Wednesday, 16 June 2010

8 Crocodile, Wednesday 16 June 2010

8 days are commitment days.

Today, an 8 Crocodile day, the commitment to accept is that of nurturing yourself and others.

Healing superstars

One of the myths of the new age is that to heal ourselves means to rid ourselves of our stuff.

I suggest "healing" actually means acceptance; accepting all the levels of one's being. You were child and now you have an inner child -- I don’t care if you are a world leader, a guru, a political journalist or a hard-nosed scientist, that brat still lives within.

The healing is the acceptance, and that means we do not need to be ruled by all the lower levels of our psyche.

Being the Mystery

Crocodile is also the primal force that gives birth to all things. What new undifferentiated essence has been born in you?

Feel into it. You probably cannot name it, merely recognize this ongoing emanation that springs from the Goddess. Day 8 is a day of subtle balance; that which is born can also devour. Accept the energy if you feel it; do not grasp at it or be victim to it.

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