Friday 31 July 2020

1 Storm

[Friday 31 July 2020]

A new 13-day timewave begins today. Storm (Cauac) is the electrifying power that cleanses blocks and inhibitions from our psyche.

Image thanks to Kookie Birjukov

Storm consciousness is comfortable with sudden changes in the day, covering all manner of diverse experiences. The archaic, the futuristic and the contemporary sit comfortably together in this day. The holistic, the pure and the profane arise organically as you spark off the spontaneous energies that shift you this way and then that way.

Lightning storm over Lamma Island
Thanks to Sean Creamer for
permission to use this photo

The Storm Timewave is a period of habit-breaking – Storm loosens you up and frees your soul from fixed ideas. Storm is sudden and unexpected, and brings energy to the electrical aspects of your body, your nervous system and your etheric body.

A day of exhilaration – or clear moments of freedom – that sets the scene for the next 13 days.

Where can you break a pattern that is holding you back?

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[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Storm:]
I will explain a little about the idea of this blog, which is to gently present a byte each day, a facet of the energy and texture of each day as it manifests on this specific frequency of reality.

The frequency is derived from the 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar (the Tzolkin), which can be thought of as a different pulse from the one we normally operate in with our standard calendar.

With all that is going on in the world, it may be hard to tune into the 260-day frequency, but it is there underneath the social chaos.

Cogs of the Tzolkin, set to 1 Storm

The Incoming Expectation of Experience
The attunement to the 260-day frequency of the Tzolkin happens naturally over time, through a relaxed persistence, rather than an instant understanding. The frequency expands your awareness of the Earth as a being within the Cosmos.

You were in this space, this realm, when you were in the womb. Now you can consciously integrate the cosmic with your everyday life as it unfolds in the theatre of the world. In this 2012 era [from approximately 1986 to well into the 2020s], it is time to surf the galactic emanations that are inherent within everything on Earth. All is consciousness arising from the oceanic realm.

Love and Creativity.

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Thursday 30 July 2020

13 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Thursday 30 July 2020]

Mirrors reflecting upon mirrors into eternity.

Composite created by Carey,
using images fom Google and layers in Photoshop.
Mask of Teotihuacan from here

The Skull Timewave completes with a dispersion of light as everything seems to be a reflection of everything else. That which has fallen away from you during this timewave of death and rebirth appears as a spectre, so let it go to the best of your ability. Do not cling to the mask or veil you used before this timewave.

The emotional impact of seeing that which is no longer serving you can be disturbing. 

However, it is a good day to sense that you are a fuzzy fractal of the divine.

with thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman

Out of the corner of your psychic eye, you catch a glimpse of the never-changing essence, the YOU that is a reflection of the ineffable.

Surrender to the Mystery, whilst recognising the unity of all life and the imperative of love that encompasses all.

The Never-Changing Essence,
a self-portrait by our dear friend Dominic Cryer

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 13 Obsidian:]
The small actions of the many will continue to tilt the game of life towards the benevolent.

If you shift your perspective to energy, then you solve the overwhelm of the big picture. The energy field, if activated correctly, is holographic – this enables you to lead your own life whilst embodying more light and being part of the change required. This is post-technological, releasing us from the enslavement of the technology tools.

Holographic energy field
Image found on Google

Wednesday 29 July 2020

12 Earthmover

[Wednesday 29 July 2020]

It all works out beautifully.

Today we understand the inherent re-organisational intelligence within life’s disruptions.

The Holosphere; image conceptualised by LjL,
created thanks to Kookie

Recent upheavals and quakes can make sense, as you synchronise your energy with Earth’s galactic constant – the pulse of the 260-day cycle – which is the same pulse you experienced in all innocence as a soul descending into your developing foetus.*

The Galactic Embryo
Original drawing with heartfelt thanks to Suzanne Baker,
used in a Photoshop creation by Carey

Today, you can understand the direction of evolutionary change in your life, the way forward. The energy of change is vitalised and you can see how seemingly random artefacts of your life can be organised coherently.

Earthmover is the forceful energy that demands a new ordering of reality; it is the ‘intelligence force’ of evolution. Day 12 in each timewave is the patterning that the intellect can grasp.

Today is a good day for understanding the purpose and design of the changing world and your changing life.

* Note from Carey: This is the process Laurence calls ‘involution’, which is ‘the descent of the dreamlike, timeless soul into the evolutionary process.’ While evolution is systemic with the linear mind and the forward-moving arrow of time, involution comes from outside time.

