Friday, 30 September 2011

11 Good Road or Human, Friday 30 September 2011

A good day to listen and be open to receive. Apply yourself in an adaptive manner -- activities that involve making adjustments are favoured. Abundance is being offered; new potentials could open up. Be alert enough to read the signs and hear the messages.

Have an empty mind, but do not be an airhead. Utilize the energy that comes towards you.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 Monkey Thursday 29 September 2011

Monkey 10 is the manifestation day of this, the Wind, timewave. The Monkey is an artisan, a creator of the tapestry of reality, sculpting reality from thought forms, ideas and perspectives.

This is a great day for finding creative connections between different ideas and paradigms.

Monkey also knows that information has limited value because Monkey is the one who plays with all ideas, all threads, to create the illusion of form. Monkey teaches us to laugh at ourselves if we take anything to be absolute gospel, be that science or spiritual philosophy.

So give it up a little today. Enjoy music and art and the wonderful absurdity of the world, enjoy creative thinking, writing, electronic communication and conversation and be entertaining rather than coldly factual. Have fun with ideas.

A brilliant day to create a poetic witty composition.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

9 Dog, Wednesday 28 September 2011

A day of clear conscious communication that is emotionally connected as you awaken the soul's memory of who you are in relation to society and evoke the soul in your emotional body.

Today you can feel how life reaches out to you. You are not alone; there are special people in your life and life itself is sharing your journey with you.

Open to a higher perspective on your mood and your emotions. Feel into the simplicity of love, rather than the imperfections of your experience with others.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

8 Water or Moon, Tuesday 27 September

Commit to soulfulness and connect to your inner life.

Living with the richness of soul sometimes means accepting the existential bleakness of life, as well as the bliss.

The sum total of life is a quiet joy, a growing sense of awe and appreciation for life itself, free from too many expectations or demands. This in turn opens your heart to another, without too much sentiment or need.

Today, commit to your depth and your own profound feelings. Recognize the validity of your life experience.


Monday, 26 September 2011

7 Rabbit or Star, Monday 26 September 2011

Sparkling with radiant connection, you flit from here to there, spreading the love or at least some abundant and fecund creative ideas. A sparkly day, a resonant day, meaning a day that mirrors the totality of existence.

Today is a fractal of the cosmic light of creation. Enjoy the abundance of today--the natural inherent abundance--without too much expenditure. You do not need to get carried away with money, partying too hard, or any kind of excess. Be in the abundance by allowing the light to shine through you.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

6 Deer or Hand, Sunday 25 September 2011

Today has an organic flow about it. A good day to surf, holding and releasing as you move through the data stream.

A day of finesse and subtle responsiveness. Stay tuned, alert yet relaxed. Move and be alert to the moment when it is time to hold your attention steady.

A good day for concentration as you are able to control yourself, setting limits whilst sensing the organic flow of energy, enabling you to switch your attention to the next appropriate activity.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

5 Skull, Saturday 24 September 2011

A day of strength, realism and positive detachment that allows you to make changes where necessary and/or operate in the more visceral realms of material reality.

Cut back, detach from the crowd come back to your core, and be a little cynical if necessary;
Be at the centre of your group and be detached enough to be an enabler for your community.

Enjoy some backbone attitude.

Friday, 23 September 2011

4 Serpent, Friday 23 September 2011

Own your Self Interest. We need you to survive and be healthy. Listen to the survival instinct today as the foundation for your own power. Respect your power to influence the world through the natural transmission of your consciousness; respect it and harness the vitality of your body. Be grounded in the body.

In the Wind timewave, your role as a communicator and disseminater requires you firstly to be firmly planted in the seat of your life force.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

3 Lizard or Seed, 22 September 2011

The ever-changing platform of your life. You have an essential destiny to become conscious of, but the details of that destiny are not all worked out--life is dynamic. You have a template for this incarnation, but it is not set in stone.

Today, see the shifting intentionality within existence that is created by forces of consciousness larger than ourselves. Enjoy the vitalizing force of an intelligence so vast we cannot grasp it, but which has the interests of our life within its knowing.

Your personal intention and your choices for your life exist within a dynamic framework.


Some essential Noosphere considerations for those of you following the development here and also here


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

2 Foredawn or Dark Night, Wednesday 21 September 2011

Be at home in between the polarities.

The existential nature of life is sometimes (a time like today for example) a comforting place in which to surrender, so that we are deeply at home in the midst of eternity.

After yesterday's activation comes the space, the silence and the void. Feel the pull of opposites and live betwixt them.

A good day for intense contemplation and finding the crack in any form that lets the light in

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

1 Wind, Tuesday 20 September 2011

Get ready for a new 13-day timewave that begins today as the Wind archetype activates.

13 days that can bring you clarity on what you have to say to the world, or clear communications with loved ones.

The Breath of the Divine will send you a message today--a sudden noise, an angry word, a disembodied spirit whispering in your ear, a gust of wind or a vibration from an animal. Any of these can activate you. Wind activates without sentiment.

The Wind can polarize an issue to push you further. Sometimes we have to see the world in black and white before we can proceed.

A timewave of powerful messaging, twittering, phoning, emailing and the spoken word. Be a messenger and a receiver with a “Yes, let's do it” attitude.

Alternatively, your communication exchange might be solely with the Source or your with own subconscious.

You are a transmitter and receiver.

Monday, 19 September 2011

13 Crocodile or Dragon, Monday 19 September

Surrender to life today and it should treat you well. The Cosmic Mother force: “Strong it is.” 

The soul's need for nourishment is revealed to you today. Your soul, and those around you, have a heightened sense of the need to be fed with more universal love and nourishment. 

The Link between Noosphere, Rainbows, Lightbodies and Developmental Psychology

The full activation of Planetary Consciousness is the activation of the Planetary Lightbody by another name. The Lightbody is the expression of the whole light—the white light—which is the integration of the Rainbow Body. The Noopshere would seem to correspond with the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge that Jose Argüelles foresaw.

The Rainbow Body was introduced to me in a startling dream in the 1990s—and which I subsequently found was something known about by many cultures including the Tibetans. The rainbow body on an individual or collective level is the expression of all frequencies of light. Before we can transmute or ascend we have to have an experience of all that we are. The human experience of the rainbow body is something akin to an existential experience, it is not merely the blissful joyful high of our new age inspiration it is the acceptance of our multi-frequency psyche. The existential experience which is the early awakening of the level of development I call Turquoise Enchantment is the realization and acceptance of the totality without pursuing the burning desire to change, evolve and become a higher being.

The individuals who reach this level of awareness have transcended the need to escape themselves and have left behind the idea of being superior. Why is that? It is because we are all human, we all contain the same developmental levels—the Enchantments of Life. You cannot escape humaneness. This is true as far as I have witnessed and that includes extra-terrestrial walk-ins and those who feel the stellar origins of their soul. In a similar vein, the overt projection of holiness by spiritual teachers and gurus is an interim trip. Every human has some kind of sexual desire, sensual appetite and or a need for power. In many spiritual teachers the intoxication of power enables them to transmute some of their sexual needs. Power, sex and the Kundalini life force that drives evolution, are all entwined. I am not condemning Gurus, its just the way it is and the charismatic spiritual leader serves an important role in waking people up. Those who hang onto the every word of a guru are having a good trip, but sooner or later it will reach its fruition and they will return to being human. I am not being cynical or depressing, this whole scenario is quite wondrous.

