Saturday, 31 December 2022

13 Wind

[Saturday 31 December 2022]

The Dog Timewave of companionship and guidance releases its form today and is converted into information; emotion is transmuted into data. The whole feeling of this timewave is harvested and fed back into the Matrix.

Laurence and Chocolate
in the Lamma hills,
releasing the Dog Timewave on 13 Wind

Today, 13 Wind, is a day where you flit from one thing to another, from one person to another – texting, facebooking, emailing.

Message the world.

Alternatively: You write up your recent experiences, you convert experience into information – a story, a report or a even a statistical analysis.

Image from here

But the challenge today is also to slow yourself down a bit and to be more efficient. So do take some time off the internet today; release yourself from the computer, from writing and communicating, feeling emotionally free. By doing so, will allow your subconscious to receive new data from involvement with random activities.

You will still feel the need to do many different activities or things, but allow yourself to release all activity every so often.

Wait until you are impelled to do something useful.

i-Cybie Robot Dog
Image found on google,
information about i-Cybie can be found here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 13 Wind, first posted on 13 Wind of 3 March 2015:]

Did you know that most people leave a website after 10 seconds? Ah, that is the price for ‘living in interesting times’; we have all gone manic and anxious. Loads of time on the internet with no time to look at anything interesting...

Image found on google

Andy Warhol’s ‘15 minutes of fame’ is an eternity on a website!

Here is a challenge for new visitors. Get to the end of the page and you will have risen above the mass hysteria... Can you do it? (Oh, he’s gone already, something I said?)

Noosphere image
by Tataiana Plakhova

Today is 13 Wind in the Mayan Sacred Calendar and so the attention span of web users is a very relevant.

Okay thank you... you can go now... why not go here


Friday, 30 December 2022

12 Crocodile

[Friday 30 December 2022]

A good day for emotional intelligence and the awareness of how life is always supporting and feeding us.

Emotional Intelligence
Image found on google

The essential substance of existence is a supply of unlimited energy and unlimited sustenance. Today, look for the nourishment that life is supplying and understand that existence is, by its very nature, supply.

The Dog Timewave can be understood by the mind today. 12 Crocodile says we cannot let the mind rigidly control our emotions if we are to receive and give nourishment.

Today we align our mind with the higher truth of the all-pervading omniscient consciousness, the background supply that is inherent within everything and exteriorised as everything.

2012: Vision City
Artwork for LjL's first book,
The 21st Century Book of the Dead

Today you can find your own personal understanding of how you can move into enlightened acceptance of life as it is.

Crocodile is the face of the Goddess – nurturing and loving, yet jealous, dark and foreboding if scorned. Pay homage today to the Goddess and be gifted with a deep understanding of your needs and the needs of those around you.

Goddess Ganga Riding Her Crocodile
Image found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 12 Crocodile, first posted in 2013, but still relevant today:]
Towards a Planetary Consciousness
As planetary consciousness emerges more strongly in the decades to come, one of the tasks and opportunities is the ability to emotionally feel the personal auric space, the body of light. This is the extended egg of the life force, or chi, that is integrating mind, body and emotions, and which also includes the imagination.

Image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie Birjukov

We will learn – and in fact have to learn – to be conscious of our perceptional filters and the interface with the collective environment, so that we can understand the energy, information and emotion that is flooding through us.

The psychic fecundity of the highly charged plasma environment enables a whole new level of feeling, a higher resonant emotional connection. The challenge includes greater awareness of energy transmission – the totality of our output of emotions and thoughts – in order to regulate our magnetism. The totality of our output attracts same-same, or self-reinforcing reality tunnels. The challenge also includes consciously filtering out that which does not support or nurture our expression.

Noosphere image by Tataiana Plakhova
one of Laurence's favourite artists

The gifts include the ability to feel greater unity, love and communion with all manner of people.

I developed a Lightbody practice in the 1990s, which is based on expanding the ball of chi to a full twenty-foot-diameter egg. This allows for a continuum of felt sensation from body to full personal auric space and the interface with collective energy and informational fields. The interface portals in the energy field can plug into any type of cosmic energy, so willed.

LjL's Map of the Liquid Lightbody

Many years later, I am still developing this ability. It is a slow process at present, but as the energy change accelerates, this will become much more available to a lot more people.

This may sound science fiction-esque, but really it is very intuitive and natural.

