Monday, 21 April 2014

9 Skull, Monday

Extremely powerful energies are present right now, so be sure to connect to any and all positive potentials. Reinforce the innovative and creative currents that you can pick up on. Within the tension is a potent creative force you can harness. Everything starts from the subtle planes, so have faith in the intuitive to effect physical outcomes. Align yourself and utilize your faith and will.

Today you can see the outcome of future situations and events, based on how things are unfolding from this moment.

The challenge is to clear out any negative energy present at this moment in your field. Clear out the dross of negative expectations so as to affect the outcome and future manifestation more positively now.

Remember the saying: "It doesn't have to be like this."

9 days are always days of realization and Skull brings the acknowledgement of that which has to be cleared out with decisiveness.

You are a reflection of all that is, yet you have your own journey and your own being within the collective. Become clear about your boundaries, structures and axioms; release collective negativity (the lowest common denominator energy) and set a basic intention to be an agent for change. Intend to transform, as and when it is appropriate, and make clean breaks from cultural pressures and fear-based scripts.

Navigate the streams of impermanence to your advantage. All situations can be turned inside out as life is continuously turning inside out.

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