Thursday, 26 November 2009

One Storm Thursday 26th November

A day 13 day time wave begins today. Storm is the electrifying power that cleanses blocks and inhibitions from our psyche. Storm consciousness is comfortable with sudden changes in a day covering all manner of diverse experiences. The archaic, the futuristic and the contemporary sit comfortably together in your day. The holistic, the pure and the profane arise organically as you spark off the spontaneous energies that shift you this way and then that way. Storm loosens you up, frees your soul from fixed ideas. All is consciousness arising on the oceanic realm.

A day of exhilaration that sets the scene for the next 13 days.

For those knew to this blog, perhaps from reading my 2012 article on The source Asia The Shift Towards Galactic Consciousness here.
I will explain a little the idea of this blog, it is to gently present a byte, a facet of the days energies as they manifest on a specific frequency of reality.
The frequency is derived from the 260 day sacred Mayan Calendar which can be thought of as a different pulse than the one we operate in with our standard calendar.

The attunement to this frequency happens naturally over time, through a relaxed persistence, rather than an instant understanding. The frequency expands your awareness to the Earth as a being within the cosmos. You were in this space this realm in the womb, now you can consciously integrate that realm with your life in the theatre of the world.....2012 is coming be awake


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