The environment is always offering us the nourishment we need. We will be able to absorb more light and synthesise more nutrients directly from the plasma as the planetary field awakens. Similarly, free energy technologies that draw upon the environmental energy are already available (We are not in Kansas any more, Dorothy).

Image found on google

It is the totality of human consciousness that is presently inhibiting the full development. If enough people become aware of the abundance of every kind of energy that is inherent within the planetary field, then no amount of suppression would or could stop the manifestation of a whole new civilisation.

[For more about Laurence’s work and thesis, please visit our portal website]

Image originally found on google

Thursday, 29 December 2022

11 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Thursday 29 December]

A Door Opens into the Light 

Today, the form cracks open to reveal the light. Following the light through the crack, a whole new universe appears before us, previously invisible but always present.

Main image for our Storyteller
workshop of January 2007
Image conceptualised by LjL
and created by Kookie Birjukov

The world is made of light. We can use the broad-brush truth of the spectrum of light to describe reality.

The chakras correspond to the seven colours of light as a metaphor for frequency. Crown is White and Violet, Brow is Indigo, Throat is Blue, Heart is Green, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Spleen is Orange, Root is Red.

Chakras, Glands and the Enchantments
by LjL

In my experience, I have found that generally speaking we are operating through two (or sometimes three) chakras at a time. At each stage of development of consciousness,* we have two dominant chakras open. That’s not to say we cannot have three or more open, but two dominate at any one time.

The manifest world is comprised of a different recipe of light for each form. Each form – be that rock, tree, car or human – is the ‘solidified’ form of a unique kaleidoscopic mix.

Chakras by Ero, image found here

11 Flower (also known as Sun or Lord) is a day where reality opens to allow us to read the frequency mix.

Our emotions are an expression of the flow of received light filtering through us, which then becomes our transmission of light. Our emotions are especially felt in the abdomen and heart, and yet they are as light all around us. We live in our emotions and see through the filter of our emotions.

Transmission of light
Image found on google

The light of the aura is on a finer frequency than the light we can see with our normal vision.

We have our being and move around in the concentrated light near our body, but that radiates out into the whole cosmos as a whisper. In effect, we are also walking around in the collective light transmissions of human society.

We particularly pick up on those transmissions that resonate with ours. If we are in a group of people surrounded by incongruous light transmissions, our body of light is either not in resonance – which then creates the feeling of loneliness – or we do receive that light and feel disturbed.

Unless, of course, we can transcend the base frequencies and find a more subtle resonance with people on a higher level, which invariably means operating through the Heart more than through the Spleen or Solar Plexus.

Remember: All types of consciousness are substances.

Flipchart by LjL

[* Note from Carey: To understand more about Laurence’s model of the Enchantments of Life, his groundbreaking map of the evolution of human consciousness, go to the Enchantments page and subpages on our portal website.]

Bringing in the light;
LjL in his homemade icosahedral geo-cage,
UK, early 1990s

Wednesday, 28 December 2022

10 Storm

[Wednesday 28 December 2022]

A day where you can experience the present manifestation of your emotional body – the whole tapestry of emotive scripts, wants, needs and emotional patterns.

Rain in Hong Kong,
photo thanks to André Eichman

If you can connect in a tangible way to your emotional totality, you can experience an unexpectedly refreshing, new or liberated feeling.

Storm is refreshingly chaotic; it disrupts to liberate. Day 10 in each timewave is the sense of something tangible. Today is a day that feels different – your emotional body twists in new directions and it feels strange but good as you have unusual connections.

Healing the Emotional Body-Skywatcher
Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet,
image found on google, from here

So allow a new behaviour to happen. Go with the unexpected and see it as a liberating moment with potentially longer-lasting effects.

Tapestry of emotional needs
Composite created by Carey,
using images found on google

Today you can connect to your inner sanctum of peace, regardless of the flux state of the world (and of any external weather storms).

Today find the peace within yourself.

Twists in the Storm
Composite created by Carey

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

9 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Tuesday 27 December 2022]

A good day to see the shadow and to illuminate the multidimensional mechanisms of nature that condition our moods and feelings. See the causes of those emotions.

Created by LjL

Today is a good day to wake up to the way our present emotional space – our total energy resonance anchored in our feelings – generates the story we are living.

The story in which we are living is a continuum that stretches from the ancient past to the far-off future. Our total energy frequency creates a timeline. Change your feelings on the deepest level and change the past – literally – and, therefore, change the future.

The Cyclical Nature of Time
Image from here

Aspects from your past return to your awareness today as you see the mirror effect of the cyclical nature of time.

