Monday, 31 August 2020

6 Dog

[Monday 31 August 2020]

No creature is an island.

The interconnected island
that I call home

All creatures (created beings) need others in order to survive and flourish. If you want to survive, you have to have other creatures in your life. If you want to DO something effectively – to exercise the power of your life force – you need to align with others.

Aligning with Others;
uncredited image found on Google

Most of all, though, if you want to make life worth living, you need companionship and love. 

Today, your energy flows as long as you align and seek harmony with others. Recognise the value of those special people in your life.

Creatures of My Heart

Sunday, 30 August 2020

5 Water (Moon)

[Sunday 30 August 2020]

The world keeps shifting all around us; everything is always in flux.

Created by Carey

Today, move your awareness towards the unchanging monadic realm through the agency of soul. Go within yourself and listen to the most subtle of feelings. Connect to the dreamer within, without grasping.

Thank you Robert Burton
for this beautiful photo

Feel your centre and recognise the transient elements of the physical world, for today you have the opportunity to feel connected to the Soul and to notice how it takes part in generating the rolling stream of reality that unfolds before you.

Third eye/pineal gland;
image found on Google

Saturday, 29 August 2020

4 Rabbit (Star)

[Saturday 29 August 2020]

Bring your focus to the body – it has been gifted with the fertility of creation.

LjL practising his daily tai chi
at sunrise in the UK

  • The foundation of life is abundant and any reality can proliferate.
  • Whatever direction you choose in life offers opportunities and the enjoyment of life.
  • The foundation of light and its radial quality is at the heart of every cell and powers the instincts.
  • The paths of your life bifurcate (the proverbial crossroads are ubiquitous), but the essential truth of emptiness and fullness remains constant in each moment.

Body of Light;
image found on Pinterest

Today is a good day to stay grounded in the awareness of life’s essential impulse to create. Do not force anything. Stay present and listen to the body, for it is the key to experiencing the truths listed above.

Composite created by Carey
using image of our body's multicellular
organisms, found on Google

Friday, 28 August 2020

3 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Friday 28 August 2020]

Flowing and merging, then emerging. Navigating, adjusting and recalibrating the impulses of survival, power, ambition and essential needs.

Doodle by Carey

Today’s energy is a waveform of fluctuation between gently holding, but not quite grasping, then releasing, but never fully letting go. There is no point of stasis within the relaxation or the holding moment on a 3 Deer day.

Composite created by Carey

Feel how the instinct of survival and the necessity of keeping control of structures within your life ebbs and flows. A good day to exercise the muscle of the psyche that stays engaged with life, yet with an element of detachment. 

Let go of absolutes and remain responsive; feel the flow and stay attentive to the surging changes of direction of your mental, emotional and physical energy.

Photo copyright Eve Andersson
 Image found on Google, from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 3 Deer:]
Timeline Changes and Choices
The world always changes through the initial efforts of a few people.

Most, if not all, cultural movements start with an individual, and then a handful of people who congregate around a vision, sitting together in a café, in a bar or under a tree...

It is time to feel into your benevolent vision for humanity. We are at a threshold; our abundance as a species has never been higher. I drum on about this all of the time, and will continue to do so – the greatest resource we have is human ingenuity and a high population increases specialisation and innovation. That innovation needs to be unleashed and allowed to flourish.

The resources and environmental problems we face are systemic of the global systems that are in place and which are holding us back.

The solution is for individuals to envisage the obvious potentials that are present and to go way beyond the impoverished perspective of the mainstream culture, as well as, I have to say, a lot of the secular environmental movement.

Your psychic vision, your ability to conceive and imagine a better world, is imperative. Do not think you do not count.

The vision you hold feeds the sphere of the emerging planetary consciousness.

Discus chronologicus,
a depiction of time by
German engraver Christoph Weigel,
published in the early 1720s;
from 'Cartographies of Time'

To me, it is obvious that our relationship with time–space has fundamentally changed during this 2012 era.*

The definitions of time and space create the context of our consciousness by creating a timeframe, a landscape.