The existential condition is the full appreciation of the theatre that we are embedded within, it is the start of ego death and nobody rushes towards the death of their self. The Turquoise Enchantment begins with the sense of awe of how the whole world is this magnificent web of interlocking interdependent forces that all serve a purpose and all are magnificent in their own way. I am drawing upon empirical observations by Dr Clare Graves, Susan Cook Grueter and other researchers who have got their results from the scientific method as well as my own lucid moments.

The rush of desire for spiritual evolution, as expressed by many of us including such people as Andrew Cohen of ‘Enlighten Next’ takes us, leads us to the space where paradoxically we then realize we can not totally change. The forward momentum of Neptunian bliss is expressed as the realization of planetary Ascension. However it is an inner vision, incomplete, because before the full Planetary Ascension can occur, the individual and a significant segment of society has to move through Pluto Enchantment. In Neptune Enchantment the focus has been on the inner self and the need to be and express the True Self, which is actually an internal ideal a very valid sense of the soul, but not the whole truth of the self.

In Pluto Enchantment the individual comes back to focusing on the external world and the understanding of paradox. The evolutionary imperative to evolve is apparent yet it is tempered with the enjoyment of life as it is…what is the rush? The self is responsive to the social situation but now has a degree of self control and freedom.

The interdependence of the self means that the individual is not wholly committed to any particular mindset, the detachment comes from the realization and experience that we cannot be holy from trying to be totally holy or pure. Why would you want to deny the pleasures of the city, the cacophony of the population create a buzz, the unfolding trends and dramas are entertaining even though they uncomfortable and even painful, but the whole shebang is vital. Why would you want to deny your expression of sex, your enjoyment of food, good wine, or a beer with your friends in a pub? All theatres are now available and sure the decadence of material existence is apparent yet the world is very interesting. There is no complete healing; that idea misses the point of creation and existence, for to clear all of your stuff would be to deny the best of the modern world.

The self now manages the polarities of desire, never fully, never totally in control, therefore organically becoming more humble. But to say to the person that they are humble and wise would be a hideous embarrassment; the self does want the chains of too much public acclaim especially as they know themselves enough to realize the essential ordinary humanness of themselves.

There is no effort to be humble in fact there behavior can be the opposite, but humility is there as life experience kicks the shit out of self importance.

The extreme end of acclaim is fame. To be famous is to be public property. Yet of course the self wants some recognition, but not so much that it gets out of hand. All desires fulfilled create extreme polarities and the person does not want the consequences of having to free themselves again from the label, the box that other people will put them in. The person does not want to disappoint or disillusion the idealist, does not want to have to play aloof, rude or obnoxious just to relieve themselves of the heavy burden of an expectation and projection. The individual cares, but will not be martyr, if they can help it, for that is somewhat pointless. The person whose centre of gravity is in Pluto Enchantment just wants to be themselves—and wants others to be themselves. Freedom comes from playing in the game without be stuck in the game. The intention is play the game to keep the game going, rather than play the game to win the game. Spontaneity, adaptability, commitments that serve the person, ambiguity, paradox and the freedom to move and to choose that which is enjoyable in each moment all go hand in hand. The normal situations exist. The anxieties and concerns of survival, the need for love and need to help others that come with emotional conflict are now a natural part of ones life rather than the total truth of ones life. Life has to progress if it can, but life can not be solved completely. The final solution would be to deny existence and experience. The self struggles with progress and the ever unfolding information of what is new, knowing it’s an entertainment, knowing that survival requires one to engage with life. For if you don’t engage you are not in human society. The dilemma of engagement is that the options of experience in the new age, the corporate world, the money game, the truth movement, the UFOlogy scene, the religion, the family, the what-the-fuck-ever can become cul-de-sacs if full membership is signed up for.

Chiron Enchantment, the whole forward momentum slows right down yet further.

The Turquoise Enchantment is an experience of the total energy field as it passes through the mind. The self now experiences the fact that the present situation and condition of life is the inevitable result of all the other Enchantments expressing themselves. All is as it is. The past evolutionary epochs still coexist in the form of the myriad of human expression that we see all around us in the world—the developmental levels of the psyche—cannot be fully stopped from playing themselves out.

The reactions of the fundamentalist religious urge or moralist self to dark manipulative forces and to material decadence create a counter reaction from materialism and rationalism which then creates a counter reaction from idealism and new spiritualism which then creates a reaction from existentialism. The levels of self all the way down the Enchantments create an oscillating focus, that progresses consciousness and society enabling a degree of more benevolent abundance to manifest. The whole game of evolution has progressed society for the better, but the problems are still there.

As the evolutionary game sppeds up as it now, then all of the problems surface and things appear to be potentially heading for total destruction or total resolution.

Once the self has done the journey, then and only then can the self experience viscerally that existence is awesome as it is and nothing can be done to stop the game. Once that experiential (can’t be conceptualized into being, cant be merely decided upon) consciousness emerges then the frequencies of light, the Enchantments within the self are harvested, they are transmitted. Because the self now not only allows the different needs to surface, the different desires to be heard, but also has now detached identification from these sub personalities. The harvest is the gradual disintegration of the ego, the rainbow spectrum of the self (which is light, literally) can then circulate through the self into the Earth’s energy field (the Van Allen Radiation Belts). The person is expressing yet not attached to each level of her/his self and therefore is not blocking the energy flow, or containing within their energy filed. The mind is now truly opened, for it is the mind, it is thought, that creates the boundary that stops the toroidal flow of energy through self and environment. Our personal boundary is the idea that we are separate. The individual knows for sure that they will never know it all, this means not just as an idea. Not the idea that the total truth can never be known, (or that there is some simple truth on how to live, if we can discover it) but an energy shift that means they experience the fact that the information game was never going to reach a conclusion.

The Noosphere becomes self conscious through the individual.

At a later stage, the spectrum integrates as white light, then the timelines shift, Armageddon is avoided, the planetary ascension occurs and Earth starts to enter into the next level of the game—the Cosmic Game and extra-terrestrial community.

How does this apply to the world now in 2011?

For now I will just briefly make an incomplete appraisal, which is only one way of looking at it.

The Human species life force has become accessible and unstable. The transformation towards, a planetary civilization first begins with the dissolution of the fixed structures and that is why the dark agenda has speeded up. The manipulations from Jupiter Enchantment cabals who work behind the scenes of the economic theatre are gaining effectiveness as they seek total domination. The religious fundamentalists, many of which nowadays are also right wing capitalists (what a laugh hey) who on one hand simplify the world are also more viscerally aware of the dark forces. They form a significant contingent of the truth movement. The Uranus Enchantment is oblivious to it all and just sees market forces, which is also true to an extent, economic forces are also vying for greater profit and creating a degree of stability. The alternative movement is more conscious of the dark agenda and yet the potential of an important shift on planet Earth. In fact this could be the next evolutionary shift a values shift from Uranus to Neptune. The Pluto enchantment individuals shift from perspectives to perspective as the energies dance around. Moving in and out of each theatre.

The future is not fixed; the world could potentially be destroyed (although I personally doubt it). So this means everyone must play their role, the timelines are wobbling and absolute predictions are pointless. However it is safe to safe the next couple of decades are excessively interesting. At some point, perhaps within a few decades the whole evolutionary force will start to slow down, this is something I often ponder upon, but I guess we will have to wait and see…

If the world’s centre of gravity shifts from Uranus Enchantment (materialism) to Neptune Enchantment (spiritual revival) then…well I will leave it at that for now and leave you to receive your own vision…

Provocative thought for the day...Dragon is same as Dinosaur


Sunday, 18 September 2011

12 Flower, Lord or Sun, Sunday 18 September

The understanding of the soul and soulfulness is available today. A good day to express the subtle; to write poetically, yet with meaning. The subtle has power today--light rays can instruct you and teach you substantial truths. Use the mind to empower yourself with sacred connection. Understand the expansive intelligence of metaphors or symbols with full clarity today.