A cycle of reflection ends today as you have a realisation of how your past reflects this moment and how your future will have a resonance with your past.

Uncredited image found on google

Waking up to the nature of time and the stories we create with others:
We live in the present with our companions and together we create our past in each moment and, therefore, also our future, which springs from our interpretation of the past.

Day 9 in each timewave is the day we wake up beyond linear time. 9 is a Master Number in Mayan cosmology and refers to the Nine Lords of Time (also called the Nine Lords of the Night).

The Nine Lords of the Night,
from the Codex Borgia
Original image in the public domain,
from Wikipedia, photoshopped by me

This era points us towards the past...
The present transition speaks to us of the future, but in the same breath directs our attention to the ancient past.

... and the Cosmos
The 2012 ‘end-date’ (derived from the Mayan Long Count Calendar) was the end of one Galactic spin of 25,600 to 25,920 years. The world was subliminally primed to recognise large cycles of time and to remember that the larger context for our reality is truly cosmic.

'The works of Mexico City artist Raul Cruz
envision a far-off future where Aztec and Mayan
aesthetics mesh with yet-to-be-invented technologies.'
Image found on google, from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Obsidian:]
Towards the Planetary Awakening
The conclusive message of my lifetime’s research is that the human species is in the midst of manifesting a planetary consciousness.

We live in an increasing level of background stress, psychological and psychic pressure or urgency. There is an evolutionary imperative to reach and step into the planetary landscape of the mind.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin foresaw an acceleration of complexity towards an Omega Point. In a very similar fashion, Terence McKenna spoke of the acceleration of time, complexity and novelty to a Concrescence Point. From a purely materialistic point of view, Ray Kurzweil speaks of the ‘singularity’ and the convergence of all technology, implicating physical longevity and artificial intelligence. José Argüelles was a prophet of the shift to a post-technological society, where time is art. Jean Gebser observed human cultural and individual evolution awakening to an integration of all that went before and a subsequent trans-temporal state of consciousness.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Image from here

‘You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.
You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.’
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All of these well-known pioneers are but the tip of the iceberg of a host of visionaries who in essence perceive the same general truth.

Barbara Hand Clow expresses a belief that we are moving to a nine-dimensional experience of reality. She finds parallels with Carl Calleman’s theory of the Nine Mayan Underworlds, which is a fractal view of evolutionary timescales.

The Nine Underworlds refer to nine levels of consciousness that exist within us. The multidimensional experience is something we already have and is more ordinarily explained by developmental psychology.

Composite created by Carey
Central image conceptualised by LjL
and created for him thanks to Kookie Birjukov

What I am suggesting is that every person already lives multidimensional lives – it’s just not recognised as such. The acceleration is the awareness of the totality of Earth’s dimensionality that is expressed through human psychological experience.

The essential truth is not explained merely by the exponential doubling of information, technological innovation or the increasing environmental crisis. It is, rather, the pressure to awaken to the planetary level of consciousness – not the global physical reality, but beyond that to the planetary field we live within.

Whether it’s the outrageous economic situation, or the fragile geopolitical world, the dynamic is pressing towards the big picture.

When you integrate all of the different strands, the array of issues and personal crises, they integrate on the level of planetary consciousness and the future planetary civilisation that is product of that consciousness.

Mirror ... Tell me ...
by Mahhona from Deviantart

We are experiencing an intoxicating and bewildering acceleration to a new fundamental reality. The planetary stage of development is where all the contents of the different paradigms of science, spirituality and culture are experienced as contexts. We step beyond the acceleration into the ever-present toroidal flow of each moment, both experiencing the speed and chaotic relationships within each of the theatres that make up our world, and being existent in the stillness of the central channel.

Within each moment, we are simultaneously feeling the dense tapestry of emotion and yet are free from the full immersion that is experienced by those whose reality wholly belongs to just one religion or one paradigm – be that Catholicism, scientism, new-ageism, conspiracy-ism, shamanism or any other kind of singular truth mindset.

Modern shamanism is perhaps a more inclusive and malleable paradigm that comes closest to this new consciousness, one which en-souls complexity science within the immanence – the immanence of consciousness, the inherent totality of Earth.

