Sunday, 24 March 2013

6 Reed or Skywalker, Sunday 24

Apologies for missing yesterday, had some problems due to travel and weather, England really needs some sunshine!

A day where the energy moves organically from one thing to another. You may feel like you are skimming from person to person and/or event to event, detached but conscious with an overlighting intelligence.

Day 6 in all Timewaves is both structured and moving; it exhibits the quality of rhythm, so potentially you can move from one thing to another with a sense of satisfaction, shaping and forming your ideas and your different endeavours.

Skywalker or Reed is the overlight, the guidance, the teaching, the informational structure. Our challenge is to receive this guidance, without rigidly concluding anything. It is very easy to over-interpret what life is teaching us and to assume a finality.

"I am always like this, I always do that, I always fail, I never get this, She always does that, He is always..." etc.

Maintain a detachment from your conclusions and evaluations. They may be true for now, but not for all time. Listen to the teaching without immortalizing it. This evaluation of today is very relevant to what is going on in general, we are experiencing a great deal of FLUX. The interstellar plasma is high energy from the cosmos and is flooding the astral world, which is the emotional-imaginative-intuitive-substance that interpenetrates the physical world. This means that for each and everyone of us we are having to learn to be adaptable to a fluctuating emotional energy environment, our own astral-emotional bodies are not separate. People are struggling to hold their centre and as I have been saying this means mood swings from high to low. Our perceptions are based in our emotive-astral bodies so truth is dissolute. We are in a drawn transitional space... There are opportunities in this atmosphere though, especially if you have something truly innovative to offer and you are strong enough to believe in it!

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