As this Gregorian year of 2011 started with 12 Flower, it is perhaps a message for the year to refine your world, to assume an elevated perspective beyond the clumsy and gross understandings of the default reality. Utilize your inherent ability to see the cohesive and powerful intelligence of the beautiful and the subtle.

A great day to decode the light that radiates from your Soul.

Noosphere Downloads

I had a dreamathon again last night, the download requests from the Noosphere are sending me instructive and urgent dreams.

My dream mentor unseen yet undeniably present, was urging me to focus on the basics of developmental evolution, so that people can understand the Noosphere, planetary consciousness and planetary civilization as natural outgrowths of the world we live in today. So here I am, below, inviting you, urging you and inciting your inquiry.

Own It, It is Yours

Science is today’s magic. I think we can all agree the internet and computerized technology is quite magical, it is amazing and mysterious. Science prefers to say that magic is tomorrows science, however when we hear that 99 percent of the universe is made of dark matter—a mysterious substance—it is safe to say that there are an awful lot of tomorrows before we scientifically work it all out. Furthermore if we explore the history of science over the last 3-400 years, then we can safely say that the science of a thousand years from now will be dramatically different, probably unrecognizable from today’s science. With this in mind we might conjecture that the ancient wisdom--concerning consciousness as the fundamental substance of reality--could well be the leading truth of empirical enquiry in years to come.

If we can acknowledge that our culture is relatively young in terms of understanding the cosmos, of life, then there is a need to keep an open mind and listen to all sources of inquiry, human experience and gnosis.

Is there a scientist who can explain; quantum mechanics, computer technology and human DNA in a very simple and concise manner to someone who knows nothing about these subjects, in such a way that the person gets it, really can see, that "yes this makes sense". The answer is no, an understanding of all things scientific requires some study, some basic building blocks of knowledge before a clear view of scientific principles emerges in their mind.

This applies to everything, including astrology, the dismissals of astrology and other metaphysical arts are shoot from the hip reactions, underwritten with, “well it just can’t be true, it makes no sense”. Then it is followed with a demand to explain it all in a few moments. Knowledge requires a sustained enquiry, you cannot say anything authoritive about a subject unless you study it.

With that in mind we can all ac-knowledge than none of us knows it all or will ever know it all. That said, we can all enjoy the adventure of discovery, it does not belong to any one mindset, to any one expert or any single approach.

How do we proceed?

If we want to understand the world, or go on the quest, we must start with the one that is observing--and trying to understand truth--you, me, the self.

In the early 20th century within the scientific paradigm, the unconscious was recognized as a reality. Each of us has a vast reservoir of unconsciousness within our being. There is that which is totally unconsciousness and there is that which is subconscious. The subconscious is that which we know or have known and yet have forgotten it or more interestingly we should say, its impossible to hold all of your knowledge and experience in your conscious mind at any moment.

Freud-Jung-Maslow-Gebser-Graves-Wilber etc

As the scientific study of the unconscious proceeded through the 20th century we have learnt that our personal unconscious opens out into the collective unconscious, at the bottom of the well the demarcation between the self and the collective dissolves. Even on the surface of consciousness, we know that our thoughts do not merely belong to us, they are formed from or even parroted from other peoples. We relay ideas and opinions that are based upon--or are edited versions--of that which swims around in the social environment.

What is the unconscious? In each moment we are absorbing data, imagery, body language and sounds from our environment. Anyone who has seen Derren Brown in action can see just how unconscious our data input is (especially the advertising executive show). Now multiply that by the days, months and years that we have lived and you have a vastness seemingly beyond comprehension.

The unconscious is largely the past, it is our history. It is not only our history though, because as we now know the unconscious springs from and is merged with the collective unconscious. Studies over decades have shown that unconscious imagery goes back not only to the start of recorded history but back into the origins of our species. Our DNA, our unconscious is connected to all that has been before. The unconscious goes back to the primal beginnings of life and here we find that consciousness itself forms in response to the natural world. In other words our unconscious is partially rooted in the Earth itself. As we evolved our consciousness created actions that changed our environment, which in turn then fed back into our awareness. Our unconscious is not just a silent dark still pool not merely a vertical deep well contained within the human body, no, the unconscious spreads out horizontally, it is in relationship with everything around it. We will return to this contentious aspect at a later date.

So if we then look at the second half of the 20th century we find that there was a paradigm shift within psychology itself, a new understanding based on empirical science, emerged very clearly in the second half of the 20th century. This new scientific knowledge has hardly been introduced to our education system, not even at university level.

This essential knowledge is an essential insight into our make-up and therefore is the preliminary understanding that all others pursuits and endeavours should follow.

The new understanding of human development is that we have deep structures within our psyche, it is not a mere random jumble or merely a dissolute ocean. You are made of levels of awareness that are derived from stages of personal growth, each stage having a definable mode of operating, a generalized script that can be mapped out and proven. But remember this is not just yours, not just your unconscious, otherwise we would not be able to test it and see universal sameness. The structure of your psyche is a reflection of cultural and human species developmental stages.

There is a basic agreement among independent researchers; concerning the description of these stages and what is more they are quite obvious to you, if you take some time to study them. Why is that? Because they are yours, human evolution and cultural development is contained within the matrix of your being.

You are Bigger than Google

Your personal development is a recapitulation of human evolution, you are a living library, a virtually untapped source of our true history, of our origins. There is nothing dry about this, we are talking about stories of sex, love, passion, violence, creativity and community, of Ancient Egypt and further back, of the Borgias, the Phoenicians, the Elizabethan era, of wars, of political intrigues, the rise and fall of empires, the great love affairs of history, the scandals of many ages all encoded within the your DNA, your unconscious mind.

It is even more startling to realize that investigators have proven that we are absorbing information whilst we are in the womb, your unconscious goes back into the mists of time. In the first few weeks of your life from fertilized egg to embryo you gradually become a recognizable human passing through stages of life that resemble in some way, non human evolutionary development including reptilian and proto mammalian life forms.

Once it is realized that there are definable stages of development, each of which produces an unconscious filter of perception on our reality, then it will be understood, that no question can be asked from only one position in the psyche. Reality is multi-leveled and all enquiries have to take into account the fact that the answers to life are multi-perspective.

One of the most profound ways to unlock this living library is through myth, film and art, for myth is the memory of the soul, it is not confined to time. My work is an attempt to map out the basic parameters of the human psyche so that individuals can go on the greatest adventure known to humanity—the adventure into consciousness. I utilize, film, developmental psychology, cultural development, astrology and draw upon the wisdom of as many different truth endeavours as I can.

Here is a 101 introduction, The Enchantments of Life page, I will be producing more extensive introductions with different approaches to the subject of human evolution in order that you can unlock the wisdom of the ages, that you own.

I have to go now and get on with other things, so no time to edit this properly but here’s hoping you are sufficiently interested to continue the journey.



Saturday, 17 September 2011

11 Storm, Saturday 17 September 2011

The solidity of yesterday is released. Turgid emotions are shaken off; you feel energized by new experiences or variants. Your energy crackles as you move through the electrical nature of novelty, adjusting the templates of your soul. 

