Saturday, 25 April 2020

8 Wind

[Saturday 25 April 2020]

Implementing Your Vision
Come into alignment with the message that life is giving you and organise your information. Bring balance to what you have to say, so that you can commit to the essential message you want to convey to others.

Implementing Your Vision, by Laurence James Lucas

This is a day of commitment to communication. Clear those emails, phone that person, or commit to the message you really need to convey – this means prioritise.

What is it you really need to say and who do you really need to say it to?

What is the most important communication you need to make today?

What goes around comes around: Receiving a message...

Diary of Discoveries, by Vladimir Kush,
one of Laurence's and my favourite artists
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During the last timewave, which was the Wind Timewave, you sent out a breath, a powerful and clear thought – orally, telepathically or via a text or an email – which has now activated or catalysed someone and they are responding today.

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Note from Carey: On 8 Wind of 13 March 2013, our good friend Daniel Clarke interviewed Laurence on our rooftop terrace, at home on Lamma Island. Here, in the first of two videos, Laurence implements his vision and commits to the essential message he wanted to convey to others, by discussing his life's work and his model of the evolution of human consciousness, the Enchantments of Life.

Here is the link to Part 1 of the video interview on YouTube.

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