Monday, 15 March 2010

Warrior Timewave (to 4 April)

As I am away in the UK for about a month, seeing individual clients for astrological consultations and taking a break from the Internet (computer fasting), I have preloaded each 13-day timewave in its entirety. Scroll down to find today.

13 Star or Rabbit, Sunday 4 April 2010
Truth is everywhere, in everyone and everything. A realization that you are radiating your story, your perception and your take on the world into the universal sea of light.

12 Hand or Deer, Saturday 3 April 2010
A great day to feel balanced between reason and intuition. A day where you can hold the essence of your truth in your hand.
The essence can be held, but of course it has to be held lightly, without clenching. Feel the breeze—maybe shoot the breeze—whilst enjoying a sense of having a firm foundation rooted in the ineffable.

11 Skull, Friday 2 April 2010
Examine your life without sentiment, exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become.
Enjoy the sense of the dissolution of outworn aspects of the self that is creating a portal for the emergence of new aspects of self. There is a feeling of freedom today.

10 Serpent, Thursday 1 April 2010
The body is the foundation for confidence, for living a life that is based on truth and being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.
The power is in your bodily instincts.

9 Lizard or Seed, Wednesday 31 March 2010
An old intention is reawakened. A plan from the past, based on your real needs, is either implemented or actively embraced. You see now how a plan that you had forgotten about or had only half formed has reached a place that is ready for planting.

8 Dark Night or House, Tuesday 30 March 2010
Commit to the empty space you created during the last timewave, the Dark Night Timewave that started on 10 March. Trust in the benevolence of the void as an invitation to new energy that secures you in your authenticity.

7 Wind, Monday 29 March 2010
You speak so eloquently, so coherently today.
Or: Move into resonance with the unsentimental narrator in the air today.
Life is always talking to us and through us, even if we spin it and filter it through our own ego. Today the magic might arise through hearing a colder, even harsher appraisal of our life. If so, listen to it. Although it may appear unkind at first, hidden between the lines of the message you receive is a truth that can activate something magical.

6 Crocodile or Dragon, Sunday 28 March 2010
Today offers nurturing through learning; acceptance of the ever-changing life flow; a slow emergence with a thick viscosity of energy, like the flow of treacle.

Your truth can never be permanent, but it is your truth for now.
The day offers satisfaction as it is a structured and nurturing day. Be prepared to nurture without being possessive.

5 Sun, Flower or Lord, Saturday 27 March 2010
The light of your centre shines out from your heart. Open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter; get into the feeling. Power up and flower up. Today is about authentic confidence.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet timeless in truth.

4 Storm, Friday 26 March 2010
A day with something new in it that challenges you to remain true to your truth, your way of life and your purpose, whilst simultaneously adjusting that truth. The challenge then strengthens your foundation.
We cannot have it all. Life is about choice; not all experiences are appropriate to us, but we adapt where necessary.
Old ideas that do not fit your real self are cleansed out of your system today.

3 Obsidian or Mirror, Thursday 25 March 2010
The mind reflects upon its reflection. Be conscious of the temporary nature of thoughts; feel the energy behind the ricochet of thoughts. The mind does one small piece at a time, seeing just a few degrees of the curve of a sphere—however, 360 degrees of knowledge is required for enlightenment.
See all angles without coming to a conclusion. Enjoy the energy of the intuitive mind.

2 Earthmover, Wednesday 24 March 2010
Challenge of two dynamic impulses moving in opposite directions—we want this and we want that; give me cake, let me eat it.
Or: Two dynamic impulses pulling you in two directions, neither of which you thought you wanted. Synchronize your field and hold the space, just hold.
You might enjoy the power building up within you today, revving up the engine of evolutionary transformation.

1 Warrior, Tuesday 23 March 2010
The new Warrior Timewave asks you and gives you the opportunity to be true to yourself. Accept the challenge.
Strength of mind is needed and resolve is rewarded. Allow in the beam of light, like a laser; invite in a coherent light source from the top of your head, down through your central column and into the ground.

Dark Night Timewave (to 22 March)

As I am away in the UK for about a month, seeing individual clients for astrological consultations and taking a break from the Internet (computer fasting), I have preloaded each 13-day timewave in its entirety. Scroll down to find today.

13 Eagle, Monday 22 March 2010

The mind is scattered, but in a good way, as a wide spectrum awareness opens the vision. Just relax into it and operate from your inner eye. Accept and allow new images into your being.

12 Jaguar, Sunday 21 March 2010

Understanding yourself as an underworld creature, you prowl with pleasure for you fear no evil—no, not because you are the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the whole dam valley, but because you are a player in the game. All systems are switched on, amping up the alertness of your psychic field as it extends out into the jungle.

11 Skywalker or Reed, Saturday 20 March 2010

Today doors to the sky open up. Great beings are looking down from beyond at your life and you might be looking up at them. Or, you have your space cadet suit on and are hopping through multidimensionality.

