Monday, 25 February 2013

5 Skull, Monday 25 February

A day of strength, realism and positive detachment that allows you to make changes where necessary and/or operate in the more visceral realms of material reality.

Cut back, detach from the crowd come back to your core, and be a little cynical if necessary;
Be at the centre of your group and be detached enough to be an enabler for your community.

Enjoy some backbone attitude.

Use crystals to create a resonance with the information carried within your bones.

A good day for clarity when dealing with information.

So what happened with the Winter Solstice 2012? Our whole relationship with Time has changed, in an instant.

Consciousness and energy shifts are hidden in plain sight. Psychological and sociological conditions are connected to spiritual/consciousness/energy changes. The 2012 end date was a great attractor of attention. The causal reason is linked to actual real energetic changes, including physical energy changes in the Earth's energy field, ie high energy plasma. The world feels very different in 2013, yes it is psychological because that is one component of the totality.

We are freer than ever to choose the time frequencies we live are lives by, this gives us more responsibility to own our time, otherwise the overwhelm from the external influences takes our power away.

 The civil calendar is very much attached to time is money and is dislocated from the natural calendars of equinoxes, solstices, moon cycles etc. Computer time is non temporal, it is very much now, one type of now.

However living merely by computer time, the timefeed of facebook, twitter etc, soon to be the model for the whole internet, disconnects us from the body.

The Tzolkin tunes you into the core frequency that calibrates all planetary cycles with human life, it is the expression of the energy and consciousness that is being stepped down from the subtle, intrinsic levels into our manifest time/space reality, dominantly described or shaped by the yearly cycle.

We need to navigate multiple time frequencies more consciously.

The 2012 Effect Continued; 2013 the Year of the Comets and the Gradual Emergence of Benevolent Culture

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