Wednesday, 30 September 2020

10 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Wednesday 30 September 2020]

A day of manifest light. The Monkey Timewave manifests as the light within the trickster, which is humour with grace and the radiance of the heart opening.

When the face is lit up with a smile, the light of the Sun can be seen.
Smiling Flowers, free wallpaper image from here

Today is all about smiling.

That does not necessarily mean grinning with recognition at everyone you pass in town today – it could be a song or a dance that brings a deep smile to your face.

Smile with the recognition of your divinity and the blessing of being sovereign of your personal reality. Be conscious of natural light today. Today is a day when the subtle creative light of existence – the wholly affirmative energy within life – manifests and is easily accessible through the agency of natural manifest light.
Monkey tells us that life is drama, full of dark humour, paradox and trickery, and that the key to playing the game successfully with a positive attitude requires that we draw upon the light.

Thank you Roberta Raine
The Divine Light contains the intelligence of existence and we are processors of light. The intelligence of all life far surpasses the intelligence of any machine or technology, no matter how advanced it becomes. In psychology, the computer metaphor has gradually replaced the study of the soul. This metaphor for the human mind (replacing soul) is known as the cognitive approach. We are indeed partially cognitive – that is, information processors – but the internet is already more efficient than any human for accessing all of the information of human knowledge, no matter how bright the individual.

So are we to surrender our divinity to the machine?
Thank you Karen Argyle
No, because the Divine Light contains the intelligence of Life, which includes far more than information – it is imbued with the ability of unlimited creativity. We are co-creators, far more than we are information processors; co-creators who are interconnected to the unlimited adaptability, spontaneity and joy of creation itself.

In today’s world, as the technological continues to progress, it is increasingly true that our connection to our sovereign light, our creative channel, is the most valuable commodity we own.

Today, bring more light into your being by smiling.

Created by Carey

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate o
n 10 Flower:]
Today is 10 Flower (also known as Sun or Lord) in the Monkey Timewave. Today, Monkey manifests as the ability to draw light directly from Source within the dark and unknown chapters of life. Monkey says that the rules of life are forever changing and that we can play – and should play – by our own rules when the situation demands.
Image of Atlantis found on Google
Flower is the manifestation of a plant celebrating life. The plant synthesises light directly to sustain itself. We, on the other hand, in our present state of evolution, require the synthesised light that we get through eating plants. However, can we also synthesise light directly from the solar radiation that infuses the atmosphere? I think we are already doing that, to a certain extent, and that the body can synthesise vitamins and minerals from the atmosphere.

Light from the Sun is encoded with all the energy information for life on Earth – and that includes our consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness within us equate to and draw upon the unseen light from the Galactic Core and all of the stars that surround us. Beyond that, our higher levels of consciousness have resonance with, or are sourced from, galaxies all over the Universe, the Universe itself and then the light of the Multiverse.
Awaken, by Cameron Gray,
from here

The Moon also plays an important role in transducing light, by reflecting the Sun and, in effect, by enabling us to reflect upon ourselves through our feelings. The planets in the Solar System also transduce light into different frequencies. The Solar System is mostly made up of ‘space’ that is contained within the auric field of the Sun – the Sun’s influence – which extends out to the Oort cloud.

‘Space’ is actually filled with plasma, which is the fundamental state of matter, a kind of liquid-gas with very strange properties. Scientists have found that plasma exhibits signs of being a life form. In laboratory conditions, it has been found that two plasma fields can communicate and reproduce.

Original graphic by LjL,
Photoshopped by me

I consider plasma to be the conduit for consciousness.

The movements of the planets through the Sun’s plasmic ocean (the Solar System) change the symphony and the arrangement of frequencies. This is the basis for astrology.
Originally created by Kookie Birjukov,
Photoshopped by me

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

9 Storm

[Tuesday 29 September 2020]

The shaft of light then enters the drama, a window of awareness into the completion of the cycle and the new space being offered…
Photo by Carey

The Mayan Sacred Calendar measures a different but ever-present realm; it is the layer of the tapestry of reality that connects the Earth, Nature and the Human World with the greater Cosmos. This day, 9 Storm, is a wake-up day.