10 Human, Friday 19 March 2010

A tangible sense of solidity based on emptiness—as in being the cup or container for consciousness; the abundance of not wanting for “ye shall not want”; the abundance of not clinging nor demanding, for ye are the chalice and the road ahead is expectancy.

9 Monkey, Thursday 18 March 2010

Monkey trickster wakes up to the dirty games of the world and human nature, but with his edgy humour we are challenged not to take the tricks too seriously. Today is the end of a creative cycle, an awakening moment as you see an extraordinary face of existence in something you are working on. If you are in tune, you will be awed.

A good day to read Carlos Castaneda.

8 Dog, Wednesday 17 March 2010

Commitment to your relationships and your own emotional needs and boundaries. This energy will follow on from the previous timewave, which was the Dog Timewave that began on 25 February, as you accept the commitment of what you received during that 13-day timewave.

Define your territory in the universe and defend it if necessary. Be true to your needs.

7 Moon, Tuesday 16 March 2010

A powerful day for evocative feeling, a visceral divine memory; something you tangibly feel without actually being physically in the experience.

6 Star or Rabbit, Monday 15 March 2010

A day that is flowing and moving with sunny spells, abundance and light. Be the dance. Aesthetics and rhythm.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

5 Hand or Deer Sunday 14 March

Tune into the centre, the subtle and ungraspable energy, feel it without trying to define it or own it. Use the search engine on the net as an extension of your intuition today; feel into the energy emanating from yourself and google it. Today you can attune to the fundamental substance of reality—pure empty consciousness—it is slippery, you can understand it through receiving it, you can be a conduit for it, but you can not 'have' it or frame it. Allow and navigate with a loose grip and disciplined sensitivity.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

4 Skull Saturday 13 March 2010

A foundation day for sudden change at some point in the future.
Today is a good day for internal clarity, a clear unsentimental acceptance and perspective on your old self. As ever on Skull days cut to the bone where it is appropriate.
Set boundaries

Friday, 12 March 2010

3 Serpent Friday 12 March 2010

The life force is stirring. Today is about energy moving and the dynamics of power. The shifting nature of power and who has power.
You may feel vitalized and sexy without having a direction or place to act out your desire. It is just a day to feel the life force stirring. Venom and anger can change into soma and higher consciousness, poison can be used for healing, see how energy changes, feel that subtle point where pure primal desire can be used for any endeavour as it turns.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

2 Seed or Lizard, Thursday 11 March 2010

Today we see the inherent duality of our intentions and evolutionary impulses. We want two different realities simultaneously.

The result of this energy is that we might have moments of complete inertia. The best thing is to hold both intentions and feel the differences. The tension will create some energy for tomorrow and you will benefit from being conscious of your duplicity today. Tomorrow brings forward momentum in the shape of vitality.

Or we might see two opportunities sprouting from the same junction. This is the bifurcating potentials of reality akin to the growth of a plant as it sprouts new stems. See today's Mystic Cyber Crow Blog for a further exploration of this.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

1 Dark Night Wednesday 10th March

A new time wave of mystery and potentiality begins as you create the space for new seeds. Receive the dreams from beyond your self and learn to look in the spaces in-between, look through the cracks, for this is where the new light pours in. Go inside into the darkness and create the space for light to enter.

The vastness of the kosmos is encoded into every cell of your being, your body is the home of your soul, inside your home you will find the Kosmic void.

Within all form is space.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

13 Wind Tuesday 9 March

The Timewave of companionship and guidance releases its form and is converted into information, emotion is transmuted into data. The whole feeling of the Timewave is harvested and fedback into the matrix. A day where you flit from one thing to another, from one person to another, texting, facebooking, emailing.
Message the world.

Alternatively you write up your recent experiences you convert experience into information, a story, a report or a even a statistical analysis.

Or you release yourself from the internet from writing and communicating, feeling emotionally free and in doing so you are allowing your subconscious to receive new data from involvement with random activities.

Monday, 8 March 2010

12 Crocodile Monday 8 March 2010

The Dog Timewave can be understood by the mind today. 12 Crocodile says we can not let the mind control our emotions rigidly if we are to receive and give nourishment.
Crocodile is the face of the Goddess, nurturing and loving, yet jealous, dark and foreboding if scorned. Pay homage today to the Goddess and be gifted with a deep understanding of your needs and the needs of those around you.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

11 Sun or Flower Sunday

The form cracks open to reveal the light. Following the light through the crack a whole new universe appears before us, previously invisible but always present.
The world is made of Light. We can use the broadbrush truth of the spectrum of light to describe reality.
The Chakras correspond to the 7 colours of light as a metaphor of frequency.
Crown is White and Violet, Brow is Indigo, Throat is Blue, Heart is Green, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Spleen is Orange, Root is Red.

