Sunday, 20 June 2010

12 Serpent, Sunday 20 June 2010

A day of understanding the instinctive level of reality; a day where you can connect to your own survival instinct and survival impulse in life in general. Today is a good day to recognize how the biorhythms shape our psychology and how they are interlinked with the invisible environment.

The snake is the manifest expression of Kundalini and life force, the power to live and evolve. Serpent issues are issues of sex and power. The battle for power in the world takes place on many fronts and includes the agendas of occult groups, such as those that seem to exist within the Vatican and other covert alliances within and beyond large-scale organizations.

How do we survive, grow and flourish in the maelstrom of competing powers and the seemingly overwhelming forces that control our lives?

We stay alert, responsive and open —- connected to body and our own power; recognizing the basic need for money, but not giving our power away to anxiety. The life force in our body is an expression of the evolutionary urge of the species, it is highly adaptable and can shed the skin of an outworn reality. Recognize your power to regenerate, value your power to reject that which does not serve you and value the power of your passion.

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