Wednesday, 9 January 2013

10 Storm, Wednesday 9 January 2013

I am finding it hard to keep up with new insights and connections, this to me feels a symptom of having deliberately connected to the Winter Solstice and the Maya era changes in the background environment.

A day where you can experience the present manifestation of your emotional body -- the whole tapestry of emotive scripts, wants, needs and emotional patterns.

If you can connect in a tangible way to your emotional totality, you can experience an unexpectedly refreshing new or liberated feeling.

Storm is refreshingly chaotic; it disrupts to liberate. A 10 day is the sense of something tangible. Today is a day that feels different -- your emotional body twists in new directions and it feels strange but good, as you have unusual connections.

So allow a new behaviour to happen. Go with the unexpected and see it as a liberating moment with potentially longer lasting effects.


The worlds collective emotional body is in a tense quite fragile state, yet with an implicit latent creativity as Uranus and Pluto are in a loose square, the next exact square is in May. The USA is in a particular brittle state as the authorities try to bring in a full totalitarian regime, aided by pushing dangerous pharmaceuticals onto all of its citizens. The present economic revival has been termed, by a friend of mine from within banking industry, as the big suck up, he predicted it last year and he found agreement with some other free thinking economist. After the US election it was expected, that there would be an economic rally, totally false. An attempt at sucking all the money back into the stock market, before pulling the plug...

Anyway, this is a real potential, not a certainty and I although it sounds depressing, I do not think we need fear it as such, or get into a rage. My approach is to harness ones responsiveness and stay open, new fresh adventures are inherent within a flux state social environment.

We can see 10 Storm as the raging conflict of collective emotion that is held within a structure, ie we can feel the potential for total chaos, but the anarchy is contained. Although dangerous, this is a fecund reservoir for extraordinary creativity. We should not deny the potentials for social meltdown and the dark forces operating behind the scenes yet within this atmosphere lies the germinating seed of a cultural revival.

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