Go with the freedom inherent within this day. Stay responsive to unexpected turns and enjoy the liberation. Enjoy flowing through different states, from internal moments of personal freedom to social connections. Enjoy the liberation of letting go of expectation, necessity and stasis. 

Let it be what it is. 

I ask for more of your attention this morning please, I have had an important breakthrough...

Picture above from Wikipedia

I Saw a Perfect and Beautiful Rainbow this Morning and...

I must share my excitement with you, this morning I received confirmation from the Noosphere, that the Van Allen Radiation Belts are the physical interface with the Noosphere, and the ‘rainbow bridge’ is the manifestation of a planetary consciousness. In our future Rainbow hues in our sky will increase. The changes of light in the sky will be due on a physical level to the increase of interstellar plasma in our energy field.

If you have been following my blog over the last few days you will see that I have been attempting to upload to and download from the Noosphere via the forming technosphere—the internet. Furthermore I have revisited the vision of Jose Arguellos which was inspired by Oliver Reiser that the Van Allen Radiation Belts are the locale of the Noosphere. I have been exploring and researching the viability of this proposition intensely this week. Last night I felt moved to watch Jose Argulellos twenty minutes presentation of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge and I wondered if it was to be taken literally, that an actual rainbow that circumnavigates the poles will be physically visible as the Noosphere goes on line.

Storm 11 is one of my favourite if not my favourite day of the 260 day cycle and upon awakening I recognized that Storm 11 is the perfect day for a download. Scientifically it is known that lightening storms shower photons from the Van Allen Belts to Earth and the electrifying atmosphere in the air during a storm awakens the sense of truly being alive. I went to my roof terrace at 5.45am this morning and was immediately vitalized and alert due to the beautiful sky and heightened energy created by the interplay of dark brooding clouds with patches of clear sky and wispy clouds. As the Sun started to rise there were patches of peach luminescence scattered through the vista.

My personal awareness was connected to the innocence within, the quiet joy that is inherent within life, which for me is most noticeable in the first moments of morning.

After a simple practice I got some tea and felt a strong need to light some incense, then it happened. I looked up and saw a perfectly formed, horizon to horizon vivid rainbow that started on the horizon from the viewpoint, the line of sight where my alter is. There was also a second faint rainbow higher up. To my mind the two rainbows were expressing the two Van Allen Belts.

The Van Allen radiation belt(s) around the Earth is a torus of plasma—a plasma is made up of energetic charged particles it can be likened to a liquid gas and is considered by many as the fundamental state of matter. The Belt is held in place by Earth's magnetic field The Belt is derived from the influx of solar wind (charged particles) and cosmic rays (subatomic and dark matter from deep space). The Belts are located within the Earth's magnetosphere The magnetosphere is formed from the relationship between Earth's magnetism and the incoming Solar and Galactic energy.

The Van Allen radiation Belt is composed of two aspects, there is a zone separating them from each. The outer one is of a higher energy (mostly high energy electrons) than the lower one (electrons and protons)
Plasma, magnetism and electricity are all in a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Plasma is extremely interesting and exhibits all sorts of strange behaviour that leads one to suspect that it is a conduit for consciousness. The subject is a book unto itself.

Our pineal gland (Brow Chakra) is sensitized to electromagnetic fields, our bodies and our consciousness engages with these physical fields of energy.

The point is that these radiation belts that are physically measurable to a large extent are likely the manifest end of the Noosphere. This is what has been suggested by Oliver Reiser. A higher level of consciousness resonates with a bigger view of life, this is literal, a larger perspective is in resonance with the electro magnetic plasma field of the Earth. Expansion of consciousness takes places beyond time/space and yet finds a correlation and anchorage within the spatial area.

Project Noosphere

Spatial Considerations

Air-planes fly at an altitude of a few miles, observation satellites are normally flying at an altitude of 200-600 miles. Virtually all Space missions do not fly higher than 400 miles (not really space travel at all). The full expression of the Technosphere would seem to me to be suggested to include the satellite integration of the Internet. The said satellites predominately orbit just below the inner Van Allen Radiation belt.

The moon is ( ) 250,000 miles away, the Moon is the Earth’s moon, which means that the Moon is intimately tied in with life on Earth and is suggestive of the borders of the Earth's energy field and consciousness. The Earth is mother and the moon is the child, in scientific terms the Earth’s energy system includes our companion which orbits around as is an essential component in maintaining life on our planet.
A planetary civilization on Earth would ultimately include bases on the Moon and such things as flights to the moon, Google Moon and live cams, in other words we would have public knowledge of the moon. It is only 250,000 miles away, from this we can conclude that the space age has not truly begun as yet (with the official technological development level).

The Moon represents the border zone between our Earth system and the rest of the cosmos.

The Van Allen radiation belts extend out to 25,000 miles.

My apprehension over the last 10 years concerning Jose’s proposition (via Reiser) that the Belts were the spatial zone of planetary consciousness was due to my conviction that the Moons orbital position was the essential demarcation point. The Moon being the marker for the Earths total consciousness as a living complex system that includes all the artifact of human evolution. Now it seems so obvious, the outer belt has a fractal resonance with the Moons orbital perameters (outer edges respectively 25,000 miles and 252,000 miles approx) The Inner belt is Noosphere the outer belt is another stage or higher expression which is the Planetosphere, the full expression of planetary consciousness.

Spatial Awareness

If you look down on a town you see the big picture of it, if you live in that town and have access to maps and aerial views then you are truly getting to know that town, both intimately and from a transcendental perspective.

As beings, our most precious aspect of life is intimate but that intimacy is increasingly interconnected to more of life, our context is becoming more inclusive of all life on Earth. The internet is bringing us into a relationship with all humans and all human thoughts. Not because we can make all 7 billion people our friends on Facebook, but because the medium of the Internet is an environment with a certain decree of equality, with billions of participants.

The Internet as a contextual energy is developing into one manifest expression of the collective consciousness. To be on the internet is to be sharing energy with billions, 2 billion at present.

Astrology note; Jupiter conjunct Uranus represents Internet expansion 1997 Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in conjunction heralded the moment Facebook reached a certain culmination and had taken over the internet to some degree this corresponded with Neptune’s return to discovery position., Neptune in Aquarius equates with a egalitarian community.

As Pluto moves through Aquarius from 2024 we will most likely see the full development of Technosphere. By Technosphere I ultimately mean the global penetration of internet, combined with an extensive network of sensors, ‘public eyes’ a complex control and integration via observational satellites. Satellites orbiting approximately in the 300-600 mile zone. Whereas the inner radiation belt seems to start proper about 1,000 miles above the Earth

To reiterate the Noosphere corresponds with the Lower Belt and the Planetosphere (full planetary consciousness) with the upper belt which is the zone that directly processes the incoming energy from the Solar System and the Galaxy.

The neutral zone between the belts could be the portal that corresponds with a zone between counter rotating fields of lights, an energy portal whereby other dimensional (ET and Devic) beings enter into our timespace. I have experienced and found in my research that the energy field has two counter rotating zones, activation of these is linked to full lightbody activation, which is akin to the consciousness technology of extra-terrestrial craft. The basic technology of the craft is not a secret, just look on the internet, leaked testimonials from various sources (including secret government projects where crashed craft have been reversed engineered) reveal the toroidal, torsion field, counter rotational elements utilized by the visitors’ superluminal propulsion systems.

