Monday, 15 July 2013

3 Deer or Hand, Tuesday

Flowing and merging, then emerging.

Today's energy is a waveform of fluctuation between gently holding, but not quite grasping, then releasing, but never fully letting go. There is no point of stasis within the relaxation or the holding moment on 3 Deer day.

Feel how the instinct of survival and the necessity of keeping control of structures within your life ebbs and flows. A good day to exercise the muscle of the psyche that stays engaged with life, yet with an element of detachment.

Let go of absolutes and remain responsive; feel the flow and stay attentive to the surging changes of direction of your mental, emotional and physical energy. Intense Full Moon pushing us to make the emotional effort to engage with ourselves and others in the area of emotional exchange. The 2012 energy is increasing in intensity as I see all around me from all the people I meet. Go back, review, recapitulate to change tracks, change scripts and change timelines as there are no doors open on this old timeline.

Our relationship with time-space has fundamentally changes during this 2012 era, it is obvious to me.
The definitions of time and space create the context of our consciousness by creating a timeframe, a landscape, here is an article that explores some of the issues of time

I am off to Macau for a little bit of holiday time

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