Image found on Google

[Suggestion from Laurence to contemplate on 12 Earthmover:]
If you have been following this count for some time, then I recommend that you take some time to explore your own Daysign (Daykeeper) and/or your connection to the Maya through the visionary space (aka imagination).

Just a few moments of slow, deep breathing whilst you focus on the dark space behind your closed eyelids will create the inner space. Then you simply offer an invitation to the Maya and/or to your Daykeeper. Invite them in and you will get an instant (sometimes fleeting) image or flowing images.

If you do this frequently over time, your connection to the energy will dramatically increase. As little as five minutes will yield results.

The 20 Mayan Daykeepers
© Laurence James Lucas and Carey Vail

[Extra message from Laurence posted on 12 Earthmover of 21 April 2016. His message resonates just as profoundly today.]
This day plugs directly into the recent earthquake and volcano activity …. Let us hope enough tension has been discharged for now... The tension in the earth is intimately tied into psychic tension and the imperative to recalibrate human consciousness.

I ask people what they think is going on in the world and their concluding statement is invariably, ‘What can I do? I just have to look after my immediate concerns…’

I offer this answer: We are living in an evolutionary transition where a dark force that is trans-national and trans-governmental is trying to enslave humanity (regressive anti-evolution agenda) – all we have to do is retain an awareness of that. With this awareness, you are likely to voice your concerns quietly in everyday conversations.

The solution is to be conscious; do not fall asleep.

If a few percent more of the human population stayed conscious, the game would be won. And culture would evolve to the next stage.

Your consciousness has a direct effect on the environment and in the social marketplace. We are never far away from a tipping point; awareness spreads.

This is what is meant by bringing in the light down to earth, down to the human situation as it stands today.

Original image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie, used in a
Photoshop composite by Carey

[On 12 Earthmover of 3 March 2014, Laurence posted the following:]
The psychic environment has never been more tangible. If you talk to others, you will pick up a universal narrative of tension that includes something akin to a ricochet of energy trapped in a box.

There is this lurching movement from novelty addiction to escapism to a need for simple solutions, then back to your sense of normality, then on to a sense of overwhelm and confusion, apathy, inertia and low energy, to excitement and off again, round and round.

If you hold your ground, hold your intention despite being knocked off centre time and time again, you are actually progressing in this energy environment.

So it is that we are to recapture our centre every day, to not expect enduring comfort, peace of mind or simplistic clarity. To accept that there is this evolutionary pressure – with no respite for now – is to empower yourself with the truth. Dig deep and find your resolve.

As a client and friend in Australia said to me recently, this is new ground. There is nothing written about this by the spiritual authorities like Deepak Chopra that quite explains the present situation. As she implied, it is real work – real psychological work and a psychic test.

We Need to Stay Engaged
Within this pressure pot, there is an extraordinary awakening occurring within the switched-on minority. Is that minority large enough for the tipping point? I do not know. However, I trust in life and I know that the light of 10 to 20 percent can illuminate the darkness of the 80 to 90 percent who are operating through default programs.

Humanity as a totality of consciousness is programming the etheric template; the matrix is accessible. This template frames the interdimensional portal that allows other beings and consciousness into our reality. Behind the curtain of normality is a science-fiction-like recalibration of the very fabric of our reality.

Therefore, we have to have faith and hold the ground. We have to hold the resolve. We have to BE the Sacred Warriors.

Ancestors of the North, by
Susan Seddon Boulet (1941–1997)
Image found on Google

Tuesday 28 July 2020

11 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Tuesday 28 July 2020]

A good day to connect to your inner authority and higher truth, regardless of the pain, problems or chaos that might be in your life at present.

Complex Patterns of Consciousness, by LjL

Day 11 of each timewave is about opening the doors to incoming energy and consciousness. Day 11 is when the doors of our reality – our perceived manifest solidity –  open to let in more light and consciousness.

Image from here

To develop a sophisticated view of reality – which is to become conscious of complex patterns – requires an ability to hold a different set of contrary perspectives at any one time. This ability is based on staying open and keeping open the windows and doors of your perception, which are located in the energy field.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

To see the emerging and developing patterns inherent within our global society involves staying open whilst understanding that reality is comprised of levels, both psychological and metaphysical.

Different levels have different truths.

We are being asked to be conscious of the multiple truths of a changing human society, one that is being led towards a state of consciousness beyond planet Earth, towards a planetary civilisation.

Levels of Truth, flipchart by LjL

What is the new energy incoming, and what is the nature of the self, society, species and planet receiving this energy?

The Warrior is the Sacred Warrior of Truth – not a violent warrior, but one who can stand in the strength of stillness.

