Saturday, 31 October 2020

2 Monkey

[Saturday 31 October 2020. Full Moon 14:49 UTC/GMT; 22:49 Hong Kong time. Being the second Full Moon in a calendar month, this is also what is called a Blue MoonSAMHAIN (or 1 November)]

The challenge of the Dog Timewave, as 2 Monkey tells us, is how to hold two opposing views and beliefs; how to entertain the fact that differences between people and their needs and their perspectives is okay.

A good day to not take contrary viewpoints or feelings of those around you too seriously. It’s okay! 
This includes realising there will always be emotional discrepancies within yourself, your truths and your actions.

The continual flow of your Divine Creativity and the machinations of the Monkey Mind can get in the way of the emotional needs in relationship, or can be a source of fun and spontaneity within relationship.

 'While in Indonesia, British photographer David Slater’s
camera was grabbed by a macaque.
This monkey took hundreds of shots, including
some selfies that went viral on the internet.
As many things often do, this incident resulted in a legal controversy
[in the US] over the copyright status of the photos....'
Image found on Google

Friday, 30 October 2020

1 Dog

[Friday 30 October 2020]

Today begins a new 13-day mini-cycle in the 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar, made up of 20 such cycles. Today is 1 Dog (Oc).

Sambal, my beloved Guardian Dog,
photo with heartfelt thanks to Amelia Roberts

The Dog Timewave begins today, with its themes of the emotional body, needs, emotional cravings, habits, patterning, love, companionship, boundaries and protections, feeling part of community, feeling connected to other beings and the question of belonging.


The Dog Timewave is all about those you love, those who share our journey; it also about giving and receiving guidance – and that includes to and from Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guide Wolf,
iPhone wallpaper image
found on Google

Call upon your Spirit Guides to help you during this timewave.
The Dog is companionship in this world and the next; the Dog guides us over the threshold into the next life.

Who are your companions and where do you belong? A good time to be with others and to schedule in events with others, as you synchronise with the pack.

LjL and Chocolate
on Power Station Beach

With this new 13-day timewave of companionship, relationship and guidance, ask yourself if you need a guide. Or, are you are needed to be a guide? Be open to following a guide and/or to being a guide.

Ride the ebb and flow of emotions in this 13-day period, specifically in regard to relationships. Love the ones you love.

Territory: See your boundaries defined as the timewave unfolds. 
In this timewave, you can potentially develop understanding of the rules, emotions, populations and inhabitants of different territories, both physical and multi-dimensional.

Who shares your path with you on this frequency of consciousness?

My feline dog, Nougat
Photo thanks to Susan Bahuton

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Dog:]

I love the way the 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar changes direction. For example, the previous timewave (Earthmover) of ground-shaking evolution is followed by this emotionally based Dog Timewave.

The 260-day pulse is a quiet but potent frequency that sneaks up on the consciousness as we gradually open doors in our subconscious to attune to the frequency of Earth within the Galaxy.

Wolf Spirit Guide, image found here

Thursday, 29 October 2020

13 Water (Moon)

[Thursday 29 October 2020]

A day to offer incense.

Photo thanks to André Eichman

A day of gratitude and a day to surrender to the cleansing waters as they dissolve all blockages to the new sprouting energy that is already transforming your life.  
Day 13 says ‘Let go and celebrate the end of the timewave.’ 
The dissipative consciousness cleanses the mind of thoughts. 
Make an offering of gratitude for your life.

Image from here

The 2012 Era and the Message of 13 Water
Evolution and transformation – which is the theme of this, the Earthmover, Timewave – requires the dissolution of blocks in our perception concerning the immediate potential and imminent reality, so that we can emotionally accommodate the next new reality.

The next scale of consciousness is a far bigger environment of the psyche. This is the spiritual reason for acknowledging contentious issues, such as Atlantis, the UFO phenomena and other anomalous experience, research and testimony.

LjL surrendering to the
cleansing waters,
Isle of Wight

The soul is like water, but the mind compartmentalises reality. The boxing and filing of information into relevant and irrelevant trays has been necessary for ego development. Now, however, in this 2012 era [1986 to well into the 2020s], it is time to dissolve some of the filters.

Increasingly, it is not enough to just take a ‘spiritual perspective’, to meditate or to simply have a psychological or sociological viewpoint. Instead, we are being pressed to have a full integral perspective.

Thanks to Daniel Clarke
and his Daily Drawings

The next scale of reality is planetary, so we are being impulsed to start releasing our compartmentalised walls of mind, to open to the totality of experience that is co-existent here on Earth – the Immanence.

