Wednesday, 8 August 2012

12 Serpent, Wednesday 8 August

A day of understanding the instinctive level of reality. A day where you can connect to your own survival instinct and survival impulse. Today is a good day to recognize how the biorhythms shape our psychology and how they are interlinked with the invisible environment.

The snake is the manifest expression of Kundalini life force, the power to live and evolve. Serpent issues are issues of sex and power. The battle for power in the world takes place on many fronts and includes the agendas of occult groups, such as those that seem to exist within the Vatican and other covert alliances within and beyond large-scale organizations.

How do we survive, grow and flourish in the maelstrom of competing powers and the seemingly overwhelming forces that control or attempt to control our lives?

We stay alert, responsive and open—connected to body and our own power, recognizing the basic need for money, but not giving our power away to anxiety. The life force in our body is an expression of the evolutionary urge of the species; it is highly adaptable and can shed the skin of an outworn reality. Recognize your power to regenerate, value your power to reject that which does not serve you and value the power of your passion.

A good day to have a clear perspective on power.

The Issue of Power in the 2012 Era

The evolutionary imperative to wake up and to evolve our consciousness is increasingly becoming linked to the issue of power.

We all have our personal focuses which are our primary concern and rightly so. The personal priorities are relating, whether that is intimately or just with friends, secondly work, which gives us our personal satisfaction. Furthermore there is maintenance and sustenance of home, body and soul. The need for pleasure, joy, bliss, ecstasy, fun and entertainment are also important. For me and many others the need for a practice where I feel connected to the source of life is a major priority.

If you are feeling good about yourself you probably are not going to be interested in the social political landscape and this is totally understandable. Your life can feel complete, or almost so, if you have a handle on some of the above. There is enough to do in the personal sphere, without the concerns of the larger social terrain.

However, what is unique to our era is an increased evolutionary pressure. The species has to evolve, the failure to do so will result in the decay of the human species. Anyone who cannot see that the world requires some serious attention is spiritually asleep or in denial

Every stage of culture grows and flourishes and is beneficial for a while, it is beneficial in its totality to the evolution of human consciousness—the evolutionary project of life. The material paradigm—the constellation of science, economics, competition and consumerism—has given us a fabulous social structure in many ways, as we can appreciate when we think back to the conditions of life a few hundred years ago. It is fair to say that not all things improve, but it would be hard to dismiss ‘progress’ as a complete misnomer.

The natural evolution of our species is now towards a consciousness and energy paradigm. This shift of focus includes a greater awareness and need for vitalized nutrition, time for creativity, authentic expression and consciousness, healthy and vitalized sexual relationships, conscious use of the life force, a need for a basic equality of opportunity and survival for all sentient life on Earth, clean freer physical energy for travel, warmth and industry.

There is this obviously an increased interconnection between us, our personal sphere and the rapidly emerging planetary society—who could deny that?

When an individual goes through a transformation, in particular the shift from being embedded in the mainstream way of externalized material focus to an awakening to the rich inner life of feelings and soul there is invariably a shock. The awareness of the illusory nature of the old life and the shadow of the self is revealed. The extraordinary expansion of the psychological terrain involves a natural revulsion to some of the previous behaviour.

We are now witnessing the corresponding collective transformation, this collective process has a vastly increased scale of energy to it, so the feeling of shock and disillusion to the old theatre on the collective scale is therefore one of enormity.

The enormity in question is the contractual agreement we have inadvertently made on a spiritual level. It is a natural process of ego development, for the separate self to emerge we dislocate from our spiritual source in order to primarily focus on the external material expression. The emergence of the sense of separate self is an evolutionary development of the species—as explained by the developmental stages of evolution (Enchantments of Life). The relative autonomy that each of us enjoys today is something that has emerged gradually in recent human history. We had to create some separation from nature, from spirit, from energy in order to allow the external visceral material awareness to flourish.

In so doing we, as a species put aside our spiritual connectedness and now as a species we need to reconnect. The natural evolution of consciousness is an oscillating process from internal to external focus; we emphasize one over the other in order to evolve. Now that the species is reconnecting it is faced with the disturbing facts of what has happened in the shadows on the spiritual level. The temporary negation of spirit means that we hand over or create an unconscious invitation to the devouring force of darkness that consumes the soul. The role of dark entities is to destroy that which is left unattended—it is a rule of creation—that which you focus upon you become that which you negate you lose. Use it lose it. We have not gone so far as to lose our species souls, but if the species continues to focus upon the external reality for another…maybe, few decades, then the species will become a species of sleeping zombies.

I do believe we are waking up, but the evolutionary imperative is not allowing us to be complacent, the drama is real and the clock is ticking.

The effects of the devouring force can be seen in the manifest realm as the all consuming greed of central banking, pharmaceutical industries, and the war machine, and the oil/energy industry.

This monstrous monopolizing force is being steered in a direction to enslave the human species. In the shadows behind our leadership lies the most sophisticated cunning octopus of control and engineering that springs from a spiritual level. On the spiritual level reality is based on will. You cannot control someone unless they hand over there will, they have to agree to be controlled. The shocking, actually awesome nature of the deliberate construct that we live in, is too unbelievable for the majority of people to consider. It is time for conscious awakened adults to see that we live in a covertly constructed world increasingly led by power consumed socio-paths that deliberately start wars, deliberately create disease and pharmaceutical drug addiction, promote paedophilia, sexual discord, suppress alternative energy, healing, equality and fairness whilst feeding and living off mass fear, debt and hate.

The psychological condition of the servants of this dark primal force are motivated by the need to feed their insatiable lust for power, absolute power is the consumption of life force—money is merely the fascia, the means to an end.

The imperative to enjoy your life is important, but if you are to be an agent for our evolution you should be conscious of the shadow. The tricky part is to be conscious of it without feeding it.

To what extent do we need to act?

No single person, no single organization can do very much, the action required is a mass awakening. When I say mass awakening it may only require as little as ten per cent of the global population and there is the latent potential within ten percent of the adult human population already. We all have a responsibility to become informed and to gently nudge those around us to do likewise. The action required is awareness and the courage to share the truth of the situation as calmly as is possible. Some people are required to rant, shout and cajole and we should respect the fact that they are willing to put themselves on the line to face up to public humiliation and personal danger. For example even if you do not believe everything David Icke has to say it is very hard to dismiss him as a lunatic when you look at what he was saying in the 1990s and look at the world today. Jim Marrs is calm and measured researcher and this lecture is a very palatable introduction to the conspiracy truth.

The greater context of the global situation is the benevolent evolutionary imperative, we are growing, and we are being asked to jump to a new level of the game. This shocking confrontation with the shadow is part of our maturation from an adolescent species to a planetary adult species.

Get beyond the ridicule, the universe is far far more complex and extraordinary than we can ever imagine. The fact that our political-economic system is controlled by a conspiracy is a small issue on a cosmic scale, as large as this matrix of illusion appears to be, it’s small potatoes when compared to the reality that is seeking emergence.

Jim Marrs here

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