Monday, 31 December 2012

1 Dog, Monday 31 December

Call upon spirit guides to help you understand the new era frequency.

I will be going out on a shamanic quest during this timewave, when it feels right and doing just that, calling upon guidance for the new era for me personally and to understand more of the new environment.

Who are your companions and where do you belong?

A new 13-day timewave of companionship, relationship and guidance. Do you need a guide? Are you needed to be a guide?

Be open to following a guide and being a guide.... Ride the ebb and flow of emotions in this 13-day period, specifically in regard to relationships. Love the ones you love.

Territory: See your boundaries defined as the timewave unfolds.

Who shares your path with you on this frequency of consciousness?

I love the way the Mayan Sacred Calendar changes direction. For example, in the 260-day system, the Earthmover timewave of ground-shaking evolution is followed by the emotionally based Dog timewave.

The Dog is companionship in this world and the next. The Dog guides us over the threshold into the next life. Dog timewave is all about those you love, those who share our journey; it also about giving and receiving guidance -- and that includes spirit guides.

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