Today, open yourself to higher truth and integrate new truth into your being. 

Be conscious of the movement and connection from your centre – from your personal truth, axioms, focus and anchor – to the interface you have with the world and the door that you open to allow in other truths and other people’s energy, whilst allowing others to have their own truths.

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Monday 27 July 2020

10 Eagle

[Monday 27 July 2020]

A day of emotional intelligence and a message about how to manifest abundance for yourself, whilst helping the world and being part of the shift to a more compassionate society.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Help those you meet by offering your vision.

The vision of the Eagle manifests today. The Eagle soars above the world, but looks down upon it, rather than up to the stars. The Eagle strikes with great clarity at problems that need solving on the ground.

Composite created by Carey
using Eagle found on Google

The Eagle teaches the higher element of emotional intelligence by being compassionate without being unnecessarily wet or soppy, for Eagle is a Warrior of the Heart.

Beautiful fracted eagle
by Byrek at Deviant Art

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 10 Eagle:]
Here is a quick introduction to one aspect of my primary thesis. This subject seems appropriate on 10 Eagle.

On our planet, in this era, there is an evolutionary complicity and friction between the technological tipping point and spiritual awakening. As we near the integrated internet and internet saturation point, it is absolutely imperative that a spiritual revival dominates. Pure science, technology and rationality can be hypnotised by an ethic of neutrality – this leads to a dislocation from heart and soul.

Enslaved in the Matrix
Image found on Google

But there is no absolute neutrality.

The integrated and saturated internet is coming: Google glass, domestic appliances with internet sensors, buildings with sensors and much more. The internet is becoming externalised and integrated with consciousness. If left to its own devices, it will be a manifestation and an expression of the primal matrix, a reptilian intelligence which is alluded to in the film The Matrix.

Neo, found on Google

How this is manifesting now is through an increase in dehumanising work, dumbing down of the population and distraction through adrenalin-related novelty, which blocks consciousness and potentially enslaves the individual in the reptilian matrix.

This primal intelligence is the etheric template of survival and it reflects back and reinforces consciousness. The dystopian/Orwellian scenario of technocratic enslavement is the default setting of the matrix, i.e. it is the unconscious program.

Augmented reality,
image found on Google

The imperative for our planet is to achieve a tipping point of awakening (maybe 12 to 15 percent of the adult population) in order to reprogramme the matrix. The matrix is a tool, like the mind. If it rules and we are unconscious, it is dark. The threshold point would seem to be from 2027 to 2040 at the latest.

This is why we need to stay engaged, even if it is uncomfortable. We are taking part in an evolutionary drama, where the survival of the human species and freedom of the soul is at stake. 

I believe we will succeed. However, it is apparent that there is no room for complacency.

Escape from the Matrix
Original image found on Google, photoshopped by Carey

Sunday 26 July 2020

9 Jaguar

[Sunday 26 July 2020]

Wild thing. Alert. Hypersensitive.

Fantastic 'fracted jaguar' image
by Byrek on Deviantart

Awareness of hurt, yet willing and motivated to play. 

With a roar, wake up and see the projected path of your present actions. Reclaim lost instincts and forgotten power, and be willing to protect yourself where needed.

Wake up and roar!
Photo thanks to
Dave Parker

Today, you can connect to the actions needed – the actions you will be taking later – that enable you to move on, to change, to shift to the next level of your development.

You are alive and it’s time to smell the completion that is beckoning. Be ready to pounce and get it done, change gear and go for the finish line!

Get ready to pounce...
Uncredited image
found on Pinterest

[On 9 Jaguar of 3 January 2017, Laurence also posted a comment from a client and friend:]
‘Perhaps we are coming to a place where the choice – the commitment that we have already previously made – has to be made incarnate. We have stepped through the looking glass.’ Kamerine

Saturday 25 July 2020

8 Reed (Skywalker)

[Saturday 25 July 2020]

Today is about the compression of an abstract idea into time–space and the linear mind. Decide to proceed with the change presenting itself to you. This requires some degree of emotional commitment.

Graphic by LjL

Being an 8 Day, we are reminded that the timewave before this was the Reed Timewave – the exploration of different reality templates and potentials. The current timewave, that of Skull, is about definitive change. The next timewave is Storm, which brings the energy to break old patterning.

Shift in Perception
Image from here

Today, prepare for a reality jump or a sudden shift of perception that is a truly new insight. 

Commit to grounding your ideas and to your authority.

Friday 24 July 2020

7 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Friday 24 July 2020]

Grass is unspectacular yet ubiquitous; grass is vastly abundant.

