Wednesday 1 July 2015

3 Wind totally in synch with the emanating energy of Jupiter and Venus

A day of ideas forming, communications building. Exploration of the mind, as you get in touch with your true expression,  feeling the movement of the spirit breathe upon your psyche, stimulating the deep unconscious through the interplay of light and shadow.


A day of dynamic communications and thoughts. Moving out of polarity through discernment, ideas ricochet back and forth, judgements swing one way then another to create the energy for choice.

The fickleness of the mind is a reflection of the constant dynamism of Yin and Yang, the trial and error of creation. Watch your inconsistencies with detachment and you will also discern the emergence of true intention.

The  pressure in the atmosphere, right now, this year, is relentless. Take care, recognize the enormity of the drama and do your best to keep coming back to base, survival, centredness and constant small adjustments. One day at a time.

Venus and Jupiter read all about it here!

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