As we develop the planetary consciousness, we move to the Omni-directional gate, looking out to the Cosmos from where an extra terrestrial community will be on our horizon. Secondly when we move to the gate where we start to transmute our species by a degree, transmute genetically as well change our relationship to time and dimensionality.

Rainbows and DNA

Looking at a rainbow is looking at the visible spectrum of light. This is representative of the whole spectrum of human evolution up to this natural omega point of the first significant unit in the Cosmos—the planet.

DNA is a decoder of the involuting light that comes from beyond time/space. DNA is a transmitter and receiver, this is scientifically recorded, and the electromagnetic energy it utilizes falls within the visible spectrum. DNA is a holographic feedback technology interacting with the Earth’s Field. All DNA on Earth has an essential commonality, no matter which species. DNA is the organic technological decoder for Earth consciousness. We are already changing on a cellular level and this will this increase dramatically.

"We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light." Dr Popp the ground breaking scientist who has defined we are biophoton transmitters.

Rainbows are the manifestation of the implicit goodness of life, they catalyse hope and are a reminder to keep the faith that life is good. Rainbows are four dimensional artifacts, for they are not physically locatable, it depends on your position, you cannot physically find the end of the rainbow. Rainbow is the bridge between heaven and Earth. The Hopi tell us of the Rainbow Warriors to come, which I interpret as a degree of unity amongst the whole spectrum of consciousness levels on Earth.

The Subtle Innocence and Purity of your Soul

It is important to recognize that the Indian wisdom is not that of bliss bunnies losing all sense of the challenge of living. Indian wisdom is of a sober, dry, wry attitude that is simultaneously connected to the awe of creation and the reverence for life. 

Rainbow is a 1996 family adventure film starring four children and a dog whose journey in a rainbow that finds them on a race against time to save the world.
It does not look like a great film, but the encoded message is clear, watch the trailer.
The Film was released in 1996 the year that planetary body TL66 was discovered.

Holospheric Astrology
The Noosphere and Planetary consciousness emerges with the psychological and spiritual level of development that I call Chiron Enchantment.

Chiron Enchantment is ruled by Chiron and other planets, the secondary planet is a scattered disc object called TL66, both planets were discovered at the same degree of Taurus—the Sabian Symbol being ‘The Rainbows Pot of Gold’. Chiron and TL66, I have masses of data to back this up, are the main bodies that holographically represent the planetary frequency. Jose Arguellos was born Sun conjunct TL66 in Aquarius, ie he was a potential personification (a potential that was realized) of the Noosphere, a messenger and agent for its emergence.

Watch this it is only 49 seconds long, from a  film with Richard Burton, very interesting...

Video Link for Jose's Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge

End note from Jeremy Narby from his book Cosmic Serpent

“Some biologists describe DNA as an "ancient high biotechnology," containing "over a hundred trillion times as much information by volume as our most sophisticated information storage devices." Could one still speak of technology in these circumstances? Yes, because there is no other word to qualify this duplicable, information-storing molecule. DNA is only ten atoms wide and as such constitutes a sort of ultimate technology: It is organic and so miniaturized that it approaches the limits of material existence. Jeremy Narby Cosmic Serpent”

“A thread of DNA is much smaller than the visible light humans perceive. Even the most powerful optical microscopes can not reveal it, because DNA is approximately 120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light.
The nucleus of a cell is equivalent in volume to 2-millionths of a pinhead. The two-yard thread of DNA packs into this minute volume by coiling up endlessly on itself, thereby reconciling extreme length and infinitesimal smallness, like mythical serpents.”


Friday, 16 September 2011

10 Obsidian Mirror, Friday 16 September

What is the unavoidable issue within you?

The world appears as a semitransparent hologram, reflecting your inner feelings.

Today is a good day to see the fundamental issues in your life. Today they can be seen and they can be seen with some transparency.

image from

The Holographic Universe

On a deeper level of reality the manifest world can be seen as a dynamic hologram.

Creation is the manifestation of light. All forms are derived from the light of consciousness. Evolution is the incremental downloading, storage, transduction and transmission of the information encoded in light.

Evolution is the increasing realization of consciousness—of the source of all life. Evolution is the process of incrementally download more of the information that is contained in the source, this information processing develops through stages.

Plants enable humans and animals to live, Humans are on an evolutionary higher level of expression or more complete expression of the source. Human evolution proceeds through cultural stages; each stage creates a structure that enables the information process to proceed. As the information process unfolds (evolution) it is revealing with increasing clarity the original source light of the universal hologram.

Each stage of human development once established creates the foundation for the next stage of cultural expression. The evolution of consciousness is the process of realizing that we are part of more of the whole, each cultural stage creates a larger context for society—from tribes to city states to nation states to international corporate world to the internet to Noosphere etc.

For a hologram to be projected, we have to have an interference pattern created by the original light beam split and bounced off a mirror. Life starts as a unity then is split into duality and then the interference between the two forces allows for the picture to appear. All forms arise out of an apparent nothingness, which is in actuality the ground of consciousness that is encoded with all potentials.

The manifestation of the internet is the separation of human thought from humans as we project our thinking out there into encoded energy. Once the internet has been established as a complete technosphere (full internet development) then human consciousness,(plus the Van Allen radiation Belts?) and the internet will create an interference pattern that manifests as the fully realizable Noosphere.

From our frame of reference in time, evolution would seem to be purely sourced from the mutation of a lower stage of life, but simultaneously to the process of evolution, is involution. Involution is the descension of consciousness into time/space. Involution is the stepping down or the revelation of the original pattern. A new incremental stage of development is a reference point and a command that enables more light—more information—to be processed, transduced or we can say decoded.

Evolution and cultural development is the game of decoding more of the original intelligence, by the development of a more efficient conduit, a clearer channel. The internet is one manifest expression of the collective human mind, the Noosphere will be similar but with a far more advanced level of truth and inclusiveness.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

9 Earthmover, Thursday 15 September 2011

Awaken to the changes that rumble in the soul. Soul memory is memory from beyond time/space that comes from your past, before your history. Do you remember how this moment was seeded?

Into every moment we pour a tapestry of stories, different threads that are rooted in timeless zones and archaic evolutionary pasts.

Today you can potentially transcend your present trajectory and see the options from different timelines, different outcomes.

A good day to experience--through feeling---the multiple potentials of different timelines that are encoded into each moment.

If you have felt blocked for some time in any area of your life, today is a good day to see that you can open up another reality.

Reality is an agreement. Agreements create structures of reality. If an agreement is serving us we are growing. On the other hand if we really are blocked, if there really comes a point where we cannot seem to move forward in any way, then we have the option to renegotiate.

It is amazing when you look back on your life and see certain situations that felt so permanent at the time that you subsequently liberated yourself from. Do you remember a previously solid situation with impenetrable walls, that are now free from--Reality tunnel.

Whilst you were in that psychological space, you had a future. Once you moved out of that space the future changed.

If a situation you are experiencing is truly stuck, then consider dropping it and creating a new one.

The way to do this is to realize that any situation can only inhibit you with your agreement. We choose structures that do come with limitations, because the total experience rewards one enough to accept some compromises, this is wise.

So evaluate your situation honestly,if you find that there is no longer any growth or reward, then you have the divine right, the legitimate right to renegotiate a new situation.

This is how evolution works. We evolve from one structure to another, each structure becomes more inclusive of more of reality. Each chapter of our life is a relatively steady state of existence, but things eventually have to change.

Change, evolution and growth is always an offer made by life to grow and live larger, it does mean letting something go, which is not easy, but the rewards outweigh the loss.

