Monday, 28 January 2013

3 Obsidian Mirror, Monday 28 January

The mind reflects upon its reflection. Be conscious of the temporary nature of thoughts; feel the energy behind the ricochet of thoughts. The mind does one small piece at a time, seeing just a few degrees of the curve of a sphere—however, 360 degrees of knowledge is required for enlightenment.
See all angles without coming to a conclusion. Enjoy the energy of the intuitive mind.

If you are in tune today you can be in a state of multi-faceted lucidity, as the many faces of a single subject flicker before your awareness.

The essential components of understanding for today

Three Days are the days of movement, we might say they are fickle days, restless days, but the energy of three is momentum, the first essential movement for creation that is closest to source.

The Obsidian Daykeeper is the Obsidian knife, or flint, it s derived from the volcanic glass that can be used for surgery, it sharp enough for that level of precision. Obsidian carries the precision of technology or the precision of the points of separation between dimensions and the clarity of the lazer that can cut out unhealthy energies from the soul.

Tohil the deity associated with Obsidian is called smoking mirror.

Each dimension is an inversion of the last dimension, like a reflection.

Obsidian days will reveal shadow aspects of yourself to you, the discomfort is an ally, for you clear outworn energy from your psyche.

And the Haab
The Haab is the 18 segments of 20 days, plus 5 sacred days, of the Maya Solar Year

Today is also 1 Pax--second day of Pax, the 20 day 'months' begin with day zero--in the Maya Civil Calendar, I am just beginning to study it as I have just made a breakthrough in understanding the integration between Tzolkin and Haab. Gradually I will reveal more this year as I work with it.

I have been going much deeper into the calendar since the Solstice Ceremony, through the use of shamanic connection....stay tuned

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