The species is now required to engage with the areas of reality that have been kept hidden, for the new landscape of the psyche exists on the other side of the Shadowlands that stands before us.

The jewels are hidden in the murky realms.

Image credit: Creative Commons/
Jordi Cueto-Felgueroso Arocha,

Time and again human consciousness fixates, and slams the door on its greatest gift – the open-endedness of infinite possibility. As a result we do not experience reality but merely our concept of it.
José Argüelles (24 January 1939–23 March 2011)

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

12 Rabbit (Star)

[Wednesday 28 October 2020]

Today, 12 Rabbit, is a day of coherent light and a day of clarity.

Laurence in the Milky Way
Composite created by Carey

A good day to organise your consciousness. The diversity of your thinking, or the diversity of your emotions, or the diversity of your intentions can find some coherence today.

You have the opportunity to understand the new energy of this timewave that has transformed you in some manner. You have the opportunity today to integrate quite effortlessly.

Your thoughts – which may have been scattered – can coalesce naturally and effortlessly today.

Image from here

The many radiant thoughts and emotions you have today can come together as a coherent understanding – if you tune into them all as products of light, for they are all emanating from you.

You are a ball of light, a star, a singular monad.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 12 Rabbit:]

Today, 12 Rabbit (Star) in the Earthmover Timewave – which is the same timewave that led us through the 2012 Winter Solstice – reveals to you the omnidirectional potentials for change that are present due to the 2012 influx. A good day to feel how the 2012 effect [from 1986 to well into the 2020s] is manifesting.

Base image from

[Bonus link for today:]
Here is a link to an interview with Laurence by his friend Unity Orb, made in Brighton in September 2013, talking about 2012.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

11 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Tuesday 27 October 2020]

A Day of Flow
After yesterday’s solidity – possibly even harshness, for some – we get a contrasting texture today, one of plasticity and liquidity.

Feel the flow and hold lightly

Have you noticed the textures of days? Time itself has a range of qualities and textures, and the Mayan Sacred Calendar enables this understanding. 
Navigate the waves of energy today with intuition and some reason, surrender and strength. The lightest of touches is needed – the impulse to seize an object or an idea too tightly needs to be restrained.

A portal opens up. A river appears that leads towards a transformed state, an evolved paradigm, a new sense of reality...

Surf the flow with balance and poise, without looking too far ahead to the promised land.

Image from here

Keep a rein on the excitement and enjoy the flow. Feel the continuum that flows through us all, as things emerge and dissolve in the river of the seamless unity that is the immanence of life.
Image originally from here;
photoshopped by Carey

Monday, 26 October 2020

10 Skull

[Monday 26 October 2020]

Endings and new beginnings, from one thing to another, from black to white.

A good day for no-nonsense practicality and for letting go of that which is ready to be released.

Composite created by Carey,
using crystal skull images from Pinterest
(many of which originally came from

Your life has changed. Day 10 of the Earthmover Timewave manifests as change. You have let go of something and have regenerated; you are cutting away dead wood and unnecessary sentimentality and are ripe for newness. Even if you cannot understand it logically, you can sense it instinctively. 

Today is a fundamental shift. Release that which needs to be released.

Image found on Google

Today you can see and feel the recalibrated aspect of your life; you can see and feel that something new has emerged within you – it will not necessarily be dramatic or spectacular, but you will be conscious that something new has gradually emerged.

See it and acknowledge it, and you will reinforce it.

Love Is Never Simply
Black and White
by Carey

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 10 Skull:]

You do know that there is something you need to stop doing. Yes, you do know, don’t you...

So stop doing it.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

9 Serpent

[Sunday 25 October 2020]

The Earthmover Timewave offers us change. Day 9, which in this timewave is ruled by the Serpent Daykeeper, suggests that we wake up to the end of one mini-cycle of activity or focus, and come back to the body, to survival issues and/or issues of personal power.

Birth of New Worlds, by LjL

Today is a day to survive and flourish on the next level of reality. A day to awaken to your future upgrade and recalibration, as the environment of our reality continues to change. 

Today you feel a power surge, a sense of your passion. Today you are conscious of the life force – sexuality, power and survival – all of which are charged by the life force. The kundalini life force in your body is your personal instinctive power that is derived from the species’ will; it is the impulse to survive and to evolve.

Kundalini Awakening 
Image found on Google,
from here

Serpents are highly adaptable. So is the life force, which is instinctively driven to solve the paradox of survival versus security (the latter being opposed to change).