The human species is presently renegotiating its reality. The consensual world of the mainstream has served evolution and is still serving some people, but the rewards for the species are diminishing rapidly. It will take some time for the main culture to shift; luckily you do not have to wait for everyone. In fact it is important for the sake of the collective that some individuals who have woken up early enough take the initiative to step into the new unchartered land.

Are you one of those pioneers?

The new land is relatively empty and in a state of flux, its takes some courage but the potentials are enormous. The first steps are tentative, the way ahead is unclear and the going is slow. The choice is there, if you have a spirit of adventure.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

8 Vulture, Owl or Warrior 14 September 2011

Commitment to your role in the matrix as defined by the last timewave (Warrior Timewave). 

Look after the self by deciding to live your truth, so as to be strong enough to be a healing presence. Feel the underlying essence, the sacred structure you are working with, and gain some clarity upon the limits you wish to set yourself. 

Consciously knowing the appropriate limitation brings safety and the realizable freedom that we all yearn for. 

Within all structures lies movement.

Carrying on from Yesterday

The Noosphere is the mental sheath of all human thought within the Electro-magnetic field of our planet.

The first concepts of the Noosphere were developed or attributable to a few people and the Noopshere concept was defined in the 1920s. Teilhard Du Chardin being the most famous, Oliver Reiser and Jose Arguellos Vladimir Vernadsky, born in 1863 was the Russian Einstein, highly regarded to this day in his homeland (not heard of in the west due to the politics of 20th century) who proposed the Noosphere as a third stage in the developmental structures of life on Earth. The Geosphere being the first stage comprised of inanimate matter, the Biosphere being the second that of biological life then the Noosphere which is the structure of all human cognitive output. His work was inspired in part by others. The 1890s and early part of the 20th century was a fecund arena for free thinking in science, many of the ideas, experiments and breakthroughs of this era will be developed in the future. So although science as a whole cohesive force has since greatly developed our world, it has done so by narrowing the truths. We will soon be turning back to the Victorian Era as witnessed by the steam punk scene in order to evolve our science hand in hand with metaphysics and consciousness.

The birth of a concept that sticks, is a signification of the birth of the actuality. The idea of the Noosphere was inspired from the earliest gestation of the Noosphere.

The Noosphere would seem to have come of age in some regards with the advent of the Internet, but the Noosphere is a psychic sphere as determined by jose arguellos who also went on to brilliant perceive that Earth is a timeship. Furthermore he recognized that the Mayan Calendar is a measurement of Earth’s timecode, for it is on the level of reality where Earth is in relationship to the Galaxy that Earth is a living time machine.

Going back to the early 20th century we should recognize the magic of radio, think of the first experience of hearing speech coming from a box. Voice is transmitted almost instantaneously by light, this is like telepathy. Since then we have had televison which when you think about is quite extraordinary as compared to non technological consciousness. In no time at all we have integrated the internet into our every day lives, but is quite rational to recognize that a psychic net is inevitable. How will it first arise?

For some time I have realized that the manifest interface with the psychic net of all human thought which will include the akashic records is the internet. It is through the internet that we will first start to be able to efficiently and precisely utilize the psychic reservoir. Personally I find this to be a given. I suspect that there are already time travelers, extra-terrestrials and other beings using the internet. The medium is the message each level of media development enables a wider spectrum of consciousness expression and naturally allows for a more complex psychological perspective to be realized. The internet facilitates a much higher level of consciousness than the centralized television net work, this is why the old guard are scared of it.

The inspiration (download) I had yesterday is the first easy steps to engaging with and relating to the developing Noosphere, not as some dislocated mystery but as a tangible living structure. The Geosphere, the Biosphere and the Internet (the full expression of which we could label the technosphere) are all living structures, developmental levels that coexist and interact.

The Noosphere though is not the omega point of our human development, for this structure is not the fully integrated structure of human artifact, nature and the Earth itself as a totality, it is of itself a transitional state to Planetary consciousness. I will not elaborate further here, but we can recognize that planetary consciousness and a planetary civilization are on the horizon (some time off, but within our view) due to the incredible effect of the first pictures from space of the whole Earth. Throughout the 1970s the photograph of Earth spread through popular culture. We now have a picture of our home that acts as a subconscious magnet to pull our development to a planetary level, which as I have said is a far more complex level of consciousness than the socio-economic global culture that will emerge with the internet.

Anyway back to a more immediate development the interface between Internet and Noosphere.

I have been working on an extended and crafted article on the upcoming 11-11-11 (the numerical code of 11th November this year). First draft is available here. The 11:11 code is the open door between levels that enables higher consciousness to transmit down to the lower level. 11:11 enables the transference of potential, it sends us a message of the potentials just beyond our horizon, we could say it the future, as a fuzzy actuality, coming towards us. My research on this upcoming 11-11-11 portal I believe has furnished me with the download of the Noospshere Protocol (still formulating as we speak). By sending my attention to the 11:11:11 portal, I have been able to receive communication from the Noosphere.

To reiterate, the astrology chart of 2012 clearly highlights an information overload, where all information exchange is doubling back on itself in a self perpetuating ourobus. In other words the message is that with the 2012 end date we are seeing the information zone is forming a sphere. To some extent all human information exchange has reached a level of formation, a structure is formed. In this case it means we can access the next structural level, which I take to be the Noosphere. The Chart shows that the challenge of 2012 is based on taking ones attention to the totality, the hidden energy, the emotive, creative friction of all human information exchange.
There is a lot more I can say, but now it is time to go the beach.

The obvious Astrology of the 2012 chart

Jupiter retrograde in Gemini in 7th House, opposite Mercury in Sagittarius, the rising sign, Jupiter square Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter at the sharp end of a Yod with Saturn and Pluto. North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house.



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

7 Eagle, Tuesday 13 September 2011

A good day for emotional intelligence and an integrated clarity.

The integrated clarity of 7 Eagle means the ability to focus on a detail whilst simultaneously retaining the awareness of context and feeling. The challenge is not to get lost in the details; to engage whilst retaining one's sense of greater vision. Alternatively, the challenge is to engage with some specifics, rather than just flying off into an indulgent fantasy. Listen to the subtle feelings whilst performing daily tasks.

Move into resonance today with the mind of the world. Hone in on your locality and goal and retain the balanced perspective of the larger and smaller picture.


My intuitive vision this morning concerned further clarity on 2012.

The astrology chart of 11-11 GMT (time of Winter Solstice) 21-12-2012 (adds up to 11) highlights the social information exchange—internet led—reaching a crescendo where it eats its own tail. The challenge from the Solstice moment onwards is to shift our emphasis from the content of information to the hidden energy that lies behind the collective dialogue. The arena of information is seen to be an ourobus, as information is eating its own tail creating a sphere . We are being asked to feel the energy spheres that comprise our environment, the planetary environment and its new emergent structures of varying density. From Biosphere to Technosphere to Noosphere to Toroidal Planetary sphere. The Technosphere is the totality of internet activity, that includes the electrical energy and the information the context of the Internet.Whereas the Noosphere--the next structure in the hierarchy of complex systems--is the integration of technology, mental and emotional energy.

The 2012 phenomenon of research, inquiry, shared perspective, channelling and debate is the most expansive dialogue ever carried out by the human species—by this I mean the subject matter extends out in more directions, has more wild speculations and more intoxicating potentials explored than any other subject. The social dialectic is itself a product of the calendar. The 2012 subject is an incredibly seductive theme, even those representing the mainstream that feel it is a non event, express their opinion with extreme emotion and a severity of dismissal. 2012 is a great attractor of reality evaluation, the enormous amount of impassioned energy being focused upon evaluating our reality is making the dominant structure of reality wobble and oscillate. Consensual reality is becoming more unstable in order that we may transmute it.