Beautiful but uncredited
view of Hong Kong in a shaft of light,
found on Goggle

A day of realisation. Not a rational understanding, but a soul-felt liberating connection, a memory from the future. A reminder that you were meant to drop that ‘thing’ you had already planned to let go of, or to break out of ‘this’, or to wake up from ‘that’.
A sudden bolt of lightening acts to cleanse, purge, purify and catalyse you. This could include meeting some strange but familiar person.

Image from here
A good day to feel the Spirit of Freedom that lives within you.

9 Storm is a day to be alert to a peak experience, as a hole in time opens up in the most unexpected place and in the most unexpected moment.

Photo by Carey,
taken from Secret Rock

Monday, 28 September 2020

8 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Monday 28 September 2020]

Energy moving towards manifestation.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

Committing to the Game of Life requires accepting the totality that results from your desires – which includes living with the shadow of what you want. However, the price is never as high as it might seem. The shadow is a scary spectre that dissolves with the light of your courage as you open up to new dimensions.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who am I?’
Detail from The Arnolfini Portrait,
by Jan van Eyck, 1434
Image originally from here

Today is a day where you can recognise how you are attracting what you ask for. You have the life that reflects the totality of your emanations – what you put out – and you are challenged to commit to accepting that, to seeing the shadow and the price of your desires. However, looking deeper into the smoky mirror of eternity, you will find that other worlds open up as you make the commitment.
Image from here,
with a wonderful backstory!

Day 8 of each 13-day timewave is a day of b
alanced, controlled commitment; it is the energy of feeling prepared. Obsidian is a day of truth and surrender, of accepting the shadow and the universal reflection of one’s reality at the moment.
However, as we are in the Monkey Timewave, there is a subtext of ‘Do not get too serious or rigid with your commitment.’

A Sulawesi black monkey
checking himself out in the mirror
(Image: Caters)
by photographer Ronny Buol

Surrender your emotional tightness so as to open the heart and be a divine mirror.

The Monkey knows that on each level of the game, he faces his shadow.

In so doing, he is able to create and to weave new fabric into reality.

Mariana in the South,
by John William Waterhouse, circa 1897
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, 27 September 2020

7 Earthmover

[Sunday 27 September 2020]

A good day to feel a resonance or actually synchronise with the impulse of life to change towards the beneficial and the magnificent. 7 Earthmover is a high-energy day, full of magical potential.

Beautiful fractal art
by Italian designer Silvia Cordedda
Image from here

Take time to remind yourself and to create some space, to experience the fact that all of Nature is alive, just like you. Feel the vital fizz of life; see it all around you.

Alternatively, a day to enjoy the magical surprise of a spontaneous element that comes into your life which takes you off track – meaning off the linear path of linear mind, so that you can integrate and synchronise with the force of evolution.

by John Shannon
Image from here

Life has an intelligence beyond our personal and immediate understanding.

What gift is here for you today?

Composite created by Carey
'Nature is alive and talking to us. This is not a metaphor.' 
Terrence McKenna
Quote from here, with some great images

Saturday, 26 September 2020

6 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Saturday 26 September 2020]

Flowing strength, clear harmonics, relaxed and moving with the ebb and flow...

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

To be a Daykeeper means to follow the rhythm of the 260-day calendar each and every day. Slowly, patiently, receive the pulse of the vast reality beyond the mundane realm of worldly matters.

The pulse resonates at the edge of the Ear
th’s atmosphere where our planet is looking out into the depths of the Cosmic Ocean. Simultaneously, this pulsation is immanent within all material concerns.

Cosmos, A Spacetime Odyssey
by Neil Degrasse Tyson
 Free HD wallpaper from here

Today is a day of receptive, responsive action and surrender, with an easy strength of mind. Assume a relaxed stance and be ready to respond with nobility and creativity.

Wisdom unfurling...

