Thursday, 29 October 2009

13 Human or The Good Road Friday 30th October

The energy spirals out onto another level, 13 is a number of the moon… 13 moon cycles in just over a year, 13 its just not that neat is it, the linear mind can not control it… thank the Goddess.

13 is the number of free energy, 13 is a Fibonacci number, and the Fibonacci spiral connects the geometries and makes them spin, grow and morph onward and upward.
Today is EB, Human or the good road, the road of life’s adventure. The good road of life is also the Milky Way, the path of the soul. Above is the Galactic Butterfly (the Mayan name according to Ian Xel Lungold the Mayan Calendar keeper now walking on the other side), the symbol of the Galactic spiral.

Today the timelines spiral out in all directions on some of those timelines you exist on other planets in other star systems. Out there in the Galaxy a whole community of Humans awaits us, not only await us but are visiting us now, popping into our skies in their time machines that we affectionately know as UFOs.

Open your mind a full 360 degrees and be the empty conduit for the possibilities of the next timewave, light is a radiant energy just like full consciousness. Galactic Time is also radiant not a place for flat liners or reductionists

The Cosmos is all around in all directions, we can think of space like that, but its Space/time and Time/space, that’s right the true physics of time is that it radiates out in all directions.
This the science of the mystery

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