Uncredited image found on google

The greatest challenge to this level of consciousness in its early stage of its emergence is loneliness. The conundrum is that once your connection to the whole planet grows more visceral, the comfort of membership you once had with moral certainty, materialistic science, or idealistic mindsets erodes. The ego still exits as an arising artefact that comes and goes in the flow of realities, as the freedom of the void and the exquisite aliveness and intimacy of existence simultaneously call upon you. The conundrum is the ever-present death and then recapitulation of the ego-self that is required for the liberation of consciousness on this level.

Acceleration of Time
Photo by Gary Cummins,
from Flickr via Google images

The mind becomes more lucid, and yet is felt as more restrictive, as complex concepts appear annoyingly easily and, by doing so, pull us from the simplicity we yearn to attach to. The challenge is nonattachment whilst engaging in the flow of unending death and rebirth.

The planetary level is not the same as the transcendental state of stillness of the ancient traditions, but is a more radical, more human experience of living within and being the dynamic movement of life.

[And here is an extra link, first posted by Laurence on 18 June 2009, as well as another link to a YouTube video:]
More on time from me here: Time Decays Over Time 

And here is Terence McKenna weaving his magic in this wonderful 3 minute video: The Acceleration of Time

Terence McKenna
Created by u/witzowitz,
image found here

Monday, 26 December 2022

8 Earthmover

[Monday 26 December 2022]

Change Coming into Being 

Once again, take a breath and step into the space of courage. Commit to the positive change that is wanting to come through. As someone once said, ‘What you want, wants you.’

Composite created by Carey

Where is the evolutionary opportunity? Step up to it with faith.

Honour your emotional state, acknowledge how you feel, then search for the good.

Reinforce that which is good and what is seeking to establish itself in your life. Affirm your growth. Life is forever changing; affirm the change taking place in yourself. Identify the recent positive changes that are happening to you or within you – even if you feel that you are changing for the worse – because the truth is that there is always an element of positive growth taking place.

Time Travelers by Tashi Norbu
Image from here

If you follow the 260-day pulse, you will start to notice certain mathematical patterns, such as Day 8 of each timewave being ruled by the same Daykeeper as the first day of the previous timewave. Thus, today being 8 Earthmover, we are reminded that the last 13-day period (a ‘timewave’) was the Earthmover Timewave.

Image found on Pinterest

Being an 8 Day, today is a day of committing your energy – or, we could say, incrementally committing more of your energy – to that which emerged during the previous timewave. The nature of change that surfaced during the Earthmover Timewave – which would have revealed an inherent evolutionary facet of your life message – is now showing itself again. You are being called to synchronise and integrate with it.

We get what we ask for. That is not always such an easy ride, because we are also aware of the infinite potentials that lie beyond this choice we have made... but it is worthwhile, enriching and deeply rewarding to see it through.

Image found on google

Do not try too hard; just observe the day and remember to commit your energy to what is progressive when Life asks you to do so.

Synergise (ha! ha! There you go, a nice corporate word!) your potentials within your present emotional reality.

What You Want, Wants You
 Artwork by Jennifer Currie,
found on her blogsite

Sunday, 25 December 2022

7 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Sunday 25 December 2022]

Be Still and Listen

That is your wisdom talking to you.

LjL being still and listening,
as part of his daily practice
(on the beach in Koh Samui in 2007)

7 Vulture (also known as Warrior, Owl or Turkey) is a great day to free yourself from the shackles of the mind; a strong, silent kind of day as you go about your business with simplicity.

Be still and come into resonance with your true self. Be like the Owl and the Vulture – patient and resilient.

Vulture being still and listening
Image from here

If you are feeling overwhelmed by demands from the world, hold your energy, for within the maelstrom of being pulled by other people or deadlines, a magical solution and innovative opportunity can arise – if you just hold still.

Thank you to Robert Burton

Allow wisdom to shine through by dispelling the darkness of confusion through your resolve.

7 Vulture is a day of truth. Your truth can harmonise with others, without it being exactly the same truth. Today is a great day to be in your truth and to resonate with others.

LjL being still and listening
at the Devil's Punchbowl, UK, April 2013.
Photo thanks to our dear friend Dominic Cryer

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Vulture:]
Remember that the keynotes of the Mayan Sacred Calendar days describe a particular frequency within the day; they are not the representation of all the energies you live within.

The seven days of the week set a basic underlying pattern for society. Then we also have to consider the Moon and its position as it transits your astrological template, which heavily flavours your emotional ebb and flow. And then there are also all the other planets…

Image conceptualised by Laurence,
originally created by Kookie Birjukov
and then photoshopped by me

However, if you follow the 260-day pulse of the Mayan Sacred Calendar consistently, this pulse gets louder.