Here is a very interesting and useful article that explores some of the issues of time:

Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation

Today, 3 Deer, make the emotional effort to engage with yourself and with others in the area of emotional exchange. Go back, review, recapitulate to change tack, change scripts and change timelines – as there are no doors open to this old timeline. Stay responsive.

Image from here

[* Laurence maintained that the 2012 era began in the 1980s and will last well into the 2020s.]

Thursday, 27 August 2020

2 Skull

[Thursday 27 August 2020]

Separation of Energy
The way to handle today’s energy is through a conscious division of your day and resolute prioritising.

This is a great day for clarity and transformation in a specific area of your life or work. Do you have an important loose end to tie up?

Determine to focus, be strong in not allowing distractions to pull you off course, and then relax into your task.

Boundaries need to be defined. The definition of space is the context for experience. Power resides with those who define the space that we walk around in. Be clear with your environment and define the space in accord with your needs.

Mandala painting by Carey

If necessary, call upon help from the spiritual realm to guide you to alter your space in accord with your purpose, function and intention. If the space – the environment, the place that you live and work in – is not in accord with your intentions and your purpose, you cannot operate successfully. The challenge then is to work with the environment, the spirit of it, and to create a resonant field that supports you.

image found on Google

[Extra message from Laurence for today:]
I often find that on Skull days the day is cut in half with one energy up to around midday or lunchtime, and then a distinct change in the afternoon.

Separation of Energy
 Thanks Dom!

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

1 Serpent

[Wednesday 26 August 2020]

A new 13-day timewave starts today – Serpent (Snake or Chicchan).

Composite created by Carey,
using ouroborus found on Google

The Life Force timewave of Serpent begins today. Feel the frequency of survival, sex and power.

A good opportunity to engage with the essential life force in your body, to master some survival issues and to understand the power you have over your life.

Power up your life and vitality, but don’t overpower others.

Lilith (1887)
by John Collier

Our natural instincts can inform our intuition. But do not let instincts rule your mind or feelings.

Instead, allow the instinctive, natural vitalising fecundity of your Serpent energy to feed you with confidence, to guide you and to turn up the volume of that which supports your life and enables you to flourish.

An Ayahuasca Journey
Image from here

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

13 Lizard (Seed)

[Tuesday 25 August 2020]

A good day to scatter seeds.

Image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie

Let go and enjoy the potentials of all areas of your life. Welcome into your imagination the diversity of your desires. Embrace the potentiality of your life.

Image from here

This is also a good day to network and to see the value of the wider community of friends and contacts within which you operate.

Most of our desires that manifest do so because of the people we know.

Monday, 24 August 2020

12 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Monday 24 August 2020]

The Long Good Road of Life is an adventure that we cannot ultimately control – the most powerful energy within life is Mystery.

Composite created by Carey

Foredawn is also known as Dark House, or Dark Night, the moment before the Sun rises and, as night culminates, the time between worlds.

Image found on Google

Today, 12 Foredawn in the Good Road Timewave, is a good day to truly accept that we cannot completely know it all, nor can we maintain everything perfectly, nor even fully control ourselves.

The brilliant light of the void feeds us with the joy of emptiness and the wonder and awe of the absolute mystery. We both revere the mystery and fear the mystery.

Consciousness continues after death,
image found on Google

Respect the womb of creation, trust in life and embrace the open-ended journey of consciousness that continues after death.

Allow an element of insecurity and uncertainty to exist in your subconscious and then you can truly walk the walk of life with real confidence, for you have allowed yourself to have faith in the intelligence of Life itself, which is always one step ahead of us in its benevolent abundant totality.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

11 Wind

[Sunday 23 August 2020]

Doors Open
Yesterday the Mayan Pulse was orientated to the gifts of your life as it is. Today it opens the doors to new possibilities and the way to step forward on your path.

LjL stepping forward to receive,
in the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Penang, Malaysia
Laurence loved this place and felt the positive,
nurturing energies here very strongly

The incoming energy is facilitated by communication on every level, be that telephone, email or inspired guidance from subtle realms.

Communicate and receive communication today with full awareness. Allow yourself to be broadband in giving and receiving information, but distil and integrate before acting upon any inspiration.

Step forward and communicate
  Image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie,
photoshopped by me

Cosmic rays whistle through the Earth and a doorway opens up to the bifurcating paths of time. 

