Monday, 3 March 2014

12 Earthmover, Monday

It all works out beautifully.

Today we understand the inherent re-organizational intelligence within life's disruptions. Recent upheavals and quakes can make sense, as you synchronize your energy with Earth's galactic constant - the pulse of the 260-day cycle - the same pulse you experienced in all innocence as a soul descending into your developing foetus.

Today you understand the direction of evolutionary change in your life, the way forward. The energy of change is vitalized and you can see how seemingly random artefacts of your life can be organized coherently.

Earthmover is the forceful energy that demands a new ordering to reality, it is the intelligence force of evolution. Twelve is the patterning that the intellect can grasp. A good day for understanding the purpose and design of the changing world and your changing life.

The 2012 Era and the Imperative

Astrology of Now
Saturn is now retrograde, Mercury is now moving forward, Jupiter goes direct on Thursday/Friday heading towards USA Sun and towards activation of the Grand Cross in the second half of April as Mars retrogrades into position with Uranus and Pluto all in the 14th degrees of the four Cardinal signs, hence...

The psychic environment has never been more tangible, if you talk to others you will pick up a universal narrative of tension, that includes something akin to a ricochet of energy trapped in a box.
There is this lurching movement from novelty addiction to escapism to a need for simple solutions, then back to your sense of normality then on to sense of overwhelm and confusion, apathy, inertia and low energy to excitement and off again round and round.

If you hold your ground, hold your intention despite being knocked off centre time and time again you are actually progressing in this energy environment.

So it is that we are to recapture our centre everyday, to not expect enduring comfort, peace of mind or simplistic clarity. To accept that there is this evolutionary pressure, no respite for now, is to empower yourself with the truth. Dig deep and find your resolve.

As a client in Australia said to me this is new ground, there is nothing written about this by the spiritual authorities like Deepak Chopra that quite explains the present situation. As she implicated it is real work, real psychological work and a psychic test.
We need to stay engaged.

Within this pressure pot, there is an extraordinary awakening occurring within the switched on minority, is that minority large enough for the tipping point? I do not know,. However, I trust in life, I know that the light of 10-20 percent can illuminate the darkness of the 80-90 percent who are operating through  default programs, therefore we have to have faith and hold the ground, hold the resolve, be the sacred warriors.

Following on from what I said two days ago, the matrix is accessible, humanity as a totality of consciousness is programing the etheric template. This template frames the inter-dimensional portal that allows other beings and consciousness into our reality. Behind the curtain of normality is a science fiction like recalibration of the very fabric of our reality.

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