Central image thanks to Kookie Birjukov,
based on a concept by LjL

A day to be open to abundance by creating space for new people, or new energy, or new energy from people you know.

The human species is over 7.79 billion by number (as of June 2020), while the latest figures (as of April 2020) reveal that over 4.57 billion of us are active internet users – that’s not far off 60% of us.

Humanity is ubiquitous on Earth but, far from overpopulating this planet, we are all needed.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

The greatest resource on planet Earth is human creativity. All problems have an inherent solution that human intelligence and creativity can resolve – as long as that creative impulse is not blocked by the impoverishment of those in fear who run an outdated system.

The interconnection of the global population creates a unity and a diversity that can enable an incredible problem-solving intelligence. Every problem is systemic, and the solution is inherent within any problem. This is the game of evolution, adaptation and growth.

Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)

The system must change – and will change – so that the resource issue is reframed. It is thanks to the abundance of intelligence that is derived from all people contributing their gifts that the world can evolve and transform from a paradigm of fear to a paradigm that supports love. 

The magical resonance of all human wisdom as a net total essence derived from every man, woman and child is available today as you walk on the long good road of life.

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Good Road:]
Empty your rational mind and create space for resonance. Quite simply, be as open as you can today and take note of the subtle sensations that you intuitively feel.

Space is full of a vast amount of energy that can be measured by science. The space around us is full of all manner of energies, described by science as electromagnetic fields, etc.

Space is also full of etheric, emotional, mental and feeling energies, as well as abstract thought and Celestial and Ketheric energies, all of which are different densities of consciousness.

The human aura is comprised of all these subtle energies, which operate as interpenetrating fields. We are walking around in the field of collective consciousness. We access our emotions, feelings, thoughts and subtle levels of consciousness internally. However, this internal sense of reality is not the full picture…

Image found on Google

As we awaken to the toroidal flow of consciousness and energy that is perceived and experienced beyond the density of the rational-mind barrier, we start to connect to the fact that the internal energies are the subtle energies that are externally surrounding us and interpenetrating our bodies and the whole physical realm.

A prerequisite for understanding reality is to study the human energy field and the chakras. We walk around in and have our physical experience inside the complexly structured field of energy and consciousness.

Image originally found here,
photoshopped by Carey

Thursday 23 July 2020

6 Monkey

[Thursday 23 July 2020]

The game of life is a game.

LjL enjoying the game of life
Composite created by Carey

Play to win – or rather, play to keep the game of life going by following the clues laid out before you... 

By an inch it’s a cinch, by a yard it’s hard,’ Peter Ragnar.

Today has a creative flow to it. A great day to enjoy your work, if you live a vocational life, as part of the game of life, as well as to enjoy your play as part of the task of life.

Image found on Google

Today, leisure and pleasure can yield inspiration for your tasks, your purpose or your career. 

The world game is totally on; we are living in evolutionary times. Stay alert.

The Game of Life, as viewed through 19th-century eyes
 'The Checkered Game of Life. Springfield, Mass:
Published by Milton Bradley & Co., 1866'
 Image from here

Wednesday 22 July 2020

5 Dog

[Wednesday 22 July 2020]

A day to feel the supportive energy in your emotional centre, your inner psychic sanctum and your sanctum of the world, surrounded by those you love.

The people you need and love are held within your heart. This is a powerful field of protective energy that creates a space of equilibrium in the midst of change.

Change can be destructive. However, if we can stay with the heart, transformation is resonant with the highest good and the power of love.

A very good day to connect with people all around you. Visualise your friends and acquaintances linking out in all directions from you.

Composite created by Carey,
central image thanks to Kookie

Tuesday 21 July 2020

4 Water (Moon)

[Tuesday 21 July 2020. New Moon in Hong Kong at exactly 1:33am]

Set the parameters of your emotional capacity. Be honest about what you can expose yourself to.

Image originally found on Google,
photoshopped by Carey

How much you can handle? What areas can you handle getting involved in? 

What do you need to debate and what drama is good for you? Where must you stay clear? What should you avoid?

Image found on Google,
from here

Purify your emotions, cleanse and release, reset your emotional body.

What do you have to offer?

Image originally
found on Google

Feeling Space
Today, explore the boundaries of your emotional space. It is a space just like physical space – emotional space is a substance that exists in the collective substance of emotions and feelings.

The easiest way to connect is to visualise the aura – the subtle fields of emotion and thought that surround and interpenetrate your body.

Aura at the Notre-Dame Basilica,
old Montréal, by Moment Factory