Tuesday, 19 May 2015

12 Storm, Tuesday 19 May This day is Dedicated to Tibor and the elves of the South Downs

I am back on Lamma, well very nearly (jetlag) after a six week tour of England working and socializing in Surrey, Kent, Suffolk, London, Bristol and Isle of Wight. It was a very stimulating trip thanks to the people I met and the diversity of environments I moved through. The election took place during my stay, and my brief exposure to the media reinforced my perspective of how very tired and energetically irrelevant the mainstream social system has become for our species. Without hardly any internet access, I had a six week data cleanse and even dropped following the Tzolkin days. The New Moon yesterday is followed by Mercury coming to a standstill now and retrograding until 12 June, this dominating this moon cycle, so slow down and be conscious no use rushing around or trying to force things.

12 Storm
Refresh the mind. Free the mind.

The self-organizing intelligence of your complex life appears before you; see the coherence within your randomness.

Day 12 enables us to have an understanding of the Timewave. The Rabbit Timewave is an explosion of everything and—if you go with the chaotic element of today, surrender and yet apply your mind to seeing the pattern—a beautiful, complex exhilarating understanding will emerge.

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