Saturday 4 April 2015

6 Jaguar, Saturday

Due to the fact that I am travelling around with very limited internet for a while, there will be a month with intermittent posts, my apologies.

Saturday 4 April: The feeling self is an instinctive self, prowling the unseen environment of the World Soul. Enjoy the forming thoughts and enticing feelings that arise and sink in your consciousness.

A day of feeling alert.

Follow the rhythm of the day instinctively, staying alert to the playful moment.
Jaguar is tied to the Earth in its wild state, especially at night. Jaguar is the feminine earthy vitality; sensual and powerful.

This day you can feel a connection to the wild environment that feeds the gratitude for the beauty around you.

A good day to allow space for shamanic practice, follow the call of nature and consciously directly evoke connection to natural spirits and sacred space.

Jaguar day is a luxurious heightening of the senses...

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  1. Well Laurence. Hoping the rhythm is finding you well. A long interruption and safety be with you. Look forward to your return