Thursday, 21 February 2013

1 Wind, Thursday 21 February

The Wind God brings fast decisions, clarity of mind and activates your quick responses to all things..

Get ready for a new 13-day timewave that begins today as the Wind archetype activates.
These 13 days that can bring you clarity on what you have to say to the world, or clear communications with loved ones.

The Breath of the Divine will send you a message today--a sudden noise, an angry word, a disembodied spirit whispering in your ear, a gust of wind or a vibration from an animal. Any of these can activate you. Wind activates without sentiment.

The Wind can polarize an issue to push you further. Sometimes we have to see the world in black and white before we can proceed.

A timewave of powerful messaging, twittering, phoning, emailing and the spoken word. Be a messenger and a receiver with a “Yes, let's do it” attitude.

Alternatively, your communication exchange might be solely with the Source or your with own subconscious.

You are a transmitter and receiver.

My morning practice seemed very clear, despite having wine and a meal out last night, a powerful Chinese Spirit (it was suggested I was in the presence of a master) visited me during meditation.

Of course I will investigate this presence, rather than unconditionally accept him, it was a him, but the feeling was extremely peaceful, warm and powerful. The spirit certainly evoked the Wind spirit resonance. With this type of energy we have to learn to recognize it but not embellish it with emotional projection. Wind asks us to be detached.

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