Why would you do that? Because you are the sort of person looking to become conscious of the subtle and the profound.

The 20 Daykeepers
of the Mayan Sacred Calendar
Glyphs interpreted and drawn by LjL,
image created by Carey

Note from Carey: Laurence spent a lot of his life writing about all sorts of things that interested him and which he wanted to explore. He also kept a daily personal journal, using pen and paper, and believed strongly in the positive power of writing things down. Here is a message posted by Laurence on 7 Vulture of 25 February 2015:

'In my ongoing work with clients, particularly those who do a series of sessions with me, including shamanic work, I will always ask my clients to write stuff down as part of the process. Here is why: 'How Personal Writing Can Positively Affect Mental Health'.

A Young Woman Wrting,
after Jan Sanders van Hemessen, circa 1520

Saturday, 24 December 2022

6 Eagle

[Saturday 24 December 2022]

Smooth, flowing, comfortable rhythmic changes of perception that allow you to organise your dreams and your visions.

Composite created by Carey

Today affords you the opportunity to harmonise your overall sense of reality with your emotional needs; a blend of the earthly and the spiritual.

What’s more, the perceptions you have today can fit nicely with the shifting perceptions of those around you.

Have a smooth relaxed flight, see all around you and zoom in on the appropriate tasks as they surface, one after another...

Composite created by Carey
using images found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 6 Eagle. First posted on 6 Eagle of 4 August 2011, but still highly relevant today:] 

Post-2012 and Planetary Consciousness
Eagle gives us access to the planetary consciousness, which is a level of development on our horizon. Once a sufficient number of people develop planetary consciousness, this will give rise to a planetary civilisation.

Connected World
Image found on google

The developmental level for individual human consciousness – and for society as a whole – of a globalised culture is the precursor to planetary consciousness.

Globalisation – which includes global economics and politics – is rapidly emerging and will reach a certain critical juncture over the next approximately 5 to 7 years with the full coverage of the internet. Internet access is presently available for 5.03 billion [as of July 2022] of Earth’s 8.01 billion humans (that is 62.8% of us). With the next level of mobile technology, this will dramatically increase – along with internet sensors, which are now appearing in public places, on buildings, on street corners and the like. This is the beginning of the all-seeing Matrix and the integrated global linkup. Internet sensors will most likely far exceed humans, in terms of the number of internet portals.

Consciousness flipchart by LjL

To this we need to factor in the following realities that are occurring today and which are barely reported in the mainstream media:

  • The troublesome innovations in genetic sciences, where all manner of genetic mutation are being produced, including human/animal hybridisation;
  • The potential convergence of technology, such as computerisation and genetic manipulation, leading to artificial life forms, cyborgs and robots, which can act as hosts to other-dimensional beings;
  • The large number of extraterrestrial species that are moving in and out of our atmosphere and yet are also resident on Earth, in underground bases and even walking amongst us;
  • Advanced reverse engineering of alien technology by semi-secret groups or special interest groups, which has been carried out since the 1940s;
  • Extraterrestrial agreements with governments and special interest groups;
  • Pollution and environmental instability, with increased space weather as the dominant factor in the environmental situation; and,
  • A groundswell of awakening in the alternative world that the truth of history, evolution and science is extraordinarily different from that which is being artificially perpetuated within our mainstream education and informational environment, which is decades behind cutting-edge research and evidence.

We are accelerating towards what I call the Omnidirectional Gate, which is a portal of choice regarding our reality. Planetary consciousness is the awareness that we are not living on an enclosed globe of human society, but that we live within the Earth’s consciousness field and that, as co-creators of the Earth, we are part of a complex living system. Furthermore, this living system is an open system; Earth exists within the cosmic plasma ocean.

Planetary civilisation is the culmination of one order of evolution and the start of the next order of evolution. A big part of my work is showing how this level of development is a natural emergence of individual psychological development and a natural artefact of a highly populated planet. I also explore the basic structure of such a society.

This issue will be most pressing as we move further into the 2020s….

This, and the two images above,
represent Laurence's conception of the Holosphere
– his holographic understanding of the solar system –
which contains within it the Enchantments of Life model,
which in turn reveals the structure of the
individual human psyche and its
symbiotic relationship with cultural development.
Through an understanding of the orbital realms,
the entire solar system can be read as a code
for the whole of human evolution,
history and cultural expression.