Friday, 23 August 2013

2 Serpent, Friday 23 August 2013

The second day of each timewave presents the duality that exists within that specific timewave. The challenges of survival and making a living can come to the fore today -- the issues of health versus money.

It can be a challenging day, or just a day of opposites. 2 Serpent represents the dual impulses of the life force inherent within all growth -- security as opposed to the urge to grow.

Allow the two forces to be. Feel the creative tension that builds, as this is your power, which you will soon be able to harness.

If you feel tense, be sure to get into the body today. Move and dance.

Life is all go isn't it?
It seems to be the same for just about everyone. It really is amazing how intense life has become for people, this is a symptom of a very real change to the fabric of our reality. The Earth's energy field and therefore the time/space context of our experience is being charged with high energy, time itself is speeding up.

Some of this energy is very physical in the form of inter-stellar plasma, which accounts for all of the planets heating up and pushing the human species to evolve to the next stage of culture. This is my work, the way that culture and individuals evolve.

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