Sunday, 16 October 2011

1 Rabbit or Star, Sunday 16 October 2011

The last timewave ended with a vision -- or an opening of the energy field -- to a larger sense of reality. The 13th day of any timewave always opens up into the next timewave.

The Rabbit or Star timewave is about the multiplication in all directions of all things. This new timewave brings light, abundance and vitality; it is fun, can be superficial and even slightly silly, and of course overwhelming -- but it radiates a joyful luminescence that originates within your cosmic heart.

Thirteen days that are fertile, creative, playful and beautiful.

Stay conscious within the radiant explosion. Enjoy it, but do not completely acquiesce, agree or invest all of your energy in everything that comes along.

How does life expand, how does light radiate, how is the cosmos expanding... radially, holographically, fractally with implosions and new radial emanations embedded within a larger expansion.

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