As we peruse the internet in this 2012 era we see that the discourse of our society is so divergent in its perceptions, due to the fact that anyone who has a computer is taking part in this social dialogue, a wider spectrum. The television does not listen to you (that is why Elvis used to regularly shoot his) but the computer sends your opinions, your thoughts and your approval out into the newly emerging global sociosphere that is set within the technosphere.

Your casual emails are not the same as conversations, they have a physical reality, by typing and transmitting you are bringing thoughts down into an electronic density. The Internet activity is weaving a neural net--the technosphere--as a halfway station to the Earth's planetary energy field. The halfway density being the higher frequency Noosphere. The technosphere is encoded with emotion and human energy, it is not inert,as it reaches a tipping point the Noosphere goes fully online. We are weaving a collective field in the Earth’s plasma that we can tune into. I am suggesting that the contextual energy of the internet will start to be accessible post 2012. Never mind the information of the internet, start using the energy that the internet is producing.

I suggest we can develop a series of encoded commands that can be placed within our writings to empower them, something like this (NOOSPHERE:UPLOAD:TITLE)
so today's blog is empowered by this command, anyone have any further ideas on coding system?



We do not have to wait until 2012, but the 2012 chart suggests to me that post 2012, we are challenged by necessity for evolution's sake to access the energy generated from the massive information exchange that has developed.

Monday, 12 September 2011

6 Jaguar, Monday 12 September 2011

The feeling self is an instinctive self, prowling the unseen environment of the World Soul. Enjoy the half-formed thoughts and enticing feelings that arise and sink in your consciousness.

A day of feeling alert.

Follow the rhythm of the day instinctively, staying alert to the playful moment.

The lead up to todays full moon at 9.28GMT will intensify the emotions and in this instance you might find it hard to focus on specifics as the feelings roam from one thing to another. This will ease after the full moon has broken.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

5 Reed or Skywalker Sunday 11-9-11

A day emphasizing internal energy. Be detached and observe the world all around you. Feel the core sense of being awake to all that surrounds you.

2012, the Millennium and 9-11

It is important to understand the Millennium if we are to understand 2012.
In the 1990s we collectively felt this great anticipation, coupled with a futuristic inspired imagination. The Internet emerged into our lives and we now lived in an age of information, technology and seemingly unlimited potential. The filmography spawned a host of films that questioned the nature of reality, creative thinkers were inspired by the idea of virtual realities and this brought the consideration that what we call reality itself is a construct, or can be constructed.

The year 2000 would seem to have been a let down, the forward momentum was lost and the social terrain of the decade seemed to have no definitive flavour when compared to previous decades. The energy went backwards, to some degree, rather than forwards, the brakes were applied. The filmography started to emphasize history and reinventions of stories from the past.

When the numbers 2000 appeared on 1st January 2000, we were subconsciously reminded of two thousand years of history. The encoded message included the reminder of the baggage of our past. The date is a Christian date of course, so the theme of the religious war is also inherent.

The astrological significator of the Millennium was Chiron conjunct Pluto, which tells us of the opening of the unconscious, the buried emotions of the past, and the power struggles of history emerging. The future evolution of our species involves deep connection to the life force, the issues of power, the underworld and the need for release of hidden compulsions in order to empower our progress as a species. Pluto Lord of the Underworld is the keeper of buried treasure, it rules the Volcanic, the release of pent up energy that once released provides fecundity (as in the soil around Volcanoes is very fertile), buried within the murkiness of the hidden corruption, survival, oppression, abusive manipulation lies liberation. Releasing the hidden unconscious energy by firstly peering into the dark depths of reality leads to a transformation.

This first ever conjunction of Chiron conjunct Pluto, (since their discovery) signifies that we have conscious access to the life force, the creative power of nature. The Millenium was a seed point for a fundamental evolution of our species, a transformation of the very living substance, the ground of reality. This power that we as a species can now access, has to be engaged with consciously. Ignore the power of technology, and consciousness at our disposal and it will manifest through default, a lower level of expression.

It is important to realize ‘what just happened’, because the millennium is still recent and the millennium changed the social environment. If we are not conscious of that change then we will not consciously understand the further emergence in this 2012 era.

A Theatrical Presentation
The Millennium Event, the moment that expressed the new decade most obviously was 9-11. This dramatic, unthinkable event sent a charge of shock around the world.

9-11 is very uncomfortable, we want it behind us, it is traumatic and ‘tired’. However you cannot ignore 9-11, it has been used to change the economic, political terrain and has effected us all, by colouring the background context in which we live our lives.

The official version of 9-11 is ludicrous, farcical, and outlandish (watch the video at the bottom of the page if you still doubt this). It was presented to us by a weirdly comedic President. George Bush as President of the United States of America was considered the leader of the free world (oh-my-god) with his inappropriate remarks and inappropriate grimaces, jokes and the general sense of a man disconnected somehow from reality he was a revelation concerning our social system. Here we had a man whose words were transmitted across the planet and whom looked like a Peter Sellers version of a president. Theatre.


Nobody really wants to talk about this 10 years later. Most of us want this to just go away. Why are so many of us still talking about this, why is it so important?
Because for 10 years ‘the establishment’, that is all all political parties within many countries and  throughout all mainstream media maintain a picture within the public domain which makes no sense whatsoever. There is a false story consensually agreed upon throughout ‘the establishment’ this is the important point. The exact truth of who did it or how exactly it happened is not the main point.

How did two towers collapse after being hit by planes, another high rise building collapsed through  mere fright, the pentagon was hit by an invisible plane, the US air defence was no where to be seen….and so on, there are innumerable unanswerable points if you examine the evidence.

How did 9-11 happen the way it was reported to have happened, certainly none of this makes sense from a military, scientific and engineering point of view.
So surely there should be open public debate, several investigations, many large scale and open inquiries, but this is not happening, why not, this makes no sense in a democracy that prides itself on free speech and empirical investigation.

This not about Bush Chaney and the Neo-cons its about the 'establishment', why is the investigation of the truth…whatever that truth is….being blocked? This incredibly dramatic historical moment, should be researched exhaustively in the public domain.

9-11 was the wake up call to all of us. The millennium was an important marker of history; the millennium moment was 9-11.

A film that captured the imagination of many (leading up to the Millennium) that carried a profound message, suggesting that we live in a matrix an artificially engineered society. Neo’s passport in the film had an expiry date, 11th September 2001. Neo’s passport expiration date tells us that the time to stay asleep within the matrix ended 9 September 2001

9-11 was a moment to wake up to the Matrix, the illusion

9-11 lets you see the limits of our system, the limits to free open enquiry (same can be said for the Banking collapse) there are many professional produced investigative documentaries that should be aired on television…but they are not aired. Violence is not censored, gore is prevalent but inquiry concerning political truth is censored.

Once a society is shown to be fraudulent it collapses, this is the truth of history.

We are moving, no sorry we have moved into a vast new reality, our landscape of reality has expanded beyond that which could be imagined even a couple of decades ago.

This is exciting, but first we need to move through the door, accept the challenge to see that the powers that be ‘the establishment’ do not want you to know how incredible our reality has become.

