Sunday 1 February 2015

9 Long Good Road, Sunday

A day of ‘Aha!’; a sense of knowing that you already knew it.

Today brings a need for freedom, the open road and the far horizonbut this can also bring a sense of frustration at the way we are inhibited by our circumstances.

A day when you can recognize that your life is the result of deep choices you have made and that these choices have magnetically drawn you to people and circumstances which have sculpted your life.

Human or Grass reminds us that life is abundant—far beyond our mind’s capacity to understand—yet the greatest abundance of life comes to those who are humble.

The Long Good Road of Life teaches us humility, but it does not require us to close our minds nor our hearts.

Being humble does not mean you cannot dramatize your life, nor that you should live small. Enjoy your journey today and remember—life is like a fairground ride.

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