Day 9 brings the awareness of large cycles of time and with it the connection to that which is seeking completion and that which is complete.

You are impulsed today to do what is necessary for your survival and will feel a sense of passion for life. See what is seeking completion; complete something.

Kundalini Rising
Image found on Pinterest

What would empower you, if you work towards it? Where are you ready to change? What skin can you shed? What are you working towards?

Just feel those drives; do not get stuck in the head. You do not need to think about it all, nor work it all out through analysis.

You will be called to action. An impulse from the body will activate your actions with some urgency.

Spirit merging with
cosmic serpent.
Image from here 

You might become aware that a thread of time has ended as the result of your activities, so be here now in the body.

The nexus of eternity converges into the instinct that arises in each moment through your life force. The life force is not merely yours, but is one head of the thousand-headed Cosmic Serpent that keeps life alive and flourishing.

Your simple but inspired action now affects the future.

Follow the call to immediate action.

Image found on Google

Saturday, 24 October 2020

8 Lizard (Seed)

[Saturday 24 October 2020]

Today holds the image of a compressed vortical tunnel...

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

Day 8 is a day of commitment. You planted seeds in the last timewave — some of them now need watering and attention. An intention started might need more of your engagement.

Thank you to Robert Burton

Day 8 is always a day of compression of the non-locality consciousness of your spirit into time and space. This is a not the full manifestation of your divinity; it is not full embodiment, nor compression into full density. But compression, nonetheless, for the free-roaming essence of your being.

Enjoy the sense of bringing your Master Intention closer to manifestation. Feel the squeeze and breathe into it. Relax and trust as potentialities narrow in exchange for actualising potential.

 Whirling Dervish
by Amy Elkins in Bursa, Turkey

Movement, specifically spin, is fundamental to existence; celebrate the dynamic movement of life that maintains enduring structures of experience due to the consciousness, the intelligence and the intent that pervades creation.

LjL invites us to spin
(composite created by Carey)

Friday, 23 October 2020

7 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Friday 23 October 2020]

Between the worlds; a still point between the past and the changes to come.

Laurence in the hills of Lamma at dawn.
Photo thanks to our friend André Eichman

The prerequisite for transformation – for fundamental change – is the ability to look into the shadow and to see the positive aspects that are hidden in the darkness and the negativity. 

Image originally found on Google;
photoshopped by Carey


Today, there might seem to be a disconnection, a discordance or a point where things do not quite come together; something strange, disjointed or dislocated.

It is not an error. Be mindful of the gap and move into the gap.

Image found on Google

Do not be afraid of any disturbing feelings. Feel the comforting feeling that exists in the space where reality has ripped. Tune into the surreal quality of the day and find the enjoyment inherent within it.

Image from here

Today is the day where we welcome in the alchemical soil for change. This might mean a resonant encounter with the shadow of your inner life and the gems hidden within the darkness.

Notice your gems.

Original photo thanks to our
dear friend Dominic Cryer;
photoshopped by Carey

Thursday, 22 October 2020

6 Wind

[Thursday 22 October 2020]

Receiving, conveying, moving, linking, forming.

LjL getting ready to jump  
Created by Carey

Follow the flow of communication. Jump from one thing to another, never settling too long in one place or on one bit of information, but just long enough to be stimulated by the message.

A great day to feel you are moving forward after yesterday’s gathering of energy.

LjL jumping joyfully
from one thing to another,
on the beach at Whitstable

The power of Wind is controlled nicely on Day 6. A good day to present a powerful and provocative idea in a cohesive and concise manner.

Maybe speak the truth...

Composite created by Carey
The truth is there is really only one
wind turbine on Lamma, so far...

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

5 Crocodile

[Wednesday 21 October 2020]

Look all around you, be at peace and accept it all. Recognise the nourishment that life is offering.

Five Keys to the Goddess, by Carey

Today, 5 Crocodile, is a day of beingness, of nurturing yourself by sitting in the centre of your world and accepting all that surrounds you.

You are a divine being, but nobody exists in isolation. Everybody has a diverse range of needs and all those needs can potentially be met. Just enjoy the way that life sustains itself and offers sustenance in all new situations.

Peaceful Crocodile,
by Bernard Gagnon,
found here

The Goddess is forever feeding reality.

Even with change and disruption, life is sustainable.

Photo with kind permission
of Vicky Baker Eichman

A good day to feel at peace and to have a moment of exuberance as you let go of fear.

The day is quiet. Can you be?

Image found on Google,
from here