Wednesday, 20 October 2021

5 Serpent

[Wednesday 20 October 2021. FULL MOON 14:57 UTC, 15:56 BST (22:57 HK time)]

Today you can connect to the life force, the Serpent energy that is at the centre of ascending and descending consciousness.

Reaching Up, by LjL

The Serpent energy is the desire for material pleasure, and yet also the desire to rise above it and to experience the bliss of the soul, as well as a whole host of juxtapositions in between carnal lasciviousness and transcendental union.

Be centred today and feel the polarity impulses of your life force. 

The Temptation and Fall of Eve,
by William Blake, 1808
(illustration for Milton's Paradise Lost),
Image from the Google Art Project

Make an extra effort today to centre yourself in the body; connect to the life force within you and allow its vitality to direct you.

Simply connect to your personal power today, for this is the power you already have to survive and flourish. Acknowledge it and own it – there is no need to give it away.

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[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 5 Serpent:]

The 2012 Era and the Enduring Reality

The world is becoming increasingly more mutable. Reality is in a state of flux and the contracts are being renegotiated. The 2012 effect* is exerting a pressure upon us to transform –  this requires a prerequisite of releasing the old.

This nexus of mutability that we are in the midst of is the confluence of futuristic Galactic energies and the archaic, with the modern surface of materialism.

Uncredited image found
on Pinterest

The Serpent reminds us of the soul’s fall into density and the kundalini force of survival, growth and evolution. We grow through mastering skills at our present level of experience, whilst periodically finding that we then have to let go of our present level of experience, in order to awaken to a higher level of complexity (see the Enchantments of Life page and subpages on our portal website).

As we fundamentally change to a new psychology and a new experiential stage (a new level of complexity as described by the Enchantments), we have new skills to master.

This is an old LjL flipchart of the Enchantment levels,
before he identified two further levels of consciousness:
Ceres and Jupiter (between Mars and Saturn, see this link).
Nevertheless, this remains a useful graphic to help us
understand the evolution of human consciousness.

Yet, throughout all of this change, we feel a sense of the Enduring Self. The more we change externally in linear time (evolution), the more we experience involution – the soul’s descension from beyond linear time into engagement with this timeframe.

The soul was there before you were born and, when you feel back into your life, you will feel the underlying consistency of who you are, despite the changes and adventures of your life.

In this 2012 era and the decades that follow, we are being asked to change our relationship with time. We are being asked to become conscious of the ascending and descending flows of consciousness.

Expanding the soul's consciousness
Image found on google, from here

Because of this awakening to a larger timeframe, the archaic and the futuristic are becoming increasingly connected.

The soul is not confined to the linear timeframe – that is clock time and historical. Rather, the soul is a reflection of the timeless essence of the monadic spirit and the soul expands its awareness gradually over many lifetimes.

The 260-day count that we are following in this blog allows you to connect to this larger timeframe, where time has a fractal quality.

[* Note from Carey: Laurence suggested the 2012 effect began in the mid-1980s and will continue to affect us well into the 2020s.]

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tweaked in Photoshop

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