Life presents you with different options; each one unfolds into a different expression of your destiny. Be attentive to information and recognise how futures are built starting from the most subtle movements in your psyche.

Left: © Richard Croft
from Creative Commons;
right: image found on Google

Saturday, 22 August 2020

10 Crocodile

[Saturday 22 August 2020]

Feel and accept the nourishment available today.

The Cornucopia of Life,
graphic by LjL

A day of totally accepting what is; waking up to, sensing and receiving all that is good all around you. Appreciate that which is readily available. 

Your life produces rewards. As you step forward, life automatically credits you with the goodness of enrichment, regardless of failures, mistakes and bad times.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens,
Isle of Wight

If any burdens or problems do manifest today, the way forward is to accept their existence, but do not let them define your life. Instead, expand your awareness to see the abundance that is already in your life. 

Feel and accept the cornucopia of life.

Expand your awareness; see the
abundance already in your life
  Original image found on Google,
photoshopped by me

Friday, 21 August 2020

9 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Friday 21 August 2020]

A great day to feel truly awakened.

Your Long Good Road opens up ahead as you see the illuminated horizon and become conscious of an aspect of your arrival – your destiny.

Be sensitive to the intuitive flash that reveals to you the ‘You’ who you are to be.

A good day to find yourself at the end of the road, beyond the unfolding time we all experience, looking back to where you are now on the linear path.

Alternatively, use your imagination to go forward in time and ask yourself who you want to be, who are you in essence, and how can you be more like that.

* All photos in today's blog post by Carey

Thursday, 20 August 2020

8 Storm

[Thursday 20 August 2020]

Today, make the commitment to break some outworn patterns.

Heartfelt thanks to my sister Caroline for this photo

You feel the comfort of your home or inner psychological haven while the Storm of life’s chaotic challenges and adventures brew outside. 

Today, steady yourself and know that the exhilaration of the journey awaits you ‘out there’.

Novelty on the Horizon

Your heart can be gladdened that excitement and novelty is on the horizon, and that you are able to enjoy the comfort of this moment while you prepare yourself by making that emotional investment of commitment.

Start to release yourself from any ritual or behaviour that will interfere with your ability to enjoy the fresh face of life that is about to be presented to you.

Uncredited image found on Google

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

7 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Wednesday 19 August 2020. New Moon at exactly 02:41 UTC, 03:41 British Summer time; 10:42 Hong Kong time]

Resonant Reflections
Whatever you see ‘out there’ in your world today has a more direct resonance with your state of consciousness than usual.

The World Out There, by LjL

There will be a duality of light and dark reflections, true reflections and distorted reflections. By staying attuned and by feeling the energy, you can select and know the true reflections.

Wonderful but uncredited image
found on Google

A day to look for – and to expect – the good. Receive the images and messages, people and places that confirm your purpose and your true nature. 

Clarify your inner world by making choices from what appears in the world out there.

Image found on Google

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

6 Earthmover

[Tuesday 18 August 2020]

A day of dynamic interlocking forces; energising and good for work and vigorous activity.

Flowing with the Natural Forces of the Day
Composite created by Carey
using one of my painted backgrounds
and a fragment of a painting by LjL

The day unfolds with a certain controlled urgency. Stay responsive and allow the natural force of the day to move you. 

Follow the flowing synchronicities of the day with passion and action.

Alvin Ailey Dance company, image found on Google

Monday, 17 August 2020

5 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Monday 17 August 2020]

Find your truth and hold your centre.

LjL stepping forward
in his truth and with confidence

Consider your next move carefully. Then calmly and with surety start to move.

Painting by my mother, Judy Vail,
of Chinese Buddhist sage Ji Gong (1130–1207),
as he steps out on his journey

The Journey of Life – the Thousand-Mile Journey – begins with a single step forward. Make your first step one that is firm, confident and true. You then change the options and experience of the next thousand miles.

The Fool begins the journey
Thoth Tarot,
original painting by Lady Frieda Harris

Alternatively, slow down or stop what you are doing or what you are actively involved in. Be prepared to reset or integrate more before proceeding. 

Take a moment.

Image found on Pinterest