Sunday, 24 November 2013

4Obsidian, Sunday

After the Solar Field reversal, we might need to find some sense of stability, today you could utilize something like this image (metaphorically speaking), as a way of allowing multidimensional awareness through you without losing yourself.

The reversal of the Sun's field, is a cyclic occurrence that is tied to the  Jupiter/Saturn relationship, it rules expansion and contraction. The last Solar reversal was 15 February 2001. So consider this, in some ways, things that have expanded since 2001 will contract, things that have contracted since 2001 will expand.Hmm? we will continue to see how it all unfolds...

A day of transparent reflection. See yourself in all things; see others within you.

A good day for multidimensional thinking and seeing things from many different perspectives.

Help another with their vision for life, to help you see or receive your own life vision more clearly.

The foundation of life, from the Soul's perspective, is the multidimensional structure created by the Soul's involution before birth. The Soul slowly falls asleep, creating dreams within dreams within dreams, until birth, when the body wakes up and we have mostly forgotten the journey of incarnation. The Soul reflects upon itself and then the reflection reflects upon itself, creating the levels of the psyche.

Today you might feel the remembrance of the dreamer and get a hint of the levels of the psyche normally hidden from the conscious mind. Look outside the mind to see your Soul reflected back to you.

The challenges of this epoch require personal responsibility, BUT they require a more open adaptive, connective responsibility that realizes that the psychic landscape is in flux. This means your sense of unease is not just within your personal domain, the whole planet is in flux and uncertainty. See the reflections within the reflections. Live with the edge of uncertainty.

Mirror, mirror on the wall would you please stop moving!

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