Monday, 19 November 2012

11 Rabbit or Star, Monday 19 November

Doors within doors to be opened today.

11 Rabbit is a Stargate kind of day. Maybe it's not ET contact of the fourth kind for you today, but you might feel the fertility and light that is infusing the day. Where does it come from? It's your monadic essence and it is in resonance and at one with beings throughout the universe.

Today is a doorway to spiritual abundance and/or what might feel like a collapse of the light or euphoria into the black hole. The reflection of the radiating light is the toroidal flow back into the centre. Rabbits surge out of their burrows and radiate in all directions, then they all disappear underground.

The control and structure of yesterday's grasp gives way to diffuse and fertile light, that is flowing in toroidal form.

Creativity and destruction are mirrors, the sense of impermanence of our highs is a clue to the dynamic nature of creation. The cycle of creativity includes the fallow moments, which then lead onto new inspiration.

Explosion and implosion in every moment...

Image from the Heart Math Institute

The holographic nature of reality is revealed in the understanding that the basic unit of life is a toroid. It is a fractal reality, where the form can be found on every scale of creation. The toroid is not static is curves in on itself and twists into the centre with an energy that is known as a torsion field.

The torsion field generates the spiral pattern of all growth--as in the Fibonacci sequence.

Here is an inspiring and totally accessible 10 minute video (20 minutes if you watch both parts)  introducing the new physics that has been emerging at 'the edge' for the last 40 years or so...

Obvious and Intuitive

The information has been around for a long time, so much so that myself and many others have already worked this out from our experience, but this video eloquently presents the elegance. Take the time to watch this, it is important and creates a thought form within you that is in resonance with the shape of consciousness.
This is the key science to the Planetary Civilization I have been talking about on Mystic Cyber Crow. One more thing, it is well known that the covert government has been experimenting with this physics for decades.

Fractal from here

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