Sunday, 2 December 2012

11 Crocodile or Dragon, Sunday 2 December

Primal Earth Intelligence by LjL

Today we are asked to nurture our creations by allowing for fallow time.

The strong confidence of yesterday's light dissolves into a brooding need to have some soulful security, to slow down and open to the feminine.

Allow more into your area of love; it is a day of acceptance and nurturing.

Nutrients from Arcadia flow into your psyche and you can share the love.

The primal birth of the Earth, the Goddess realm, resonates through the ethers as the door opens to the ever-present birth of Earth.

Moss by LjL

The question is; are you still being nurtured by what you think is feeding you?
Are your expressions and is your creativity
nurturing you?

Also are you allowing yourself enough space in-between your activities for the primal connection to source to be felt?

Make sure that you are not becoming a robot, allow for the ever present primal energy of the Goddess to enter your life.

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