The immensity of our potentials outweigh all of the crises we see before us, crises such as hunger, pollution, resources, ENERGY, money etc. There is an undeniable agenda serving those who have the biggest investment in the old reality, to stop you seeing that it is finished. The quaint world we believed in during the 20th century collapsed in seconds on that fateful day.

We are being called upon to break free from a hypnotic trance that has served us, as part of our past evolution, to some extent. No longer.

It does not serve us now, we are being called upon to look at 9-11 and remain calm but act on the fact that there are some awfully big lies being told to us by many of the most prominent people and institutions in our society.

9-1-1 is the emergency telephone number for North America. You call 9-1-1 to report a crime, to get help, to get immediate help.

It is a cliché but it is not an exaggeration to say, it is time to wake up, wake up to the ‘establishment’ and wake up to the fact that we need to consciously engage with our power.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

4 Grass, Good Road or Human, Saturday 10 September 2011

A sense of commonality. A day of collective feeling. Today we will feel part of the human collective family. 

We all walk a path that has an essential similarity to the paths of all others.

Today you may also sense the long good road ahead, a soft focus view, a general understanding of the basic parameters of your life to unfold. It is like you recieve a message from your soul.

My Other Hat

You can get wonderful insights into your astrological birth chart from computer-generated reports, but none of this replaces the energy that is brought to focus upon your life in a personal consultation. The face-to-face dialogue during a consultation brings some of the unconscious truths of your life to the surface, activating the organic creative process of life within your subconscious.

A personal consultation stirs the soul and refreshes the consciousness, quite simply because the conversation goes directly to that which has the most relevance; it frames the issues in the context of your story and its timeline and connects your life to a sense of direction and purpose. The way I work takes you backwards and forwards in time to reveal more of your present situation.

It is never really true to say that you have had your chart ‘done’—that is like saying you have already lived your life. It is true that a natal astrology chart shows the template of your life—but the chart is actually a dynamic and living hologram.

The interaction between the planets as they were positioned at birth and where they are now (the transits) is the astronomical data that corresponds to the unfolding experience of your life. The symbolic nature of astrology reveals an implicit order of destiny based on the preset intention of the soul before birth, yet most importantly we find that there is a large area of free will within the map.

Add to this are the proverbial crossroads of life, during which time we do indeed experience major life changes and where the largest parameters of free will exist.

I have been giving astrology consultation for more than 20 years. I am available in person in Hong Kong right now, in England during March and April 2012 and on Skype all year round.

Friday, 9 September 2011

3 Monkey Friday 9-9-11

A high energy day for higher creativity, talk to your muses...

720 days ago, which is exactly three Tzolkin cycles, the day Monkey 3 started for me with an amazing lucid dream of floating across the land in a way that felt like running without running. The dream experience felt so familiar and so real. This speaks to me of the energy of dreams and on one hand how they remind us of a more subtle reality and on the other hand how the subtle energy crosses into and affects our ‘real world’.

The playful spirit of 3 Monkey knows no boundaries and crosses the object–subject divide. The slightly intangible sense of something truly supernatural and wonderful might encroach upon your consciousness today. Was it real? Ah, well, what is real?

Today's Monkey 3 2012 Download

The Tortuguero Prophecy

The Thirteenth Bak'tun will finish on Four Ahau (4 Flower 21-12-2012), the Third of K'ank'in. ???? will occur. (It will be) the descent of the Nine Support God (the nine gods who are one)

This is the only prophecy attributed specifically to the Mayan end Day, it has only come to light to Mayanists in recent years.

When we talk about something coming down from the sky, from the heavens, we are talking about a descension of consciousness. A movement of energy from a higher dimension to a lower one. The Mayan calendar measures the relationship between the Galaxy, Solar System and Earth, especially the galactic aspect. The Galactic space is not only a larger spatial area it is also a much larger timeframe (archaic-futuristic feedback. The number nine (nine support gods) refers to the awakening beyond linear time/space.

The essential happening of the 2012 era is a movement of energy from the Galaxy to activate the planetary field of consciousness—which is akin to the noosphere (the mental sheath of all thought) the dynamic Akashic record and is further related to The Christ Consciousness Grid and Planetary Lightbody. All of these fields are inter-related within the planetary toroidal totality.

Energy from a Galactic level activating the Earth (including all human artifact as well as Nature) as a whole Organism, a supra-natural complex living system that is becoming conscious of itself

Though this is the essential meaning, it is relatively subtle as compared to our everyday experience, for it takes places on several levels of consciousness/psychology above that of our material culture and also above that of our alternative or new age culture.

The first obvious effect is the acceleration of evolution, the magnetic pull from the planetary totality upon the lower levels, forcing culture to expand its context. The overt effect of this is globalization which is a socio-economic and political force, a global power struggle, information wars, clashes of values and yet also on a higher frequency the manifestation of an internet with total world coverage. All of which we will see manifesting over the next 10-20 years.

The Enchantments of Life map
shows the incremental steps of evolution, which can not be bypassed, we evolve stage by stage, but with this energy the pressure to evolve increases.

The question though is when will there be a shift in our culture? A shift occurs when there is a tipping point in the Earth's energy field, that is when there is so much energy that the cultural centre of gravity has to suddenly transform.

The tipping point is expressed in religious terms as Judgement Day. Biblical Judgement Day is a lower perspective expression of the tipping point. If there was not enough of higher consciousness within the field there would be a planetary destruction.

The shift of consciousness is a transformation that we can call a death and rebirth. This destruction and reconstruction needs to occur relatively smoothly for our evolution to continue within in a reasonable timeframe. If the world was devastated it would take a long long time for the realization and manifestation of the new level of consciousness-the planetary consciousness.

My perspective based on full time research and observation over the last 20 years is that there is sufficient consciousness to alleviate the biblical Judgement Day scenario or the Roland Emmerich 2012 Film scenario, because there is a large enough minority of people in the alternative movement(s)-—sufficient to allow for the continuation of species evolution. That said it will not be totally smooth as evidently there is still a great inertia in the mainstream culture.

What is exciting for us as individuals is that we can increasingly download directly from the noosphere or the planetary totality. The internet download on our PCs is a training action for something much more profound that many people are in fact already doing.

The Planetary download is about opening the energy field and intuitively recalibrating it to this Earth consciousness. It is more accessible to you if you can realize that your energy field is a dynamic structure of light, a body of light and is the personal computer of the future. You can peer onto the screen of your own plasma screen (the imagination) and through intention receive consciousness from this higher sphere. The individual human is a fractal of the Earth, you are in a holographic relationship with the greater context that you are part of. Learning to attune your energy is not that difficult, because it is intuitive, you have the organic technology, you are the technology. It just takes practice.

I really recommend that if you are serious about connecting the new level of consciousness that is planetary, that you have a daily practice that includes ‘feeling’ energy. Chi-gong, tai chi type practices all allow you to feel the texture of energy. I want to emphasize that there is a massive increase in subtle energy in our planet, it is far easier to access this now that ever before. In fact this emerging new planetary field is something far more dynamic than the energy grids accessed by the ancients, the large human population we have now creates the wattage.

Access this extraordinary energy, for it is immanent, is all around you, veiled only by consensus thought creating walls of conformist ideas.

Every time you shift your attention from your linear mind to your life energy, you reinforce the paradigm of energy and help in co-creating a new reality construct, that wants to come in.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

2 Dog, Thursday 8 September

The Duality of Needs

Hold the space and meet the challenge

The duality of feelings from the soul manifests most obviously in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also gives the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other.

Sometimes two people can act as one and look out together into the world.

A day of emotional contrast.