Monday, 1 July 2013

1 Grass or Good Road, Monday, 1 July

If you have been tuned into Radio Tzolkin, over the previous 26 days, you will have navigated through Skull and Storm time waves, these are both powerfully transformative. Do you feel a sense of the new?

Although both Saturn and Mercury are retrograde possibly inhibiting the external progress, you should be able to sense the underlying changes within yourself.

If so you are ready for the open road, the adventure into the unknown uncharted yet benevolently abundant landscape begins today.

Alternatively if you feel stuck or hindered by excessive baggage, take the time to open your heart to the idea that life begins anew today, invoke the spirit of adventure on the open road in your imagination right now.

A new timewave to bring you into resonance with the adventure of life, its twists and turns, its arrivals, the abundance of people and the challenge of staying open-minded.

The adventurer enjoys the journey more than the arrival, whilst still looking ahead to the next stage-post. Abundance is the state of openness where life flows through you. Holding and hoarding a little some of the time is okay, but that is not the real abundance -- abundance is a state of being.

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