Dame Margot Fonteyn,
assuming a relaxed stance
at a window in Granada, Spain.
Image found on Pinterest
 (Photo by Baron/Getty Images)

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 6 Vulture:]
As consciousness expands, so does
our embrace of more time and more space. As we evolve, the complexity of time and space also increases, since we are able to hold a greater variety of time frames at once. This increasing embrace also includes connection to larger and more complex scales of community.

Image from here

Friday, 25 September 2020

5 Eagle

[Friday 25 September 2020]

A great day to see yourself in the centre of your world. See the environment all around you, above you and below you.

Original image from here,
photoshopped by Carey

The difference between being isolated and dislocated from all that circles you, and being connected and engaged with your world is whether the heart is open.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

Keeping the heart open requires an enormous effort and diligence in the world today, for we also have to be discerning about what and who we open up to. Utilise the clarity, compassion and precision of Eagle to locate the most appropriate place in your world today and then apply your efforts there.

Open Heart by Carey

A day of empowerment. Speak from your vision, because the vision you have today is nicely centred and you are able to recognise the joy of material reality whilst holding the wisdom you have accrued.

Image copyright Julia Watkins,
from here

Empower yourself with Eagle energy today and you will attract more abundance into your life – if not today, then soon.

The clarity you have today needs to be appreciated and recognised for its magnetic ability.

Laurence James Lucas, more than anyone else I have ever met,
had an extraordinary ability to keep his heart always open.

Today, which happens to be my Mayan birthday,
and every day, I call upon his Spirit to help me
by imbuing me with some of his clarity, his compassion,
his breathtaking depth of vision, his irrepressible joy in life,
his refined discernment, his unique capacity to empower those around him,
his wisdom, his humour, his contagious laughter
and his ever-open heart.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

4 Jaguar

[Thursday 24 September 2020]

A good day to feel grounded within the matrix of the living spirits of the Shamanic Earth. Allow the energy and vibrancy of the natural forces to lead you.

Image found on Google

The creative process is a lateral process; the foundation of its energy is derived from the Mystery and the Muses.

The Shamanic World is fully inhabited by spirits, all vying to contribute to the open channel of your psyche as you endeavour to express the moment and your state of being, whether by painting, writing, dancing or solving problems.

Psychedelic Leopard,
by Melissa Nichols on Deviantart

Today, stay relaxed so as to be alert to the relevant moments when you can achieve something. Do not try to work hard all day on something. Do not labour your projects.

Today you can create some structure in your work fairly spontaneously, but do not overrun. Know when to stop and just chill.

Accept what is and recognise the ongoing dramas, struggles and duality of life that you encounter as part of the terrain and experience. It is what it is.

LjL grounding himself
with shamanic seaweed
and pebbles of power

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

3 Reed (Skywalker)

 [Wednesday 23 September 2020] 

A day of fresh ideas. Open yourself to the sky, send up a beam of light and receive inspiration. Open yourself to the descending guidance from higher intelligence that will be coming down into your expectant neural network.

Composite created by Carey,
main image thanks to
our dear friend Kookie Birjukov

Remember: 3 Days can be unsettled, but they do stimulate the movement of energy within the soul.

Within this disturbance, today is a great day for inspirational energy comprised of abstract ideas and complex big-picture patterns. The energy of 3 Reed (Skywalker) will be illuminating and will reveal the plethora of potentials and opportunities inherent within this Monkey Timewave.

Image found on Google

Appreciate the fact that the nature of the day might make it hard for you to settle into one thing; accept the restlessness you feel as product of the higher or more exploratory calling you have.

Thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman
for this wonderful photo

Monkey is curious and inquisitive and the timewave energy sets the scene for new creative solutions to your tasks. Today, you can access the knowledge that comes from understanding cosmic forces and planetary movements. It might be a good day for astrological investigation!

A good day for exploring the pristine clarity of ideas unencumbered by emotions...

Composite created by Carey
Three openings to the sky:
In California,
on Lamma,
and at the beach in Whitstable

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

2 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Tuesday 22 September 2020. Autumn Equinox 13:31 UTC, 14:31 British Summer time; 21:31 Hong Kong time. MABON (Sun at 0° Libra)]

The challenges of our adventure on the Long Good Road of Life.

