Monday, 8 September 2014

6 Skull, Monday, there is a Ful Moon coming...

A day of mini chapters, with clean beginnings and endings to different tasks. Allow yourself to cut off from small attachments that are clogging your life. Cut back to the proverbial bone where necessary, to clear sentiment and be ready to refresh your day. Today offers you multiple opportunities to get things done and to rest in between those activities.

The energy of the day gives you the chance to be present and enclosed in your experience, rather than being pulled into the future.

A good day to have strong clear boundaries and to be a conscious agent for benevolent transformation, be firm and clear.

Full Moon is at 01.39 GMT Tuesday. In Hong Kong, tonight is the mid-Autumn Festival where people with lanterns go outside to be under the Moon. The Autumn Equinox is in a couple of weeks time, so this is a period of gratitude for all that has been gained this year.

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