In my experience I have found we are operating through 2 or 3 chakras at a time, generally speaking for each stage of development we have 2 dominant chakras open.
That’s not to say we can not have more than 3 open, but two dominate at any one time

The manifest world is comprised of a different recipe of light for each form. Each form, be that, a rock, a car, a tree or a human is the 'solidified' form of a unique kaleidoscopic mix.
11 Sun also known as 11 Flower is a day where reality opens to allow us to read the frequency mix.

Our emotions are an expression of the flow of received light, filtering through us then becoming our transmission of light.

Our emotions are especially felt in the abdomen and heart and yet they are as light all around us. We live in our emotions and see through the filter of our emotions. The light of the aura is on a finer frequency than the light we can see with our normal vision.

We have our being and move around in the concentrated light near to our body but that radiates out into the whole cosmos as a whisper. In effect we are also walking around in the collective light transmissions of human society. We particularly pick up on those transmissions that resonate with ours. If we are in a group of people surrounded by incongruous light transmissions, our body of light is either not in resonance which then creates the feeling of loneliness or we receive that light and feel disturbed.

Unless of course we can transcend the base frequencies and find a more subtle resonance with people on higher level, which invariably means operating through the Heart more than the spleen or solar plexus

Friday, 5 March 2010

10 Storm Saturday

A day of manifestation or concrete realizations of emotional patterns. Storm is refreshingly chaotic, it disrupts to liberate and 10 is the sense of something tangible. A day that feels different, your emotional body twists in new directions and it feels strange but good, as you have unusual connections
So allow a new behavior to happen, go with the unexpected and see it as a liberating moment with potentially longer lasting effects.

9 Obsidian or Mirror, Friday 5 March 2010

Today is a good day to wake up to the way our present emotional space, our total energy resonance anchored in our feelings, generates the story we are living. The story we are living in is a continuum, that stretches from the ancient past to the far off future. Our total energy frequency creates a timeline. Change your feelings on the deepest level and change the past---literally--and therefore the future.

Aspects from your past return to your awareness as you see the mirror effect of the cyclical nature of time.

A cycle of reflection ends today as you have a realization of how your past reflects this moment and how your future will have a resonance with your past.

Waking up to the nature of time and the stories we create with others

We live in the present with our companions and together we create our past in each moment and therefore also our future, which springs from our interpretation of the past.

Day 9 in the timewave is the day we wake up beyond linear time. 9 is a master number in the Mayan cosmology and refers to the Lords of Time.

2012 points us towards the past

2012 speaks to us of the future, but in the same breath directs our attention to the ancient past.

2012 is the end of one Galactic spin of 25,600-25,920 years. As we approach 2012, the world is subliminally being primed to recognize large cycles of time.

The 2012 phenomena is a meme in our society affecting our view of history.

My proposition on the nature of time here: Time Decays Over Time

Thursday, 4 March 2010

8 Earthmover, Thursday 4 March 2010

Change Coming into Being

If you follow the 260-day pulse, you will start to notice certain mathematical patterns, such as the 8th day of the timewave being the 1st day of the previous timewave. The last timewave, therefore, was an Earthmover timewave. This means that today is a day of committing your energy, or we can say incrementally committing more of your energy to that which emerged in the previous timewave.

The nature of change that emerged -- which would have revealed an inherent evolutionary facet of your life message -- is now showing itself again. You are being called to synchronize and integrate with it. Do not try too hard, just observe the day and remember to commit your energy to what is progressive when Life asks you.

We get what we ask for. That is not such an easy ride, because we are also aware of the infinite potentials that lie beyond this choice we have made... but it is worthwhile, enriching and deeply rewarding to see it through.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

7 Owl, Vulture or Warrior, 3 March 2010

Be still and come into resonance with your true self. Be like the owl and the vulture: patient and resilient.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by demands from the world, hold your energy -- for within a maelstrom of being pulled by other people or deadlines, a magical solution and innovative opportunity can arise, if you just hold still. Allow wisdom to shine through by dispelling the darkness of confusion through your resolve.

Seven Warrior is a day of truth. Your truth can harmonize with others without being exactly the same truth.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

6 Eagle, Tuesday 2 March 2010

Smooth, flowing, comfortable rhythmic changes of perception that allow you to organize your dreams and visions, today affords you the opportunity to harmonize your overall sense of reality with your emotional needs; a blend of the earthly and the spiritual.

What’s more, the perceptions you have today can fit nicely with the shifting perceptions of those around you.

Click on the image above for a one-minute video.

Monday, 1 March 2010

5 Jaguar, Monday 1 March 2010

A day when you:
1. Walk into the centre of reality; instinctive and wild, free, belonging to no-one.
2. Feel the pain of disconnection and aloneness.
3. Instinctively feel connected and part of all reality, loving the universal matrix that you are prowling in, recognizing it as a gameplayer reality.

4 Skywalker, Sunday 28 Feb 2010

A chance to see all sides of your relationships, your emotional state or basic needs from a higher space. A day where you detach from your emotional involvements to see them more clearly. Meta-program your emotional body.