A fork in the road appears for you today, with a chance to open yourself to a bigger quest.

Image found on Google

Today, you find yourself asking ‘What is the way ahead?’ There seems to be two polarised options. In some cases, this really does mean you are seeing a complete change of direction in your future. For most people, however, today just presents you with two choices that are very different in a specific area of your life linked to the issue of community.

Where do you belong and how can you serve, and therefore feel part of, humanity?

Be as an empty cup.

Composite created by Carey
(chalice image found on Google)

The wisdom of Grass (also known as Good Road or Human) is to remain open. Open your mind and allow the mind to be guided by energy and intuition. Grass is the sign of the ever-present abundance, which is found in the constant growth of nature and the totality of community. People provide your worldly abundance in the way that Nature provides the fundamental abundance for humanity.

One of the many grassy forks in the road
in the hills behind our home
on Lamma Island

Because this is in the Monkey Timewave, do not treat anything too seriously. Monkey says that life is art, even if the game appears tricky.

If you feel a sense of overwhelming confusion, then recognise that the solution will not come from analysis. Do not take the ego seriously; Grass is a humble plant.

Open yourself and recognise that you do not have a solution in your mind. Just accept and be conscious of the two paths ahead.

Double Spiral/Nagual
Image by Sam Brown, from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 2 Good Road:]
Humanity is choosing its future... every single human being’s contribution of perspective and consciousness counts! However, those who engage with the bigger picture shine more light in this direction...

I remind you that the energy this particular calendar describes is rooted in the Nagual. The Galactic energy that infuses the Earth is a dreaming energy, accessed by the shaman. By following the 260-day pulse, you are awakening your Nagual, your dream self. This requires the art of seduction, without too much mentality.

Nagual: A Separate Reality,
digital art by Carole Boyd
Image from here

Carlos Castaneda: What Is A Nagual?
‘The term Nagual has several definitions – one who is good in talking, shape shifter, witch and animal co-essence... Carlos Castaneda used the term Nagual in his books to depict a person who has the skills to guide people to new areas of awareness and alternate realities just as valid as ours.'
Quote from here.

Painting by Charles Frizzell
Image found on Google

Monday, 21 September 2020

1 Monkey

 [Monday 21 September 2020]

Today begins a new 13-day mini-cycle, namely the Monkey (Chuen) Timewave that offers the opportunity to use creativity and humour to bring new energy into your life; 13 days of monkeying around…

LjL monkeying around in Peru,
while on an Ayahuasca Retreat
with his good friend Scott, February 2008

Today, the trickster energy is high. This is both fecund for deception but also – more importantly – for creative breakthroughs in awareness as you recognise how the whole of life is a theatre of absurdity, humour and extraordinary experience.

Weave some new threads into your life with playful, creative, inquisitive and, most of all, spontaneous acts. Let’s break out a little with the blessings of the trickster Monkey.

Image by Chris Herzfeld,
from here

Work is play and play is work. Monkey has a tricky sense of humour and challenges us to adapt.

Structured plans will not stay o
n course, nor work out in a linear fashion with Monkey energy. That can be frustrating; however, Monkey will be offering us a more creative and fun way of performing tasks and solving problems.

Monkey is the Master Craftsman or Artisan, and this particular day, 1 Monkey, is revered by the Highland Maya. A playful attitude yields new wisdom in this timewave. Monkey teaches us that creative play is at the heart of the Divine. Allow novelty into your life and be inventive.

This is a love-life and laugh-permission day.

Stay inquisitive during these 13 days and enjoy the mischievous energy. Serious problems require our engagement, mundane issues require our attention – but the Monkey will teach us that we can find novel, unusual and even what might at first appear strange ways or methods of dealing with life.

Image by Erica Maxine
Image from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Monkey:]
The Game of Life on Earth is so much bigger than we have been taught – there have been many civilisations on Earth over millions of years...

