not much support from outside oneself.

Embrace the full spectrum of society, but defeat and release anything within you that no longer serves you. Draw on the strength of resilient adaptable continuity.

Challenge has to be welcomed and enjoyed, as much as is possible, and decisions must be made fairly swiftly and consciously – and then ACTED upon.

A Warrior is alert.

[* Note from Carey: Laurence’s ground-breaking Enchantments of Life model, which maps and explains the evolution of human consciousness, informs and illuminates all his other fields of endeavour. Thus, his particular interpretation of the Mayan Sacred Calendar – which he studied, lived and breathed for close to three decades – comes from the perspective of a higher level of consciousness [Chiron Enchantment], one which incorporates, acknowledges and respects all the other levels, but which penetrates and interprets from a different, more evolved perspective than some of the more traditional or ‘new age’ understandings of the ancient Mayan system. For more about Laurence’s model and work, please visit our portal website]

Stone statue of Laozi (Lao-Tzu) at the foot of Mount Qingyuan, Fujian Province, China.
This is the largest stone carving of the ancient Chinese philosopher
and the founder of Taoism, carved during the Song Dynasty (960–1279)
and covering an area of 55 square metres (from Google images)

Friday, 19 January 2018

13 Eagle

An eagle soars from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai (image from Google)

Today offers an expanded vision that is one step beyond words or grasp, an expansion of consciousness into a higher perspective. Your imagination expands and diversifies.

After Jaguar’s psychic engagement with the immediate occult environment yesterday, Eagle sees a bigger picture – but without such visceral connection – while 13 days are dissipative.

The mind is diffuse, but in a good way, as a wide-spectrum awareness opens the vision. Just relax into it and operate from your inner eye. Allow and accept new images into your being.

Something you have hidden from yourself is revealed; it was hidden in plain sight, staring you in the face all the time.

The vision will be devoid of inhibiting filters today. A great day for a 360-degree sophisticated perception, even if it is scattered.

LjL on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Hong Kong

A good day for emotional intelligence, offering a profound understanding of feelings and relationships. Insights may well come thick and fast – often overwhelmingly so, forcing the mind to let go as you surrender to the heart and the heart’s intelligence.

A chance to release the self from limitation and to move into the freedom that is available in your life, exactly as it is. With no apparent change of situation, you find the freedom to BE and to live your life freely.

Not an eagle, but a close relative.
Here is one of our local Lamma kites,
thanks to the fantastic bird photographer and friend,
Katherine Forestier

Thursday, 18 January 2018

12 Jaguar

Fractal Jaguar
Image from Pinterest, saved from

The timewave of Foredawn or Dark Night (sometimes also called Abyss) reminds us that ultimately, as Ram Dass says, there is nowhere to stand, no place of permanence.

If we are not careful, this information can lead to a sense of nihilism. However, a fuller understanding allows for both an emptiness – the clarity of detachment – and a recognition that we are constantly being asked to choose our life.

All is movement, all is in flux, and therefore we traverse a terrain that requires our alertness and our responsiveness.

Understanding yourself as an underworld creature, you prowl with pleasure for you fear no evil. No, not because you are the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the whole damn valley, but because you are a player in the game.  All systems are switched on, ramping up the alertness of your psychic field as it extends out into the jungle.

A good day for emotionally intelligent instincts as you traverse through shadowy realms, feeling empowered and vital, present in the game of life.

Also, today you can become conscious of the different spaces you inhabit: Your house, the different rooms in your home and your urban locality, as well as your head- and emotional-space. Each space has a specific function and feel, and enables a specific experience.

Move consciously through the different doorways that would normally be traversed. Become conscious of each separate space today.

Power and the Benevolent Path
What is power? Power is the energy of the collective consciousness and the environment, which expands by degree into eternity and infinity. Power cannot be owned by an individual, it can only be used.

If an individual tries to own power, then it will destroy them. By its very nature, power cannot be contained. One person is too small a vehicle for the power. Power is energy – always moving, growing and expanding. We can use or borrow power, but only to pass it on.

As sovereign beings, we can be conduits for power, so that we may empower others.

Baby LjL prowling with pleasure;
always a conduit for power so that he could empower others.
A composite image I made for fun for today's post,
using a photo of Laurence sent to us from his much-loved sister Sarah,
against part of a beautiful background I found on Pinterest,
called Jungle Lights, saved from Cornelia Yoder on DeviantArt