Monkey offers you the chance to feel the Great Cosmic Drama of Creation and to find a new space of freedom within yourself that transcends this present Enchantment.*

When we enter the implicit realm that can be accessed via the pineal gland/third eye, we encounter a fractal interface. The fast-moving fractal experience of psychedelic trips is a reality, a deeper level of existence, where the psyche is experienced at a faster rate. One thing turns into another into another, before arriving back at the start; then it loops again.

 Monkey Face, by Paul Carlson
Image from here

The self-perpetuating nature of our Enchantment is composed of conscious holographic substance. Get more into the flow of the ever-changing yet circulating experience... The Monkey Timewave allows us to access the fractal flow and to incite our craft, our art and our creative engagement with life.

Pineal Gland,
by Sebmaestro on Deviantart

After the Monkey Timewave comes the Lizard (or Seed) Timewave, when the intelligence and plan is revealed. After that comes the Earthmover Timewave, which brings us 13 days of evolutionary synchronisation.**

Follow the story that is unfolding in your life and connect to the effect of the cosmic influx. Be awake and feel into the energy that is unfolding...

Notes from Carey:

* To learn more about Laurence’s groundbreaking model of the evolution of human consciousness – the Enchantments of Life – please visit our portal website.

** The Earthmover Timewave was the timewave that saw us through the Maya Long Count Calendar ‘end-date’ of 21 December 2012, or 4 Ahau (Flower, Sun, Lord). The Long Count calendar measures the Earth’s relationship with the Galaxy and is based on a 26,000 tun cycle (one tun is 360 days), equating to a period of approximately 25,625 of our civil years. Thus, the Earthmover Timewave was the evolutionary synchronisation of the end of one 26,000 tun cycle and the start of another. 

Connect to the 260-day rhythm of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (which is a fractal of the 26,000 tun Earth–Galaxy cycle) on a day-to-day basis, and you will tune your consciousness to the incoming high energy associated with the 2012 era [from 1986 to well into the 2020s] and the Earth changes we see all around us.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

13 Dog

[Sunday 20 September 2020]

The swirling reflections of all that you have seen in this timewave tumble through your psyche – a kaleidoscope of self-reflection.

Tiled reflection, graphic created by LjL

The Earth is in a state of flux, in case you had not noticed! This affords you the opportunity to develop a heightened emotional fluidity, adaptability and responsibility. Keep allowing the energy to flow through you.

Today, 13 Dog in the Obsidian Timewave, affords you the opportunity to ascend to a new level of emotional frequency,

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

As you accept that all you encounter reflects aspects of yourself through multiple dimensions and realms, you move into the space of belonging to more of reality.

The whole Cosmos is teeming with life to such a degree that it is mind-boggling. As life, you belong in life.

As emotions arise, you have a choice about what you do with those emotions. Your choices ripple throughout the multiverse and are reflected back to you as the world out there.

The Ouroboros,
by Xaxa Calleja,
from here

Alternatively: A never-ending stream of unfulfilled needs, wants, inadequacies and unfavourable comparisons to other people can overload you today, as the feeling body goes into free fall. If you look for the root cause of your emotional problems, you will find another problem. Like an ouroboros, one thing leads to another and the last causal reason for any troubling feelings you have is then swallowed by the first definitive answer. 

However, because 13 Dog also offers the opportunity to shift into the flow of collective energy, where you recognise that your emotional nature is simply a reflection of the human condition, you have access today to some salvation and freedom from your emotional challenges.

Kaleidoscope Glass by Sato Motohiro;
image found on Google

Release the dependency on desire; give up on your self-preoccupation and recognise the universal sufferings, joys and unions of all people. You belong to life as part of life. You are needed by life, in the way that life has shaped you.

The culmination of the Obsidian Timewave today reveals your human-ness and the universal existence of human needs. Your basic needs, relationship dynamics and behaviour are mirrored all around you. 13 Dog offers us the chance to go to another level of awareness.

In a celebratory and liberated state, enjoy the commonplace social spaces, the unconscious union of the crowd and the companionship you see all around you.

Infinite Reflections–Mirror Maze
Image credit: SG Asia City, from here